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Chapter 1000: This Is Inhuman!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The next day.

Wang Teng didnt go out and farmed attributes in the virtual universe.

He was about to advance to the celestial stage.

An Lan finally gathered all the materials needed to forge the Thousand Armaments Vessel and handed them over to Wang Teng.

“When can we start forging this” An Lan rubbed his hands and asked.

“Lets do it now.” Wang Teng smiled.

He didnt like delays.

Since the materials were ready, he wanted to forge it as soon as possible.

By doing so, An Lan could also do his best to be his bodyguard.

Anyway, it wasnt a difficult thing for him.

“Now” An Lan was a bit surprised.

He only wanted to get the Thousand Armaments Vessel as soon as possible so that he would be stronger.

However, he didnt expect that Wang Teng would forge it today.

The Thousand Armaments Vessel had a complicated design and forging it would prove to be a challenging task.

Otherwise, the other blacksmiths wouldnt have rejected him.

Wang Teng only had the blueprints for two short days.

Had he fully comprehended it

Wang Teng didnt explain anything and prepared to head over to the Secondary Career Alliance.

An Lan was full of questions, but he didnt probe when the other party didnt say anything.

They took the rune energy flying car and headed straight to the Secondary Career Alliance.

Wang Teng applied for a smithery studio, and the staff quickly arranged one for him.

In less than five minutes, a smithery studio that was dedicated to grandmaster blacksmiths was vacated.

The staff said attentively, “Grandmaster, smithery studio 036 is ready.

The access has been sent to your account.

You can use it straight away when you arrive.

You can contact me if you have any other instructions.”

“Okay.” Wang Teng nodded.

Alliance contribution points were required to use a smithery studio.

Contribution points could be obtained by completing missions from the Secondary Career Alliance.

When Fan Taining and the others recommended Wang Teng to the alliance, they were rewarded with many contribution points.

Around half of them were given to Wang Teng, which was why he wasnt lacking in contribution points for now.

Wang Teng and An Lan then headed to the smithery studio.

After they left, a few lady staff started chattering.

“That grandmaster is so young!”

“Some grandmasters are not weak in martial arts.

They just look young, but their real age would be old.”

“No, I took a peek just now.

This grandmaster is really young.

Guess how old is he” The female staff who served Wang Teng asked.

“Fifty or sixty” A fox race girl guessed.

“Guess again.” The female staff giggled.

“Hurry up.

Dont keep us hanging.

How can we guess the answer” The fox race girl urged.

“Thats right.

Tell us.

Otherwise, we will have to resort to violence.” A slightly plump tauren girl had already stretched out her arms to tickle her.

“No no.


Ill say it.

Ill say it.” The female staff who served Wang Teng quickly begged for mercy and said mysteriously, “I saw that he was twenty years old.”


“No way, are you kidding me”

“Did you see it wrongly Hes two hundred years old and you missed a zero”

“… My eyes arent that bad.” The female staff member pushed up her glasses.


Wang Teng didnt know that the staff members were talking about him.

When he and An Lan reached the smithery studio, he didnt immediately enter it.

He walked around outside the smithery studio.

The entire area was full of smithery studios, with many blacksmiths forging in them.

There were many attribute bubbles waiting for him.

Wang Tengs goal was these attribute bubbles.

His smithery skill was a little short of forging the Thousand Armaments Vessel.

This was a good opportunity for him to improve himself.







The attribute bubbles merged into Wang Tengs mind and turned into knowledge and experience, enhancing his blacksmith mastery.

These attribute bubbles were from master blacksmiths, which was why the amount was relatively lower.

Only attribute bubbles that were dropped by grandmasters would have a higher value.

This was something that Wang Teng just discovered.

It was the same when he was picking up alchemy attribute bubbles.

When he was just a master alchemist, the value of some attribute bubbles dropped by the master level was relatively large, but after becoming a grandmaster, the attributes dropped by the alchemists below the master level were reduced.

Even so, Wang Tengs blacksmith attribute had improved a lot.

Blacksmith: 5580/10000 (Grandmaster)

Wang Teng felt the extent of his attainments, and the corner of his mouth curled up as he nodded to himself.


It was more than enough to forge the Thousand Armaments Vessel.

He then entered the smithery studio.

Just as he was about to close the door, he turned and asked An Lan, “Do you want to come in and have a look”

An Lan was still wondering what Wang Teng was up to just now when he suddenly heard his voice.

“Can I A blacksmiths forging process is supposed to be a secret.”

“Its nothing.

Youre not a blacksmith.

You wouldnt be able to process much of it anyway,” Wang Teng answered casually.

“Then Ill take a look.” An Lan nodded quickly.

Wang Teng then brought him into the smithery studio.

“Take out the materials.” Wang Teng stood in front of the smithing table.

An Lan immediately took the materials out and placed them on the smithing table.

He then backed away to one side and stared at Wang Teng.

He was actually very curious about the forging process.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have followed him in.

Wang Teng didnt care either.

His eyes swept across the materials in front of him, and he had an idea.

The Thousand Armaments Vessel had a total of 360 parts and needed 108 different materials.

It was considered a lot for a grandmaster-level weapon.

It was naturally complicated.

Wang Teng went through the blueprint in his mind.

Using his spiritual power, he then sent a material known as Cold Essence Iron into the fire.


Green flames erupted, and the raging flames immediately wrapped the Cold Essence Iron.

Cold Essence Iron was an ice-element metal and was extremely difficult to smelt.

However, under the high temperature of the Emerald Glazed Flame, it quickly turned into a pool of molten iron.

An Lans pupils shrank slightly when he saw this.

“Divine flame!”

His heart was trembling as he took a deep breath.

It was difficult for him to keep calm.

His eyes were fixed on Wang Teng as if he was trying to see through him.

A planetary-stage martial warrior actually possessed a thing like that.

Who was this guy

Wang Teng no longer paid attention to him once he started forging.

One by one, the materials were placed into the Emerald Glazed Flames and melted into liquid forms.

Due to the large number of materials, the refining process took up to five hours.

To a heaven-stage martial warrior like An Lan, five hours was nothing.

He even found it too fast.

If it was another blacksmith, he couldnt have been able to finish refining in such a short time.

Once all the materials were refined, Wang Teng started to fuse them.

However, he wasnt going to fuse all the materials into one.

He needed to perform 360 different fusions.

He had to fuse 108 different materials according to the different ratios and compositions indicated on the blueprint.

Some parts needed two or three materials, while others needed more than a dozen…

The Crimson Constellation Bronze that An Lan and Wang Teng went to buy was one of the main ingredients.

It needed to be fused with other materials to produce over 130 different parts and also the most vital part of the main body.

This process was the first challenge in forging the Thousand Armaments Vessel.

An Lan had studied the blueprint of the Thousand Armaments Vessel himself, and he knew that this process was extremely difficult.

He couldnt help but get nervous.

He stopped guessing Wang Tengs identity and focused on the fusion process.




Harsh sounds echoed in the quiet smithery studio.

Time passed little by little, and one by one, the parts appeared on the smithing table.

Wang Teng controlled the temperature and allowed the fused parts to cool down slowly and return to a solid state while continuing to fuse the other parts.

He was multitasking.

An Lan was anxious as he observed.

He almost wanted to pin Wang Teng down on the ground.

This fellow is too reckless!

Cant he just fuse the parts one by one

Why does he have to do it all at once

Whats the point of showing off your skills to a layman like me

An Lan was cursing in his heart, but he didnt dare to make a sound for fear of disturbing Wang Teng.

After fusing for more than eight hours, all the parts appeared on the smithing table.

An Lan could finally heave a sigh of relief.

His eyes were full of amazement as he looked at Wang Teng.

He was filled with admiration.

What a monster!

He used such a method to reduce the fusing time from two days to eight hours.

It was inhuman.

However, his surprise was not over yet.

What Wang Teng did next caused him to widen his eyes.

Nine smithing hammers flew over under Wang Tengs control and started forging the parts one by one.

He had people prepare these smithing hammers for him in advance.

Back then, the staff member felt strange.

He didnt know why Wang Teng needed so many hammers.

However, they didnt dare to ask a grandmaster too many questions.

Forging the parts of the Thousand Armaments Vessel was unlike forging the Lightning Slap.

These parts were small, and one smithing hammer was enough for one part.

The nine smithing hammers were forging nine parts in one go.

The hammers hammered rhythmically while Wang Teng just sat by the side without lifting a finger.

An Lan didnt know how to express his emotions anymore.

There was a complicated look on his face.

Although he had never seen a blacksmith forge, Wang Teng was the only one who forged the way he did.

No blacksmith dared to divide their attention.

That would only increase the chances of failure.

Moreover, a blacksmiths spirit was very limited, and it was difficult to maintain such an intense output.

In other words, this was inhuman!

Time passed slowly, and several hours went by.

When the billets appeared in front of him, An Lan had a dreamy feeling.

It felt incredible.

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