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Chapter 2 – The figure with only a white sheet is better than the river view outside window

Without the chaotic emotions underpinned by the alcohol last night, Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were like pools of water hidden in the quiet mountains and forests, calm but dangerous, making people afraid to approach.

Shi Ran watched, her fox-like eyes curved.

Then she moved her head, resting on her arm, moved closer to Chen Ruoyu, and replied with a shy smile, “Of course, I didn’t see enough.”

The freshness of the morning had transformed into the brightness of the day, and the quiet murmuring in the room had just now become ambiguous.

At such a close distance, the breaths of the two people were all intertwined.

The pupils that looked at each other silently burned with some nameless, fiery flame.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu so openly, but Chen Ruoyu closed her eyes silently.

The sunlight in the room was more dazzling than before, falling on the man’s face with his eyes closed, hot and alienating, but it made her look even better.

Shi Ran clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction and asked, “Why didn’t you show it”

The voice fell, and the room returned to silence.

Chen Ruoyu just closed her eyes on the pillow, calm as if she had fallen asleep.

Shi Ran’s words were like a stone falling into a bottomless well, and there was no reply for a long time.

Shi Ran felt a little unhappy when he looked at him, propped his head up, and looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was ignoring her and deliberately teased, “Sir, don’t be so indifferent.

How does it feel to be with a married woman “

This time, the stone hit the bottom of the well.

As soon as Shi Ran’s voice fell, a crisp voice sounded in the room.

Chen Ruoyu: “You broke up.”

The voice was calm and determined, full of doubts.

Shi Ran was a little surprised.

Even Zhang Ran and the others didn’t know about her breakup with Song Yi, let alone Chen Ruoyu, a high school classmate who had just returned from abroad.

“How did you know” Shi Ran asked in surprise, looking at Chen Ruoyu, who was still closing her eyes.

As soon as the voice fell, Chen Ruoyu’s cold eyes slowly opened.

She raised her eyes slightly and replied in a light voice, “It’s confirmed now.”

Shi Ran’s smile changed after hearing this.

Upon realizing that she had been fooled, she clasped Chen Ruoyu’s wrist with her backhand and said, “You lied to me.”

Chen Ruoyu remained calm: “It doesn’t count.”

The two were in the situation of sharing the same bed, so the ambiguity between the two last night did not disappear.

Shi Ran looked at the red mark on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulders that belonged to her and smelled the fragrance that had been lingering on the tip of her nose last night.

“Where doesn’t it count”

Shi Ran’s hand slipped into the quilt on Chen Ruoyu’s body.

The confusion that I had experienced last night was rekindled on the delicate skin with the stroke of my fingers.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t stop Shi Ran’s arrogance, but just reminded her in her ear, “If we have to come again, you will be late.”

Some people hooked their necks last night to keep them from leaving, and when they woke up in the morning, they turned back into unpleasant ice cubes.

Shi Ran, as a social animal, what could make her sexual interest disappear more than Chen Ruoyu’s words

“I won’t tell you.

I’m going to take a shower.

Before she could find out how Chen Ruoyu knew about her working hours, Shi Ran let go of her wrist with a grim expression and got out of bed as she spoke.

The sunlight in the room was soft, and the huge floor-to-ceiling windows captured the iconic river view of S City.

Shi Ran stepped barefoot on the short-pile carpet, and his figure with only a white bed sheet was more attractive than the river view outside the window.

She was famous as a goblin in high school, and her white shirt and school uniform couldn’t hide her breathtaking beauty.

Under the long black curly hair was a face that was so delicate that it was comparable to modeling.

But it was such a person who had been chasing Song Yi for five years wholeheartedly.

What’s so good about Song Yi

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran’s back with a few scratches and strawberry prints, and slowly closed her eyes until the bathroom shut her eyes out.

The hot steam covers the frosted glass door with a hazy layer, and feeling the warmth was the happiest thing in winter.

When Shi Ran walked out of the bathroom while rubbing his half-dried hair, most of the soreness on his body evaporated, and he even felt better: “This bathtub is comfortable.

I want to have one for my home too.”

As soon as the voice fell, the room fell silent again.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu lying on the bed not far away and tilted her head: “Are you asleep”

Still no response.

Shi Ran thought that she seemed to have tossed her for a long time yesterday.

She stopped arguing with Chen Ruoyu and picked up last night’s mess by himself.

There were matching notes and papers in the cabinet of the suite.

Shi Ran packed up and left a message for Chen Ruoyu on the note.

It’s just that she looked at the orange note on the table, rolled her eyes, and took it off the table stubbornly and cunningly.

The sun was shining, and a figure crept onto the side of Chen Ruoyu’s bed.

And the unsuspecting Chen Ruoyu was sinking into the fluffy and soft pillow, with softness and calm written under her jet-black hair.

If only she could do that when she was awake.

Shi Ran thought about it and carefully pasted the note to Chen Ruoyu’s cheek.

“Let’s go.” Shi Ran looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction, smiled, and clapped her hands.

Then she walked to the door of the room, thought about her current relationship with Chen Ruoyu, and added: “It will be indefinite in the future.”

The sound of high-heeled shoes grew farther and farther with the sound of the door closing and finally disappeared into the quiet room.

The shadow cast by the sun on the wall beside the bed shook slightly, and the sticky note was taken down by the hand that reached out from the quilt.

Chen Ruoyu opened her eyes calmly, her cold pupils looking at the note in her hand with no disturbance, but Shi Ran’s voice played automatically in her mind.

“I’m leaving. Thank you for giving me a wonderful night, and I hope you do too.

I paid for the hotel, and by the way, I ordered a meal for you.

You can call the front desk when you wake up later.

Although I don’t know when you returned to China, I still want to welcome you back to the arms of the motherland.

You don’t need to thank me for this meal.

It’s just that I’ll take care of you.

At the end of the reading, Chen Ruoyu also noticed that there was still an anthropomorphic little fox head drawn where her fingers were clasped.

Those slightly raised fox eyes were the same as Shi Ran’s.

Chen Ruoyu looked at it carefully, and there was a slight smile on the face of the ice cube that had not changed for thousands of years.

Shi Ran, who clocked in at the check-in time, successfully maintained her attendance award.

Before she could celebrate, an extraordinarily strange picture appeared in front of her—the modeling team, who had always been sluggish in the morning, cheered up and swiped their phones with a smile on their faces.

Shi Ran sat back in her seat in disbelief and saw Xiao Ba beside her looking at him with an inexplicable gaze.

Shi Ran was staring at her with a guilty conscience and decisively stretched out her hand to cover Xiao Ba’s face and said, “What are you looking at”

“I thought you hadn’t come for so long because you followed them out to find a new leader.” Xiao Ba said and looked at the beautiful woman in front of her with her cheeks on her back, “It turns out that you are secretly wearing makeup, which amazes us… and new leadership.”

Shi Ran’s words were very useful, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch: “Of course.

The new leader comes today.

If she sees me as good-looking and directly transfers me from the Sun Shiren brothers and sisters to her project team, then so perfect.

The company Shi Ran works for was called YT Games, and the “crisis experiment” known in the industry as the pinnacle of MMORPG games was published by it.

This game was the white moonlight of many players, including Shi Ran, of course.

And the Sun Shiren mentioned by Shi Ran just now was Sun Lian.

He was the vice president of Chenxi Business Unit and the producer of “Crisis Experiment.” This person was mean and does not distinguish between public and private.

Recently, his sister Sun Lian, who modeled for children’s games next door, parachuted into the supreme beauty, and everyone called him Sun Shiren in private.

In the past two years, the MMORPG games had not been as good as before, and the “crisis experiment” had also lacked stamina.

Last week, the Chenxi Division established a studio to develop new games.

The director of the new studio was an “airborne” because she didn’t know if she had her team or whether she needed to be recruited from the “crisis experiment” side, so everyone now calls her the new leader.

Shi Ran suddenly remembered the first half of Xiao Ba’s sentence and asked suspiciously, “What new leader are you looking for”

Xiao Ba looked at Shi Ran, who was out of the situation, clicked the phone to signal her to read the group news, and explained: “The new game production team brought by the new leader has just arrived in the conference room, and Xiao Wang saw Sun Shiren enter.

After saying hello, I heard the people inside say to Sun Shiren that they hadn’t been in contact yet.

Isn’t this just lost “

“Can the big life be lost” Shi Ran couldn’t help but sigh.

A Jiu, who was on the side, said otherwise, “Maybe it’s unnecessary to give Sun Shiren a slap in the face.”

“But the new leader was only a director, so it’s not possible to do so,” Xiao Ba said.

However, A Jiu showed an expression that Xiao Ba knew only one thing and did not know the other, and said, “I heard that the new leader is a big boss that Mr.

Xu invited from the United States with a lot of money, and he came to our morning only because of our business department. The competition is small, the steps are high, and poverty alleviation soars along the way.

You don’t think that Sun Shiren is the president of the business unit, but in fact, his status is not as good as the new leader.

I heard she has shares in our YT.

Xiao Ba heard the words and said, “I remember what you said.

It is said that this new leader is also engaged in art at home, and his aesthetics must be better than that of Sun Shiren’s sister, and he feels that his temperament and appearance must be outstanding.

Shi Ran could not help frowning when he heard Xiao Ba and A Jiu sharing the news of the new leader.

“How do you know so many secrets”

A Jiu disagreed, spread her hands, and said, “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Maybe it was because they spent last night and this morning with the ice cube, Chen Ruoyu.

Hearing someone mention the word “ice”, Shi Ran couldn’t help but think of Chen Ruoyu, and his tone became unstable: “The tip of the iceberg Where do so many secrets come from “

A Jiu shook her head, “A Ran, you don’t understand this.”

“A secret makes a woman.”

Shi Ran listened to the second half of Ah Jiu’s pretended to be mysterious and showed a disgusted expression as usual: “You have seen too much, Detective Conan.”

A Jiu refused to accept it and was about to reply, but Xiao Ba stopped him by holding the phone: “Hey, hey, the new leader is here.”

When the voice fell silent, the entire art team fell silent, and a sense of a mountain and rain in the future hung over everyone.

Shi Ran pursed her lower lip, and the scarlet color was smeared, but she felt that today’s lipstick was thick.

The usual inaudible sound of the elevator door opening became more pronounced, and the sound of high heels hitting the tiled floor was crisp and clear.

Shi Ran’s position was right to see the entrance of the art group, and from a distance, he could see the flattering smile of Sun Lian, who was walking at the front.

As for the new leader, he was blocked by Sun Lian, who could not see his appearance.

It was only a vague outline of a thin and slender figure, but it somehow matched the person in Shi Ran’s memory.

Shi Ran was wondering why he had such an idea when a group of people walked in.

The position of the new leader’s station was a little back-lit, and her face was still not visible, but Shi Ran also noticed the tightly stitched button under her neck.

The woman’s tall and slender figure looked a little taller than Sun Lian on the side, and her unsmiling appearance was full of Shi Ran’s favorite keyword-abstinence beauty.

“Come on, let me introduce you to you.

This is the director of the newly established studio of our business department, Miss Chen.” Sun Lian was introduced.

“Hello, everyone.”

The three simple words made Shi Ran very familiar.

But before she could react, the new leader’s position shifted slightly to the left, and the disturbing halo disappeared.

The face of this ascetic beauty finally became clear in Shi Ran’s line of sight, and Shi Ran’s face of a fairy that remained unchanged for thousands of years also cracked.

Xiao Ba was right.

She was almost late because she was looking at the new leader on the bed.


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