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Chapter 20 – Chen Ruoyu, I’m here to save you.

The sun slanted slightly westward, and the shadows of dead branches reflected on the lake surface fluctuated slightly.

Shi Ran didn’t let go of Chen Ruoyu’s hand for a long time, and the two of them walked side by side towards the small building of Linshui, where the banquet was located.

The wind swept over Chen Ruoyu’s arm with water vapor, and she didn’t feel cold even though there was no sunlight.

“I heard that all three of the Chen family were present this time.

It’s really enough to save face.”

“This little girl from the Song family is going to be in the limelight today.

Let’s not talk about others.

Chen Yinbing has attended this kind of occasion over the years.”

“Can I hear people say that Chen Yinbing intends to train his niece to be her successor”

“But if he wants to cultivate, why put Song Yi under the name of Chen Yuanshan”

“I don’t know how we can know the private affairs of other people’s families.”

“You can ask Shiwei later.”

The voices of several passing ladies talking came from behind Qiangwei’s shelf.

Shi Ran overheard it, but she remembered it in her heart, and said, “Is Chen Yuanshan yours”

“Second uncle.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

“Then Chen Yinbing is…” Shi Ran asked again.

“My father.” Chen Ruoyu said, “Chen Shiwei is my aunt.”

When Chen Ruoyu clicked, Shi Ran also instantly understood the relationship between Chen Ruoyu and Song Yi, which was unknown to outsiders.

No wonder Song Yi’s family put so much pressure on her.

As long as she climbed the branches, she could fly to them.

Shi Ran stopped digging deeply and commented: “As expected, everyone, your family’s name is very artistic.

Especially you and your aunt.

It’s gone, and the two old men also want to let them go.

My daughter can stay by my side for a long time.

“And you are Huai Jin Ruoyu, the baby of your father and mother.”

As Shi Ran said, a bit of envy flashed in her eyes.

Her name was sloppy.

Originally, her father named her Shi Nan, but the little old lady didn’t hear it clearly before reporting it as Shi Ran.

There was no other meaning, just the hope of having a boy.

The breeze blew past the two of them and lifted the long hair on Shi Ran’s face.

Chen Ruoyu took all the changes in Shi Ran’s eyes into her eyes and mumbled, “Huai Jin Ruoyu is so poor, I don’t know what to show.

My mother died when I was born.”

It means that, with beautiful jade in his arms, his wife dies, and I don’t know whom to show it to.

Even having a baby was a form of abandonment.

Shi Ran remembered the little things about Chen Ruoyu’s family that Zhou Yuan had told her and also remembered Chen Ruoyu’s back at the high school campus, who was always alone.

Suddenly, there was a kind of loneliness that was hidden from sight under the high mountains.

But who would choose to be alone in the first place

She was not, and Chen Ruoyu was necessarily not.

The wind that blew just now turned back again, the leaves rustled down, and the surroundings became disturbed and quiet.

Shi Ran raised her head at this moment, took out the other hand in her pocket, looked at Chen Ruoyu beside her, and said, “You can show me.”

Shi Ran’s voice was clear on this cold winter day.

Riding the wind messed up Chen Ruoyu’s long hair, and her heart was depressed for a while.

Chen Ruoyu could feel her slow and indifferent heart beating enthusiastically for the person in front of her.

I thought of comforting people, but I was comforted instead.

Chen Ruoyu suddenly felt that today’s sunshine was exceptionally good, and a golden round of the sun fell behind Shi Ran, making her more dazzling than she remembered.

The two of them didn’t walk quickly, and it was already a little later when they arrived at the small building of Linshui.

Song Yizheng was standing beside Chen Yuanshan under all the stars, so lively.

“Xiao Yi is excellent.You see how artistic landscape paintings are, and you have improved a lot under Teacher Chen.”

“It must be said that Song Yi has talent; otherwise, Teacher Chen has taught so many people, and I have never seen such a good painting.”

Zhang Ran and Wang Nianyin were hugging a woman with similar eyebrows and eyes to Song Yi, which made her especially happy.

Shi Ran visited Song Yi’s house and recognized this person as Song Yi’s mother.

Song Yi’s father died when she was very young.

Chen Yuanshan stood aside and nodded, and said, “Xiao Yi is indeed qualified.

Occasionally, a few strokes can surprise me.

This child knows how to be restrained.

Those very good paintings have not been hung up, which is very rare.”

Shi Ran listened to Chen Yuanshan’s words and silently looked around at the paintings in the room for a week.

The so-called introvertedness was just because Song Yi had a guilty conscience.

She was very smart.

She did not choose the paintings that she had polished up but chose some of the well-behaved paintings, which fulfilled her reputation and created a lot of momentum.

Just as she was talking, Mother Song noticed Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu, who had just entered the door.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu, her eyebrows curved, and she was very kind: “Ruoyu is here.

Is it cold outside”

Chen Ruoyu nodded slightly and replied politely, “It’s not cold, Auntie.”

Hearing what her mother said, Song Yi, who was still chatting with others, raised her head abruptly.

She looked at the picture of Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu standing together from a distance and suddenly felt extremely dazzled.

The light bronze cheongsam quietly exuded all kinds of amorous feelings under the light, and the strange possessiveness fermented in Song Yi’s heart.

When she was with Shi Ran, she didn’t feel that today this person didn’t belong to her, but she wanted to have it more and more.

Mother Song also noticed Shi Ran standing beside Chen Ruoyu and was a little puzzled: “Why did Xiao Ran come with Ruoyu”

“Auntie, I…” Shi Ran was about to speak but was interrupted by Song Yi, who was beside her: “Mom, you are tired from standing.

Why don’t you sit down and rest.”

Seeing Song Yi’s reaction, Shi Ran knew she hadn’t told her mother that the two of them had broken up, and maybe even Chen Yuanshan didn’t know about it.

She was probably still dreaming that she would go back after being coaxed by her today.

Song Yi then exchanged glances with Wang Nianyin.

Wang Nian immediately understood and changed the topic to: “Xiao Yi, the ink is ready.

Shall we start now”

Song Yi nodded and looked at Chen Yuanshan, who was on the side, and said, “Then I’ll be ugly, teacher.”

Chen Yuanshan nodded.

Zhang Ran looked at Shi Ran, who was standing beside her, and suggested, “Shi Ran, I remember you took Teacher Chen’s class, don’t you Do you want to draw a picture and ask Teacher Chen to do it Have a look.

Zhang Ran didn’t wait for Shi Ran to answer, so she turned her head and said to herself, “Hey, look at my brain.

I remembered that you have now changed careers and made original paintings.

Are these things alright It’s already abandoned.

I’m afraid it’s going to be both laughable and generous.

I think it’s better to just forget it.

On the surface, Zhang Ran’s words were thoughtless, but they were insinuating sarcasm.

Freehand brushwork was no better than the original painting, and you could constantly undo and change it.

Painting on rice paper, one stroke was like playing chess with no regrets.

No matter how you could change it, it was the best test for painters.

The people invited on this occasion were people who were well known in the circle.

Shi Ran seemed out of place when Zhang Ran said this and even felt a little inferior in the contempt chain.

Several pairs of eyes looked at Shi Ran, and their eyes were full of scrutiny.

Shi Ran wanted to refuse, but she didn’t want to get used to Zhang Ran’s mouth.

She knew that Zhang Ran wanted to help Song Yi vent her anger, but there was no reason to slap her face in front of her and swallow her anger.

Shi Ran smiled slightly, and happily agreed under Zhang Ran’s watchful eyes: “Okay, I also want to see if I have forgotten what I learned with Teacher Chen.

If the painting is not good, Teacher Chen should not discipline her.


Listening to this, Chen Yuanshan walked over to Shi Ran with smiling eyes and said, “It’s been two years since I saw you paint, so don’t be under pressure.

It’s just a birthday party, and it doesn’t hurt if you don’t paint well.”

“The teacher is right.

Of course, I’m not as talented as Song Yi in her painting major.”Shi Ran also smiled, swept over Song Yi with crooked eyes, and saw that her face was already a little embarrassed.

Song Yi knows exactly how strong she is.

The rice paper was laid flat on the table, and the sparrows on the branches gathered together as if they were watching the fun.

The amateur’s paintings were nothing to look at.

Most of the people went to Song Yi’s side to cheer her on.

Shi Ran seemed a little cold.

The only faint fragrance other than Mo Xiang’s was by her side, giving her peace of mind.

Chen Ruoyu, who was not interested in this kind of thing, was standing at Shi Ran’s table, calmly watching the painter.

The sunlight passed through the window lattice and was divided into many parts, casting a virtual shadow on the noisy crowd around it.

The shadow of Shi Ran’s slightly lowered body quietly fell to one side, intertwined with the shadow of Chen Ruoyu, leaving the world and being independent.

At that moment, Chen Yinbing and Chen Shiwei walked downstairs.

The old man calmly looked at the things in the distance, and his eyes followed his daughter and stopped a little longer on Shi Ran’s body.

Chen Yuanshan was the first to notice Chen Yinbing and politely greeted him: “Brother, you’re down.”

“I saw it was vivacious below, so I asked Shi Wei to accompany me down.” Chen Yinbing said, “Is this a painting”

“No, it’s just that the young people were bored before the banquet, and they painted for fun.

It’s just for fun.” Song Yi’s mother gave Chen Yinbing the best place to watch Song Yi’s paintings.

However, Chen Yinbing didn’t mean to see Song Yi’s paintings in person, so he beckoned to Chen Ruoyu, who was beside him, and said, “Ruoyu, come here.”

Chen Ruoyu calmly cast her gaze on Shi Ran and walked to the position that Song’s mother gave up.

Song Yi’s paintings were not quick, and so far only a mountain top appeared on the paper, revealing a bit of hypocritical majesty.

“This place should be folded to reflect the majesty of the mountain.” Chen Ruoyu commented sharply, her voice lukewarm.

Song Yi didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to be so disrespectful to herself and defended herself in a weak voice, “Because it’s a rockery in the garden, it’s not so majestic.”

However, Chen Ruoyu pointed it out mercilessly: “The value of the rockery lies in the truth, and the lines that are too vain can’t support a ‘fake’ at all.”

Chen Yuanshan nodded as well, with a bit of disappointment in his tone: “Song Yi, why are you so different from the past Are you tired of planning a birthday party”

This sentence made Song Yi’s guilty hand pause for a moment, and a large drop of ink suddenly spread on the drawing paper.

Chen Yuanshan was more concerned, and Song Yi nodded along and said, “I’m a little tired.”

Then Song Yi put down her pen and looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing beside her: “A Yu is still A Yu, with a heart of wood and stone.

Even if I don’t paint, I can see my faults at a glance.

My talent is not as good as A Yu’s.

I will practice more when I go back.”

These words made Shi Ran, who was painting on the side, unable to help but laugh.

She and Zhang Ran were good friends, and they had a friendly attitude.

They praise Chen Ruoyu in secret, talk about Chen Ruoyu’s inhumanity, poke at the things that Chen Yinbing cares about most, and show her humility.

It’s just that Song Yi didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to be as silent as she had been in the past, but just looked at her painting like this, and pointed out in a light tone: “It’s not a problem of talent, but a problem of your hand.”

Song Yi’s expression immediately collapsed when she heard the words, and her hand holding the paintbrush became even tighter.

She said this before.

Chen Ruoyu had never attacked her, like a gourd with a sawed mouth.

She thought it was because she was cold-hearted and would not argue with herself, so she compared herself with her everywhere, praised and criticized, sold a bad deal, and snatched her aunt and second uncle’s only favorite.

Why had it changed

Song Yi may never have thought that Chen Ruoyu didn’t do it in the past, but just felt it was unnecessary.

But now that she had one more person to protect, she would never give Song Yi another chance to use her.

A thick cloud floated across the sky outside the window, and the room turned from light to dark, and then from dark to light.

Chen Yinbing, who was standing aside, had no intention of listening to the conversation over there and came to Shi Ran’s side with his hands behind his back.

However, he saw a grey sparrow standing on the drawing paper that Shi Ran spread out, standing round and round on a branch, which was extraordinarily stupid.

“How did you remember to draw this”

Chen Yinbing’s voice fell from the top of Shi Ran’s head, and Shi Ran, who was watching the excitement, also quickly recovered.

Then she put the pen in her hand, looked at the sparrow she drew and looked at the crowd gathered in one place.

Her smile deepened.

“I just suddenly remembered a poem by Su Shi, ‘Cold’ The sparrows are full of sparse fences, vying to hold Hanke to see the jade.””

Chen Yinbing understood the meaning of Shi Ran’s words and was amused by this little girl.

She smiled at her with her hands behind her back and threw out two rare words: “Not bad.”

Chen Yuanshan, who was on the side, heard his brother’s comments, came over, looked, and said, “Shi Ran, I haven’t been good at painting for a long time.”

Shi Ran smiled and glanced at Zhang Ran, who was standing not far away: “Although it has been working for two years, a lot of work can be used, so it is not wasted.”

The words fell, and the faces of several people present had varying degrees of embarrassment, and Zhang Ran’s face became as unsightly as Song Yi’s.

Later, Chen Shiwei didn’t know Shi Ran, so she looked at her and asked, “This kid is so talented, I don’t even know her.”

“This is Shi Ran, Xiao Yi’s girlfriend.” Chen Yuanshan was introduced.

It’s just that the voice in this sentence hadn’t fallen, and Shi Ran continued to correct: “Teacher, I and Song Yi have already broken up.”

Song Yi’s face suddenly became more ugly.

She didn’t expect Shi Ran to directly challenge their current relationship after Chen Yuanshan’s introduction.

Her face was full of surprises.

Chen Yuanshan felt a little regretful: “So that’s the case.

No wonder I haven’t seen you come to the studio these days.”

Mother Song eased the atmosphere and said, “Although we broke up, we are still friends.

Today is Xiao Yi’s birthday.”

Shi Ran pursed her lips and smiled at Mother Song as if to agree.

It’s just that she was Shi Ran.

How could she swallow this frog just to be polite to her elders

She shook her head and said, “It’s not even a friend anymore.

I have something with Song Yi, but Song Yi seems to be very busy recently and can’t find time, so I came over in person.”

Shi Ran turned to Song Yi, spread her fair hands in the sight of several people, and said, “Can you give it back to me now”

Straightforward but also left a three-point thin face, said nothing.

Song Yi was pushed to the center of the crowd by Shi Ran in this way, and it was still a disgraceful center, and all the plans came to nothing.

She glanced at the coat she put on the sofa and lied: “But the bracelet is not with me.

I have to walk back and forth for fear of losing it, so I put it in my bag.

It is now in the car.

Do you want me to get it The banquet is about to start.

What should I do if it’s too late”

Shi Ran naturally wouldn’t be soft-hearted because of Song Yi’s words, but Song Yi’s words were not meant for Shi Ran.

Chen Shiwei’s ears were always soft.

Hearing Song Yi’s words, she seemed to ease her mouth, but she heard a soft sound from the side.

Chen Yinbing smashed the rosary in his hand.

He seldom took part in this kind of thing.

He raised his eyes and looked at Song Yi, and reminded her sternly: “It is only proper to return things to the original owner, and this is because you have not done enough.

Thoughtful How can you ask others to be considerate”

Song Yi suddenly felt a little hard to ride a tiger, and with red eyes, she said, “Uncle is right, it’s what I did wrong.

I’ll go get it.”

“Song Yi, let me go.” Wang Nianyin walked up to Song Yi as she spoke, “It will take a lot of time to come and go.

You are entertaining a few old people here.

Is the key in your coat Inside”

Song Yi knew that Wang Nianyin was here to relieve her, so she nodded: “Yes, please Nianyin.”

“It’s all right.” Wang Nianyin hid the bracelet in her cuff and quietly took it out of Song Yi’s coat pocket and said to Shi Ran, “Come with me.”

The brief interlude ended like this, and the unfinished sparrow placed on the long table became the center of several people watching and tasting.

Chen Yuanshan looked at the dead branch at the foot of the sparrow and said with some pity, “These few strokes lack a little spiritual energy…”

Chen Yinbing looked disapprovingly at Chen Ruoyu and said, “Your person, tell me.”

Chen Ruoyu came forward knowingly, looked at it for two minutes, and then said in a leisurely manner, “Fish eyes.”

The people present did not hear the meaning of Chen Ruoyu’s words, but Song Yi, who was standing by the side, rocked her hand.

Chen Yuanshan frowned upon hearing this, leaned over, and looked at Shi Ran’s painting carefully.

Then, as if she understood something, she turned to look at Song Yi, who was standing beside her.

His eyes were like torches, with a sullen look.

Sunlight fell on Song Yi’s face unobstructed through the window, and the weak little face was full of guilt.

Shi Ran followed Wang Nianyin to the outside of the Linshui Pavilion.

Maybe she couldn’t take it anymore.

Wang Nianyin stopped at the corner of the corridor and asked, “Shi Ran, you hate Xiao Yi so much.

Can’t you get along with Xiao Yi Today is her.

On her birthday, do you have to embarrass her today”

Shi Ran thought Wang Nianyin’s words were funny, so she laughed: “Please find out, it wasn’t me who embarrassed her, it was she who was asking for trouble.”

“You don’t even recognize the relationship for the past seven years with a bracelet.” Wang Nianyin took out Shi Ran’s bracelet from her pocket and asked, “Is your relationship with Song Yi so shallow Do you know how sad she is”

This was not the first time Shi Ran had heard someone say this to her.

She thought she would have no more pain if she took Song Yi out of her life that night, but these days, things happened one after another, like someone was constantly breaking away from her scabbed and white wounds.

She must have been content to see some blood oozing from the opening that was about to form.

It was really interesting to think about it.

During the five years she had been chasing Song Yi, everyone was watching her jokes, saying that she liked Song Yi, and she was crazy.

Now that she had broken up, everyone questioned her again, saying that her love was too shallow.

Is it because her love was too shallow, or because she couldn’t stand the torture of one-way giving

Shi Ran just looked at the person in front of her, who denied her and sneered.

She was not the sixth son, and would not prove to those who didn’t believe her how many bowls of noodles she ate.

She just spread out her hand in front of Wang Nianyin and said, “If you say I’m shallow, then I’m shallow.

So put the bracelet on now.

Give it back.

I know you put the bracelet in her pocket.”

Wang Nianyin didn’t expect Shi Ran to see her actions; she claimed to have no flaws just now, but her purpose was not achieved.

Her hand was clasped in the pocket with the bracelet, and she was reluctant to take it out.

Shi Ran didn’t want to entangle Wang Nianyin, so she took out her mobile phone and said, “It’s okay if you don’t, I’ll call the police now.”

“I don’t care what this party will be.

It doesn’t matter if the city is full of storms, it doesn’t matter if she can’t get off the stage like just now.

If the bracelet is not returned to me, I can do whatever I want.”

“Wang Nianyin, you have to be clear.

I’m not here today to attend the party, but to get something.

I can do what I say.”

Shi Ran said word by word, her dark pupils staring straight at Wang Nianyin.

The sun hit her straight from behind, her scarlet lips raised, and her heavy vintage clothes gave her an unpleasant aura.

Wang Nianyin believed Shi Ran’s words.

She was a lunatic, not a lunatic who would not like a hopeless person for five years, and now she could do what she says for a bracelet.

Wang Nian had no choice but to take out the bracelet reluctantly, slap it in Shi Ran’s hand, and leave angrily.

The familiar bracelet just returned to Shi Ran’s hands.

She looked at the bracelet carefully, and the joy of losing it made her eyes redden.

It’s my fault, Grandma.

I didn’t check carefully when I moved, and I won’t do it in the future.

I won’t let important things be taken away from me again.

Shi Ran carefully put the bracelet on her wrist.

The silver-white filigree pattern echoes the dark pattern of the patina satin on her body, and it glows secretly.

The sun had risen to the top of the dome, and the sound of a symphony orchestra could be heard from the garden outside the waterfront building.

Through the doors and windows, Shi Ran saw many people chatting and laughing with plates.

The episode had passed, and the banquet had begun.

Since she had already asked for the bracelet, Shi Ran didn’t want to take part in any more birthday parties.

She followed the sign on the corridor and walked towards the bathroom, thinking about going to another place for lunch after finishing her makeup, but she didn’t want to accidentally bump into Chen Shiwei and Chen Ruoyu talking inside.

Chen Shiwei’s voice was very kind, but there was a bit of accountability: “Ruoyu, today is Yiyi’s birthday.

Why don’t you give face so much”

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was crisp, “I’ve already given her a face.”

Chen Shiwei clicked her tongue in dissatisfaction, “You child.

Yiyi is timid, so it’s not like you don’t know it.

Today, in front of so many people, you were taught by your second uncle.

When you go back, you can’t help but get sick again, and your aunt will have to do it again.”

Chen Ruoyu felt these words were unreasonable and asked in a crisp voice: “Don’t tell me if I don’t mention it today, will no one see it You’re such a big person, and you’re still timid”

Chen Shiwei listened to Chen Ruoyu’s questioning of herself, and then brought out the past, and persuaded earnestly: “Don’t forget, if Yiyi hadn’t tried to save you, you would have jumped into the water in the cold winter and twelfth lunar month and wouldn’t have fallen.

The root of the disease has become so small that I can’t stand being frightened.”

The chilly wind passed through the bathroom with the window open and slashed on Chen Ruoyu’s calf and arm like a blade, and the nightmare that had not been repeated for a long time came to her mind again.

The warm sun couldn’t melt Chen Ruoyu’s icy face, and the stiff hands were slightly clenched in the wind all year round: “Then have you ever thought about how I fell into the water in the first place”

Chen Shiwei was stunned for a moment.

“Aren’t you going to pick up the kite that fell on the ice”

The light in front of her shrouded Chen Shiwei’s face.

The kinder she was, the more dazzling she was.

The indifferent feeling in Chen Ruoyu’s heart surged again, and the heart that had just been activated by Shi Ran stopped again.

She suddenly felt that it was meaningless for her to care about these things.

Like every time before, she returned coldly.

A sentence: “No.”

Just as she said that, the phone in her pocket suddenly rang.

Chen Ruoyu saw “Shi Ran” beating on the black screen, and her cold heart suddenly warmed a little.


Chen Ruoyu answered the phone, and immediately heard a familiar voice from the other end: “Chen Ruoyu, I’m here to save you.”

Shi Ran’s voice was a little angry, and it sounded like she was sneaking.

Indeed, Shi Ran was sneaking.

She was covering her mouth and the phone microphone with her hand, standing at the end of the corridor, looking cautiously at the bathroom in the distance, like a secret agent: “Come on, tell me something about the company.

Come out.

I’ll turn right when you go out.

In that little pavilion at the end of the corridor, over.”

Shi Ran spoke quickly and quickly, and after the “over” ended, she hung up again like a special agent.

Chen Ruoyu listened to the beeps coming from the phone, and she couldn’t help but look like this man was sneaking.

The sunlight slowly slanted westward, falling on Chen Ruoyu’s indifferent eyes, and there was a flash of light.

“Auntie, the company has something to ask me, so I’m sorry.” Chen Ruoyu just followed what Shi Ran taught her, raised her feet, and left the bathroom.

The bathroom was so quiet, Chen Shiwei looked at the back of Chen Ruoyu’s leaving and suddenly felt that this child was different from before since she returned to China.

There was no one in the corridor, and everything was quiet.

The shadows of the branches on the side kept skipping Chen Ruoyu’s profile, and the long floating hair exposed her entire profile.

Her footsteps were calm and quick, like someone caught in the cold in winter chasing the sun.

Her son was waiting for her at their appointed place.

The sounds of the symphony of the banquet were faintly coming from a distance.

Shi Ran stood on the edge of the pavilion by the water and looked at the bleak winter, and saw Chen Ruoyu walking toward her.

Shi Ran touched the roasted sweet potato in her pocket, smiled, and beckoned to her, proudly asking for credit.

“How about it Isn’t my idea a good one”

It’s just that Shi Ran didn’t expect that her credit request would be a very sudden hug.

—Chen Ruoyu looked at the person in front of her who was smiling at her and no longer restrained her impulses.

She hugged Shi Ran tightly.

The cold air made the fragrance on Chen Ruoyu’s body as cold as stagnant.

Shi Ran noticed something was wrong with Chen Ruoyu’s body, so she let herself be held by Chen Ruoyu and learned to be gentle in her tone: “I want… Would you like to talk to me”


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