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Chapter 215 – Girl and merchant’s story – Part three

My sister is with the princess, and she realized that she’s not special.

She… Is my twin sister, but I don’t actually know a lot about her.

I know everyone around her thought she was special, but I don’t really know her, and I’ve never really talked to her.

I’m thinking that, much like how I’ve changed after I was abandoned, she also changed after she was taken as the miko.

“So Alice is trying to change… The same girl that wouldn’t listen to anyone…”


Alice didn’t care about what anyone had to say, but after the civil war put her life in danger, she finally understood her position.

If the civil war didn’t happen she would probably still be the same selfish ‘miko’.”

“That’s good.

I’m sure the civil war was very bad for Fairytrof, but at least something good came out of it.”


Because of the civil war, things seem to be heading in a more positive direction now.

Also, Princess Ninaev is engaged to Prince Hicked.”

“…So the two are connected”

“They are.

That is why Princess Ninaev realized that Alice was probably not the miko, and began working towards securing her so quickly.”

So everything is connected.

The princess looking after my sister is connected to that prince.

Still, the whole idea of being engaged feels weird to me.

I don’t know a lot about marriage or love, but I know that princes and princesses get engaged even if they don’t know about love either.

It must be tough.

“Apparently a priest was sent out in search of Lerunda as well…”

“Ah, he is in this village, but he decided to respect Lerunda’s wishes, and broke away from the other members of the party sent out in search of Lerunda.”

“Did he I wonder what happened to the others.

In any case, the kingdom of Fairytrof is still in a state of confusion, so I find it difficult to believe they would come looking for Lerunda now.

Also, the kingdom of Migha is in the midst of a slave revolt, so neither country can afford to think about looking for the miko.”

“That means we can rest easy for now.”

“Yes yes.

Also, I have made a record of the path we took from the kingdom of Migha to this village, so if you want to, you can go to Migha and return.

If you want to go to Migha or Fairytrof, I can guide you.”

It must’ve been really hard to get here, but apparently Mister Sadda made notes of the path along the way.

We were only looking for a place where we could be at peace, and didn’t have the time or energy to think about writing down the path.

When we left the beast people’s village, we were only thinking about getting away as quickly as possible, and when we left the elven village, we were desperate to find a place where we could settle down.

I think it’s great how Mister Sadda thought ahead.

“But did you make sure people can’t get here from there”

“Yes, don’t worry.

I made sure only I understand my notes and tracks.

But the forest is dangerous for me, so I don’t know if we would reach our destination without careful preparation.”

“That’s true, this forest is dangerous, especially since neither of us can fight.

We have plans here in the village to train everyone how to fight, even if just a little.

Do you want to join us It would do you good to improve your stamina at the very least.”

“Maybe I will.

It will probably be good in the long run.

I plan to stay here, but I would like to send someone to Migha.

Would this be possible I want to report to Prince Hicked that we successfully reached the miko.

And we might be able to bring more beast people here too.”

“…We will have to talk about that.

Sadda, I don’t mind you operating in this village, but don’t do anything we can’t overlook.

I don’t want us to do anything bad to a friend like you.”

“It’s all right, I understand.

I don’t want to do anything that will cause harm to this village or the miko.

I’ll make sure I talk to you before doing anything.”

As I see Miss Lan and Mister Sadda talk to each other, I think about how they really get along.

“Mister Sadda… I have a lot, of questions.

If you have time, later, can I ask about things, like being a merchant”

I ask because Mister Sadda looks like he knows a lot of things.

He smiles and nods.

—Girl and merchant’s story – Part three

(The miko thinks the merchant is great, and wants to ask him about various things.)


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