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Chapter 21 – “Accompany me.”

It was just the gentle words that came out of Shi Ran’s ears, but an extraordinarily calm “so cold” came from her ears.

Shi Ran was surprised for a moment.

Then she smelled the fragrance that was lying on her body, leaving her, and the cool winter wind attacked her body.

Chen Ruoyu regained the cold and alienation she had always felt as if the person who suddenly came over to hug her just now was not here.

But this was reality.

There could be no other Chen Ruoyu, but she showed her restlessness and bumped into herself.

Shi Ran looked at the person standing in front of her and thought so, and followed her words, took out the sweet potato in her pocket and handed it to her, “It’s quite cold, eat something warm.”

Chen Ruoyu saw that the golden sweet potato was peeled off by Shi Ran.

She had never liked this kind of food very much.

She was a little interested in it.

She nodded and took the roast from Shi Ran’s hand.

The sweet taste accompanied by the steaming heat added a lot of warmth to the cold winter.

Shi Ran watched Chen Ruoyu take a small bite of the sweet potato and asked tentatively, “Did Song Yi deliberately ask you to pick up kites on the ice”

The chewing action stopped at this moment.

Chen Ruoyu held the sweet potato in her hand, and her eyes were silent.

She didn’t expect that Shi Ran could deduce the correct answer based on just a few bits of information she heard in the bathroom.

Her aunt didn’t even react.

There was a moment of silence in the pavilion.

Shi Ran saw that Chen Ruoyu hadn’t spoken for a long time and hadn’t eaten the sweet potatoes, thinking she was angry with herself, and hurriedly explained: “I didn’t eavesdrop on purpose, it’s just that there is a bathroom over there, so… you know.”

After that, Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu with a little nervousness.

But seeing Chen Ruoyu’s indifferent reaction, she took a light bite of the sweet potato in her hand, and said “um.”

The answer was ambiguous, but it didn’t look like she was angry.

Shi Ran became a little more courageous and asked in dissatisfaction, “Mm, is it angry or not”

When the words fell, Chen Ruoyu slowly raised her eyelashes and looked at Shi Ran, who had been looking at her.

Those dark pupils are very calm, like the pool of water behind them, and the warm sun in winter couldn’t penetrate them, and there are countless emotions hidden deep.

She didn’t explain, but Shi Ran unexpectedly understood that her “um” was an answer to her last question.

In the beginning, Song Yi deliberately asked her to pick up kites on the ice.

Shi Ran couldn’t understand Chen Ruoyu, so she frowned and asked, “Then why don’t you tell me Tell your parents and tell everyone the truth.”

She said that a cheerful, happy birthday song came from Sonoko.

Chen Ruoyu held the warm sweet potato in her hand, and the singing in her ears was mixed with the messy cries of some young girls.

She still remembered that it was such a cold day that day, and there were so many people.

Song Yi shrank in her mother’s arms and howled.

The reaction she showed was more extreme than someone who had been in the water for a long time.

Everyone’s eyes were on these two poor orphans and widowed mothers, and few people cared about them at all.

Anyway, she sat on the side without crying or making trouble.

No matter how you looked at it, it was not as serious as this little girl who jumped into the water to save someone.

children, everything was written on their faces.

If you didn’t say it, it would be fine.

Not all children cry.

Chen Yinbing had been strict with her since she was a child.

She could not cry or cause trouble.

She came step by step and walked step by step.

No one had told her she had the right to cry like Song Yi, so she just sat there blankly, not saying a word, and didn’t know what to say or who to tell it to.

Surrounded by the hustle and bustle, she was extraordinarily lonely.

No one communicated with her when she needed it most, and no one noticed her voice, which was suppressed by Song Yi’s crying several times when she tried to open her mouth.

After a long time, Chen Ruoyu slowly realized that she could say something.

But the story had passed.

No one wanted to care about why, and she had already closed herself up.

Her thoughts were spinning like rewinding.

Chen Ruoyu held the sweet potato in her hand and replied in a light voice, “She cried too loudly.”

Dongfeng blew the happy birthday song over in the garden a little off-tune.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting beside her and heard a little subtle grudge from her words.

The secrets that Zhou Yuan and Shi Yu had mentioned to her made Shi Ran piece together a child without parental care in front of her eyes.

There were many words of comfort, but Shi Ran felt they were all out of tune with Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran, once deceived by Song Yi’s acting skills, took a different approach and echoed, “Song Yi is indeed very good at acting.”

“I hope someone can pierce her true face.” Shi Ran said, sighed, and took out another sweet potato from her other pocket with her left hand.

She knew that a top-level job like Song Yi’s was the most difficult thing to do, so she was just talking about it for a while.

It’s just that she hadn’t eaten a single bite of the sweet potato, and an extraordinarily calm “um” came from her voice next to her ear.

There were only two people in the pavilion, and the owner of the voice could only be Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran was a little confused, and when she saw Chen Ruoyu, she replied with a suspicious “um”, as if she was asking what she was talking about.

It’s just that the voice fell, but Chen Ruoyu had no more words.

So, silently, she took the roasted sweet potato in her hand and slowly peeled it under Shi Ran’s gaze.

Her red lips parted slightly, and she took a bite.

Still no answer

Shi Ran murmured in her heart and was particularly dissatisfied: “Do you usually get along with Yan Ning and Sister Zhou Yuan like this A pure stream-of-consciousness communication”

“Chen Ruoyu, we are all friends.

You can say what you think.

Life is not a shopping mall; it can make you look sullen and let others guess.

You look like this sweet potato.

I don’t talk to that old man who is engaged in barbecuing.

If my brother wants it, she won’t give it to me just by sticking it there, right”

At this moment, a gust of breeze caressed the lake from the east, and Shi Ran suddenly felt that the warm surroundings were cold.

She just looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was still eating the roasted sweet potato just now and reflected on whether she was a better teacher just now.

Just before Shi Ran could do a more profound reflection, Chen Ruoyu’s voice rang: “My birthday next week.”

Without beginning or end, Shi Ran was stunned.

It’s just that Chen Ruoyu didn’t let Shi Ran guess this time.

She carefully put the half-eaten roasted sweet potato back into the paper bag, looked at Shi Ran calmly, and asked, “Accompany me.”

“That’s right.” Shi Ran was overjoyed and readily agreed: “Okay!”

Sunshine was no longer dazzling.

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu with a smile and felt that the teacher was very successful.

One day in the future, Shi Ran would look at Chen Ruoyu sleeping beside her and realize that she had sold herself to this small pavilion.

But that’s another story.

In December, no matter where you were, there was a joyous atmosphere that was about to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.

Shi Ran’s circle of friends were praying that the last month of the year would pass, or saying that it would start again tomorrow, and Chen Ruoyu’s birthday was as well.

In this way, she came quietly into an atmosphere completely different from her temperament.

Shi Ran drew a picture at the workstation, and looked at Chen Ruoyu’s office many times, intentionally or unintentionally, and even Xiao Ba, who was enjoying herself in the gossip group, found out, “What are you looking for”

Of course, Shi Ran denied it: “Where is it”

Xiao Ba smiled when she heard the words, “What else You’ve only looked over there three times in the last half hour.

What You seem to be very concerned about the boss today.

Shi Ran was surprised that she was so obvious and hurriedly brainstormed: “I’m afraid that she will catch her when I fish because we are so close to her.”

Xiao Ba disapproved of it with a snort and analyzed it seriously with Shi Ran: “If you want to fish, you don’t need to pay attention to the boss.

I’ll tell you, I’ve observed it.

We are in a superior position, and she can’t see it.”

When the voice fell, Shi Ran cooperated and pretended to be stunned, dragging a long “oh”.

But, I heard a chair pulley rolling not far away.

Nina pushed a chair from the back table and said to the two, “But today, don’t worry about being caught by the boss when you touch the fish today.”

“What” Xiao Ba seemed to smell the gossip, and her eyes lit up.

“I heard the boss is very busy today, and many meetings are going on,” Nina said.

“Ah, that’s all…” Xiao Ba was a little disappointed and touched a strawberry on Shi Ran’s table, “I thought the boss went out on a date with some beautiful woman.”

Shi Ran felt inexplicably guilty when she heard what Xiao Ba said, and her eyes slightly enlarged.

Xiao Ba sees all this clearly but gets it wrong, and jokes: “So shocked, your Ji Da is invalid for your old classmate”

Hearing what Xiao Ba said, Shi Ran hurriedly put away her stunning mistake and asked back, “Didn’t you see that”

“Yeah, how did you figure it out The boss’s sexuality has always been a mystery.

We haven’t seen her have any boyfriends or girlfriends for so many years.” Nina was also very curious.

“Both of you can’t do it.” Xiao Ba waved her hand and vowed: “I bet the boss must also like women.

Not to mention her; her nails are all trimmed very short.”

As if she felt that saying this could not support her inference, Xiao Ba took Shi Ran’s hand again and showed it, “That’s it.

It’s thin and long, super clean and beautiful.

I wonder who else in the world besides Ji Zai would know that.

So baby, your own hands”

Nina nodded repeatedly as she listened to her knowledgeable look: “Wow, you know a lot, Xiao Ba.

Shi Ran’s hands are as good as the boss’s!”

The light of the original painting group fell softly on Shi Ran’s hands and presented the evidence in front of her.

Shi Ran walked away.

Xiao Ba and Nina were still discussing these hands enthusiastically, but

She didn’t know if it was because Nina’s words of “comparable” disturbed her, or if she was a little guilty today.

Shi Ran suddenly remembered Chen Ruoyu’s hand that used to hang on her back, the clear nails of which the slight pain from scratching her skin made her ears feel a little hot.

But this woman who caused Shi Ran to eat the marrow and know the taste did not appear until the end of getting off work.

Shi Ran looked at the news that she sent to Chen Ruoyu that seemed to sink into the sea and felt a little unspeakable loss in her heart.

She glanced at the gift she kept hidden in the desk drawer, looked around, and took out the cigarette case.

Maybe that day’s luck was indeed back.

Shi Ran went to the rooftop but saw that there was already someone on the rooftop.

Not Chen Ruoyu.

She pinched the cigarette case in her pocket and remembered the last time she met Chen Ruoyu in Area D of the underground parking lot.

It was cold, but there were no people.

It’s a good place to smoke.

The elevator descended to the underground parking lot, and Shi Ran walked towards the D area with ease.

The cold wind blew through her long curly hair that she casually rolled up, and the long smokey red dot between her fingers flickered.

The lights at the emergency exit flickered on and off, and she walked unhappily as if she was slowly venting her displeasure.

At this moment, a cold and white arm suddenly entered Shi Ran’s line of sight.

Before she could react, a familiar fragrance rushed over her.

The wall behind her was biting to the bone, but her head leaning against the wall was in a soft, cool palm.

Chen Ruoyu held Shi Ran in front of her, raising her eyebrows: “Where are you going”

Shi Ran saw the sudden appearance of the culprit, who made her feel bad, picked up her arm unceremoniously, and took a bite.


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