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Chapter 18 – Otherwise, I’ll find a few gold-master sponsors.

The rain washes the world anew, and the fragrance had no smell, was cold and pure.

Shi Ran raised her eyes abruptly, just in time to meet Chen Ruoyu’s gaze.

“You gave someone else your umbrella.

Have you thought about what to do with yourself ” Chen Ruoyu asked with a blank face.

Shi Ran couldn’t understand whether Chen Ruoyu’s words were educating herself, or just a simple question, so she simply rolled her eyes and replied with a smile, “Isn’t there still you”

People were entering and leaving the convenience store, and the warm wind blew across Chen Ruoyu’s face through the drizzle.

The supple forehead floated slightly, and there seemed to be ripples in her calm eyes.

“Go home” Chen Ruoyu asked.

Shi Ran nodded.

“Get in the car.” Chen Ruoyu said and pressed the key in her hand.

The bright yellow headlights flickered twice in the rain and fog, and the black Maybach that Shi Ran once rode on stopped quietly on the side of the road.

It was only a few steps from the convenience store to the car, and Shi Ran didn’t get half a minute in the car.

Shi Ran fastened her seat belt, but when she looked up, she saw that the shoulders of Chen Ruoyu, who had just sat in, were a degree deep, and a few small water droplets were hanging from the edge of the wool cloth.

Only then did Shi Ran realize that Chen Ruoyu’s umbrella was not that big.

Since she was well protected under the umbrella all the way, it must be someone else who made the sacrifice.

The hot air from the air conditioner made Shi Ran’s clenched palms warm and humid, and the disappointment she had just felt under the eaves was slowly dissipating.

The rain that kept washing the glass blurred the scenery outside the window.

Shi Ran remembered something and said to Chen Ruoyu, “By the way, I found my bracelet.”

“Where” Chen Ruoyu asked calmly.

“It was taken by Song Yi.

She asked me to attend her birthday party on the weekend before returning it to me.

” Shi Ran said.

“You can call the police.” As Chen Ruoyu spoke, she saw Shi Ran in the light’s corner, smiling.

But that laugh was not a surprise that she figured out at first, but more like a lot of helpless self-mockery.

“That’s her scheming.

She didn’t admit that she stole the bracelet during the entire conversation with me.

When I called the police, she would say that she picked it up, cleaned up the house, or even sentenced it to death.

Can’t judge her.

The rain outside the window cast a blurry shadow on the entire world, and Shi Ran’s eyes filled with disappointment and disgust again: “I don’t know if it’s my wishful thinking or if she concealed it all these years.

Great, I didn’t even see that she was such a person.”

Chen Ruoyu looked at the person beside her who was in gloom because of that incident and felt a lot more distressed in her heart.

The hand holding the steering wheel shivered, like a silent tug-of-war between reason and sensibility.

But before she could reach out her hand, Shi Ran’s voice came from her ear again: “Didn’t she say she wanted me to celebrate her birthday I’ll just go.

Shi Ran looked at the rainy scene outside the window and squinted slightly.

The pure black pupils were turbulent as if heavy rain was brewing.

“She wants to hold a solo exhibition and invite so many people.

I don’t know her, I can’t stand my face.”

Chen Ruoyu seemed to know something and commented bluntly, “You can’t hold it up with eloquent words and eloquence.”

Shi Ran didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to take her words but felt as if she had found a comrade-in-arms who stood in the same front as her.

She had always been used to fighting alone, so when she suddenly heard that someone matched her, she couldn’t help but feel a little more confident in her heart.

It was strange to say that.

There was only one more person around, but it seemed to have tremendous support.

The fighting spirit was high as if it must be done.

It’s just that people with a high fighting spirit still have to bend over in front of money.

Shi Ran looked at the little money left in her mobile banking and calculated, “Then tell me, what should I wear Those Chinese-style dresses must not be cheap.

Why don’t you rent for one, or seven days without reason “

She could afford the nearly four-digit figure, but now she had a mountain called a mortgage on her body, and she couldn’t get enough to eat, so how could she have the money to buy luxury goods

Shi Ran posted on her Weibo account and said in a melodious manner, “Otherwise, I’ll find a few gold-master sponsors.

As long as they can pay me a large deposit now, I can draw anything.

When Shi Ran said that, she felt a gaze cast on the side of her face.

Chen Ruoyu stopped the car for no apparent reason and looked blankly at the person who had just said that.

The sky was darker than before, and the lights in the carriage were dim.

Shi Ran felt a little guilty for no reason, but she still refused to admit defeat: “What… What’s wrong It’s my freedom to draw any manuscript.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran so deeply that her dark pupils were like a huge net, and she wanted Shi Ran to be imprisoned and hidden.

Time seemed to stagnate in the carriage.

She didn’t know if it took a while or just a second before Chen Ruoyu lightly opened her thin lips and said, “We’re home.”

The voice fell, and the pause of time was lifted.

Shi Ran looked at the umbrella that Chen Ruoyu handed over to her and was a little flattered: “I’ll trouble you to take me home, so I won’t take your umbrella, just these two steps.”

But Chen Ruoyu was different, still handing the umbrella to Shi Ran.

The street lamp turned on and it fell on the silent face, which looked a little warmer and did not violate the harmony.

Shi Ran didn’t refuse anymore and took Chen Ruoyu’s umbrella: “Thank you.”

After saying that, she hurriedly ran towards the apartment where she lived.

This point was not considered the peak time of elevator use.

Shi Ran carried the meal and entered the empty elevator alone.

It was also as if there was a vibration from her mobile phone, and a very simple line of words jumped out.

Icarus: “Madam, please schedule an appointment.

* Knock knock*”

Shi Ran watched the little penguin on the screen knock on the door, and couldn’t help but smile a lot.

This Icarus was one of her long-term draft clients.

She’s been asking for custom-made drafts since she started university.

Rather than contract drafts, it was better to say that she stipulated a range for Shi Ran to play freely, which Shi Ran had encountered over the years.

The sponsor with the best temper and the most money was the regular gold owner.

Icarus hasn’t contacted her much in the past year.

Shi Ran thought she had abandoned her, but she didn’t expect that she would show up when she needed money the most.

Shi Ran didn’t dare to delay.

She hurriedly hung the lunch on her wrist and quickly tapped the keyboard.

“What kind of appointment is this time”

The reply from there was also quick: “Anthropomorphic fox, adult woman, ancient style, the rest of the wife can play freely.”

“It is good.” Shi Ran replied decisively.

She liked that kind of gold-master sponsor who asked little the most.

The elevator quickly reached the floor where Shi Ran lived, and the silver door opened slowly, but Shi Ran did not go out.

She was hesitating about how to approach the gold owner’s sponsor about paying a little more deposit when she saw that the elevator door was slowly closing.

Shi Ran hurriedly pressed the button for the delayed door closing, hurriedly put the phone in her pocket, and walked out of the elevator.

Just as she opened the door and walked into the house, she felt a quick vibration in her thigh against the coat.

Not a message from Icarus, but a transfer text message from a familiar account.

Shi Ran hurriedly glanced at the unsustainable deposit amount in the text message over the years and threw herself on the sofa in frustration.

Why didn’t she say it earlier She has to make another order…

Suddenly, Shi Ran seemed to have sensed something was wrong, so she hurriedly took out the phone from under her butt, stared at the text message just now, and counted zero carefully.

One, ten, one hundred, one thousand… thousands.

… 100,000!

This time, Icarus paid her twice as much for a very high-quality drawing.

Shi Ran felt that her typing hands were shaking: “Are you typing too much”

But she didn’t want the people over there to be calmer than her: “No, anyway, I will ask you to make an appointment this year, so I will put them here first.”

Shi Ran was deeply moved by Icarus’s reassuring behavior.

After sending Icarus an emoji of a penguin refill, she quickly switched the chat box and shared it with Chen Ruoyu: “I have the money to buy it.

Clothes! *Little penguin pats belly* “

However, she did not know why her first thought after receiving the good news was to share it with Chen Ruoyu, not Xiao Ba and the others.

But after all, it was a fortunate thing.

Even if the person opposite was an ice cube, she would be infected.

Smile at yourself.

However, Shi Ran was wrong, and what Chen Ruoyu sent was just a sentence that fit her personality very well: “Congratulations.”

Cold, not even a cute emoji.

Shi Ran was a little disgusted, and before she could complain, another message popped up in the chat box: “Do you know where to go to order a dress”

Shi Ran was stunned for a moment, and there was only a lot of distress in her eyes.

Indeed, the money was there now, but there was nowhere to spend it.

The Maybach, on the roadside of the apartment, parked quietly in the rain, like a giant beast dormant in the dark.

The dim windshield showed the light of the mobile phone screen, and a bank text message suddenly jumped out from the top of the screen.

“Your savings card account ending in 9100 will transfer and withdraw RMB 1 at 19:21 on November 26th.”

It’s just that the person sitting in the car raised her hand and swiped it away without waiting for the windshield to stay on the text message screen for longer.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the chat box that had been silent for a long time, as if she had expected Shi Ran’s ignorance, and said: “After getting off work tomorrow, I will wait for you in the underground parking lot.”


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