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Chapter 11 – Just looking at her

Shi Ran didn’t expect to meet Sun Nian here, and most of her good mood was ruined.

She looked at Sun Nian’s acerbic look like this, and her voice was much duller than usual: “You are wrong.”

Sun Nian snickered.

He was extraordinarily condescending.

“Don’t think I didn’t see Zhou Yuan go downstairs to buy coffee and do something dishonorable and be found out, so don’t be so secretive.”

When Shi Ran heard the words, she picked up the coffee on the sink and corrected: “There’s nothing to hide.

I mean, I’ve transferred to Final.

Sun Nian’s smug expression paused.

“What You didn’t get my consent.

How could you transfer to the group without my permission”

Shi Ran was not intimidated by the tone of Sun Nian’s voice.

She had a straight waist and looked at Sun Nian: “This is not something you should ask me, ask Director Sun.

He and Director Chen agreed early in the morning.

Don’t worry, I will finish what I have at hand as soon as possible.

work and communicate well with colleagues.

Shi Ran’s attitude was neither salty nor light, and her voice was calm, as if she was informing Sun Nian.

Sun Nian could endure this.

Even though Shi Ran pressed Sun Lian on the head, he still stumbled upon her: “Then you will be responsible for the snake girl’s skin this time.”

Shi Ran frowned.

“This is not the job you were assigned at the beginning.”

Sun Nian smiled when he heard the words, “But it was the order I was going to give this morning.”

As she spoke, she put on an exaggerated and aloof look and said to Shi Ran, “I forgot to tell you this morning that Xiaoning’s design is not as good as yours.

Since the other side has already confirmed you, I think a snake girl’s skin won’t cost you much, right”

The mirror reflected the light in the bathroom.

Shi Ran stood in front of the mirror, half of her face turned against the light, so she couldn’t see her expression.

Not long after Sun Nian’s words fell, Shi Ran replied with some certainty: “Indeed.”

Seeing Shi Ran’s attitude, Sun Nian raised the corners of his lips with satisfaction.

“That’s good.”

It’s just that her satisfaction didn’t last long.

Shi Ran raised her eyes and looked at him firmly, “But I won’t take it.”

“I’ll only do what I’m supposed to do, and I’ll hand over the skin thing back to Xiaoning.”

Shi Ran had never been a submissive person, and she would not make compromises to get rid of this disgusting leader quickly.

What she wanted was a fresh start, but that didn’t mean she had to pay an unnecessary price to leave.

When Sun Nian heard Shi Ran’s attitude, the pride on his face turned into anger: “Shi Ran, don’t think that you can ignore me after you talk to Final.

You are still my subordinate now.

If you don’t obey my arrangement, I can fire you before the personnel department orders you to.

Shi Ran couldn’t help laughing when she heard Sun Nian say such words.

The lights in the bathroom fell between the two, as if dividing two worlds.

The falling black hair and the bright red lips formed a strong contrast under the light, which made her face difficult to mess up and even more interesting.

Shi Ran just leaned against the wall on one side and folded her arms: “Then you’d better hurry.

Sister Zhou Yuan will go to the personnel department in the afternoon.”

Sun Nian looked at Shi Ran’s reaction, and even though he was still arrogant, he felt a little tremble in his heart.

But she always wanted a face, and she was reminded not to show weakness: “Don’t think that you will be fine with Zhou Yuan’s backing.

My brother is the president in charge of the entire Chenxi, and it’s easy for me to fire you.

When the words fell, Shi Ran’s face became even more cheerful, looking at Sun Nian with a bit of contempt and ridicule: “I don’t know what to say to you.

What kind of good student do you think I am Do you feel scared when you hear the word dismissal”

“Anyway, he’s a management person.

Don’t you even know about labor laws “

“Okay, you can fire me now.

The company not only has to pay me this month’s salary but also compensate me for a month’s salary for not giving me a month’s notice.

Then I take two salaries and turn around and go.

We’re next door.

We’ll see you then.

Shi Ran’s words were reasonable, and with two strikes and three sticks, Sun Nian took off all the weapons in his hand and even broke down her bossy aura.

Sun Nian’s angry, round eyes seemed to stare out at her, but there was nothing she could do about Shi Ran, who was leaning against the wall leisurely.

Sun Nian had always used power to control people, but he didn’t want to be defeated by Shi Ran again and again today, and he couldn’t pick up his face when he fell to the ground.

The small temple can’t hold your big Buddha, so you can go to Final.

“A project that has not yet been released.

I don’t know if it will be aborted in the middle.

We will meet in the mountains and rivers.

We will see.

Sun Nian raised his foot over Shi Ran and prepared to escape, but he didn’t want Shi Ran to stop him from behind: “Sun Nian.”

Sun Nian suddenly stopped when she heard the sound, and with her fantasies, she looked back at Shi Ran proudly: “Why are you afraid”

“I’ll give you one last piece of advice.” Shi Ran looked blankly at Sun Nian, who was standing beside her, and stood with her even more condescending, “You’d better follow the crisis experiment that Teacher Qin set at the beginning.

If you continue to follow your style and go your own way, the crisis will happen eventually.”

Sun Nian didn’t expect Shi Ran to mention this.

Last time, because of this incident, she fell in front of Chen Ruoyu and the others.

Even though she knew what Shi Ran said was reasonable, she refused to accept it softly and was full of hostility: “That’s my business.

I don’t need you to take care of it.”

Shi Ran had long expected that Sun Nian would react to her words, and her expression did not change at all: “I’m not controlling you, I’m warning you.

If you want to hold this bowl of rice, you can’t use your broken bowl.

After all, Shi Ran didn’t wait for Sun Nian’s response; she picked up the coffee and suit jacket by the sink, shook her head, and left.

The sound of high heels hitting the floor echoed in the inaccessible corridor at noon.

Shi Ran’s figure swayed in the interweaving of light and sunlight, and the crimson lips were raised, evoking a strong amorous feeling.

Shi Ran felt it was so cool to be mad at Sun Nian just now, and she finally vented all the anger she had accumulated against Sun Nian in the past six months.

It’s also strange to say.

He only got the privilege of Chen Ruoyu, but she seems to have substantial support.

Chen Ruoyu…

The lunch break passed quickly.

Shi Ran went to the rooftop to smoke a cigarette before returning to the art group.

She just didn’t expect to see Xiao Ba holding the phone with great interest as soon as she returned to her workstation, and the corner of her mouth was slow to put down.

“What’s wrong, so happy Won the lottery” Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba’s chubby face and habitually squeezed it.

“No way.

It’s Sun Shiren’s sister, who is having bad luck.

” Xiao Ba happily shared the fun in the group with Shi Ran, “When Aning went to the tearoom to make coffee, the helmet of Sun Shiren’s sister in it.

I can see her fighting with the coffee machine from a distance.

Either the capsule is not good or the grinder is not good.

In the end, she didn’t pay attention.

She stepped on the ice cube that fell on the ground, almost fell on dog poop, and ate **, haha.

A Jiu slid on her seat, came over, and gloated: “I saw her walking into the pantry, pulling her face as if she was getting angry at someone.

As a result, our coffee machine wouldn’t let go.

Her temper has given her the ‘icing on the cake’.

“I don’t know who she was trained by.

Could it be that Sun Shiren was finally willing to attack her unlucky sister Or is it the new leader”

Xiao Ba guessed, but Shi Ran calmly stretched out her fingers and nodded her nose.

Her face was full of surprise and joy as if she realized something and grabbed Shi Ran’s hand and hurriedly asked, “Did you pass the interview That’s why when you were playing against Sun Shiren’s sister, he was crazy.

Shi Ran no longer restrained the corners of her mouth that she wanted to raise, nodded to the two in front of her, and whispered, “I’ll go to the personnel department this afternoon to go through the formalities.

After handing it over to you, I’ll be leaving.

Xiao Ba frowned when she heard the words, and her fleshy little face was full of reluctance: “Wuwuwu, what should I do I’m so reluctant.

My beautiful girl is gone, and I will draw pictures of people in the future.

What! “

“Then you slapped her.

Aren’t you afraid that she will let her brother go through your transfer procedures” A Jiu asked worriedly.

“It’s okay, Chen Ruoyu greeted Sun Shiren early,” Shi Ran replied.

When Ah Jiu heard it, she couldn’t help but let out a “wow” and sighed, “Shi Ran, you said how lucky you are.

You saved a lot of trouble by hiding under this umbrella.

She did not mean that.

Shi Ran couldn’t help but pause when she heard Ah Jiu say this.


She didn’t know if it was because of the special meaning that this word once had, but now that she hears this word again, she always feels that even the semantics have become different.

Shi Ran was a little lost in thought, but when she came back to her senses, it was Xiao Ba holding the doll in her arms, and she said to A Jiu, with envy in her eyes, “Is this just incompatible Is this because I didn’t deal with it at all in high school Ah Jiu, I also want high school classmates like this.

“Then look through your classmates’ records to see which of your high school classmates are incompatible with each other.” A Jiu proposed.

Xiao Ba couldn’t hear the joke in A Jiu’s words, so she picked up the phone and said, “That’s right! I’ll look it up.

A Jiu saw that Xiao Ba was in high spirits but didn’t have the heart to break it, so she slid the chair back to her workstation.

The work area was so quiet that Shi Ran stared at preparing to hand over the work on the table in a daze.

She wanted to find out who said the first sentence, “She doesn’t deal with Chen Ruoyu.”

As night fell, the office buildings in the software park were still brightly lit.

Two hours after getting off work, Shi Ran, who had just gotten off work, pushed the door and walked into the convenience store alone, wrapped in her coat.

She wanted to finish the work handover quickly, so she worked overtime on her initiative.

Even though it was already late at night, there was still a lot of food in the convenience store, and the variety was dazzling.

Shi Ran chose tonkotsu ramen and a chicken leg bento.

The noodles were semi-finished.

Shi Ran went to the console next to her to skillfully cook the noodles, and by the way, put the bento in the microwave to add it.

The white air rose in the convenience store, which was cool in winter, made people feel warm just by seeing it.

Shi Ran took her bowl and sat on the bar by the window.

The powerful aroma of bone broth made her even more hungry.

At night, the surroundings of the office building became silent, and the convenience store played Korean group songs that could liven up the atmosphere.

Shi Ran snapped open the chopsticks neatly and couldn’t wait to pick up a mouthful of noodles.

The soup was wrapped in strong noodles, with refreshing side dishes, full of satisfaction.

Just as Shi Ran was indulging in delicious food, there was a sound of two taps on the glass above her head: “Dangdang.”

There was no one else at the bar of the convenience store except Shi Ran.

Shi Ran naturally knew that he was calling her, but she didn’t know who among the people she knew would stay in the company.

Shi Ran raised her head a little dazed but saw Zhou Yuan smiling and looking at her gently across the glass.

Chen Ruoyu was standing beside her.

She was also wearing the small white suit she had seen in the office at noon, but a dark brown coat that looked a little heavy, which made her look extra capable.

It seemed to be windy outside.

Shi Ran noticed that Chen Ruoyu’s long hair was floating slightly behind her ears, and she was looking at her with her hands in her pockets.

The eyes were clear; the eyes were hard to distinguish.

She didn’t know if she was looking at the bowl of noodles in her hand or at her.


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