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The Queen Harpy was rushing in with a high-pitched voice.

Her appearance with its claws raised in excitement, as if to tear us apart, was menacing.

However, meeting the boss was welcomed as always.

“I’m grateful.”

There was no need to catch another harpy.

We can deal with the boss first and take care of the hostages slowly.

I glanced at Serpens’s blade in my hand.

The white light added vigor to the blade.

Taking a deep breath, I continued to pull the aura up.

‘With this blow, I’ll take her wings in one shot……’

That was then.

Shhhhwii! Whirick!


Thesilid let out a soft exclamation.


I and Agnes were dazed.

Flap! Flap!

The Queen finished her business and flew away without any regrets.


My dazed eyes were fixed on the Queen’s claws.

Because Thesilid was hanging there.

In other words, the current situation is. 

‘The weak protagonist was kidnapped by the boss!’

My face went pale.


The Queen Harpy was so fast that the silhouette was already small and seemed to melt in the sunset.

“I know!”

Were his reflexes nerfed, too If that’s the case, you should have told me in advance!

It was.

The current Thesilid had neither an aura nor divine power to protect its body.

If he falls from that height, he will surely die.

[‘The World-building God’ is puzzled by the unexpected development.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ is surprised to see for the first time in the setting, an arrogant Queen Harpy meets guests in person.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ consoles you by saying that she doesn’t think the Queen will kill him right away, seeing that she has gone to great lengths to catch him.]

“Whoa, let’s hurry up.”

I raised my head and looked up at the sky.

Kihi hi hi!

Just in time, I saw a harpy circling around, making a sound as if laughing at me.

How dare you fly low over my head at a time like this All right, I decided it’s going to be you. 


The Spirit King’s Harp String extended out of my hand and wrapped around the harpy’s neck, legs and wings.


“Come down.”



I poured heals on the harpy who had fallen and was bleeding on the floor.

I wrapped the string around its neck to make a rein and got on.

“If you don’t want to die, fly to your mother’s nest.”


Thanks to the harpy who listened well, I was able to quickly pursue the Queen Harpy.

But my insides were a burnt sweet potato.

“Queen Harpy……”

I don’t even want to imagine what will happen if I’m late.


Finally, we arrived at the crater nest, the boss zone.

I jumped off the harpy’s back, which had landed like crazy, and looked around.

Colorful eggs laid by the Queen.

A wooden prison where weary men were imprisoned.

It ran past them to the center of the nest.

Thesilid’s silver hair was reflected in my vision.

He was in a close face-to-face confrontation with the Queen Harpy.

“Thesilid, are you alright-!”

By the way.


The scene in front of me was completely different from what I was worried about.

“Kihihi, this is the first time I’ve seen a pretty male like you.”

The Queen Harpy blushed, as she cozily sat Thesilid on where her five-colored feathers were fluffy.

“I won’t force you.

I even want to have your heart too! Be mine by your will!”

“Are you monogamous”

“If you want, I will throw everyone else out and make a nest with you alone!”

“Still, it’s difficult because it’s a body I swore to dedicate to the church.”

“A body you swore to God! Alas, I’m even more excited to be the first!”

……I can’t listen to this anymore.

A divine power like flames wrapped around my body.

I raised my hand and aimed at Queen Happy. 

“Sacred punishment.”


“Vanquish of Evil” 


“Pure Light” 


[ Congratulations! You defeated the owner of the dungeon ‘Queen Harpy Pignellis,’ 780th in the Demon World.]

The Queen Harpy was the target of the ‘Reversal of Predation’ skill, so my attacks were very sharp.

In the end, the lustful Queen collapsed into ashes without leaving any traces.


[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ laughs at the fact that the most handsome pheromone in the world transcends races.]

Reaching out my hand, I lifted Thesilid up from the feathers.

“I’m glad it wasn’t serious.”

“It’s all thanks to you.

It was a fresh experience.”

“A fresh experience”

I thought that he was talking about being proposed to by a different race.

“It’s the first time someone has come to save me so quickly.”


He had the talent to expose such salty things with a calm face. 

“Uh, well, let’s save the hostage first.” 

“Yes, Ellet.”

I and Thesilid dispersed and freed the hostages.

They shed tears of joy as they watched me beat the Queen.


Thank you for saving my life.

If it weren’t for the priest, my life would have ended miserably…….how should I repay this favor.….” 

“I never dreamed that you’d, sniff, kill the fearsome harpy so easily.

I-it’s such an honor to have my life saved by such a great person…”

“Sniff, is there anything I can do I want to repay you, Priest!”

I was trying to say it was okay and politely refuse them, but I suddenly remembered something. 

“All of this is a blessing from God, so I hope you thank God more than me.”

“Ah! Thank god……!”

They understood the meaning at once and a message popped up as proof.

[ Converted atheists into believers.]

[‘The World-building God’ is delighted.]

This led to a start of a pyramid business.

After opening the gate and letting them out first, I and Thesilid looted for items.

[ ‘Five-colored Feather’

The feathers of the Queen Harpy, more colorful than a peacock’s

If you have it, it prevents one from falling to death once.]



Aside from being a single-use garbage, are you giving me this now Are you kidding me

“Would you like to, Terry”

“Thank you.

It was just what I needed.”

The good main character let out a bland thank you, without a shred of emotion, and accepted the item.

We got out of the dungeon.

This completes the sweeping of the bandits.

I looked up at the real moon high in the night sky and suggested it.

“Today, let’s go to the village chief’s house to sleep.

It must be empty there.”

“Good idea.”

“What’s the next bandit group we are going to next” 

It was when I prepared to put the destination on the system map. 

“Now I’m thinking of going somewhere else.” 

Another place

At my questioning eyes, he gave a bright smile.

“Because I can’t continue to be your burden.”

It was a smile with a high sugar content befitting a sweet potato.


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