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Natalia saw it and her eyes widened, but she pouted.

“I want to use this one!”

As she said that, she held up with both hands the kite with Peppa Pigs image on it, at the same time imitating Peppa Pigs cry.

Gong Jie was greatly amused at the sound she was making.

“Where did you learn that from”



Gong Jie made a sound in his throat and asked, “Whos Peppa”

“Thats her!”Natalia held the Peppa Pig kite high in front of her as if presenting a treasure.

She beamed.

“Thats her!”

A cartoon character with a pigs face shaped like a hair dryer appeared before Gong Jie.

Peppa Pig was a childrens cartoon.

It was a very decent cartoon that presented a childlike outlook on life.

Hua Jin had discovered that Natalia liked cute cartoon characters.

So he introduced the cartoon to her.

Initially, the actor watched the cartoon with Natalia.

She loved watching it, so he went along in the interest of keeping her company.

Eventually, having followed it, he became fascinated as well.

“Who taught you to snort like a pig” Gong Jie paused, then added seriously, “Its not ladylike to snot like a pig.”

“Well, I learned it from Daddy Jin,” Natalia said, betraying the actor without hesitation.

Hua Jin had been standing behind the two of them, eavesdropping, but when he heard Natalia sell him out, his face fell and he cleared his throat.

Natalia and Gong Jie both turned around.

Natalia smiled stiffly when she saw him.

“Why are you up so late, lazy pig”

Seeing Gong Jie, for some reason, reminded the actor of the awkward scene the night before.

He felt uncomfortable and looked as though he didnt know what to do with his hands.

Gong Jie turned his attention back to the Peppa Pig kite and studied it intently.

Natalia, however, ran to Hua Jin and threw herself into his arms, beaming.

“He asked me who taught me to snort like a pig, so I told him the truth! Because you told me that a lady should never tell a lie, didnt you”

The actor nodded.

“You promised me!” Natalia looked up at him expectantly.

“Well go kite-flying together this afternoon!”

“Are you guys choosing a kite”


“Which one are you flying”

Gong Jie said suddenly, “Why dont we fly two”



Natalia and I will fly one.

You fly the other.”

Natalia thought that sounded like a good idea.

“Yes, that sounds good.

Well fly two!”

The actor said, “But I dont know how to fly a kite.”

“Learn now.”

“…” The actor said nothing more.

In the end, Natalia chose two kites.

One was the Peppa Pig kite, it being her favorite piglet, and the other was Baymax, Hua Jins favorite.

Gong Jie, on the other hand, liked a kite in the shape of an eagle.

But even though he liked it, he didnt like it enough to fly it specially.

He did notice that the actor seemed to have a childlike streak in him.

It was probably because of an inadequate childhood.

Sometimes, he showed a very childlike side.

When he came across toys and cartoons or cartoon figurines that he liked, he found it hard to walk away from them.

When Gong Jie went to bed the night before, he discovered that the actor had a very large Peppa Pig doll.

The pig was holding a baby dinosaur and blinking its beady eyes as if looking at him.

It was leaning against the headboard.

As he had no liking for dolls, he swept it off the bed.

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