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 Chapter 73 – Girl and monster extermination – Part one

It’s finally time to face the monster.

I’m scared, but I also feel like it’s something we have to do… A lot of different emotions are swirling inside of me right now.

Me, Gaius, Ilkesai, and the other kids are walking together.

We think it’s better if we support everyone from the back, because we’re not strong enough to fight the monster directly.

The fact that we’re finally going to fight the monster makes me feel this even more.

The little gryphons are going to stay in the back with us.

This plant monster is a terrifying monster that has been demanding sacrifices from the elves, and now we are going to have to confront it.

I’m scared.

I end up grabbing Gaius’ hand without thinking, and he grabs mine back.

I think he’s anxious too.

I grab the other kids’ hands too, because they all look anxious.

We’re all anxious, but we don’t want to just sit back and watch.

I grab their hands tight, and I’m determined to do my best.

The monster is a two hour walk away from the village.

The first thing I see is a giant tree that looks like it’s shining just a little.

The tree gives off a great sense of presence, even though it’s still far away.

I gasp at this magical sight, and I want to get closer, but we’re told to stop.


Do not get any closer.”

Says mister Sileva, and I stop.

That’s right, the monster is at the foot of the spirit tree.

I want to get closer, but I really can’t.

The monster… Where is this monster that has been causing the elves so much suffering and demanding sacrifices from them I look around, but I honestly can’t see it.

It’s a plant type monster.

We’re in a forest, so there’s plants everywhere.

And then, mister Sileva says.

“Over there.

The monster is over there.”

Says mister Silva with a vexed tone while pointing towards the foot of the spirit tree.

There’s a big stem positioned so closely to the spirit tree, that it looks like it’s part of it.

It’s smaller than the spirit tree, but it looks thick compared to regular plants.

On the tip of the stem there’s a big, red flower pointing down.

But then… It raises itself, almost like a person raising their head.

There is a blue part among the red petals, and that blue part opens.

Is that its mouth

This ‘mouth’ starts opening and closing.

Is that what it uses to eat the elves Just thinking about it scares me, and my body trembles a little.

“It looks as though it hasn’t noticed us.”

Mister Sileva lets out a sigh of relief.

It’s a giant plant.

It looks really big even when we’re standing from this distance.

How big is it in reality

“…We will put down this monster in the name of the spirit tree.

Failure is not allowed.

Failure means death.”

Says mister Sileva as he looks at the other elves.

“We cannot keep sacrificing ourselves forever.

I regret that we cannot defeat it on our own, but we will borrow their strength, and we will defeat it.

We will have no future otherwise.


Mister Sileva suddenly turns away from the elves, and towards me.

“…Lerunda, this was all started by you, and for that, I thank you.

We were convinced we could not win, and gave up without a real fight.

You however, told me we can win, and I believe those words.

The spirit also approves your actions.”

Says mister Sileva, before turning away.

“It is time.

Are you ready, beast person”

“…No problem, but start calling us by our names already.”

“…I will after we win.”

The signal is given, and so it begins.

We look at the monster in front of us, and try to estimate the right time to attack to maximize damage.

The flower faces down again.

It’s not lifting its face.

Everyone advances towards it.

The gryphons, Scifo, elves, beast people, everyone.

With me are Wason, the little gryphons, the kids, and a few elves and beast people that stayed behind to offer support.

I don’t know what I can do, but I will do anything I can to help.

As I’m thinking this, the monster in front of me… Hits me with reality.

—Girl and monster extermination – Part one

(The girl that is probably the miko sees the giant monster in front of her, and is hit with reality)


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