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Chapter 331 – Girl and making a lake – Part one

It’s been some time since we returned from the ruins, and Wea is getting used to the village little by little.

She looked really happy when she saw the big spirit tree we have here in the village.

I’m sure the one in those ruins was pretty big too, a long time ago.

But that tree is decaying, and doesn’t have any strength left.

Wea can use her magic to let us see what it was like back then, but we can’t really understand how that place prospered just by seeing images.

Only Wea really knows what it was like.

Oh, and when we got back, we saw that the kid’s playground really did get bigger.

More structures are being added one at a time, and I have fun playing there too.

We’ve been talking about adding fun things to play with that involve water too.

That’s because I formed a contract with a water spirit.

“Lerunda, I want to keep a water spirit tree here too… Can you help me make a lake”

Says Wea, some time after arriving here in the village.

She was alone for a long time, so she looks happy about having lots of people around and being able to have conversations.

“There isn’t a lot of water in this village.

Since I’m here, I want to plant a water spirit tree here if I can.”


“I heard you still have sheltering trees, and I can turn them into water spirit trees.

Can you let me have one”

“We’ll have to talk about it first.”

I don’t think I can make that decision by myself, so I’ll talk to Miss Lan and the others.

But from my point of view, I want to grant Wea her wish if I can.

We formed a contract and everything.

Water spirit tree… Is it going to grow from the water like that scrap of spirit tree we found I thought all spirit trees were the same, but I guess they have different forms depending on the nature of the spirits themselves.

It’s kind of exciting thinking about how to grow a tree like that.

Wea wants to make a lake, so I think it will be planted there.

“Miss Lan!!”

I go talk to Miss Lan after asking people where she is.

She’s working hard compiling what she learned about the ruins, so we haven’t been able to just sit down and talk a lot lately.

When she’s really into something, she forgets everything around her.

Sometimes I see Mister Nirushi looking exasperated and trying to make sure she doesn’t start skipping meals.

“And the ruins…”

I hear her whispering but can’t understand it.

“Landouno, Lerunda is here.”

Mister Sileva, Mister Dongu, and Mister Nirushi are also here, organizing documents.

As for Miss Lan, she’s been writing this whole time.

“Oh, Lerunda.

What is it”

Miss Lan looks my way, after being told I’m here.

When she notices me, a gentle smile forms on her face.

“Hum… Wea…”

“Miss Wea! Does she need anything with me What is it Has she been talking a lot about the ruins If she wants to speak to me about them, I’ll give her all the time she wants!! If I don’t have time I’ll make…”

“No, that’s not it.”

As soon as Miss Lan hears Wea’s name, she walks towards me and gets excited thinking she might want to talk about the ruins.

I can’t help but laugh.

When Miss Lan is focused on something she gets really excited like this.

“No, Landouno.

I’m here to discuss something else.”

“Miss Wea!!”

Wea shows herself, and Miss Lan approaches her with a lot of excitement in her eyes.

Wea flies back a little, looking kind of startled.

“I actually want to talk to all of you about planting a water spirit tree.

This village still has sheltering trees, correct I want you to let me use one.”

“A sheltering tree”


This place doesn’t have a lot of moisture.

It’s not as though I can’t rest in the spirit tree that currently exists in this village, but if possible… I want to plant a water spirit tree here as well.”

Says Wea, who is hovering right next to me.

Miss Lan and the others look surprised.

They probably didn’t expect a request like this, but their surprise soon turns to smiles.

“Can you plant a water spirit tree here I think that sounds wonderful.”

“Of course we should plant it for a water spirit such as yourself.”

“If Sileva and the other elves don’t have a problem with it, I don’t see why it should be a problem for me.”

“If you want to do it it’s fine, isn’t it”

Miss Lan, Mister Sileva, Mister Dongu, and Mister Nirushi all respond.

“Thank you.

Well then, let’s start making the lake.”

Says Wea after thanking them.

—Girl and making a lake – Part one

(The girl hears the water spirit’s request, and is going to make a lake with her.)



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