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Chapter 219 – Girl and investigation – Part two

“Gaius, you can use magic now.

Let’s see if Reimar and Phyto, can do it too.”

After Gaius was turned into a ‘knight of the miko’, he started using a little magic.

He can’t fly freely through the sky or anything, but he can float a little.

I can also float and move in the air.

Freinet is a wind spirit, so I guess I really am good with things related to wind.

Reimar could always fly, but maybe she can do other things too if she can use her magic energy well.

“Magic… But do I even have magic energy”

Phyto looks unsure, because she doesn’t think she has magic energy.

But I think we should try.

Reimar and Phyto try their hardest to feel magic energy.

Apparently Reimar feels something she thinks is magic energy right away.

I ask her if she can do anything with it, and she creates wind.

She can probably use this magic energy to fly much faster than before.

She was always fast anyway, so I think it’s incredible that she can be even faster.

“…I don’t know anything about magic energy.”

“I see.

Then maybe you don’t have magic energy.

But if you don’t know, try a little more.”


“It would be great, if we had an item to measure it.”

Maybe Mister Sadda can get one if I ask.

I’ll ask next time I see him.

He said he’s the leader of a big company, so maybe he can do it.

We keep practicing sensing magic energy for a little longer, and in the meantime Gaius practices using his magic.

Phyto still can’t feel magic energy.

“Gaius can turn into a wolf.

I think it depends on what the person is good at, and their characteristics.”

“Then… I’m good at singing and dancing.”


You were great in the singing festival.

Maybe we’ll learn something about what you can do, if we polish it.”

“My singing and dancing I practice it because it’s important to us, but…”

Maybe the things they can do are different depending on what they’re good at.

Gaius can turn into a wolf because apparently his ancestors could too.

Maybe instead of suddenly giving people abilities, the change that comes from being a ‘knight of the miko’ has to do with that person’s origins and how they’ve been living.

Phyto’s been living as the daughter of god.

She never had any powers, but she was still called the daughter of god.

Her songs and dances are directed at the true daughter of god.

Does that have any kind of effect

“How about you try it just so we can see if anything happens”

“Yes, please.”

Gaius asks Phyto to try it, and I ask her too.

She agrees and starts dancing.

It really is beautiful.

She doesn’t have the outfit she had in the singing festival, but it’s beautiful no matter what she’s wearing.

Her movements are so polished and lovely, but nothing happens while she dances.

I thought this beautiful song and dance would cause something to happen but…

“Nothing is happening.”

Says Phyto.


But I have the feeling, there was something.”


(The dance is as beautiful as always.)”

The being known as the miko is filled with mysteries.

I’ve read in Miss Lan’s notes that the being that sometimes appears in this world shares its power with others, creating the ‘miko’s knights’, but apparently everyone has different powers.

That’s why it’s all so confusing.

It would be a lot easier if we all knew what we can do.

There’s still a lot I don’t know about miko too, so I’m always trying to figure out what I can do.

“…Phyto, I know you’re tired, but can you dance a little more”

“It’s all right.”

I ask Phyto to dance a little more, but this time I don’t watch quietly.

Me, Reimar, and Gaius all practice doing what we can do.

I use wind magic perfectly while Phyto dances.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it feels a little easier to do, and its power is great than I was expecting.

Am I just misunderstanding I peek towards Phyto, and see her dancing beautifully with small steps.

Next I swing the short sword I asked Mister Dongu to give me.

I’ve been swinging it to get stronger, and I’m slowly getting used to it,bBut it feels lighter than before.

…Am I just imagining it

As I think about this, Phyto stops dancing.

I try swinging the short sword again, and it does feel heavier.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but I start talking to her before she starts dancing again.

“What is it Lerunda”

“…Does your dance, affect others”

I say what I’m thinking.

—Girl and investigation – Part two

(The miko has a theory about the daughter of god’s power.)


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