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Chapter 10 – Is she also in her plan

The warm winter sunset in the office building at noon and an unknown secret were quietly happening in a quiet corner.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran, who was leaning over in such a leisurely manner.

Her eyes lifted slightly as Shi Ran approached.

Those dark pupils were written as cold as pool water, exuding a touch of oppression.

Shi Ran’s arm was placed on Chen Ruoyu’s side like domination, but there was no teasing in her eyes.

She had just been talking about it for a while, relying on her usual casual temperament.

Unexpectedly, it fell into the hands of this man.

Time was a little stagnant in this huge office.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu with difficulty, and the offset sunlight fell on Chen Ruoyu through the glass.

The unknown surname Qingxiang surrounded Shi Ran’s contradictory heart with a bit of aloofness, making her sway.

Chen Ruoyu remained silent.

Her tightly pursed lips still glowed with starlight.

She just sat upright like this, with her thin back and straight, like a goddess sitting upright in the temple.

She was aloof and noble, which made people want to commit crimes.

The shadow on the wall seemed to break free from the shackles of time and adjust to the other shadow.

The sunlight became much more dazzling, but a familiar and unfamiliar female voice suddenly came from the door at this moment.

“Ayu, I…”

Zhou Yuan, who had never arrived, just appeared at the door of the office, carrying three cups of coffee bought from the coffee shop downstairs.

Shi Ran’s heart was shocked, and she immediately sat up straight, pretending to be okay.

The vast office became even quieter than before.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Zhou Yuan, who was standing at the door with a blank expression.

There was half a sentence stuck in Zhou Yuan’s throat, neither entering nor exiting.

Only Shi Ran frantically brainstormed and said to Chen Ruoyu, as if nothing had happened: “Ah… I read it wrong.

There is nothing stuck on your face.

Zhou Yuan, who was standing at the door, also followed Shi Ran’s words, walked in, and said, “Ayu is reading documents while eating again, right”

Chen Ruoyu gave Zhou Yuan a dull “um” with gloomy eyes.

The three of them acted together like this, and they didn’t know who was lying to end this embarrassing situation.

“I thought I was going to have an interview later, so I went downstairs to buy coffee, but I didn’t expect you to come back earlier than me.” Zhou Yuan put a cup of coffee in front of Shi Ran.

“because I didn’t know about you.

What drink do you like to drink I ordered you an iced Americano.

“Thank you.” Shi Ran politely took the coffee from Zhou Yuan, thinking that the treatment was not like an interview at all.

Zhou Yuan nodded slightly, handed another cup of coffee to Chen Ruoyu, then sat on the single sofa beside her, and announced in a soft tone, “Then let’s start now.”

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded and straightened her body slightly.

“I saw the resume you sent to A… studio yesterday.

The style of painting is clean and beautiful, and the character design is very mature.

Both Ayu and I think it fits the style of our game.” Zhou Yuan watched the portfolio submitted by Shi Ran and said: “I also inspected your performance in the crisis experiment in the past few years, and the results are very good.

In particular, the commemorative skin for the seventh anniversary this year has the best reputation in the crisis experiment in the past two years, and the monthly flow is higher than last year’s anniversary.

It’s really hard to come up with four points.

Shi Ran heard Zhou Yuan’s compliment, pursed her lower lip slightly, and said, “That skin was the task I received when I first joined the job, and the character I designed was also the original intention of playing the crisis experiment, and Teacher Qin also gave it to me.

There are a lot of opinions, such as this lock.

I thought about it a lot at first, but Teacher Xu gave me a click.

Zhou Yuan looked at the place Shi Ran had tapped on the tablet, and nodded in approval.

“This lock is indeed the finishing touch.

It is very interesting to read about the characters and stories.

Many people like it, right “

“Yes!” Shi Ran nodded with pride in her eyes.

The finger on the tablet slid across the screen, and Shi Ran was less cautious when she started the interview.

In this way, she moved her body closer to Zhou Yuan and shared her original idea when she designed the skin.

The calm and solemn office just now became lively.

Shi Ran’s voice was cadenced, perverse, and confident.

Chen Ruoyu calmly picked up the coffee at hand, took a sip, and there was always Shi Ran in her slightly lowered eyes.

The dusty memories floated restlessly in Chen Ruoyu’s mind, and the person sitting under the light gradually turned into the girl sitting on the top table and chairs at the back of the classroom.

The glass of the back window of the classroom reflected the warm winter sun outside the building, and the girl held a paintbrush dipped in oil paint in her hands, and her eyes were always focused.

The high ponytail on top of her head swept across her back, her movements more dazzling than the board newspaper in front of her.

Zhou Yuan watched the exchange of writing and drawing on the board with satisfaction and said, “Good birds choose wood to live in.

I look forward to your coming to our Final.

“Me too.” Shi Ran nodded, her slightly raised eyebrows smiling.

She looked at the “Final” reflected on the glass door as if she had found the feeling that she had just come to the crisis experiment.

“Well, I have no problem.” Zhou Yuan said, looking at Chen Ruoyu, “Where’s Ayu”

Chen Ruoyu put down the coffee in her hand when she heard the sound, calmly recovered, and asked, “What’s your salary requirement”

“About 10,000.” Shi Ran thought for a moment, “I am on the crisis side.”

Chen Ruoyu nodded, “Yes.”

After a pause, she added: “You belonged to the original employee in Final.

After the game is released, the dividends you will receive later will be more than in the crisis.”

Shi Ran had long been envious of the monthly dividends of A Jiu, a crisis experiment teacher.

Hearing Chen Ruoyu say this, she didn’t hold back for a while and smiled.

Zhou Yuan also smiled and said to Shi Ran: “Then I will go to the personnel department to transfer you from the crisis in the afternoon.

Because it is an internal personnel transfer, the procedures are also fast.

So when you go back, you must start the handover work.

Now, after the handover is over, you can come here.

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded cheerfully and was a little worried in her heart.

Now that the transfer had been settled, she would have to go back to Sun Nian to talk about it later.

This woman knew she was leaving, but she didn’t know what to say or do.

Zhou Yuan seemed to have seen through Shi Ran’s mind and added: “Don’t worry about Sun Nian’s decision to let her go.

Ayu has already negotiated with Sun Lian.

If she has any objection, she can go to the Sun directly.


Shi Ran caught the key in Zhou Yuan’s words and turned slightly to look at Chen Ruoyu, who had been sitting beside her.

The last ray of warm light fell on her side at noon, and the tightly pursed lips wrote coldly.

She lowered her eyelashes just like that, and her thin figure was set off by the dark coffee-colored sofa, giving her a sense of loneliness but calmness, making people feel as if everything was in her hands.

So was she also in her plan

Such a thought suddenly popped into Shi Ran’s mind, but before she could figure it out, Zhou Yuan’s voice rang in her ear: “Okay, it’s getting late, take the coffee back and drink it.”

Shi Ran’s thoughts were interrupted, and she did not continue to think further.

She nodded slightly to the two of them, picked up the coffee on the table, pushed the door, and left the office.

The office, which was still warm just now, cooled down.

Zhou Yuan looked at Shi Ran’s figure on the frosted glass that was gradually walking away and said to Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting beside her: “How do I feel You are here to pave the way.

After setting the bait, setting up the trap, and taking out the danger, just waiting for this little fox to fall into it.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer and took a sip of coffee in disapproval.

Zhou Yuan smiled whenshesaw this and said, “You’re still angry that I ruined your good deeds”

Chen Ruoyu still didn’t answer, but looked at Zhou Yuan, who was sitting on the sofa beside her and hadn’t left for a long time, and asked, “Do you have nothing to do”

Of course, Zhou Yuan still had something to look for in Chen Ruoyu.

She called up another resume on the tablet and said, “Of course there is.

I looked at the resume today.

There was another person in the crisis experiment who submitted the original character painting, which I think is good.”

Chen Ruoyu glanced at the name displayed on Zhou Yuan’s tablet, and said in a light voice, “You can do it.”

Zhou Yuan rolled her eyes whensheheard the words and added a bit of joking laughter to her soft tone: “I don’t need to show you I don’t need to bring them to your office for you to interview them in person.

When the words fell, Chen Ruoyu took her coffee and sat back at her desk, paying no attention.

Zhou Yuan looked at it and added a lot of sighs in her familiar tone.

“Ayu, I admire you.

You are thousands of miles away, and you are still at home.”

It’s just that Zhou Yuan stopped abruptly before she finished speaking.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were looking at her silently.

Even though there were still a pair of gold-framed eyes in front of her, it was hard to hide the person’s sense of oppression.

The room suddenly became quiet, and the clock hanging on the wall reminded people of the passing time.

After a long while, Chen Ruoyu remembered: “The personnel department is about to go to work.”

The voice sounded softer than the eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s heart dropped whensheheard the words, andshesaid to Chen Ruoyu in a soft tone, “I understand.

Don’t worry.”

The group transfer was much easier than expected.

Shi Ran stiffened her stomach from eating in Chen Ruoyu’s office and went to the bathroom first to loosen the belt on her waistband.

There are no people in the bathroom.

Shi Ran took off her suit jacket calmly and deftly, and loosened her belt in front of the mirror.

The soft, warm yellow light illuminates the quiet bathroom, and the incense in the corner spreads out leisurely.

Shi Ran tied a bow to her belt with her backhand, looked at her delicate makeup look in the mirror, and pursed her lower lip mysteriously.

“Eating people is soft-mouthed.”

Chen Ruoyu’s words rang in Shi Ran’s ears inexplicably, and the ambiguity before Zhou Yuan came in echoed in her mind.

Would she have kissed if Zhou Yuan hadn’t come in

Shi Ran looked at herself in the mirror, raised her finger, and pressed it to her lips.

She knew that the events of that night should be forgotten, but the things that should be let go were always lingering, like eating the marrow to know the taste, indulging in the body that had only been touched once.


Suddenly, the sound of pumping water echoed in this quiet space, interrupting Shi Ran’s thoughts.

Shi Ran retracted her hand and accelerated the tying of the belt.

But she didn’t want to.

Before she could fasten the straps, the door of the innermost compartment in the mirror was pushed open from the outside, and a figure that Shi Ran was very familiar with walked out from behind her.

Sun Nian looked at the coffee Shi Ran put on the sink, and said to her with a vague smile, “Yo, we haven’t changed the group yet, so why don’t we drink the coffee over there”


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