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Chapter 237 – Girl and joining up with the others – Part one

“Gaius, Mister Oshashio, I’m back.”

“Hi again Lerunda.

I’m glad you’re all right… What’s that egg”

I go back with Freinet to where everyone is waiting for me, and when I talk to them, they all look surprised.

Of course, it’s because of the big egg I didn’t have when we arrived.

It makes sense, I’d be surprised too if someone was suddenly carrying a big egg like this.

Mister Villa looks at it like he can’t believe what he sees.

I guess he can tell just by looking that the egg is related to Mister Douroean.

“Mister Douroean, gave this to me.

He told me, to take care of it.”

“God gave something like this to you You received an egg from god…”

Mister Villa nervously approaches me, and stares at the egg I’m holding in my arms.

“So it’s that dragon’s egg The dragon gave you its egg”


I heard a lot, from Mister Douroean.

He said if I want to ask more questions, I should ask the one that hatches from this egg.

And he said I can come visit too.”

“I see, so you and that dragon are on friendly terms… That’s good to hear.”

It looks like Mister Oshashio was very worried while Freinet and I talked with Mister Douroean.

It makes sense, because Mister Douroean is a very strong dragon.

Mister Villa is trembling while he looks at the egg, and after hearing what I said, he starts speaking again.

“God told you you can visit And to think god would entrust you with an egg… Girl, I mean, Miss Lerunda, you are incredible.

Was it god’s guidance that made us feel like we should not ignore you To think you are allowed to stand beside god’s child…”

“Hum… Mister Villa, this isn’t Mister Douroean child.

He said it’s a separate body.

Something that’s a different being but has all his knowledge.

And you don’t have to call me miss all of a sudden.

I’m happy that you’re using my name, but I like it better without miss.”

“Separate body! So a being similar to god! Ah… To think I saw not only god but also this egg with my own eyes… Seeing god lay this egg must have been such a wondrous sight.”

…I get the feeling that Mister Villa would be very shocked if I told him Mister Douroean just spit this egg from his mouth, so I stay quiet.

He really is deeply moved, but I feel like I’ve seen this before.

Ah, that’s right, it’s just like when Mister Ilma met me.

I don’t really like to be seen that way, but I decide to accept it, since I’m going to live as the miko.

I understand that I have to accept the way Mister Villa is looking at me, but this sudden change of attitude is leaving me a little confused.

“Hum… How about we go back to the village We can’t rest if we stay here.”

I propose we go back, and Mister Villa agrees.

He also excitedly says ‘I need to tell everyone that Lerunda has received an egg from god’.

I’m a little happy that he listened to me and is just calling me Lerunda.

I hope we can be friendly enough that they all start calling everyone else by their names too.

“Mister Villa… Sure changed all of a sudden.”

“That’s just how special, Mister Douroean, is to him.”


Still, I’m really glad you came back safely.”

“Thank you, Gaius.

I’m really glad to be back too, and to have become friends, with Mister Douroean.”

I didn’t have a bad feeling, but I was really curious to see what Mister Villa’s god was like.

I’m glad it was a dragon like Mister Douroean.

It’s because of him that Mister Villa is calling me by my name too.

That all makes me very happy.


Gurururu (I was worried.

Is that egg heavy)”


(I’m glad you came back without any issue.)”

I’m walking between Riruha and Kamiha as we make our way back to the winged people’s village, and they speak to me with a kind tone.

I really like it.

They say they can carry the egg for me, but Mister Douroean entrusted it to me, so I want to carry it myself and make sure I don’t drop it.

They respond by saying ‘Then make sure you don’t drop it’.

I really have to be careful.

I’m not sure if an egg from Mister Douroean would break if I dropped it, but it would be horrible if it did.

—Girl and joining up with the others – Part one

(The miko meets up with her friends.)


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