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Chapter 23 – She was also panting

The night with snowflakes was extraordinarily cold, and the two of them approached each other with varying degrees of coolness.

The huge gatepost covered the two, and Chen Ruoyu’s shadow shrouded Shi Ran’s head.

The night sky was like a net over the city, as dark as the night when the two of them fell in love with each other.

It’s just that, unlike the unconsciousness paralyzed by alcohol that night, Shi Ran could now clearly feel that her lips were being kissed by the person in front of her.

Chen Ruoyu’s lips were soft, like the high-grade plain cream just taken out of the refrigerator.

It was sweet with no impurities.

Her movements were as cold as her appearance, and she rubbed delicately and gently as if she could never reach the real depths.

The moist breath on the tip of the nose gathered little by little into a fiery heat, and the cream that covered the dry lips was kneaded.

Shi Ran’s heart was beating with a thud, and with both hands, she held the cake for Chen Ruoyu hard and reluctantly.

After a moment, Chen Ruoyu ended her arrogance and slowly raised her eyelashes with a little nervousness.

Her eyes were as dark as the night sky at the moment, and it was as black as ink dotted with countless stars.

And under these stars, it was the one who had kissed her lips just now.

Her lips, which had always been pale, were now stained with a true red that did not belong to her and were endowed with more unknown unknowns in this brightly lit night.

Shi Ran looked at it like this, and blood rushed to the top of her skull.

Before Chen Ruoyu could react to what was about to happen, Shi Ran had already tied her arm with one hand and pressed her against the railing of the viewing platform.

The small cakes were placed on the table beside the railing, and the shortened distance made kissing easier.

The frosty night wind, wrapped in warmth, penetrated Chen Ruoyu’s mouth, unscrupulously invading this lonely mountain.

Shi Ran’s hand naturally reached Chen Ruoyu’s waist, and under the soft coat was the waist that was not full of grip.

She traced Chen Ruoyu’s smooth jawline, falling a few thin pieces on her shoulders, and the mist she breathed out depicts this unnoticed wanton ambiguity.

Chen Ruoyu’s whole body went soft from being kissed, and she leaned against the railing and Shi Ran’s arm with just a reluctant will.

She never thought that the uncontrollable kiss she just had would get such a response from Shi Ran, but she felt that Shi Ran would have this response.

She was the most reckless and deviant person she had ever met, and she was completely outside of Chen Yinbing’s rules.

Her board newspapers paint thick black and white smears, and she shares delicate and delicate ink paintings on Weibo, from another world that she had never seen before, just like the scorching sun.

The angry world shines brightly.

The taste of chocolate and cream had completely melted in their mouths.

Chen Ruoyu gently turned Shi Ran’s clasped wrist and interlaced her fingers.

She’s now kissing someone she used to only see in her dreams…

The late-arriving snow was still swaying in the sky, and it fell beside the two, which had already thinly covered the footprints they had just walked over.

It wasn’t until she felt that Chen Ruoyu was a little out of breath that Shi Ran let go of the person who was pressed against the railing.

She was also panting.

The arrogance that came up just now faded from her brain, and the noisy voices around her gradually became clearer.

The two people looked at each other like this.

Jiang Feng blew across their cheeks, and the white mist lay between their eyes, and the dark eyes were filled with scorching heat that did not disappear.

Shi Ran’s chest heaved up and down, not only calming her breath but also her thoughts under her cover.

She admitted she was indeed impulsive just now.

But looking at Chen Ruoyu’s mark on her lips, who wouldn’t be impulsive under her beauty

But why would she kiss herself

Are you just impulsive

Xu Shi had been quiet for too long.

Shi Ran was the first to break the peace and asked calmly, “Why do you want to kiss me”

“I bit you in the underground parking lot just now, so you want revenge”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head calmly, “It doesn’t count.”

Shi Ran was a little puzzled and tilted her head slightly.

But before she could ask her question, Chen Ruoyu’s voice rang again: “I like the birthday present very much.”

Her voice shook Shi Ran’s heart; it was calm, like the sound of snow falling at night, and it shook Shi Ran’s heart.

As if not to be outdone, Shi Ran leaned against the railing on one side and said to Chen Ruoyu, with narrowed eyes, “Actually, I can make you like it a little more.”

Eyes facing each other, one moving and one still.

She silently fell from the line of sight between the two of them, and her smudged lips reminded them of the impulsive and ambiguous kiss just now.

Love couldn’t be hidden, but it was not the time to reveal it.

Chen Ruoyu silently shut down her impulse to escape from the cage and put it back into the cage, and reminded in a light tone, “The cake is snowing.”

Before she could finish speaking, Shi Ran forgot to care about Chen Ruoyu, hurriedly picked up the cake that she had hurriedly put aside, and brushed off the thick layer of snow that had accumulated on it in distress: “Aiya! My poor cake… “

However, the taste of the iced chocolate may be better than that at room temperature.

Shi Ran ate the small cake and felt that the cake tonight was extraordinarily sweet.

It was a little late, and the noisy voices around her also faded.

Shi Ran looked at the bustling lights on the other side and looked at Chen Ruoyu curiously: “Do you often come to this place”

Chen Ruoyu gave a soft “um”.

“Secret base” Shi Ran asked again.

Chen Ruoyu was still “um.”

Shi Ran smiled when she heard the words, looked at the falling snowflakes, and said, “It just so happens that I also have a secret base.”

Then she turned to look at Chen Ruoyu, who was standing beside her, and said mysteriously, “Want to know”

But Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer again, just looked at her quietly.

There was not much expression on that stony face, as if it was colder than this snowy winter night.

Shi Ran pursed her lips in dissatisfaction and scolded: “Do you know what your name is”

“Put up your pants and don’t recognize anyone.”

Shi Ran said, looking at Chen Ruoyu’s eyes with a little more childish smugness, as if she had taken advantage of her by crusading against her.

It’s just that the cheapness didn’t take long, and a warm palm fell on top of Shi Ran’s head.

The snowflakes that fell on the top of the head when they were kissing just now were gently brushed away by the man’s hand, and the thin and long beautiful fingers in Xiao Ba’s mouth swiped over Shi Ran’s line of sight.

Chen Ruoyu brushed snow on Shi Ran silently.

Her long hair fell from the side of her face, and her eyes were filled with seriousness and carefulness.

Plop, plop.

Where did you put on your pants and didn’t recognize people

Not only did she put up her pants, but she also helped the person on the bed put up their pants.

Jiang Feng slowly blew at the hem of their clothes.

Chen Ruoyu brushed off the last snowflake on Shi Ran’s head, opened her thin lips lightly, and said, in a cold and gentle tone, “Send you home.”

The next day, the snow set off the whole world with the unique cleanliness of winter.

Just after the working hours, the stage meeting of the art group began.

All the group leaders were in the room.

Zhou Yuan was sitting on the upper right, and Chen Ruoyu, who should not have been there, was sitting on the principal seat.

This meeting was mainly to determine the character design based on the copywriting given by the planning.

The other characters were determined smoothly.

For the last one, Icarus, one of the main characters of the game, Zhou Yuan, did not speak.

She looked at the human design that had been revised many times, but she was still dissatisfied.

After thinking about it, she said, “I want to hand over the design of Icarus to Shi Ran.”

As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar.

Because Chen Ruoyu was on the side, after a long while, someone dared to ask boldly, “Sister Yuan, are you trying to redesign Icarus”

Zhou Yuan nodded.

“Yes, I’m not satisfied with the current editions.

I wonder if it would be better to start over with a different person.”

“It’s not very good.

It is the most important thing for us to open the server.

If you are not satisfied with Sister Yuan, wouldn’t it be better for you to do it yourself” One person suggested.

The person sitting next to her also echoed: “Yes, Director Chen, does this matter need to be considered again”

The people from the modeling team were relatively unsympathetic and directly questioned: “Zhou Yuan, I am a straight-talking person.

After all, Shi Ran is a newcomer to the final.

I think she is probably the designer of such an important character design.”

Zhou Yuan shook her head and said, “I don’t think so.

After all, Shi Ran has three years of work experience in crisis experiments, so she will be more stable in various design ideas for character design, and she can understand the game direction better than us.”

“Although we did a lot of investigation and comparing in the early stages, is it that someone with a lot of experience like Shi Ran has a more accurate positioning of Icarus than us”

As soon as the voice fell, someone defected: “That’s true.

It has been practiced.”

“Yes, you can see it at a glance in the character set she drew in the crisis experiment.

I quite like it.”

But there were still people who dared not hand over such an important matter to Shi Ran: “No, how long has she been here I’m afraid she doesn’t understand the core of our game or any of us here.”

“That’s what happened, so I still prefer Sister Yuan to do the surgery herself.”

For a while, the conference room was divided into two factions about who should be handed over to Icarus.

Seeing this, Zhou Yuan tapped the table with the pen in her hand and said, “The old way, raise your hands to vote.”

“Agree with Shi Ran’s raised hand.”

saying that Zhou Yuan took the lead in raising her hand.

The people who had just stood beside Shi Ran raised their hands one after another.

Then a strange scene happened—except for Chen Ruoyu, who had not spoken.

There were eight people in the conference room, and there were four standing Shi Ran.

That was a draw.

This time, the meeting room that had been discussed fiercely just now quieted down.

Zhou Yuan hadn’t spoken for a long time.

Everyone looked at me and I looked at you, looking at each other as if thinking about whether to defect.

A slender and slender hand was slowly raised on the ppt projection.

Chen Ruoyu, who just sat in the main seat without saying a word, raised her hand and said calmly, “Shi Ran.”

When the words fell, no one dared to oppose Chen Ruoyu.

Zhou Yuan looked at Chen Ruoyu beside her, pursed her lower lip slightly, and summarized today’s meeting.

Chen Ruoyu resumed her silent state as if she came to the meeting today to cast this vote.

At the end of the meeting, Zhou Yuan and Chen Ruoyu came out together with indescribable smiles in their eyes.

The two kept a strange silence and came to the pantry, but they saw a familiar figure inside.

Shi Ran was taking her coffee from her ceramic mug.

Zhou Yuan smiled, even more, when she saw Shi Ran: “Congratulations, Xiao Ran.”

Shi Ran was puzzled.

Half of her face covered by the coffee cup was full of doubts.

“You design Icarus, one of the main characters.” Zhou Yuan explained.

Shi Ran was overjoyed: “Really Sister Zhou Yuan!”

Zhou Yuan nodded.

“Of course, I’ll go to my office later, and I’ll tell you about it.”

“Okay!” Shi Ran’s tone was full of joy, “Thank you, Sister Zhou Yuan.”

Zhou Yuan pointed to Chen Ruoyu, who was standing aside.

“You should thank her.”

Only then did Shi Ran notice that Chen Ruoyu had also been standing here.

Looking at each other, there was always some embarrassment that couldn’t be said.

Seeing this, Zhou Yuan left the tearoom with great interest.

Chen Ruoyu looked at Shi Ran like this.

With a white wrist on her sleeve, she stretched out her hand and said, “Gift.”


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