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A New Game Is Going to Be Released to Calm the Players

Since the system was efficient, it didnt take long for the new patch to be installed. Su Ping uploaded it to Steam and reminded the players to download the patch.

Su Ping even set up a system check to force the players to upgrade the game to the latest version.

Players couldnt continue playing the game once they were using another version.

The announcement would be effective the next day!

As soon as the game announcement was made, Su Ping received a lot of invectives and condemnation, as expected.

The players never expected Su Ping to add an invisible wall to the game!

The players range of activity was drastically reduced, which prevented them from engaging in many activities.

Previously, some players had discovered the airport near Raccoon City and desired to take a faster plane to travel further in the game.

But now, it was impossible to do it.

[Producer, are you divorced Why are you doing such a meaningless thing Are you nuts!]

[This is a fraud! No matter how well the game is made, Im now anti-Zombie Apocalypse. Producer, hurry up and correct your mistake! Otherwise, Im going to report you!]

[Brothers, lets give the game one star! We cant let this go. Otherwise, the producer will simply change the game contents in the future!]

Other than the angry players, some game development companies saw an opportunity and hired internet trolls to intensify the situation.

Finally, the internet trolls and the angry players caused the troll to go out of control.

The Zombie Apocalypse II comment section, which had previously been filled with supportive remarks, was overrun with hostile comments and many people who purposefully gave the game low marks, which caused the games ratings to fall.

Wise men could tell that the internet trolls caused the situation. However, Su Ping displeased the players by adding an invisible wall.

Naturally, nobody would speak up for Su Ping. They even hoped the internet trolls would charge forward to force Su Ping to cancel the invisible wall.

“Su Ping, have you seen the situation online The games rating has already dropped by three points. If the ratings continue to drop, it will have a huge impact on the games reputation!”

“We cant go on like this. Do you need me to help you say something during the live stream”

“My fans are rational. Ive been trying to calm down the emotional fans. I believe everyone will understand you.”

When public opinion was getting worse, Angelica took the initiative to talk to Su Ping about the matter and was willing to speak up for him.

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Su Ping felt warm and knew Angelica was a person who was willing to express her gratitude.

Although they were only partners in promoting his game initially, Angelica had gained significant traffic and fans through Zombie Apocalypse.

After thinking for a while, Su Ping shook his head.

“Its alright. You dont have to do that. I caused the situation to happen. After all, Im the games producer. Ill think of a way to settle this.”

“And I have thought of a pretty good idea!”

Upon hearing Su Pings words, Angelica asked curiously.

“What is it Can you give me some hints So that I can be at ease!”

Su Ping smiled.

“Haha! Do you remember the players asking me to release Zombie Apocalypse III quickly”

As soon as he said that, Angelica became excited.

She immediately asked.

“What! Have you finished producing Zombie Apocalypse III The speed of production is way too fast! Zombie Apocalypse II has just been released!”

Su Ping said while shaking his head.

“Who says Im going to release Zombie Apocalypse III I never promised the next game would be a Zombie Apocalypse series!”

Meanwhile, Angelica was holding her breath, and her heart was beating faster.

Angelica thought, “A new game”

“Is Su Ping able to create a new IP when producing the Zombie Apocalypse series”

“Is he making these games all by himself”

“Its terrifying!”

Angelica couldnt imagine how powerful Su Pings strength was to complete such a massive workload. Even leading game development companies couldnt make it!

“Alright, since youve said so, Im relieved. I believe that youll handle the situation perfectly.”

“Same old rules. If you release a new game, you must let me play it as soon as possible!”

“Its a deal!”

Su Ping hung up the phone.

Su Ping immediately opened the forum and logged into his account. He began to write a new post.

At the moment, Su Pings forum account was bombarded with countless private messages.

Most of the comments were aggressive against Su Ping. There were only a few fans who were calm.

Su Ping wasnt in the mood to look at the aggressive comments. After all, looking at the comments wouldnt help solve the situation.

Su Ping posted a new announcement to stop the players from cursing him.

“Hello, everyone. Im Su Ping, the game producer for the Zombie Apocalypse series.

Recently, Ive received a lot of feedback from the players. Ive realized that Ive had many problems with my work.

I clearly understand that everyone is looking forward to the new game.

Thats why Im bringing you the latest information on the latest games. I hope everyone will be satisfied and have high hopes for the future!”

The post gradually made its way into the critical content.

“Im here to tell you that Zombie Apocalypse III is in smooth production. It should be able to be released soon.

Besides that, theres a new game in the middle of production, and its almost finished.

The production of the new game started a little later than Zombie Apocalypse II, so it is expected to be released before Zombie Apocalypse III!

Most importantly, the new game is also free. You dont have to spend a single bit to get a complete gaming experience. Only the skins and items in the game store need to be paid for, but it doesnt affect the gaming experience!

Here is the latest update. I hope everyone can understand me. After all, Im just an independent game producer.

Lastly, I hope everyone will like my new game and continue to support my creation!

Your support will be my greatest motivation for creating games!

Thank you for your understanding!

See you in the next game!”

After Su Ping finished editing, he carefully read and checked the posts content from the beginning to the end. Then he nodded in satisfaction.

Afterward, he clicked send!

Su Ping could imagine the players heated discussions when they saw the post!

Under the temptation of the new game, what was the matter with the previous problem



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