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Chapter 25 – She seemed to realize that she could also be willful

The light outside the window made the snow look beautiful, the noise of the off-duty troops faded away, and the tranquility of the original painting group returned.

Shi Ran just looked at Chen Ruoyu’s shadow on the computer, so close that she could even feel the other person’s body temperature.

Her sitting posture was much more upright than before.

Her arms were pressed together, somewhat unnaturally stiff.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t seem to notice Shi Ran’s reaction, and continued without distraction: “Do the six wings look more imposing than the two wings”

When Shi Ran heard the words, she refocused her attention on the place Chen Ruoyu pointed at and thought for a moment: “It’s true.”

Just before she finished speaking, she said hesitantly, “But according to myths and legends, his wings should stand on his arms.

If he changed it to six wings, it would look like it came out of his back.”

“It doesn’t have to be according to the myth.

You can dig it out according to the copywriting set by the plan.” Chen Ruoyu disagreed.

She put the iron box in her hand on Shi Ran’s table, opened it, and said, “Do you want to eat”

The transparent and compact plastic bag appeared in Shi Ran’s line of sight, and she recognized at a glance that it was a sandwich biscuit or her favorite salted egg yolk flavor.

Shi Ran took the biscuits in surprise and said, “How do you know I want to eat them” You are a lifesaver.

Thank you, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Compared to Shi Ran’s somewhat exaggerated thanks, Chen Ruoyu’s tone seemed a little indifferent.

However, behind the invisible, her eyes were always on Shi Ran, and she cherished her reaction to the little biscuits she sent in her eyes.

After listening to Chen Ruoyu’s suggestion, Shi Ran reopened the copy of Icarus and stared thoughtfully at the few keywords she had drawn.

Chen Ruoyu just stood behind Shi Ran and watched her silently.

The original painting group fell into silence again, but this time there was a monotonous and slow cracking sound of cookies, and the silence was also lively.

With the assistance of snacks, Shi Ran was like a god.

After being silent for a while, her serious eyes lit up.

As if thinking of something, she suddenly turned her head to look at Chen Ruoyu beside her, and said, “Actually, it can be changed to a bird skeleton on his back, and then his arms can be wings, and the bird skeleton can also have wings.

How many wings are there Isn’t that what we can do as we want”

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu nodded in approval.

The problem that trapped Shi Ran was solved, and her eyes looking at Chen Ruoyu were even more curved.

The bright light fell from the top of the two of them.

Shi Ran’s tongue entwined with the taste of salted egg yolk and the cold fragrance of Chen Ruoyu, and the gaze between the four eyes added a lot of indescribable feelings.

She didn’t know if it was because of the name “Icarus”.

Shi Ran suddenly felt that the feeling she just communicated with Chen Ruoyu was the same as when she communicated with the gold master’s father before, comfortable and natural.


A faint voice came from the quiet original painting group at this moment.

Shi Ran knew it was her stomach that protested that the owner had just fed her a little food and then stopped, looking at Chen Ruoyu in front of her, a little embarrassed.

“Didn’t have dinner” Chen Ruoyu asked.

Shi Ran nodded resignedly.

“Where do you want to eat” Chen Ruoyu asked and helped Shi Ran pick up the coat she put aside.

Shi Ran obediently put on a coat with the help of Chen Ruoyu and said with expectant eyes, “Nana’s snack street Okay”

“Okay.” Chen Ruoyu agreed, watching Shi Ran put on her coat and handing her the bag on the table.

Although it had entered winter, the snack street in Nanwan was still brightly lit.

Chen Ruoyu parked the car, and Shi Ran got out of the car neatly.

The aroma rushed to Shi Ran wave after wave on the winter night when the air was almost stagnant and her empty stomach was already ready to move.

Shi Ran was well-versed in the road.

She walked straight ahead with Chen Ruoyu as if she had a purpose.

Looking at the surrounding antique buildings that were renovated last year, she said with emotion, “You haven’t come back for so many years.

Do you still remember this place”

Before going abroad, Chen Ruoyu seldom came to this kind of place and was very unfamiliar with it.

She looked at the snacks in the surrounding windows and said, “You like it here very much.”

“Yes, there’s a lot of delicious food here, and it’s cheap.” Shi Ran nodded and walked into a frying shop that looked a little old.

The heavy curtains used to keep out the cold in winter were lifted from the outside, and the two people who were busy in the store following the door collided with each other.

Shi Ran carried the curtain and let Chen Ruoyu go in first, and then followed behind her and shouted to the people in the room familiarly: “Boss, one portion of fresh meat, one portion of shrimp, one portion of crabmeat, and two bowls of duck blood.

Fan soup.”

Shi Ran remembered something again and turned to look at Chen Ruoyu, who was beside her: “Do you eat coriander”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head, and Shi Ran then added: “You don’t need coriander for duck blood vermicelli soup, otherwise I’ll be in a hurry with you.”

When the boss, who was busy in front of the counter, heard this, she immediately raised her head with a sullen look.

But when she saw that the person who was talking was Shi You, her expression instantly turned cloudy, and she exclaimed, “Okay.”

Then she explained the matter in her hands to her subordinates and walked to Shi Ran’s table: “But I haven’t seen you for a while.”

“There’s been a lot of things going on recently, so I’ll come to you when I’m free today.” Shi Ran smiled.

The boss smiled contentedly when he heard the words, and out of the corner of his eye, he noticed this Chen Ruoyu brought by Shi Ran, who was a little out of place here.

The boss was gossipy.

Looking at the raw face, he asked jokingly, “Hey, has it been replaced”

Shi Ran looked at Chen Ruoyu, who was wiping chopsticks expressionlessly across from her, and hurriedly yelled at the boss, then changed the subject and said, “It’s true that the split is true.”

When the words fell, Chen Ruoyu’s eyes flashed a hint of loss, but the boss’s facial features were all smiling.

With a look of celebration for Shi Ran’s escape from the sea of misery, she rejoiced for Shi Ran: “It’s a good deal, it’s a good deal! I told you a long time ago that the little girl is not a good person.

You still don’t believe it.

As she said that, the boss repeated several words of “It’s good,” until the guy at the counter couldn’t hold back and called her, and left a sentence, “Come next time when there are fewer people, tell me about it”, and then she refused.

She left Shi Ran’s table.

“Come here often” Chen Ruoyu asked when she looked at the boss, who was far away.

“Well, I came here often in high school.” Shi Ran said.

The box of memories was also opened.

“Did I tell you that when I transferred to my senior year in high school, I just returned to my father from my grandmother’s place”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head slightly, sitting opposite Shi Ran like a good listener.

Shi Ran was also watching Chen Ruoyu, and in this lively scene, she recalled the bad things in the past: “My grandmother died, and there was no way I could be sent home.

Yes, but there’s no way.

I’m not an adult, and he’s my guardian, so the village head pressured him to do this.

“I didn’t deal with him when I got home.

I wished I could only go back at night when I went to bed, get up early in the morning and go to the school gate to buy food, eat in the cafeteria at noon, and have dinner here.

I’m here, and I can still do my homework here with a piggyback.

Maybe it’s really because of that.

No matter how bitter the thing had become, she could laugh when she recalled it.

Shi Ran thought about it, and the fox’s eyes curled up, and she said, “I remember he was only in his twenties.

It’s been seven or eight years, and I’ve watched him grow this shop little by little.

Married a woman and had a child.

The little girl in his family is very cute.

I even gave her a big red envelope for the New Year last year!”

The lights in the raw fry shop were dazzling, and Chen Ruoyu watched Shi Ran’s face change from a low expression to the usual bright, dull pain in her heart.

It was like the silver bracelet on Shi Ran’s hand.

In her past, which she had never experienced or even understood, many, many unpleasant things seemed to have happened.

She didn’t seem to have a happy life in the past, and she seemed to have a hard time at home.

But she was so bright, like a little sun that warms everyone around her.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the person in front of her with deep eyes and mumbled, “It’s getting better.”

“Yes.” Shi Ran also nodded, as if to cheer herself up, looking around at the fireworks in this store, and said, “Just like this store, it will get better and better.”

Shi Ran was still a little unfulfilled after coming out of the fried store.

There was a long, long queue at the grilled chicken feet shop diagonally across from the frying shop.

Shi Ran looked around for a while, a little hesitant.

I wanted to eat, but I was a little embarrassed to ask Chen Ruoyu to line up with her.

Chen Ruoyu also noticed Shi Ran’s gaze towards the roast chicken feet shop and asked, “Want to eat”

“Yeah.” Shi Ran nodded honestly, then changed her habitual words and said, “But it’s fine if you don’t buy it.”

There were always some people who had been eliminated from their lives by themselves, but the habits they had left behind could not be eliminated immediately.

In the past few years with Song Yi, Shi Ran never expected Song Yi to accommodate herself.

She knew that Song Yi would not agree, and she would even be angry with her.

Over time, Shi Ran had also developed such a habit with others.

She could accommodate others, and if she allowed others to accommodate her, she would feel a sense of guilt.

Only this time was different.

As soon as Shi Ran’s voice fell, she saw Chen Ruoyu walking forward without hesitation.

She realized she knew that Chen Ruoyu was going to the chicken feet shop, so she said she wanted to eat.

She was a little surprised by this move, and she forgot to lift her heels for a while.

At this moment, Chen Ruoyu also stopped, turned around with some doubt, looked at Shi Ran, who was standing still, and asked, “Don’t go”

The crowd around her came and went, and Chen Ruoyu just stood in the center of Shi Ran’s sight.

Originally, all kinds of noise echoed in the quiet night.

Everyone was noisy, and only Chen Ruoyu looked at herself lightly.

The night wind blew her long hair floating, and the black coat that originally had a sense of alienation exuded a reliable sense of security in the moonlit night.

Chen Ruoyu’s expression was extraordinarily calm as if she should accompany her to the long line to buy chicken feet rather than be accommodating.

Shi Ran couldn’t say what she felt for a while, but at least it wasn’t the frustration she felt when she thought she couldn’t eat chicken feet.

She seemed to realize that she could also be willful, smiled sincerely, and walked toward Chen Ruoyu lightly, “Of course, I will.”


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