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Chapter 1 – The fine kiss from the collarbone to the neck, and finally fell on the soft lips

Night shrouded the earth, but the city was still brightly lit.

The neon fell on the river with the wind, creating a layer of cold ripples, making the people standing on the shore shiver. Winter was such a season that people felt cold when they heard it, but the suites of the Riverside Hotel are full of ambiguous warmth.

The coats that were taken off just after entering the door were piled up in a mess on the ground, and Shi Ran took the absolute initiative to push Chen Ruoyu against the wall.

After drinking, her eyes were covered with a layer of mist, and she looked at the woman who came to the hotel with her without saying a word.

Despite not seeing each other for several years, Chen Ruoyu still looked like Shi Ran remembered.

The high-necked white sweater was tucked into the long brown suede skirt, and the waist that was envied by countless people in high school was still such a small grip.

The long hair that crossed the shoulders poured down like a waterfall, and under the black ink-like black was that face full of coldness and alienation, but now it was a little drunk because of drinking.

Shi Ran was a little drunk, and her eyes staggered past the other eyes that fell directly on Chen Ruoyu.

I have to admit that Chen Ruoyu had a pair of beautiful eyes.

Those dark pupils were like a pair of beautiful gems, exuding a cold and lonely light under the light, as clear and bright as if she was not drunk.

Shi Ran couldn’t tell the truth from the fake because she was drunk.

The alcohol left her mind only with the purpose of this trip, and the gaze that was watching Chen Ruoyu’s eyes moved down, over the bridge of her delicate and small nose, and stopped on the lips that were dyed the same lipstick color as her own.

-This was when they kissed at the door of the bar just now.

The door of the bar opened and closed, and the intermittent loud music made people’s awake brains even more confused.

The night wind in early winter slashed Shi Ran’s exposed thigh like a dull knife, but she only felt that Chen Ruoyu’s lips were soft, like the glutinous rice cake she had just eaten this morning.

It was delicious, and she wanted to eat it again.

Shi Ran thought as a warm breath slowly spitted out from Shi Ran’s lips.

The light from the entrance projected the two overlapping figures on one sidewall, and the air of the suite was filled with eagerness.

Shi Ran: “Chen Ruoyu.”

The tone was gentle but seductive, sweeping across Chen Ruoyu’s auricles, causing her nerves to go numb.

She looked at the pair of black and translucent fox eyes staring at herself with lust, and her chest heaved up and down and exhaled an unsteady breath: “Well.”

As if asking for the other party’s opinion again, and as if she had just informed her, Shi Ran easily pushed Chen Ruoyu’s leg away and reminded her: “If you open the bow, there will be no turning back.”


Another response, a confirmation.

Shi Ran’s brain made a simple conclusion, raised her hand, and sank her five fingers into Chen Ruoyu’s hair.

She seemed to be such a cold and emotionless person, but her hair was extraordinarily soft, and it also exuded a faint fragrance.

Although it was a scent, it was not too strong to make people feel frivolous.

Shi Ran frowned, as if she had remembered something.

After that, she showed no more tenderness and kissed Chen Ruoyu’s lips directly.

The chilling smell of alcohol rushed into Chen Ruoyu’s mouth, and her back was against the cold wall.

Chen Ruoyu’s nerves were amplified by these two shocks, and her expressionless face became a little more crimson.

The door to the bedroom was pushed open from the outside, as if it had also opened up the desire to hold back all the way.

Shi Ran’s knees pressed against the end of the bed, pressing down a fold.

She looked down at the person trapped in the soft bed and looked at the pair of cold eyes that became blurred because of her.

The fine kiss went from the collarbone to the neck and finally landed on the soft lips.

The night sky was like a net under the interweaving of neon lights, capturing and detaining all reason…

“What are you looking at Haven’t you seen a confession fail “

“This is a love letter.

Haven’t you seen it”

The girl’s irritable and frustrated voice resounded in Shi Ran’s mind, followed by the face of the man who never said a word.

Her long hair was loosely draped over a neat and slim white shirt, and her collar was meticulously tied.

The afternoon sun came in from the window behind her, and she could still see the hazy and beautiful figure under her shirt.

“Send it to you.”

As the frustrated voice sounded, the envelope with the red heart painted on it was casually thrown by the man’s table full of papers.

Shi Ran wanted to see the person’s reaction, but the sunlight in the classroom gradually became brighter until the picture was burnt out.


The warm sunlight projected into the enormous bedroom from the floor-to-ceiling windows on one side, and Shi Ran suddenly woke up from the dream.

The dull pain in her temples and the sourness in her body reminded her of her presumptuousness after drinking at the bar last night.

Shi Ran didn’t feel happy about what happened last night, but she didn’t regret it.

She slowly turned her sour body, and the person who was happy last night entered her line of sight.

Shi Ran couldn’t remember whether she had put on makeup when she met Chen Ruoyu at the bar last night.

Anyway, apart from the lipstick she rubbed on her lips last night, she didn’t see any makeup on her face.

The thick and slender eyelashes were laid flat under her eyes, and she must have thought that she had received false eyelashes.

But Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu had been like this since the first time she saw her when she transferred from high school.

Cold and arrogant, with good looks and resistance; it was the flower of the school’s reputation.

She was also notorious for not dealing with herself.

Shi Ran thought of this as she remembered the dream she had just now.

It had been a long time since she dreamed about the first confession to Song Yi, but this time differed from usual.

She did not dream of Song Yi rejecting her, but she dreamt of throwing it to Chen Ruoyu after being rejected.

Scene with a love letter

After throwing her a love letter

Shi Ran couldn’t remember.

She only remembered that since that incident, the relationship between herself and Chen Ruoyu that had had no intersection had become as bad as the rumors.

It was said that Chen Ruoyu’s ice cube face, which had remained unchanged for thousands of years, would become colder when she heard the word “Shi Ran”, which makes people retreat by three points.

Shi Ran curled the corner of her lower lip, and the expression Chen Ruoyu showed when she hooked her neck last night came to mind again.

It’s not like ice cubes.

Then Shi Ran glanced at the sheet that was thrown on the ground.

She changed her mind again as she expected ice cubes.

Last night was Shi Ran’s first time.

After an entire night of tossing, her body was exhausted, and her legs were shaking when she got off the bed.

She knew that this kind of thing was over.

She should have woken up and left, but when she saw that Chen Ruoyu, who was also the first time, was still sleeping on the soft bed, she suddenly felt unwilling.

Shi Ran had always done what she wanted and didn’t like the rules, so she simply lay back on the bed when she was not reconciled.

The big deal was that she realized that Chen Ruoyu was about to wake up later.

She lay down and pretended to be asleep, and just waited for her to leave.

Shi Ran found her mobile phone and checked whether she missed any important messages last night.

Yesterday, she was presumptuous, and the red dots piled up like a mountain.

But there was not one important thing, but many things that put me in a bad mood.

Song Yi: Are you not coming back here today Are you going to break up with me

Song Yi: I know that I also said that I agreed to break up, but these are all sleep-obsessed words and do not count.

Song Yi: I have never bowed my head to you.

Even if I said the wrong thing this time, I’m sorry.

Song Yi: Was the homework you promised to do for me not finished I will go with Teacher Chen tomorrow to collect the wind.

When I come back, the deadline will have been reached.

You can just put it on my desk after you finish it.

I still want to eat the little cake from West Street.

Remember to buy a piece for me.

Song Yi: It’s not good to stay up late.

I’ll go to bed first.

Song Yi: By the way, the signal in the place where Teacher Chen and I went to collect the wind was not good, so I won’t be in touch with you for a few days.

Shi Ran broke up with Song Yi three nights ago.

She didn’t know what happened to her that night.

After seeing Song Yi’s cell phone by her pillow light up, she turned it on unexpectedly.

The one who sent the message was none other than Liu Qu, a classmate of Song Yi’s same tutor.

Shi Ran had seen her when she was waiting for Song Yi.

She was tall and thin, with a bit of contempt for her arrogance.

The message sent was also the most common content: Last week, you helped me change the painting, and I will invite you to dinner tomorrow.

You can decide the location.

Is it normal

Shi Ran’s whole heart was gripped by an invisible hand, and the breath stuck in her throat, unable to fall.

She seemed to have caught the thread of something and slid the thread uncontrollably to start the chat record between Song Yi and Liu Qu.

That night was dark without a single star.

The dark clouds poured a heavy layer of depression on the small window in the bedroom.

Shi Ran stared at the screen as if she saw another, Song Yi.

Active, considerate, considerate, and never had a petty temper.

She would wait for Liu Qu downstairs in the classroom and did not forget to send a pitiful expression.

When Liu Qu went to the library to study, she would prepare a cup of her favorite milk tea for her.

And these are what she did to herself in the past when she lowered her “noble head.”

Song Yi was the person Shi Ran had liked since her third year of high school.

She chased her for five years and was rejected countless times.

Finally, when Song Yi took the postgraduate entrance examination during WWII, she received a positive result…

Is it a success

Shi Ran looked at Song Yi, who was sleeping peacefully on one side, and was shaken.

She didn’t know if the affair between Song Yi and Liu Qu was cheating, but she didn’t want to pursue it.

She suddenly seemed to have let go of all her strength and no longer dared to support this feeling.

The night was silent, and something was happening quietly in an unnoticed corner.

Mark the messages as unread and put them back on Song Yi’s pillow, take out the box, and pack her things.

Shi Ran was orderly, as if she was just packing things up for a business trip.

But she had lived in this house for too long, and there were too many things that belonged to her.

The tossing sound woke Song Yi, who was sleeping.

She looked at the figure in the room impatiently and shouted, “What are you doing It’s so noisy.

Shi Ran immediately stopped cleaning up the marker on the table when she heard the sound.

She looked at Song Yi, who had never gotten up on the bed, through the faint light that filtered through the curtains, and said with difficulty, “Song Yi, let’s break up.”

Some people feel colic in their hearts and their voices are hoarse, while others still lie in bed and don’t care.

“Break up… then let’s break up.”

“Don’t make me sleep.

Do you know your face will be swollen tomorrow if you don’t sleep well “

Speaking, Song Yi also turned over on the bed in dissatisfaction and continued to sleep.

Look, you are not as good as her face.

Shi Ran pulled the string in her heart and laughed twice, then stopped the bad memories abruptly and quit Song Yi’s messages.

They have lived together for two years, and there are still some things between them that are not clear, and friends cannot be deleted for the time being.

There were few messages about Song Yi, and the flood of messages came from Song Yi’s small group.

This was the group of Song Yi and her two little sisters.

After they were with Song Yi, Shi Ran asked Zhang Ran to pull her in because she was begging for bail.

Shi Ran looked at the group named Beautiful Girl Trio,” thinking that she and Song Yi had broken up, and that the group should be retired.

But just when she wanted to withdraw from the group, she saw a familiar word—”Chen Ruoyu.”

Shi Ran’s thought of the deity sleeping beside her clicked in because of her curiosity.

Zhang Ran: I heard that Chen Ruoyu is back.

Wang Jian Yin: Really Are you still willing to come back after going abroad for so many years Is it bad abroad

Song Yi: I’m afraid I can’t stay abroad any longer.

Zhang Ran: Hey, are you saying that because your Shi Ran had a bad relationship with her

Song Yi: Originally, it was so unpleasant for her father that she had to go abroad.

How about now

Wang Jian Yin: Hahahaha, I don’t know if her ice cube face is still so stinky.

Song Yi: It’s a bad day, of course.

It stinks.

Zhang Ran: Look at your little mouth.

Chen Ruoyu’s face couldn’t be more stinky when she heard it.

Shi Ran frowned slightly as she watched the conversation between Song Yi and them that had almost no time delay.

How many more lies to yourself

It’s just that this thought flashed through Shi Ran’s mind, and she focused more on the word “Chen Ruoyu.”

Are you having a bad time abroad

Shi Ran thought and couldn’t help looking at the woman sleeping beside him.

Chen Ruoyu was very thin, her collarbone raised her skin to reveal her entire outline, and a few red marks showed Shi Ran her masterpiece last night.

But she was thin but not morbid, and her cold white skin had a jade-like luster, as if it was covered with a layer of cold mist, exuding a sense of alienation that could not be reached.

Shi Ran felt that Chen Ruoyu’s state was not like a person who came back after she couldn’t survive abroad, but more like a person who returned to China with some extensive project for development.

Last night’s exhaustion made Shi Ran rest her arms back on the pillow.

She was admiring the sleeping Chen Ruoyu unscrupulously, as if she was admiring the characters created by modeling.

The fresh morning light fell on Chen Ruoyu’s face, and closing the eyes full of coldness made people feel a little gentler.

Shi Ran remembered she looked at Chen Ruoyu up close more than once last night, but she still didn’t get bored looking at it now.

The sun rose silently above the dome, and the vast room became brighter.

Shi Ran just looked at Chen Ruoyu, and all her warm breath fell on Chen Ruoyu’s nose and eyelashes unnoticed.

After an unknown amount of time, the pair of eyes that Shi Ran had watched countless times last night suddenly met her gaze.

Chen Ruoyu looked blankly at the woman who had been staring at her for a long time and asked in a crisp voice, “Have you seen enough”


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