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Chapter 14 – Want to take her home

The original painting group’s meeting place was selected at a Korean barbecue restaurant on a commercial street not far away, and it was only a fifteen-minute drive away.

Probably already had the foresight to drink.

Everyone took a taxi, and the two taxis were just right.

Chen Ruoyu arrived late and sat in a car with Zhou Yuan and Xiao Ba.

Sitting as the co-pilot, Xiao Ba saw Chen Ruoyu enter the back row, and the smiling face that had been chatting happily with Zhou Yuan immediately tensed up.

She was obedient and obedient along the way, and got out of the car and took Shi Ran’s arm directly up the stairs.

It was just so close that Xiao Ba seemed to hear the buzzing sound of the noisy environment.

She looked around suspiciously and finally settled on Shi Ran’s pocket.

“Your phone is ringing”

Shi Ran walked forward calmly and simply said to Xiao Ba, “Message.”

“Don’t look at it” Xiao Ba was even more puzzled.

Then, as if she suddenly reacted to something, she stopped immediately, and her voice doubled: “She came to you!!”

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba’s startled expression, motioned her to be quiet, and then nodded to her.

Xiao Ba was speechless: “Didn’t you guys already break up It’s been half a month since she came to you How did she finally find out that she regarded her intestines as a brain”

Shi Ran couldn’t help but gently twist her cheek when she heard Xiao Ba’s words, “That mouth of yours.”

Xiao Ba paid no attention to Shi Ran’s hand, and asked eagerly: “Aran, what do you think Do you want to get back to her Don’t you, let me tell you, beautiful women can’t be licking dogs “

Seeing Xiao Ba’s nervous look, Shi Ran pursed her lips, and said with a clear head: “What are you thinking If she gives me a sweet date, I have to continue, and if she slaps me in the face, I have to suffer.

No such thing.

After listening to it, Xiao Ba relaxed and said with a smile, “That’s right.

Just think about it.

Then she thought of something, and hurriedly said: “That’s all.

Why don’t you block her can’t do it Come on, I’ll help you.

Xiao Ba had always been quick to talk, and as she spoke, she rolled up her sleeves and put her hand into Shi Ran’s pocket.

But a sudden light cough came from behind the two of them.


When Zhou Yuan and Chen Ruoyu took the elevator to the second floor, they saw these two people entangled here.

The lights in the barbecue shop were a little dim.

Zhou Yuan still had a gentle smile on her brows while standing under the light, but Chen Ruoyu’s face looked colder than usual.

Xiao Ba’s heart suddenly tightened, and the movement of continuing to stretch into Shi Ran’s pocket suddenly stopped, and she turned to hold Shi Ran’s arm.

She didn’t know if it was her delusion.

She seemed to see a bit of hostility towards herself in Chen Ruoyu’s eyes.

“What are you talking about outside Why don’t you go in” Zhou Yuan asked, her gentle voice softening the somewhat delicate atmosphere in the room of four.

“Nothing to talk about.” Shi Ran replied, “That’s it.”

“Let’s go together then.” Zhou Yuan was invited, but Shi Ran did not refuse.

By the time the four people entered the suite, the seats on one side of the long table were already full.

Xiao Ba was so afraid of Chen Ruoyu that Shi Ran was forced to sit next to Chen Ruoyu, separating the two of them.

“What about you” Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba and couldn’t help but tease in a low voice.

Xiao Ba was wrong: “I don’t know what’s going on.

The moment I looked at the big leader just now, it was no exaggeration.

My hair is standing up.

“Let’s not talk about her first.

What are you going to do with that person Don’t block it ” Xiao Ba stated once more.

“I’ll block this and she’ll call me.

I’ll block her and she’ll call me on someone else’s phone.


Do you think I’m hanging on to her like this, or making her jump over the wall” Shi Ran knew Song Yi’s temperament well.

She tried everything, but when her strength failed, she gave up.

“I think it’s haunted right now.” Shi Ran put on an air of indifference, smiled at Xiao Ba, and then stretched out her hand to hold the teapot between her and Chen Ruoyu.

The heat from the oven was slowly heating the room, and Shi Ran blindly reached for the handle of the teapot but did not want to touch a finger.

The familiar cool feeling fell on Shi Ran’s fingertips, but it was like holding hot milk that day, and Shiran’s fingers were fiery and paralyzed.

Shi Ran didn’t touch the teapot wrongly, but by accident, Chen Ruoyu had to pour tea and drink water.

Chen Ruoyu looked blankly at the person who touched her finger and said, “Haunted”

Shi Ran was stunned for a moment and then realized that Chen Ruoyu was repeating what she had just said to Xiao Ba, and probably guessed that she had heard what she had said to Xiao Ba, so she nodded her head unabashedly and said, “That’s right.

A qualified ex should be like a dead man.

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, her eyes calmed down.

She pressed Shi Ran’s teapot against her hand and said, “It’s easy to get drunk after drinking tea.”

Shi Ran couldn’t help turning her body around when she heard the words, half leaning on the table and smilingly saying, “So considerate”

This person was wearing a loose-fitting white sweater today, and the movement of leaning towards the table made the curved snow-white collarbone appear in Chen Ruoyu’s sight.

The long black curly hair cooperated with the lights falling from the top of the head, and every subtle movement was written in thousands of styles, beautiful but not delicate, gorgeous but not gorgeous.

Chen Ruoyu watched, calmly lowered her eyelashes, and silently poured herself a cup of tea.

The chatter of their surrounding colleagues made the two of them even quieter.

Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu had chosen not to answer herself again, and stubbornly wanted to reach out and tease her again, but saw Zhou Yuan standing next to Chen Ruoyu.

stand up.

As the direct leader of the original painting group, she naturally had to say a few words before the dinner: “Today, our original painting team finally arrived, and everyone should not be too restrained for today’s dinner.

We will all be family in the future.”

The big bear sitting on the opposite side was a meeting person, holding a glass of wine and saying: “Yes, yes, in the future I can’t design anything and I hope Aran and Xiao Ba will give more advice! I heard that the two of you are in a crisis.

The experiments are all great guys.

Shi Ran was not a person who could speak politely.

She raised her wine glass, pursed her lips, smiled, and replied, “Of course.”

When the words fell, Shi Ran clinked glasses with the big bear.

The white neck was raised under the light, and a glass of wine was downed, crisp and refreshing.

A few people were slightly surprised when they sat across from each other.

The illusion of “this person is difficult to contact” that stayed in the morning was shattered, and they became talkative, and the air was filled with a beautiful and happy atmosphere of harmony.

Chen Ruoyu watched Shi Ran integrate into her new team quickly and took a sip of tea while sitting alone.

She didn’t really like this kind of oil-soaked stuff, but when she saw Shi Ran beside her, she didn’t feel how unbearable the smell was.

Chen Ruoyu thought so and skillfully reached out for the coat that she put on one side.

Even after getting off work, she had the habit of checking her mobile phone messages regularly.

But this time, when Chen Ruoyu turned on her phone, she was greeted with something more disappointing than dealing with work.

Song Yi: “A Yu, I heard from Shi Ran that you are out for dinner, right”

Song Yi: “A Yu, I can’t reach Shi Ran.

Can you let her look at her phone”

Song Yi: “A Yu, where are you I’ll find you at the place where you have dinner.

Song Yi failed to find Shi Ran and turned to Chen Ruoyu instead.

Seeing “A Yu” being repeated on the screen, Chen Ruoyu frowned.

She looked at Shi Ran, who was joking and chatting with her friends in the light corner.

A selfish and secret idea took root in her heart and quickly and madly occupied her heart.

No way…

Why should she cooperate with what she wanted She was just a child…


At that moment, a call sounded from the opposite side of Chen Ruoyu, pulling her out of the emotions that were about to swallow her up.

Just now, the big bears talked about their beautiful thoughts about the internal test of the game and said to Chen Ruoyu jokingly, “Boss, if our cards do well, do you want to give us some rewards”

Several pairs of expectant eyes fell on Chen Ruoyu, and Song Yi’s unanswered message was still hanging.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to deal with Song Yi and immediately cleared the screen.

She put the phone back in her coat pocket as if nothing had happened, took the wine bottle and poured herself a glass of wine, “um,” under the expectations of the big bear and the others, and then drank the wine in her hand like a promise.

Or just willful grief.

“Boss is good at drinking!”

“I haven’t seen the boss drinking for a long time!”

“Boss, today we have to talk about what we have to say.”

Xiao Ba drank the wine and became more courageous.

Hearing the names of the big bears and the others to Chen Ruoyu, she asked Nina next to her curiously, “Why do you all call Director Chen’s’ boss’”

“Because the eldest is a first-class painter, and Sister  Zhou Yuan is also a partner in starting a business together, she has the best relationship with our art team.

That’s what everyone called it when they were in France, and you’re right.

” Nina explained.

“So that’s the case.” Xiao Ba smiled hehe, with excitement in her tone, “Aran, your high school classmate, turned out to be our big backer!”

“Look how happy you are.” Shi Ran smiled, had another cup with Xiao Ba, and looked uncontrollably at Chen Ruoyu beside her.

The “your” in Xiao Ba’s mouth was like an invisible rope tying the two together.

As if the person belonged to her.

The pork belly in the oven dwindled to Tim.

Shi Ran chatted with everyone and did not forget to fill her side with meat supplies.

She ate more and drank more slowly, and the wine was not as fast as the others.

Unconsciously, everyone at the table was about to be drunk.

She was still sitting in the oven and slowly wrapping pork belly lettuce for herself.

“Don’t stop me! I can still drink with Nini!” Xiao Ba was already drunk, and she was lying on the table with a glass in her hand.

And Nina, whom she loved to call “Nini”, was even drunker than she was and muttered in French: “Yes… Personne ne nous empêche!”

Shi Ran watched slowly and took out her phone, smiling while recording a video for the two of them.

They would regret it when they woke up.

Seeing that these two were about to bow, Shi Ran’s shoulders slumped, and there was a unique fragrance in the wine-smelling space, like the only point of cleanliness in the turbidity.

Shi Ran turned her head in surprise and saw that Chen Ruoyu had fallen on her shoulders unexpectedly.

The long black hair was rubbed under her face with no pity, and the cold white skin had a faint pink tone, beautiful and unsuspecting.

This was the relationship between eating marrow and knowing taste.

Shi Ran rolled her throat uncontrollably as she looked at it.

It was just her sober reason that restrained her and made her look at her position while protecting Chen Ruoyu’s shaky body.

The teacup on Chen Ruoyu’s table was replaced by a wine glass at some point, and the bottle of wine in her hand was now all empty.

She advised herself not to drink tea, but she drank after drinking tea and drank so much.

Shi Ran was inexplicably angry and wanted to teach Chen Ruoyu a lesson, but the words of education got stuck as soon as they reached her lips.

The white wall reflected the light of the room and fell on Chen Ruoyu’s face, and the drunken crimson diluted the original coldness on her body.

The messy broken hair crossed the trembling eyelashes, and the shallow breathing fell evenly and regularly on her neck, damp and hot.

As if the pause button was pressed, Chen Ruoyu quietly rested on her shoulders.

Very nice.

Shi Ran was still willing to reprimand, and the anger in her heart drifted away for no reason.

People kept coming in and out of the room.

Shi Ran just guarded Chen Ruoyu like this, and she didn’t take her eyes off her for a long time.

“Want to take her home” Zhou Yuan’s voice suddenly fell from above Shi Ran’s head.

Shi Ran couldn’t see her expression because of the upside-down lights, so she assumed she was smiling to herself when she heard the sound.


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