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At the same moment, a silver citadel appeared in front of my eyes.


The ultimate barrier prevented the clash of a huge wave of power by a narrow margin.

The roar continued unabated.

There was a riot outside the barrier where an onslaught, of an aura at the same class as my divinity, was pouring in.

As the two powers of 8th rank collided, the field of vision flickered loudly.

Thesilid said in a voice of disbelief.

“Level 8 aura……don’t tell me…”

Light that seemed to burn the retina and noise that seemed to tear the ears subsided.

I withdrew my barrier.

The surroundings revealed after the dust cloud lifted were horrendous.

The hills of the meadow turned into a wasteland.

All living things except me and Thesilid seemed to have been annihilated.

No, there was one more being that breathed.

The person responsible for the attack.

A foreign voice rang out from a distance of ten or so steps.

The host of the demon sword had changed as if it had gotten stronger.

Black hair curled like seaweed stems soared into the air and muscles and tendons wriggled on the naked upper body.

The inherent power seemed to want to run out of his body.

However, there was something else that caught the eye more than the transformation of his body.

There were five swords behind the host.

The presence of floating aura blades spread out like a fan surprised me.

“Wow…he became a Master”

Until a while ago, he was barely floating above the line of the upper level of an Aura Expert.

But, by leaping beyond the wall at once, he was using the Thousand Swords I dreamed of learning.

“It’s worth a contract with the Demon King.”


I was half joking, but severe scolding returned from both sides.

It wasn’t just the two of them.

[‘The World-building God’ senses the signs of your corruption and runs to you.]

[‘The World-building God’ shouts that you must never go down the path of such a delinquent believer!]



I lied.

For me, World God it’s the only one.


[‘The World-building God’ happily smiled.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ advises you to consider a horizontal shift to the Libra sect.]

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ asks if he can run for office as well.]

[‘The World-building God’ criticizes the lack of morality to steal believers.]

There was no tension at all among the three head-chief level gods, but the situation was, in fact, in a state of imminent action.

I looked ahead with vigilant eyes.

The host of the demon sword was troubled with an uncomfortable face.

There is a stark gap between Aura Expert and Aura Master.

From his point of view, it wouldn’t make sense that I and Thesilid were still alive.

‘If it wasn’t for the ultimate barrier, we would have died.’

However, with a brain entrusted to the demon sword, it seems complicated to come up with an answer.


(Note: for those who don’t remember, Terry can’t use most holy skills.

But this guy is so dumbed down, he thinks it was Terry who cast the barrier.

And Eleon likes to call Terry, Green-Eyed Kid even tho his eyes are a blue, because green can also mean, imperfect or half-baked.)

Thesilid’s trembling gaze reached me.

“There is a serious misunderstanding.” (Terry)

“Let’s leave it to another time.”(Ellet)


I pulled out my whip sword, Serpens.

“Terry, step back.”

“I’m more advanced than you.

Will you be all right”

“I’ll try it once.”

I stepped forward buffing myself with ‘Holy Hymn’, but the host tried to provoke Thesilid, not me.


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