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Chapter 333 – Girl and people returning from the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

It’s been a week since we made the lake.

It feels weird to think about a spirit tree growing from the surface of the water, but then again, the spirit tree is a strange plant to begin with, and that’s just how a water spirit tree is.

I’ve been praying to both spirit trees every day, and I keep praying to god too.

I didn’t get to pray at the altar while we were in the ruins, but I still prayed to the sky god while we were there.

People play here in the lake, while being careful not to harm the spirit tree in the middle.

Mister Sadda started selling clothes in his store that are made just to play in the water.

Apparently rich people in cities wear these when they swim in places like artificial lakes.

Since Mister Sadda comes from a large company, he knows a lot about this sort of thing.

Gaius has been having fun splashing around in his wolf form.

The gryphons and Scifo do the same too.

Gaius’ fur droops when he goes into the water, but he has a lot of fun.

I put my legs in the water and splash too.

I get the feeling that beast people having good physical abilities helped learn how to swim right away.

I haven’t gone to the deeper parts yet, so I haven’t really gone in and swam.

Wea takes care of this lake, and if there’s any dirt in it, she cleans it right away.

“It may be because of your prayers, but the quality of the water is very good.”



The magic energy circulating here is very nice.”

Says Wea with her feet touching the surface of the water.


(The water is very enjoyable.)”

By the way, no one is more excited about the lake than Doanea.

Doanea and Wea are getting along.

Wea has actually met Mister Douroean before, so she was surprised when she saw Doanea.

Wea says she wants to see Mister Douroean too, so I’ll have to take her along next time I go there.

Wea is still telling us a lot about the ruins, and we’re going to try replicating what we can.

That being said, even if Wea knows about things that existed there, that doesn’t mean she knows how to make them.

Apparently there were a lot of craftsmen in that country that made what they called magic items.

I hear they made lots of useful things.

Miss Lan and the others have been trying to understand ancient technology.

She can’t use magic, but she’s really good at studying and understanding this sort of thing.

Miss Lan has been busy ever since we came back, and she forgets to even sleep when she’s compiling things, so I have to tell her to go to sleep.

That’s just how she is when she really gets into something.

Mister Nirushi knows about this too, so he drops by from time to time to see how she’s doing.

People like Mister Sadda do the same too.

Everyone’s concerned about her.

I’ve been inviting her to come to the lake, but she’s only come a few times.

She comes here because this place is related to Wea, but… I think she really prefers to be studying something.

“Miss Lerunda!!”

“What is it Mister Ilma”

“I just happened to see you so… Ah… I feel so happy just thinking about how I am able to be with the miko like this.

To think I am able to speak with you is just…”

Mister Ilma is acting the same as always.

He’s always like this when he sees me.

He was like this when the water spirit tree was being planted too, but then again… So were Mister Sileva and the other elves.

Miss Shehan is behind Mister Ilma like always.

I can’t really tell if their relationship is progressing or not, but I see her wearing girly clothes sometimes.

They look nice on her, but I think she still feels kind of embarrassed, and she wears her armor most of the time.

“Watching Miss Lerunda with her legs in the lake is such a mystical looking sight.”

“No, it’s normal…”

“It is not normal.

Ah, I would love to preserve this image as a painting.

Ah! This is also my duty!! Shehan, bring me things to paint!”

“Ilma…You’re creeping out Lerunda, you know”

Mister Ilma and Miss Shehan start talking, and then I hear a commotion.

I pull my legs out of the lake, put on my shoes, and go see what’s happening.

“Ah, welcome back.”

I see the people who went to the Kingdom of Migha.

—Girl and people returning from the Kingdom of Migha – Part one

(The miko welcomes the people who returned from the Kingdom of Migha.)



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