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No one said a word after they finished watching the video.

Everyone felt guilty.

They had just berated Yu Haiyang with righteous indignation, almost to the point of skinning him alive.

Now that the truth had been revealed, they could only stand quietly with their mouths shut.

Su Jin smiled as she watched the guilty crowd and said, “Do you get it now”

“Do you know the truth now”

“Arent you curious as to why Song Qingyu framed Yu Haiyang like that”

“And why she framed Xi Shuangshuang”

Everyone raised their heads to look at Su Jin when they heard this.

The reporters immediately felt annoyed when they saw Su Jins smug expression.

Besides, did they really need to know the reason Nine out of ten people had already guessed the reason.

Of course, it was about Song Qingyu winning as the mistress.

A few reporters looked at Su Jin and said disdainfully, “Whats there to guess Its just a mistress trying to become the wife.”

Su Jin smirked.

If it was just a mistress trying to become the wife, Song Qingyu wouldnt have done this.

The price was too high.

She could easily become the wife if she kept the baby.

She didnt need to stab herself to frame Yu Haiyang.

Su Jin looked at the crowd and said, “Not really.

That only explained half of it.”

“Song Qingyu didnt just want to become the wife.

She also wanted to help the person behind the scenes to ruin Yu Haiyang.”

“So that Yu Haiyang would lose his right to the Yu family inheritance.”

Everyone perked up when they heard this.

They thought this was just a mistress trying to become the wife.

They didnt expect a conspiracy behind this.

However, this was only one persons word.

Su Jin saw the confusion in everyones faces and projected the paternity test report on the big screen as she continued, “I know.

You dont believe me.”

“Please look at the big screen.

The best evidence is on it.”

“This is the paternity test report of Song Qingyus aborted fetus with Yu Qiang.”

“It has been proven that the baby has nothing to do with Yu Qiang.”

Everyone found the evidence hard to believe when they saw it.

If that was really the case, Song Qingyu would be sent to prison for a long time.

But some reporters still had doubts.

How could a woman like Song Qingyu be so ruthless A few unconvinced reporters voiced their opinions.

“Even if the baby is not Yu Qiangs, the fact remains that Yu Qiang cheated on his wife.”

“Xi Shuangshuang believed that the baby is Yu Qiangs, and thats why she attacked Song Qingyu when they went upstairs.”

“This also means that Yu Haiyangs parents are not good people and therefore, neither is Yu Haiyang!”

Su Jins face turned cold.

People were still saying this after she presented so much evidence And such harsh words.

Its totally unbelievable! Su Jin even suspected if this reporter had been bribed.

Why else would he smear Yu Haiyang like this

Su Jin said coldly, “Dont just casually judge others as good or bad.

Be careful that words can start wars.”

The few reporters who were troublemakers felt a little afraid when they heard this.

But there were so many people here.

What could this girl to do them Besides, these reporters felt that they were right.

What if this girl was misleading everyone The few reporters gathered their courage and snapped back loudly.

“If you are so good, show us all the evidence.”

When Su Jin heard this, she was even more convinced that these reports had been paid by someone.

There was no reason to get to the bottom of things otherwise.

After all, the evidence that she had presented was sufficient to prove that all this had been meticulously planned by someone.

Su Jin looked coldly at the few reporters and said, “Based on my investigation, someone deliberately got Yu Qiang so drunk that he completely passed out.

Then, Song Qingyu climbed into Yu Qiangs bed.”

“Everyone knows that when someone is passed out, he wouldnt wake up even if someone fired a gun next to him.

How could he have sex with a woman”

“Besides, Yu Qiang loves Shuangshuang very much.

Other than this incident when he drank too much, Song Qingyu never had another chance to sleep with him.

Otherwise, Song Qingyu wouldnt have used this incident to threaten him.”

“With this, I think everyone should have a better understanding.”

“Next, I have another piece of evidence.

Everyone, please listen to this recording.”

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