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‘Hmm, just in case you don’t know.’

Having decided to be more careful while I was at it, I decided to take a moment to read.

I set up a barrier around and opened my collection of bookmarks of the original in the integrated study room to search for the name of the dungeon.

[Bookmark 291 – The Story of Potatoes #Slime Farming Cave #Pushover friends of a sweet potato #Duke Wallenstein #Stigma Curse]

‘Unfortunately, it’s the dungeon from the episode where the Little Duke, who turned hostile to the main character, is introduced.’

Duke of Wallenstein.

He is a character who was forced to point his sword at the main character because of the unfair orders of the first prince he served.

The Little Duke had a human affinity for the main character and had a personality that values ​​chivalry by default.

Conflicting between beliefs and orders, he eventually falls for the main character’s persuasion and lowers his sword.

So, the readers wondered why the author didn’t roast the sweet potato and gave a warm ending…

‘The curse that fell when the Little Duke went on his knight training trip must have been triggered at that time, causing an S-class dungeon sink.’

And that was the end of the character that sacrificed and died for the main character.

The ‘Slime Cuisine Cave’ I got in was where the Little Duke of Wallenstein got the curse, and it was the same S-class dungeon that appeared at the decisive moment of reconciliation with the main character.

In the meantime, I have read the original several times, taking notes of important information.

Thanks to this, I was able to quickly figure out what the boss was and what was dangerous in the dungeon.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ says that you decided not to catch the boss and protests as to why you are looking up the target.]

The integrated study was closed due to the architect’s resentment.


As soon as I walked through the barrier, the slimes attacked again without knowing what they were doing.


When I smashed the slime flying in front of my face, the hit slime flew down the cave passage and knocked down other slimes like bowling pins.

“Oh, it’s annoying.

Divine Punishment!”


Lightning bolts poured down the front, burning the slimes in the straight passage.

The surviving slimes also fled in fright, so the road was cleared up.


“I’ll be careful.

Come on, let’s find an exit…”

I quickly took three steps back.


The ceiling of the place where I was a little while ago collapsed.


Maybe because I used the ultimate skill earlier!

Fortunately, it wasn’t.

“Cough, cough!” 

“Is everyone okay!”

It wasn’t just the piles of stones that fell.

Four people appeared from the thick cloud of dust.

‘Wow! People!’

It was my first time meeting adventurers.

But unfortunately, the mood was not good to say greetings.


Soon, a demonic beast fell from the ceiling.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

It was a huge slime that was black like ink and blocked all the passageways.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’  is relieved that this is not the boss.]

The black slime stretched its body like a tentacle and attacked the four people.


“Everyone behind me!”

A handsome young man with platinum blonde hair stood in front with a sword and blocked the attack.

A bunch of black tentacles was cut off by aura.

Ho, he’s quite talented.

I suddenly realized that the clothes the young man was wearing were familiar.

It was the uniform of the Knights Academy that Frintz wore home every vacation.

The other three who fell together seemed to be hired.

One mage and two snipers with middle ranged weapons.

Except for the cadet, there were no aura users.

There was no need for me to go out, as the cadet did it all by himself.

The tentacles of the ink slime were cut off while he showed off that he was an aura user.

Fearing that it would die as is, the ink slime fled upstairs through a hole in the ceiling.

“Are you all right!” 

A human cry was heard from above the floor where the monster had escaped.

There were more companions.

“I don’t see any monsters on this road.

You’d better come downstairs.”

The cadet made a decision by looking at the road I had cleaned beforehand.

Looking at his natural disposition, he looked like an aristocrat.

The young wizard who had a gentle-looking face and had felt first lowered the party with floating magic.

Agnes’ evaluation of each person was such, and I was also sympathetic.

There were in total 8 people.

There was only one person who looked like a healer, and there was a kid about ten years old in the party, and except for these two people, the others didn’t seem strong overall.

At the very least, it was enough to go to a B-grade dungeon.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ urges us to go on our way without thinking of pursuing a friendly meeting in the dungeon.]

But before that happened, there was a show happening right in front of my eyes.

A man in his late 20s in a priest’s uniform began to get annoyed with the group. 

“Hey, what kind of subjugation team is this messed up! Hey, come here Leader.

Come talk to me.”

“Priest Joachim…”

“Because of your poor command, the assistant healer who was dispatched from the Vatican office was eaten by the boss.

How are you going to take responsibility!” 


A woman in her 40s, who seemed to be the leader of the subjugation squad, had a somber face.

“Isn’t that an accident caused by Priest Joachim who woke up the boss” 


“Because of that, two of our colleagues were also lost.

From the start, this was a safe place where you could dig up resources with some safety, but you dared to use your low-level sleep skills on the sleeping boss that even had the opposite effect….”

it’s a troll.

“Hey, shut up! Are you blaming me for losing The Vatican’s healer Don’t you know that if a healer gets hurt, it’s also the responsibility of the subjugation squad”

It was cowardly to hit them with the rule of thumb in this kind of situation.

“…I’m sorry.”

“Sorry or whatever, if I go back to the church, you won’t be able to get any more healers to this guild again, so just remember that!” 



The captain bowed her head and begged him to look the other way just this once, but to no avail.

A troll healer named Joachim was busy nagging as if to make all of them hear everything.

“Oh, the more I think about it, the more annoying it gets.

After all, I think I’ll have to heal everyone here by myself.”

It seems that even the main topic of the anger he had about his college being eaten was because he would be harmed in some way.

The eyes of other people looking at Joachim were fiery.

In particular, on one side, even a strong killing intent was felt.

However, in the dungeon, the healer is akin to a government post.

Not to mention especially if it’s the only healer left.

The subjugation crew took care of their facial expressions and tried to soothe Joachim.


Joachim, we will do our best so that you don’t use heals very often.”

“Of course, I will keep Priest Joachim’s security as the first priority.”

“Please, lessen your anger, Mr.


You have the most important role, right”

Because healers are so precious, a strong bound of hierarchy is formed, but it was still a bit too much in this case.

Even Priests can ascertain pressure since it’s a nameless small or medium-sized subjugation group.

“Can we really get out of here We’ve got less energy, we’ve got no backup healers, we’ve got two loads!” 

Joachim’s fingers point to the two quietly in the corner.

It was a little girl and a boy with gray hair.

It was time to agree with Agnes’ words.

Joachim nervously ruffled his hair, correcting his words.

“No, now there are three instead of two.

That girl!”

Huh me

“You can tell just by looking at it.

That girl got caught up in the dungeon sink, too, and she’s going to ask us to take her out.”


“Hey, Leader.

Are you going to take that person as well and tell me to heal eight people by myself”


“I refuse to adding more unnecessary people to this party! Take me or take that girl! Choose either one!”


“Come on! Choose! Is it me or that girl!”

…what is this.

I, who stood still, was suddenly put on the option menu side by side with the troll healer on a power harassment mission.

“Pr-Priest Joachim…”

Everyone was perplexed, not knowing what to do with the only remaining healer’s fit or rage.

Like people who were about to do something bad because they couldn’t avoid it, they looked sorry for me. 

“What are you going to do”

“Well, we have to go with the Healer.”


Joachim says he’s having a hard time….”

“I will obey your will.”

“All right.

Well thought out.”

Except for a few people, the view of seeing almost everyone cling to Joachim was…haha…I could only laugh.

I just stood still, what is this all about

I can’t.

We’d better get things straight!

At that time, a handsome cadet with an angry face protested against Joachim.

“I can’t believe it.

Nobody is asking you to sacrifice, but to be so stingy about giving charity, I wonder if you’re really a person who serves God.” 

A living justice in a place like this 

Who is the person I want to introduce to our Sweet Potato

“If the priest is going to come out like that, I’m out of here.

I have no intention of participating in anything that goes against chivalry!”

I patted him on the shoulder, holding back the desire to applaud.

“Excuse me, cadet.”


“I liked what you said.

So, excuse me for a second.”


I grabbed the wrist of the bewildered cadet who had injured his left arm.

I smiled when I saw that everyone’s eyes were gathered on me. 




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