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Chapter 270 – Girl and opening the store – Part two

The ‘general store’ is being filled with things made by people from the village.

I’m here today as Mister Sadda’s assistant.

We’ve more or less sorted the things here, and now we’re going to display them in the store.

Gaius, Mister E**a, and Ilkesai are here to help too.

It’s kind of exciting to think about the baskets the gryphons and I made being displayed like this to be sold.

I’ve never seen something I made being sold.

Apparently how and where you put things is important when you’re selling them.

And I’m told writing something on a board, making the item stand out, and stuff like that are important too.

Mister Sadda gives us directions on where to put everything.

Does the way we display them really change things that much I don’t really understand, but when I line things up as Mister Sadda says, it does look good.

Mister Sadda gives detailed instructions about even minor things, even though we’re all lining up the same things, and everyone looks like they think this is weird.

But once we’re done, that look disappears from their faces.

“Thank you everyone.

How you line up products in a store and what you want to bring the most attention to are very important factors.

Making and selling one thing that catches everyone’s eyes is one of many strategies.”

Mister Sadda thanks us while smiling.

Seeing the baskets we made lined up like this feels weird.

“We are planning to open the store tomorrow.

We have made written instructions, but if there is anything you don’t understand, please don’t be afraid to ask.”

It looks like Mister Sadda used the paper Miss Lan made to put instructions in the form of a book.

I try reading it, and it’s written simple enough for even a kid like me to understand.

It’s great how Mister Sadda can make things so easy to understand.

But even though paper is being made, we don’t have a lot of it, so we only have three instruction books.

Mister Sadda says they’re going to stay here in the store, so the customers can read them if they want.

Of course, they can always just ask him too.

Mister Sadda looks really happy about being able to open a store.

He really likes being a merchant.

He’s like his friend Miss Lan in the way he’s so focused on the things he likes.

“I wonder what the store will be like.”

“Let’s go there tomorrow, Gaius.”


After helping Mister Sadda, Gaius and I talk while we walk.


(It is also my first time seeing a store.)”


(I can’t wait.)”

“Gururururu! (What will it be like!)”

Doanea, Rema, and Ruma are looking forward to it too.

Everyone in the village is very interested in the village’s first ever store.

It opens tomorrow, and from what I hear Mister Sadda and two wolf beast people will be serving customers.

These two people are being taught by Mister Sadda.

and apparently there’s going to be one more person serving as security.

We don’t know how successful it’s going to be, but it starts tomorrow.

I see a lot of people looking forward to visiting it tomorrow.

I wonder if there’s anything I want too.

It’s all going to work via trading, so maybe I’ll see what I have that I can trade for things in the store.

“Gaius, do you want to get things, we can trade while we go hunting”

“That sounds nice.”

Gaius agrees, and we tell the adults we want to go hunting.

They say they were just about to go hunting too, so we go with them.

Freinet and Rurumar are coming with us.

We’re going to the same place as always, so I’m carrying Doanea on my back too.

I’m a little worried, since Doanea is so young, but a newborn dragon is still a dragon.

Doanea tells us exactly where monsters are and where we can find edible wild plants.

I’m surprised at how helpful Mister Douroean’s knowledge is to us living here.

Doanea doesn’t fight, but says ‘Pikiiiiiii (I could have easily defeated them too if I so wanted)’.

Doanea might be pretty strong for a newborn, but I still want to wait until they’re a bit bigger to do things like hunting.

We return to the village with lots of things.

The hunt was good today.

We hunted monsters that look tasty, and we got things to trade too, so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

I think as I go home.

Girl and opening the store – Part two

(The miko looks forward to the opening of the store.)


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