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[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ complains that the main character barely escapes the fatal wound and is rescued by the reinforcement army.]

The setting was that the host of the demon sword mistakenly thought he had killed Thesilid and let it go.

In short…

‘Yes, he survived through sheer luck.’

Even if all conditions were equally matched, it was impossible to guarantee that the same result would be obtained.

It was nothing more than an unusable setting at this point.

The Inspector also pointed that out and protested.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ says the original has been twisted by your intervention, so he asks you to take responsibility and keep the main character alive.]

I thought so from the beginning.

The Inspector made unnecessary threats because he thought I was not trustworthy.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ warns that if the main character dies here, something very terrifying will happen.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ scares you that even if you have listened in one ear and thrown it out the other, nothing has happened to you until now, but this time it will be different.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ threatens not to ignore the warning if you don’t want to regret it.]

Unlike usual, I earnestly listened to the Inspector’s words without wasting time.

Because the Inspector was giving a really sincere warning.

This is a regression world.

It is like a giant clock board that revolves around the main character that works as an axis.

If the protagonist dies before he gains the ability to return, the origins of this world are shaken. 

A broken clock will creak and malfunction, which will cause an uproar in this regression world.

Unexpected events can be nothing, or catastrophic, depending on the person.

But in my case…

Immediately after looking back at my memories for a moment, I shuddered.

‘No! I have to stop it no matter what!’

In my case, it’s a disaster!

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ after seeing your reaction says that you seem to have read the original work diligently.]

The Inspector was very satisfied and no more threatening nagging was heard.

“No, Agnes.

It’s alright.”

“After I take care of Thesilid.”

I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead and looked back at Thesilid.

I felt obligated to save him, so I carefully fed him the potion again.

As I watched his handsome face gradually improve in color, I felt my startled heart calm down.

‘No, I don’t think it’s because of my mood.’

It really seemed to have a calming effect.

So I looked at Thesilid’s sleeping face.

I looked and stared again and again.

I keep watching without taking my eyes off him.

If it wasn’t for Agnes who came into my sight, staring time would be much longer.

“…Isn’t it amazing, Agnes”

I pointed to Thesilid and admired seriously him.

“How can a person look like this Isn’t he too handsome to be real”

Undoubtedly believing she gave a silence of agreement, I looked at Thesilid’s face again.

His silver hair shone as if he had spun the white daytime moon with thread, and his features, including a sharp nose and deep eyes, were as delicate as a masterpiece of a craftsman.

Red lips with beautiful curves might look decadent.

Nevertheless, as if plaster was spread, his white face exudes holy energy, creating a strangely even more fatal atmosphere.

Such a handsome face and such a handsome atmosphere were unique in this world.

Thesilid Argent.

The setting value of our push-over free pass is…… 

‘The most handsome man in the world!’

That was the moment.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ comes running after receiving the keyword ‘the most handsome man in the world’.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ asks where is the main character.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ finds the main character and is moved while covering her mouth because of his handsomeness.]

I followed Sister Libra, no, Ma’am Libra, and naturally brought my hand to my mouth.

“Really handsome…”

Whether Agnes made a ridiculous expression or not, I watched to my heart’s content, wondering if I would ever be able to stare at his face if it wasn’t this time.

Are you really human If you look at his shoulder blades, maybe we can see traces of wings being cut off.

I’ll try to see his back later…cof.

I almost became a pervert.

It was then that Agnes made a meaningful snort.


I was genuinely pissed off.


“He’s handsome.

It’s instinctive to look for handsome men and beautiful women.”

It is a nasty prank peculiar to superiors who try to roughly weave people together.

I laughed it off. 

“It’s an unnecessary assumption.

He is a sweet potato to the bone, and he has a bad taste for being attracted to women who hit him in the back of the head.”

The original story, in which the woman who everyone thought was the heroine stabbed him in the back three times in a row, proves it.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ snorts, asking if you can guarantee that, being the original’s destroyer yourself.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ scolds you for feeding sweet potatoes in this way as a Ropan transmigrator yourself.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ comes to think of it and is restless about what to do if he falls in love with you, who saved him twice.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ shouts to buy a genre change ticket right away!]


It took a whopping 10 billion cash to be able to fall in love with the main character.

Sounds like too much of a high ransom.

‘Never mind.

I’m not doing it.’

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ to give up love for money….]

Oh, stop it.

It felt more tiring than when I was fighting the host of the demon sword.



Agnes’ tone became serious.


The atmosphere was instantly evoked thanks to her poignant question. 

This would not be only because of the sincere nursing I gave him.

I have publicly said that I will go to Thesilid first thing first when the system’s prohibition is lifted.

I did not hide that I was very conscious of the character Thesilid Argent.

I contemplated for a moment, confirming that the Inspector didn’t say anything.

Unlike others, Agnes was relatively free from restrictions from the Inspector.

While having no influence in the outside world as she was in the state of a soul, she was a being who shared all experiences with me.

‘For example, she entered with me inside the Tower of Trials.’

It was safe to say that she’s almost a set with me.

Instead of glossing over, it was necessary to clearly tell the important truth. 

At least until the point of regression.

But right now it’s a bit uncomfortable.

No matter how unconscious he was, Thesilid himself was right in front of us.

“I’ll tell you later.”


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