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Chapter 208 – Girl and the boy’s conflict – Part one

Beast people, merchants, and knights.

It’s been decided that they’ll be accepted into this village, but a lot of people look at the knights from Migha with bitter expressions.

I don’t really know how to feel either.

The beast people who were rescued and came here with the knights do feel some camaraderie towards them, but that doesn’t mean they fully accept them.

It looks like they’re also struggling with the fact that they drove them to despair and were also the ones who saved them.

As always, I’m going to the place they call Lerunda’s altar to pray.

Some people call it the miko’s altar too.

The population of this village has been increasing, but I’m still the only one who prays here.

I think there’s an unspoken rule that since I’ve been praying here all this time, no one else is allowed in.

Phyto’s people and Mister Ilma pray outside, and there’s now a fence around this building.

After praying, I leave and see Gaius.

I haven’t been seeing him in the square a lot ever since the knights arrived.

I think he’s trying not to look at them.

I don’t feel hatred.

That really strong emotion doesn’t exist inside of me.

For example, I feel like if someone who was an enemy wants to be a friend, we should get along.

I think about this sometimes, especially after what happened to Mister Roma.

I really feel like I’m just a human, but I’m the miko.

I’m human, but also the miko, and different from other people, and sometimes I really feel a gap between me and everyone else.

I don’t feel hatred towards the knights from Migha like everyone else.

I have mixed feelings, and I can’t say that I really like them, but I also can’t say I’ll never forgive them, like Mister Nirushi.

Mister Athos was very important to me.

I really liked him, and I was always happy when he pat my head, but I don’t hate the people that indirectly took him away from us.

I feel sad.

I ask why it had to happen, and I don’t want it to happen ever again, but that’s it.

Is that just how I am, or is it because I’m the miko I don’t know, but since I don’t feel hatred and the same type of pain everyone else is feeling, it’s like there’s a gap between us.

But even if we don’t feel the same way, I can’t ignore Gaius when he looks so distressed.

I follow Gaius, with Freinet behind me.

He goes to a corner of the village and starts doing practice swings all of a sudden.

It’s been decided that the people who just arrived will be staying in the village, but there are some problems, so they’ve all been gathered in a few places.

The knights from Migha don’t look like they have any intention of doing anything to us, but we’re not sure if people from the village won’t do anything to them.

Even the merchants are under constant supervision, including Miss Lan’s friend, because we’re not sure what they’ll do.

The beast people who were rescued are more free, but they are still being watched to make sure they won’t be a problem.

Most of them are in an area close to the center of the village, and don’t come to where Gaius is right now.

That’s probably the whole reason why he’s here.

He’s just focusing on exercising, probably because there are things he doesn’t want to think about.

Gaius is suffering, and I can’t ignore that.

I don’t fully understand how he feels, or how he’s suffering.

I probably couldn’t do anything about it even if I did, but I still want to talk to him.


I call him, and he stops.

Freinet is next to me, but she doesn’t stop me.

She doesn’t reveal herself to Gaius, and silently watches what I do.


I don’t ask if he’s alright.

I can tell he’s not, even if he pretends he is.

The first thing I should do is just listen to him.

Gaius’ suffering makes me sad, so even if I just listen to him for a bit, I want to do what I can to help.

I tell him this and he nods.

—Girl and the boy’s conflict – Part one

(The miko doesn’t feel hatred, but she can’t ignore the boy, and talks to him.)


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