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Chapter 221 – Girl and people coming to talk

I prayed for the people that went out to explore, looked into what kind of abilities I, Gaius, and the others have, and talked to Miss Lan about it… And then winged people come talk to me.

They sound formal.

Winged people come see me from time to time.

They say they feel something from me, but it doesn’t look like they’re actually doing anything in particular.

They just stand near me, and I have no idea what they’re thinking.

It’s been a while since we first met, and I still don’t know what they want.

But I get the feeling that they’re not in this place that’s very important to me to do anything bad.

That’s why they are allowed to come to the village from time to time, because they don’t do anything bad.

But even though they’ve never really done anything, they come to me with a proposal all of a sudden.

“Girl, our god wants to meet you.”

The winged people don’t use my name.

It’s just like when I first met Mister Sileva and the others.

I don’t think they see humans and beast people as equals.

They call me girl, and only call others humans and beast person.

But they say they can’t leave me alone, and what they say now surprises me too.

Their god, said Mister Villa.

He said before that he felt that looking at me was like looking at god, and that it feels to them like I’m someone they can’t ignore.

Now he says this god wants to meet me.



(We don’t know what kind of god that is.

It might be dangerous.)



(That’s right.

It could be dangerous.)”

Say the husband and wife gryphons Kamiha and Riruha in regards to Mister Villa’s sudden proposal.

I don’t know what kind of being Mister Villa’s god is, and it really could be dangerous, but I don’t get a bad feeling about it, like how I don’t get a bad feeling from the winged people.

And if I can get to know more about them and reduce the distance between us… We might become friends too.

If there’s a chance we can be friends, I want to take it.

“…Mister Villa, is it dangerous The gryphons are worried.

Can’t your god come here”

Maybe I’m being rude, but I try asking anyway, especially since the gryphons are worried, and I don’t feel anything bad coming from this god, even though I don’t know what it is.




(Letting him come to the village might be dangerous.)”

The two gryphons say as if they’re asking me if I’m sure of what I’m doing.

Mister Villa can’t understand them, but is alarmed by their voices.

“…It’s all right.

I don’t get a bad feeling from this.

So, Mister Villa”

“It would be difficult for god to come here.

I wish we could bring him to you but… This is what our god wishes, and all I can do is ask you to come.

Also, there is no danger, I can assure you of that.

We would not put a being god is interested in in danger, and he won’t harm you either.

To god, we are all insignificant beings, and he will do nothing to you.”

He can’t come here, and it’s not dangerous, says Mister Villa.

And he says we are all insignificant to his god, so does that mean he’s very high up

The gryphons are worshiped as gods by beast people too, but judging by how Mister Villa is talking, his god sounds much greater.

“…I want to go.”

“Gurugururu! (Lerunda!)”

“Gurugururu! (Lerunda!)”

“But, we should talk to everyone first.

I want to meet your god, but I can’t decide that, on my own.

And I can’t go alone either, so if I’m going, other people have to be able to go with me.

Is that all right”

When I say I want to go, both Riruha and Kamiha say my name at the same time.

Still, even if I want to go, I can’t do it without talking to everyone first.

“Of course, we don’t mind.

Our god will not be shaken no matter how many people you bring.

But if we are going to see him, we should stop by our village first.

It might be a difficult path to humans and beast people.

I want to go there as fast as possible, but such a small amount of time makes no difference to god.

Once you have decided to go, inform us at once.”

Says Mister Villa, and I go talk to Mister Dongu and Miss Lan.

Still, I wonder what exactly is the winged people’s god.

—Girl and people coming to talk

(The miko hears the winged people’s proposal.)


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