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“Ah! Youre giving me this King-grade sword”

Looking at the sword Zhou Han handed over, Song Yushan was shocked, but her heart felt like it had been knocked over.

She did not expect her husband to be not only so handsome and capable but also especially loyal.

The love in her heart surged like a tide.

What more could she ask for from this husband

“Of course.

If not you, who”

“Youre my woman!”

The two of them had already become husband and wife.

Zhou Han naturally did not treat her as an outsider.

He had to give good things to his wife.

“But this is too precious!” Song Yushan said hesitantly.

“These are worldly possessions.

Youre all that matters to me.”

“Be good.

This is our love token.”

Zhou Han stuffed the sword into Song Yushans hand and said gently.

It was the King-grade sword, Red Kite.

After enhancing it, the effect was also very good.

[Red Kite 9]


[Grade: King]

[Attributes: 4,000 Attack, 4,000 Defense]

[Special Effect 1: Summon a Red Kite to protect yourself and increase dodging by 30%.]

[Special Effect 2: When your HP is below 80%, you will recover 3% of your maximum HP per second.]

[Special Effect 3: Reduces fire damage received by 30%.]

[Description: The soul of a Red Kite is sealed inside.

It has a super strong defense.]

The output of this sword was considered at the bottom of the King-grade.

However, its defense was outstanding.

It was just right for Song Yushan to use.

Zhou Han was much more at ease.

“Yes, yes! I understand!”

“But I dont have a presentable token.

Ill give it to you!”

Song Yushan said awkwardly.

She did not have any high-grade items on her.

It was very embarrassing to give it away.

Zhou Han would definitely not fancy it.

“Its okay.

Youre my best gift.” Zhou Han pulled her into his arms and said dotingly.

“That wont do.

Ill give you this jade hairpin!”

Song Yushan still paid a lot of attention to the ceremony of giving each other tokens.

A woman naturally wanted to leave no regrets and be perfect.

With that, she pulled out the jade hairpin from her head.

This was the only thing her mother had left for her.

She did not know the exact quality, but it looked exquisite and beautiful.

A small colorful phoenix was lifelike.

This was the best item she could offer.

It was good to give her mothers belongings to her lover so that her mother could experience her daughters happiness.

Song Yushan blushed and handed over the jade hairpin in embarrassment.

It was too shabby.

“Its okay! As long as you mean it, Ill like whatever you give me.”

“Although its very—”

Zhou Han was suddenly stunned.

He did not say the wordordinary and stopped abruptly, looking bewildered.


Zhou, whats wrong”

“This thing is a little ordinary.

Dont mind it!”


Zhou, why arent you saying anything!”

Song Yushan was a little embarrassed at first when she saw Zhou Han suddenly fall silent.

Then she panicked.

Did he really not like it

“I didnt expect your background to be so complicated!” Zhou Han suddenly said faintly.


Song Yushans hand trembled and she lost her grip on the [Red Kite] and fell to the ground.


“You know everything”

Her face turned pale and her lips trembled.

“Of course, I know.

I didnt expect you to be such a person!”

Zhou Han said in surprise, feeling a little strange.

Why was her reaction so big

Didnt he just know that she was from the Song Family of the Nine Sacred City

This jade hairpin was not simple.

When Zhou Han came into contact with it, it was immediately activated.

After checking, Zhou Han did not expect this [Phoenix Cry Hairpin] to be a Divine-grade item.

Song Yushans background was naturally not simple.

Could there be something else going on

“Since… since you know my background!”

“Then you naturally understand that my goal in approaching you is not simple!”

As she spoke, Song Yushans voice became less and less confident.

She lowered her head, her mood very low, her eyes lonely.

Next, she would face his anger, right

Perhaps she would soon lose the person she loved.

After all, this method was very disgusting and would cause cracks in their relationships.

Hearing this, Zhou Han found it a little funny.

So it was about this.

He thought it was something big!

Zhou Han was not a fool.

Yesterday, Song Wei came over to pull strings.

A few minutes later, his sister came over.

The intention of throwing herself at him as soon as they met was very obvious.

Although Zhou Han was handsome, he took the initiative to pursue a beauty like Song Yushan on their first meeting.

It was still a little unreal, especially in this relatively conservative Godfiend Continent.

The probability of this was very low.


Do you have anything else to say”

“Its not too late to confess!”

Zhou Han stroked his chin and said calmly.

Perhaps she had other motives.


“I said, whatever you have to know, Ill tell you without reservation.”

Song Yushans eyes were filled with light as if she had grabbed her last life-saving straw.

Sure enough, falling in love made people stupid, let alone women.

“Then tell me everything you have to say!” Zhou Han said calmly.

“My brother, Song Wei, asked me to seduce you in order to seek refuge.”

“Deep down, I also wanted to avenge my parents.

I hoped to borrow your power, so I agreed.”

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