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I wake up in my bed.

I feel body warmth near me, and when I look to the side, I see Yuin and Rumiha snuck in here.

Ooh, so fluffy.

I touch them with both my hands, and it makes me feel happy.

I get up, and Yuin and Rumiha wake up too.

They look at me with their sleepy eyes.

“Gururururu (Morning)”


(Good morning.)”

They say while looking really cute.

I pat both while still sitting down.

Just looking at how cute they are makes me happy.

It’s great seeing two cute gryphons right after waking up.

“Good morning.”

The light coming from the window shows me the weather is nice today.

We get up from the bed and head to the living room.

Miss Lan isn’t here.

Is she still sleeping I check her bedroom, but she’s not there either.

Did she wake up early and go somewhere

I step outside while wondering where she went.

“Good morning, and happy birthday Lerunda.”

Says Miss Lan with a big smile.

Is she dressed up She’s not wearing her usual researcher’s robe.

She’s wearing a pretty dress.

While I wonder why she’s dressed like that, she continues.

“Did you forget Today is your birthday.”


I finally realize it.

Yes, today’s my birthday.

“Let’s dress up today, Lerunda.

It’s your birthday, so we are all going to have a big celebration.”

Says Miss Lan while pulling me by the hand.

So she dressed up nicely just because it’s my birthday.

She takes me to Miss Zeshihi’s house, where a lot of ladies are changing clothes.

“Good morning Lerunda!”

“Morning Lerunda.”

Kayu and Minomi are here too.

They come greet me as soon as they see me.

“Good morning.

Are you all, dressing up”


It’s your birthday today, so we all planned to dress nicely for it!! I mean, if we’re not going to wear these nice dresses today, when are we going to”

Says Kayu with a smile.

After Mister Sadda came here and opened the store, people started to put more effort into things like clothes.

We didn’t have anything other than the clothes we usually wear, but I know Mister Sadda has been working on different kinds of clothes.

I wondered when exactly people would wear them, but it turns out everyone is wearing the clothes made under Mister Sadda’s guidance on my birthday.

Some of the women are wearing pants too, apparently so they can spring to action if there’s an emergency.

Kayu and Minomi have a different feel than usual.

They look even cuter.

“Let’s make you look cute too Lerunda!!”

“You have to let us make you look cute too.”

They say while making me sit in front of Miss Zeshihi.

Apparently she’s the one making everyone look nicer.

I remember Mister Sadda saying that in big cities there are people whose sole job is to do this.

Miss Zeshihi is the one filling that position here.

“Try this on, Lerunda.”

“It’s frilly.”

Miss Zeshihi brings me a dress with a big smile on her face.

The dress is sky-blue, and it has laces and lots of flower ornaments.

“I made it sky-blue because you’re a miko of the sky god.”

So there’s a meaning behind the color.

I love this clear color.

Just the thought of wearing it makes me a little happy.

Still, it feels weird being here with everyone wearing different clothes than usual.

It’s like I wandered into a different place.

Am I going to feel different once I’m wearing this sky-blue dress It feels weird to think about that.

I look around, and it looks like everyone is having fun wearing different outfits.

Everyone is looking cute and pretty, and even the older people are dressing up too.

This light and fun atmosphere makes me feel like having fun too.

I put on the sky-blue dress like Miss Zeshihi says.

My hair is different than usual too.

Miss Zeshihi put it in a side ponytail.

She says it’s fun to try different styles with my hair because it’s long.

“And wear this too.”

She says while handing me a necklace with a small stone.

“What is it”

“Mister Villa brought it for your birthday.

Apparently they can get ore around those parts.”

So it’s a present from Mister Villa.

I have to thank him later.

I think while Miss Zeshihi and the others dress me up.

—The girl’s twelfth birthday – Part one

(The girl dresses up for her twelfth birthday.)


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