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Zhou, I want it…”

Song Yushan smiled sweetly, like a torturous demoness filled with charm.

Her bad hand was already moving.


Zhou Han was stunned and grunted.

He was unable to tolerate it any longer.

What Ancient Sword Tomb What Emperor-grade sword Lets talk about it in the future!

There was only one thing he wanted to do now, and that was…

He attacked directly.


“It hurts!”

The next morning, Zhou Han woke up refreshed.

Looking at Song Yushan, who was sleeping soundly, with a satisfied smile on his lips, Zhou Han gently kissed her forehead.

After buying breakfast, he left.

He could not delay any longer.

Otherwise, who knew what Song Yushan would do when she woke up

Then the matter of the Ancient Sword Tomb would probably have to be postponed again.

Now that Song Yushans phoenix bloodline was getting richer, it was not so easy to subdue.

Yesterday, Zhou Han had only subdued her three times.

“Yo, Brother Han, you…”

When Zhou Han came out, he happened to meet Song Wei.

Song Wei looked a little surprised.

His eyes darted around and he quickly understood.

He did not expect Shanshan and Zhou Han to develop so quickly.

They had already reached this stage.

It was simply too good.

“Brother Han, what are you busy with today Is there anything I can do for you”

Song Wei hurriedly revealed a flattering smile.

Their relationship was not ordinary now!

He had finally gotten into Zhou Hans good books and had a backer.

“Yes, has anything happened in the Sword God Hall recently”

Zhou Han asked casually.

Looking at Song Weis sloppy appearance, he did not care much.

After all, they were family now.

As long as Song Wei did not do anything overboard, Zhou Han was still willing to protect him.

“Nothing special.

Were still preparing for the Divine Trials!” Song Wei said hurriedly.

Zhou Han also knew that the Divine Trials was a grand event after all.

Other than him, Wan Yuhe, and a few others who had guaranteed spots, the other spots had to be selected internally.

“Brother Han, can you…” Song Wei continued and hesitated.

“You want to participate in the Divine Trials” Zhou Han roughly understood what he meant and said it.

“No, no, no, its not me.

I still know my own standards!” Song Wei hurriedly denied.

“Oh Then”

Zhou Han did not expect himself to be wrong.

Song Wei also knew his limits.

“I want Shanshan to join the Sword God Hall and participate in the Divine Trials!”

“Shes much better than me.

Shes also more talented than me.

Shes worth nurturing!”

Song Wei knew that there was a high chance that he would not be rejected when he made such a request.

Song Yushan was an unaffiliated person.

In his opinion, joining the Sword God Hall was an additional layer of protection.

“Youre talking about that! Theres no need for her to join the Sword God Hall now.”

“Moreover, after joining, it wont be good for the current her!”

After Zhou Han finished speaking, he left.

He did not explain much.

He believed that Song Wei would find out the reason soon.

Zhou Han had his own considerations.

Now that Song Yushan had a Divine-grade item on her, it was hard to guarantee that she would not be coveted by some experts.

Therefore, for safety and unnecessary trouble, it was better to develop wretchedly.

“Is there something I dont know about”

Song Wei watched Zhou Han leave in confusion and turned to walk into the house.

“Brother, why are you here”

Song Yushan was already eating breakfast and said casually.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Shanshan, youre so charming.

You took down Zhou Han so quickly!”

Song Wei stuffed a small steamed bun into his mouth and praised.

“Brother, Im warning you.

Dont say this again, or dont blame me for falling out.”

“Ive completely fallen in love with Zhou Han now.

Hes my god.”

Song Yushan slapped her chopsticks on the table and said unhappily.

“Sigh! I knew this would happen.”

“He has a handsome appearance and powerful strength.

If I were a woman, I would like him!”

Song Wei shook his head speechlessly, his tone complicated.

“What do you think this is”

Song Yushan waved her hand, and the phantom of a phoenix slowly condensed, emitting a holy aura.

“This… why is the concentration of your bloodline so high” Song Wei was shocked.

“Its all thanks to Zhou Hans help that I transformed so much.”

“He also supported me in finding my enemies and avenging my parents!”

Song Yushan said with a smile, like a girl who had fallen in love.

It was extremely sweet.

“So, dont cause trouble for Zhou Han in the future!”

“I dont want him to be in a difficult position because of me.”

Song Yushan reminded him in advance.

“Dont worry! Shanshan, although Im sloppy, Im not an idiot!”

Song Wei nodded as the hope of revenge reignited in his heart.

On this side, Zhou Han had already entered the Ancient Sword Tomb with his sword.

“Have you heard The Fire Lord phantom was actually killed.”

“Wasnt that the day before yesterday You just found out”

“Thats right.

I just left the village today! I didnt expect such a powerhouse to appear.”

“Then let me tell you.

Theres going to be a good show today.

Does Dongfang Bufan know”

“Of course, I know.

Hes the chief disciple of the Proud Sword Sect.

He defeated everyone with the Proud Heaven Sword Technique.”

“He announced today that he wants to challenge the Wind Lord phantom!”

“Damn, he just killed a large number of Flying Generals not long ago.

Hes going to challenge the monarch rank this time”

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