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It was when I woke up on time after getting a good night’s sleep as usual.

There was a message that greeted me before Agnes’ morning greeting.

[ The 2nd large-scale content update of the ‘Transmigrator’s Support System’ has been completed.]


The update was finished while I was sleeping!


“No, no.

It’s not like that.

Good morning, Agnes.”

“I’m checking the update history.”

“It’s a theological term for…never mind.”

The first thing that caught my attention was a new product.

That’s right.

One should also start with advertising for new products.

[ ‘Violence Review Filter’

A barrier that greatly alleviates the psychological shock of the Transmigrator.

With this alone, you can keep your composure even in extreme situations.

Price: 99,000 cash/month]

The basic functions available only during the tutorial period were converted and sold for a fee according to the end of the tutorial!

‘The business division is doing a good job.’

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ is delighted.]

It was a necessary skill to survive in an S-class, no, an SS-class world where blood and flesh splashed like rain.

I put it on my wish list to register automatic payments according to the end date of the tutorial.

Now, let’s really look at the content update side.

[ ‘Transmigrator’s Community Chat Update’]

Added a chat system to soothe the loneliness of transmigrators who have fallen into an unfamiliar world.

Let’s make friends with like-minded people!]

What Chat

When I opened my eyes wide, the system suddenly introduced the newly added function.

[ Start ‘Transmigrator’s Community Chat’]

[ Please select a nickname.

You will be given a nickname depending on your achievements and inclinations.]

I looked at the options.

[Cider Pass], [Childcare obsession], [Vicious Farmer], [Kill Heal], [First SS Class] etc…

What is Kill Hill Maybe…is it killing with Heals Because I killed a lot of undead.

Oh, dear…

‘I quite like this one.’

[ Your nickname has been decided to ‘Kill Heal’]

[ Enters ‘All Chat Channels’]

[ Let’s foster a chatting culture with good manners using proper and beautiful Korean language.]

A translucent window appeared in the corner of my field of view, and a flood of text began to pour in.

[Cider Pass 381]: How do I change my nickname

[Cider Pass 1297]: I didn’t know this was the most common nickname…….

[Genre Change Aspirant]: Has anyone bought a genre change ticket

[A successful fan]: Me.

[Harem Construction Worker]: You bought it for 10 billion won

[A successful fan]: I transmigrated as a princess and I had a lot of money ^^

[Genre Change Aspirant]: Even if you buy it, the result is random.

What genre did you get

[A successful fan]: GL.

I killed the trashy Male Lead and I am having a happy life with the Crown Princess.

I think I got my nickname thanks to that.

[Genre Change Aspirant]: ……I will block you.

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: Looking for anyone who challenged the 101st floor of the Tower of Trials.

[FFF-level physical skills]: Oh my.

Did people reach the 100th floor already

[Original addict 7]: Isn’t it a lie

[Attention Seeker with Hidden Power]: Haha, the difficulty suddenly jumped as I got to the 101st floor.

Does no one have a strategy Am I the first

A field of active information exchange unfolded endlessly.

Most of the stories were about the Tower of Trials, where people felt more lonely.

Everyone seemed to get used to the update while I was sleeping

It’s fun just looking at it.

I was drenched in a slightly strange feeling with the conversation and reality hit me.

‘These people are all transmigrators like me…’

One day, I suddenly fell into an unfamiliar world and my situation overlapped with those who would have struggled with the same things. 

Truly a comrade.

An inner intimacy welled up from the depths of my heart…

[Tyrant’s Daughter 5]: Childcare is so much fun.

[Daddy’s Girl]: I really like the life of a gold spoon.

[Apple of the Eyes 14]: I’m a baby right now, but even if I eat well and poop well, I get compliments pouring in.

[No.1 Hunter’s daughter]: That’s the best time.

Enjoy the sweetness of life for as long as you can.

My tip is to walk as late as possible.

[Daughter of the Pope]: Talking with a baby tongue can get you some treats.

“Intimacy my ass!”

I turned off the chat window.

When I saw the Transmigrators of childcare, I got jealous.

“It’s nothing.


[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ says how old are you and you are still obsessed with childcare]

‘The lack of childhood lasts a lifetime.’

I roughly said something and looked at the update history again.

The focus of this large-scale update must have been the chat system.

Except for this, there was only a VIP point shop.

[ ‘VIP Point Shop’

A shop that sells very, very special items.

Only gullible customers who have spent more than 10 billion cash can enter.]

[ Consuming ‘VIP Point Shop Pass’ to achieve Platinum Customer level.]

[ The conditions for entry to the ‘VIP Point Shop’ have been met.

Would you like to enter]

What is there to be hesitant about Let’s go shopping!

As soon as I clicked ‘Yes’.

I thought it was in the form of a window like a cash shop, but suddenly a space transition occurred.

Because she was bound to me, Agnes was sucked in as well.

“It’s okay.

It’s safe.”

“I’m going to take a look now.”

I looked around while comforting Agnes. 

I was dropped off in an unfamiliar alley.

At the end of the narrow street, a store was lit up.

At first glance, the shop looks like a shabby occult fortuneteller stand. 

That seems to be the VIP point shop.

As we got closer, I saw an advertisement written on the billboard.

“Buy various sacred artifacts for the highest price, and sell them at the lowest price.

Stolen goods are also welcomed…”

I know, right What kind of place is it

[‘The Creative Business Manager’ explains that it is an ordinary general store on the outskirts of the Divine Realm.]

Oh my god! What do you mean Divine Realm!

I was in a panic because I didn’t know I would come to a place like this all of a sudden.

“Hello, customer! Come on in.”

“Ah, hello.”

An old lady, dressed as a gypsy, greeted me while shaking off her smoking pipe.

Perhaps it wasn’t a cigarette as the subtle and sweet scent of incense made me feel at peace.

“There are already three customers today alone.

It’s worth paying for the advertisement after being deceived by the ‘The Creative Business Manager’.”

As expected of the Divine Realm.

In addition, the way she rudely speaks to the head of the business division means…

There is a God in front of me.

As I was nervous, God Grandma started her sale with customized service.

“How much money have you prepared”

“A little over 100,000 points.”

“Follow me.

Here’s what you can buy with that money.”

Suddenly, there was a three-tier glass display case where the curtains were pulled back.

“Pick one.”


The brightly displayed items dazzled my eyes and the one that caught my attention was.

“Ivory leather shoulder bag, right I was actually looking at it too.”

God Grandma intervened in time.

“It’s a luxury inventory bag.

Because it is 3306 m2, it is good to use as a logistics warehouse.

If you want to start a shipping business, get one.”

“Well, let’s think about it for a bit.”

“Yes, it’s okay to ask your boyfriend to buy it.”

“……Shouldn’t you be asking if I have a boyfriend first”

“Aren’t you a Rofan transmigrator Your hair is pink.”

“……I’ll look at something else.”

There was something else that caught my eye right next to it.

There were three pairs of sunglasses.

“These are……”

“Hoho, you have a good eye for luxury goods.

From top to bottom, Life and Death Sunglasses, Sinful sunglasses, and Passion sunglasses.”

“I understand the one for Life and Death but, what are the functions of the Sinful Sunglasses and the Passion Sunglasses”

“With the Sinful Sunglasses you can see the number of people your opponent has killed, and with Passion Sunglasses, you can see the other person’s favorability gauge.

Passion is especially popular.

Even if you are a love eunuch you can become the owner of a harem or reverse harem with just this!”

“I see.

But these sunglasses are non-removable once used, right”

“How did know That’s right.

It’s not active, it’s passive, so it gets quite a lot of critics since it sometimes lets you know what you don’t want to know.”

I agreed.

It was easy to understand just by looking at the agony of Cardinal Cattleya, who had the Eyesight of Vitality.

Other products also caught my eye.

“What about this luxury watch”

“Hoho, I knew this would also catch your fancy.

This is an artifact that can return you once to any point in time.”


Is it possible to do a second round in the Transmigration afterlife choice office”

“Of course.

All you need is money.

What do you think Would you like to get one of these”

I felt a strong temptation. 

Still, the difficulty level has been upgraded to the SS level.

Wouldn’t it be better to think of it as a spare life and keep one

“If you don’t have any reasons to use it, you can give it to your boyfriend.

There’s nothing like a gift for a watch.”

“It’s a good gift but……I don’t have a boyfriend to present it.”

“You are this pretty, it’s going to happen soon.”


“Anyway, these are the best-selling items in our store.

You know there’s a reason these are the bestsellers.”


There’s nothing you can do about it. 

“Good! Give me that…!”

I fell in love with God Grandmother’s business skills.

No, I was going to. 

“Wait a minute.”

“Huh why”

“There, that one.”

“What Oh, that one”

My finger pointed to a product in the corner of the display case.

In a space full of luxury goods, an old-fashioned mass-produced object was showing off a sense of incongruity.

It was a squary-looking product that had the design of a save button icon.

It was an old floppy disk.

“Oh, that’s for infinite regressors only.

You’re a transmigrator, so you don’t need it.”

The God Grandmother, who had been faithfully serving customers up until now, became indifferent.

But I instinctively recognized the purpose of that product and shouted inside. 

‘Oh, I have to buy that!’


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