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Chapter 5 – The educator is troubled

A story from the big sister’s side.

“No!! Why does a miko like me have to do that!!”

“But like I said, the miko is a special being, and you must study.

Please understand.”

“What!! I don’t want to study!!”

The girl yelling in front of me is miss Alice, who was brought from her village as the miko.

Miss Alice is a beautiful seven year old girl, and unlike her parents, she does not look like a regular villager.

She has lustrous golden hair and lovely facial features, and when I first laid eyes on this mystical appearance, I was sure I was in the presence of the miko.

But now I, Landouno Stoffer, am starting to doubt if she truly is the miko.

As the fourth child of a count in the kingdom of Fairytrof, I received education in theology, which is to say I learned about god and miko.

I also studied other fields, but learning about god and miko was the most fun for me.

As I developed my academic career, I started working teaching noble children.

As a result of my focus on studying, I’m still unwed at almost twenty years old, but I have no regrets.

When I was given the chance to work as an educator of the miko, I happily accepted, but miss Alice is a more difficult child than I was expecting.

“Miss Alice, studying is important.

The miko has all sorts of powers, and you need to study in order to use them properly.”

The miko is someone loved by god.

The last time a miko appeared was over a hundred years ago, and there aren’t a lot of documents about them.

I can’t grasp what proper use of the miko’s powers is either.

Remaining records of the time say that the miko had the power to do things like control the weather, as a result of being loved by such a powerful and influential being.

There are many gods in this world, and research shows that not all miko are the same.

Even miko are not all powerful beings.

For example, remaining records show that the miko that existed a hundred years ago was a miko of the ice goddess Hyono, and was close to the water spirits.

“I don’t care!!”

Miss Alice responded to me after I tried to explain how important studying is, and she got up.

“I’m not doing it!!”

She announced, as she left the room.

All I can do is sigh.

Is this really the miko

It was only recently that rumors began to circulate about a miko appearing in this country.

In the last seven years there have been very few natural disasters.

Up until that point, crops had been bad, but that ended seven years ago, and the kingdom has been prosperous.

At first, it was said to be a result of the king’s political measures, but things were going too well.

People started whispering about the possibility of a miko having appeared.

The country was late in discovering the miko because eight years ago, the only person that could hear god’s voice passed away.

We learned the location of the miko after a ritual performed by dozens of priests, who apparently heard the voice of god.

I’ve heard that the priests were bedridden as a result of this ritual.

…Some say this country could not take the miko into its custody right away because it failed to cultivate those that could hear god’s voice.

We managed to learn where the miko was and her age, and so we managed to take her into custody, but she is so selfish.

I have been trying to get her to study, with little success.

The miko is a being that grants blessings, and those blessed by the miko are called knights.

A hundred years ago, those blessed by the miko were called heroes.

From what I’ve read, miko can’t bless everyone.

There is a limit to how many they can bless, but those who are granted blessings gain power.

There are many who want to receive the miko’s blessing and become “the miko’s knights”.

“…We can’t show the miko to the public while she’s like this, but how do I teach miss Alice manners”

A lot of people want to make connections to the miko, and royalty and nobility are no exception.

If she is going to interact with royalty and nobility, she really needs to learn manners.

But… I don’t think I can teach her.

My superiors told me not to make the miko unhappy and to make it so the miko is in a good mood, but doing so while teaching her everything she needs to learn… Is difficult.

In fact, I think simply telling miss Alice that she should study is enough to displease her.

At first I was nervous, thinking that if the miko had a bad impression of me I would receive divine punishment, but nothing of the sort had happened, so I just stay vigilant.

Will I really receive divine punishment if I scold her… But if I do it, miss Alice will surely go crying to someone.

Even at the best of times, her caretaker complains about me “forcing miss Alice to study”.

…My superiors told me to teach her, but she is like that.

People around me tell me not to trouble her, what am I supposed to do

—The educator is troubled

(The lady in charge of miss Alice’s education is in a bind.)


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