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There was no disagreement about Ellet having all the loot.

As for the items, a skill book for wizards and a passive skill book came out one after another.

Although most of the skill books are sold in the Cash Shop, some skills can only be obtained by catching the dungeon boss.

Apparently, the exclusive transmigrator cash shop mainly deals with versatile mainstream active skills used in various world settings, so it was not possible to cover all skills within a specific world.

Unfortunately, the skill book for the wizard was an all-around skill sold at the Cash Shop.

If Seijin wanted, I would sell it to him at a bargain price, but he declined saying that he was in a different line of magic.

The magic book was only for Erebo-Mancer, dark magic that was treated as a niche field even in the Magic Tower.

Who would use Erebo-Mancer skills in a world where a denomination forms a whole nation

It was perfect for being despised as a warlock or, at worst, being caught by a heretical judge and taken away for punitive labor.

The spell book, which had no demand and was cumbersome to dispose of, was immediately thrown into the corner of the satchel bag.

There was no promise as to when it would be brought out again.

Unlike the magic book, the passive skill book was not for sale in the cash shop and was very useful.

[ ‘Reversal of Predation (Passive)’)

Increases the chance of inflicting a fatal wound when fighting a human-eating enemy.]

Enemies with terrible eating habits were widespread.

I learned it right away.

The dungeon was not immediately closed and I decided to leave it alone for the time being.

If the dungeon, which was responsible for the livelihood of adventurers as a glowing stone mining farm, suddenly closes, chaos will spread.

Now it was time to part ways.

I greeted people in front of the exit gate.

“Thank you.

Thank you very much.”

“I will never forget your grace for saving my life.”

A total of five members of the Pure Gold Apple Guild, including the two who were eaten by Obsculia, bowed their heads to me.

“Stop it, please.

Anyone who sees it would think that Sister Ellet beat up the S-class boss by herself.”

Joachim, who had only woken up a while ago, made fun of his mouth again.

The Pure Gold Apples made a face that said, “How can such a stupid and ignorant bastard exist”

“If you don’t know what to say it’s better to stay silent! Healer Ellet here is…”(Kana)

“Priest Joachim.” (Ellet)

I cut off Kana’s words, a member of the Pure Gold Apples.

Only sweet potatoes will kindly explain things to fools like Joachim.

“Yes, yes, sister! Speak!”

“Assistant healer who still has not come to your senses, take care of yourself and return to the Vatican.

I want you to directly report that what happened in the dungeon was an accident that was caused by your own negligence.”

“Oh my, Sister.

What do you mean by my fault I think there’s a misunderstanding.

Actually, the evidence that I did it…….” 

“Lastly, pay attention to your usual behavior before you get stabbed in the back.”


I cut off Joachim, who was lying all the way to the end, said only what I wanted to say, and turned around.

“Then goodbye everyone.

After I see you all off, I will go too.”

“Yes! Farewell!”

“Be healthy, Healer!”

“May the path of Miss Ellet be filled with only blessings of ‘Strict order and Goodwill!”

“Cool sister! Bye!”

I especially waved my hands for Frese and soon the figures of the people disappeared into the gate.

However, there were two people who did not go.

Cadet Ray and the first-class assassin Ash.

“Ash stay here because I want to talk with you later.”

“All right, sister.”

Ash made a proud face.

“Cadet Ray, do you have anything to say”

“I have something that I want to talk about just the two of us for a while.”

I asked Ash to step aside.

Standing with my arms crossed, I spit out words pretending to be grumpy.

“You said you were allergic.”

“Cof, cof, hum.”

You should feel shame about what’s embarrassing.

Ray, now wanting to renew his image, took a moderately alert posture and put on a solemn expression on his face.


“Yes, Cadet.”

“You are my lifesaver.

If you ever come to the Wallenstein estate in the future, please stop by.”

“The Wallenstein estate”

Wallenstein Estate.

Where have I heard that name before

I remembered the tag I had put on my bookmarks.


[Bookmark 291 – The Story of Potatoes #Slime Farming Cave #Sweet Potato Friends Potatoes #Duke Wallenstein #Stigma Curse]


I’m sure it’s about the little Duke, who had no choice but to turn into a hostile relationship with the main character, no way…

I asked in dismay. 

“Don’t tell me, Duke Raywin Wallenstein…”


Rey, no, Raywin nodded his head with a shy and proud face while a message just arrived confirming his identity.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ sarcastically says that you greatly contributed, once again, to twisting the flow of the original.]

No, wait.

I was greatly perplexed.

This is because Raywin in front of me had crucial personal information different from the original Raywin.

Right now he…

“But you are in the second place…”

In the original story, Raywin won first place while attending school, graduated at the top place, and was scouted by the Royal Knights.

Because of that, a confrontation with the Sweet Potato was established.

Raywin was a little choked up. 

“Do you also think that it’s pathetic that the Little Duke of Wallenstein didn’t make it to the top”

“I didn’t mean it that way.

I made a mistake.

I’m sorry.”

When I came to my senses and apologized politely, Raywin nodded his head without any further misunderstanding or interrogation.

However, sadness seems to have remained.

“What do you think it’s the reason I graduated in second place instead of top place It’s all because of your brother.”

Do you think it’s my brother’s fault

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ holds his forehead, saying that you used not only yourself but also your brother to warp the original by remote control.]

It was Agnes who gave an easy-to-understand explanation.

I turned my head to the side and whispered, covering my mouth with my hand.

“Frintz said his classmate had refused to be the representative so it fell on his lap”

“But Raywin refused it”


After hearing the back story, I looked at Raywin again.

“Are you finished talking to yourself”


Uh, well, I didn’t know brother was the top graduate at the military academy.

He got a scholarship because he studied well, so I thought that was why he made the speech.

He doesn’t really brag about himself.”

“…Well, seeing as how strong you are, I guess he could think like that.”

Raywin said in a tone of understanding.

Thanks to this, the guilt of being indifferent to my brother was relieved a little.

So what does he wants to say

As soon as I got curious about the main point, he began to talk.

“Ellet, your skills seem to be more than enough to become a knight.

Do you have any titles”

“No, I don’t.”

“It thought so.

That’s why…I want to help.”

“Oh, that means…”

Although the military academy functions as an institution that certifies knights’ qualifications, there are other ways to become a knight.

Taking the Vinchester Kingdom as an example, royalty and nobility above the marquis have the power to appoint knights.

In fact, if the only purpose was to become a knight, Raywin did not need to go to the military academy.

What Raywin wanted to suggest to me now was clear.

“I will speak to my mother, the Duchess of Wallenstein, and ask you to be knighted.”


I clapped my hands.

“Wow, little duke! Thank you so much!”

“Hm-hm, why are you reacting like that So when do you plan to come to the estate My training trip will be over in a month, so going with me…”

“Oh, but it’s okay.

I have a Duke I know.

I’ll just accept your heart with gratitude.” 

Raywin looked perplexed.

“Oh, you know of a Duke”


“Who is that”

Who do you think Of course, my grandfather, the first sword of the Serentra Continent and the Prince of Hispenril Principality.

“It’s a secret.”

“Ah, yes.”

I waved my hand because it seemed like this was the end of the business.

“It was nice to meet you.

Have a nice trip back.”

“Well, Ellet.”


“My proposal is still valid, so let me know if you change your mind.

And even if it’s not for the title…I would like it if you visit Wallenstein at least once.

Because I want to repay my benefactor.”


I’ll definitely do it when I get the chance, Little Duke.”

“Thank you.

I’ll be on my way, stay healthy.”

I saw him pass through the gate with a face full of regret.

Now there is only one person left.

Inside the silent dungeon, I took a deep breath, exhaled, and called him.


“Yes, Sister.”

Ash, who made his entrance like an assassin, appeared ruthlessly and answered.

“I’m the last one.

I’m nervous because I feel like I’m being treated like a special person.

So what do you want to ask” 

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

I approached him and warned.

“Don’t touch the child.”

“…What are you talking about”

He made an excuse, but I didn’t miss the moment when his expression hardened.

“You don’t have to hide it, I know you’re an assassin.” 


“Did you say that the subjugation unit you belonged to was annihilated before you joined the Pure Gold Apple team It was probably your job.”


He grinned as he stroked his smooth chin.

“Did I get caught So, is that all you have to say”

“No, it’s just the beginning.”

I smiled face to face.

“When the mission is over you guys usually go home.

So why would the assassin have to step into a party weaker than him Come to think of it, there is only one answer.”


“You are still on duty.”

It is clear that his second assassination target was in the party he had been with so far.

The expression on Ash’s face was discolored, but above all, it was an honest answer.

“I hope the target isn’t Freje.”

“What if I say it’s that little child”

“You can’t get out of here alive.”


But sister, if you’re going to threaten me like that….”


A dagger quickly rushed in and I tilted my head to avoid it.


The dagger was deeply embedded in the rock wall behind me, on the left side of my face.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ shouts for you to pierce his head immediately.]

Agnes was expected, but the Inspector He must have forgotten that Ash is an important character in the original story.

Ash leaned his face against me without pulling out the dagger stuck in the wall.

“…You should at least have a weapon with you.

Don’t you think so”

The smiling face crooked in pride.

I must have looked funny because I had my sword in my inventory…

I laughed with my nose.

“No weapon”


“Look around.”



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