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Chapter 1010: Making Everyone Crave For It!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“This is a mutated beast that lives on flaming river crystals.

Its originally called the Red Phosphorus Worm.

After they were released here by the Flaming River Worlds owner, they started feeding on flaming river crystals and mutated.”

Round Ball thought for a moment and started explaining, “This Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm has great nutritional value because of all the flaming river crystals that it devours all year round.

Its delicious when you fry it till its golden-brown.”

“… Are you craving it” Wang Teng asked softly.

Round Ball: …

To hell with craving!

What was going on with his mind

Round Ball took a deep breath and said, “The important thing is that Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worms fear death.

They do not allow others to steal flaming river crystals as the crystals are the food they rely on for survival.

However, they do not dare to face enemies either, which is why they use a harassment tactic to get their enemies to retreat.”

“The Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm is rather strange.” Wang Teng was speechless.

“Although its disgusting, it is still a good tactic.

Every creature has its own survival instincts.

If the Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worms werent this elusive, they would have been wiped out long ago,” Round Ball said.

Wang Teng passed down Round Balls words, shocking An Lan.

Although he was knowledgeable, he had never seen such a strange beast before.

The two looked down and saw the Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm darting in and out of the hole.

Every time its head appeared, it would quickly retract again as if it would attack them at any time.

However, it annoyed Wang Teng and An Lan with its behavior.

“The Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm is only at the planetary stage.

It is not that difficult to deal with,” An Lan said.

“Leave it to me.” Wang Teng shook his head.

Not wishing to waste time here, he turned his Emerald Glazed Flame into a Fire Tongue and sent it downward.

The skill that he just acquired was not expected to be used so soon.

Destiny likes to fool people!

The Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm sensed something amiss and immediately dug underground.

The Fire Tongue was in hot pursuit and rushed into the hole.


A panicked cry resounded from the hole.

The Fire Tongue began to shake violently as if something was struggling fiercely.

The Fire Tongue was known for being quick and nimble, and it wasnt less elusive compared to the Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm.

Soon, the Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm was wrapped by the Fire Tongue and brought out of the hole.

The Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm was struggling frantically.

It was only a meter long, which was considered relatively small as compared to other star beasts.

Its attack power wasnt that great.

Its body glowed with a red light repeatedly as it tried to break free from the Fire Tongue.

However, no matter how much it struggled, it was all for nothing.

The ordinary flame that it was using could never be compared with the Emerald Glazed Flame.

“You still want to run” Wang Teng pointed at the worms body.

Nether Frost spread around and froze it.

Nether Frost was undoubtedly the most effective way to deal with fire element star beasts.

He finally had the opportunity to study the Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm.

The one-meter-long body was crimson red and somewhat transparent like it was made of flaming crystals.

There were two small eyes on its head, which looked a bit silly and not so disgusting.

After the Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm was frozen, it lost its vitality and a few attribute bubbles dropped.

Constellation Force (Fire)*600

Origin Of Flame*2

Blank Attribute*1200

“Origin Of Flame!” Wang Tengs eyes narrowed as if he had seen something unbelievable.

The Origin Of Flame was a power of origin that only a universe-stage martial warrior could possess, yet it came out from this small worm.

This didnt make sense!

A universe-stage martial warrior could cultivate the power of origin and use it as the foundation of a small world.

The small world would then undergo an evolution.

The flaming river crystals were formed by the Origin Of Flame, showing how extraordinary they were.

The trace of Origin Of Flame merged into Wang Tengs body and circulated around his limbs and bones.

It gradually merged into the fire constellation in his mind and fell silent.

“Huff!” Wang Teng let out a deep breath, and his gaze flickered.

He obtained a power of origin that could only be cultivated by universe-stage martial warriors just like that.

Although it was only a trace amount, it was still a power of origin and shouldnt be underestimated.

Wang Teng then kept the Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worm in his space ring and said to An Lan, “Continue digging.”

An Lan nodded and worked together with Wang Teng.

He didnt forget to ask a question, “Why does your skill look a bit like the tongue of a Fire Black Toad”

“Does it I think you saw it wrong.” Wang Tengs heart skipped a beat.

He responded without a change in his expression.

“Is that so” An Lan didnt dwell on it and concentrated on mining the flaming river crystals.

Ten minutes later, all the flaming river crystals in the area were dug out, which added up to about 2000 kilograms.

It was quite a harvest.

Wang Teng sensed his surroundings again and called An Lan to leave after he had confirmed that there were no more flaming river crystals.

“Lets go.”

Afterward, they found a few scattered pieces of flaming river crystals.

The quantity paled in comparison to their first haul though, adding up to less than a thousand kilograms.

Nether Frost covering An Lans battle armor was mostly melted.

Wang Teng quickly added another layer for him.

Little Whites team also returned to Wang Teng, and he replenished Nether Frost for the other mechas as well.

“Master, we managed to find more than 4000 kilograms of flaming river crystals.” The metal armor flaming scorpion ran over and asked for credit.

“Oh” Wang Teng was a little surprised.

“You found more than 4000 kilograms”

“Yes, its all in the space ring.

Look.” The metal armor flaming scorpion spat out a space ring.

The space ring was normally placed in its mouth.

Wang Teng rolled his eyes in disgust.

He wouldnt hold it with his hands and brought it over using spiritual power.

Looking inside, he saw a small pile of flaming river crystals.

“Good job.” Wang Teng was satisfied and patted the metal armor flaming scorpions armored shell.

After advancing to the emperor level, its body became larger, and the outer shell was extremely hard.

It made a dull sound when he patted it.

Little White wasnt satisfied and cawed at the side.

Although Little White was a bird star beast, it had the fire element as well.

And its Ghost Fire became stronger when it absorbed the Emerald Glazed Flame.

It allowed it to fly freely and go under the lava swamp.


Thats right.

Its also your hard work.” Wang Teng sensed the satisfaction that Little White conveyed through the spiritual pet contract and laughed while patting its head.

“Wang Teng, your spiritual pets are good.

They found more crystals than us.” An Lan was surprised.

Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion raised their heads like peacocks.

They knew that the chunk of mechanical parts in front of them was extremely powerful and were overjoyed to be praised by him.

An Lan didnt know that he was just a powerful mechanical hunk in their eyes.

Otherwise, he would probably die of anger.

A heaven-stage martial warrior was regarded as a chunk of mechanical parts.

He couldnt bear this.

“They are fire element star beasts and have mutated.

They are very sensitive to the fire element.

Its not surprising that they can find so many flaming river crystals.” Wang Teng smiled.

“Mutant star beasts are rare, and you have two of them.

Youre lucky!” An Lan shook his head in envy.

“Calm down.

Youll get used to it after envying me a few more times,” Wang Teng said calmly.

An Lan: …

I dont want to get used to it.

“We have less than ten thousand kilograms, which is far from the required number.

We have to work harder.

Keep going, everyone,” Wang Teng waved his hand and said.

Everyone stopped chatting and scattered to find more again.

Time passed slowly.

After an hour, Wang Teng and the others found eight thousand kilograms of flaming river crystals.

He also encountered a few Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worms.

He caught them all and tossed them in his space ring.

Wang Teng planned to fry them and see if he could really make everyone crave this delicacy!

He was a grandmaster chef.

It was a normal thing for him to try all kinds of strange food.

Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion also captured Flaming Crystal Red Phosphorus Worms under Wang Tengs instructions.

The two of them were very good at hunting and had already caught several of them without his guidance.

But what really made Wang Teng happy was that he could obtain Origin Of Flame attribute bubbles from the worms, which increased his attributes by a lot.

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