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Chapter 3 – Shi Ran suddenly felt that her cheeks were hot, and her throat was tight

Shi Ran’s gaze towards Chen Ruoyu couldn’t be ignored for a moment, but sunlight also sent Chen Ruoyu’s eyes to her pupils.

Eyes facing each other, silence was better than sound.

Chen Ruoyu was still as cold as she had been when she saw her this morning.

Sun Lian became more arrogant as she smiled and was flattered by the side.

Shi Ran couldn’t have imagined that the person who said this morning that there would be no future in the future was now standing in front of her, and she had become a new leader who had been given high hopes by her.

After saying hello to the art team, Sun Lian led Chen Ruoyu and his party towards the conference room.

As the sound of the last high-heeled shoes hitting the floor disappeared, the people who had just pretended to sit at their workstations started talking.

Xiao Ba took Shi Ran’s arm and said excitedly, “I’ll just say she’s a beautiful woman!”

A Jiu also slid her chair to Shi Ran’s side and said, “Did you see that Sun Shiren’s dog-legged look, tsk.”

The two guardians, one on the left and one on the right, were all excited about the new leader, but Shi Ran was not as excited as she had heard a few days ago about the possibility of changing the group.

Usually, things like last night are in the past, but Shi Ran’s intuition told her that this matter between her and Chen Ruoyu would never just pass.

Xiao Ba looked at Shi Ran, who seemed to be very calm, and was very puzzled: “Hey, Aran.

You were not more excited than us when we met beautiful women.

How did you become calm after breaking up with your girlfriend Were you planning to become a monk with few desires “

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba’s mouth, which was even more unforgiving than herself, and felt a pain in her heart.

Then she stretched out her hand and twisted Xiao Ba’s soft little face angrily, and said, “What am I so excited about I saw this face in my class every day in high school.

The person who spoke was calm, but the person who listened was full of surprise.

Hearing this, Xiao Ba’s almond eyes widened, and she looked at Shi Ran in disbelief, and her voice couldn’t help but rise: “A! Oh my God, wouldn’t it be easy for you to transfer to her studio Something happened “

Little Eight folded his hands and begged towards the blue sky outside the window: “When will God give me a high school classmate and boss Believers will mix meat and vegetables for a lifetime.

It’s just that Xiao Ba was interrupted by Shi Ran before she made her wish: “Just your wish.

Even if God hears it, he can’t help punishing you.”

Xiao Ba pursed her lips in dissatisfaction, but A Jiu asked again, “Then how is your relationship with Chen Ruoyu”

Seeing that A Jiu finally had an idea, Shi Ran smiled and said, “In the words of our class, it is…”

“Sister in love” Xiao Ba quickly replied.

Shi Ran: “Fire and water are incompatible.”

As the saying goes, it’s hard to pass the test.

Shi Ran chose the best time of the morning to show Sun Shiren and his sister her revised character design and prayed that Sun Nian would be enlightened this time.


When Sun Nian’s voice resounded in the quiet office, Shi Ran’s hope was instantly extinguished.

She was still as arbitrary as she was in the past, and she didn’t care about the theme of the skin design this time; she just commanded according to her preferences: “I told you many times, this color scheme is too dark, it should be brighter.

What about the blood Change everything.

Shi Ran looked at the skin on the computer that had been changed a bit off-topic by herself, and couldn’t help but argue: “Sister Nian, this blood is deducting the copywriting over their planning.

No matter how bright and beautiful it is, it’s not this theme.”

Sun Nian’s face was displeased when she heard the words, and she used her usual tone to overwhelm people with her position: “Are you the main beauty or am I the main beauty What do you know Just do as I say! This is what you painted.

It was bloody, and the children were scared to cry when they saw it.

Shi Ran was not a person who could hold back her voice.

Seeing Sun Nian giving instructions again and again, she still opened her mouth: “You are the master beauty, but you can’t use your entire age to request a crisis experiment.

The login page of a crisis experiment.

It says “16 ” and the selling point is that it’s weird and terrifying.”

It’s just that before Shi Ran’s words were finished, Sun Nian interrupted her by slapping the table: “Shi Ran, are you teaching me to do things”

The voice fell, and the atmosphere in the office became tense.

Shi Ran and Sun Nian looked at each other, showing no signs of giving in.

She thought that even if she was about to be fired today, she would have to say this.

The entire art team has been suffering for a long time, and if the game continues like this, an accident must occur.

It was at this moment that the door of the office was pushed open from the inside.

“What’s the matter I can hear your discussion from a distance.

” Sun Lian looked at the two opposite people in the room.

His tone was so gentle that it didn’t look like him.

Before Shi Ran was surprised by Sun Lian’s uncharacteristic appearance, she saw Chen Ruoyu also standing at the door of the office.

The warm sunlight fell on her face from the window on one side of the corridor.

It was cold and calm, making it impossible to guess her emotions.

It’s just that Shi Ran could infer from Sun Lian’s words just now that they stopped when they heard the voice from the office when they were passing by.

“We have some disagreements about the draft.

It’s not a big deal.

” Sun Nian explained.

Sun Lian nodded and explained to Sun Nian: “Yes, Director Chen doesn’t know.

This is a characteristic of our side.

We don’t have any pretense of superiors and subordinates, often talking and talking.

When we get emotional, the voice will be loud.


It’s just that Sun Lian and Sun Nian’s explanation fell flat, and Chen Ruoyu didn’t give them the slightest look.

She glanced lightly at Shi Ran, who was standing beside her, and then gave a look to the woman beside her.

The woman immediately looked at her heart and nose and said to Sun Nian in a calm voice: “Can I have a look I am also an old player in the crisis experiment, and I am a little curious about the next event.

“Okay, let Miss Zhou also advise and give advice.” Before Sun Nian nodded, Sun Lian hurriedly agreed and introduced, “Xiao Nian, this is the main beauty of Director Chen’s side, Zhou Yuan.”

Hearing this, Sun Nian nodded again and again and let Zhou Yuan come over.

Sun Lian also took advantage of the situation to invite Chen Ruoyu in and sat on the sofa beside him.

The waiting time was always a little tense, but it was not as difficult as before.

Chen Ruoyu’s arrival was like a ray of fresh wind passing through the hot winter room, instantly dissipating the manic-depressive tension in the office just now.

Sun Nian’s office always had an indescribable scent of perfume.

It was too delicate to reach and was inferior, but not.

Shi Ran was sensitive to smells and felt extremely uncomfortable every time she stayed there.

It’s just that this time was a little different from usual.

Shi Ran smelled a few wisps of comforting fragrance in the messy perfume, like wisteria growing on her wrist.

appropriately to appease her impulsive emotions.

Although Shi Ran didn’t pay attention to Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting next to her, she knew it was her smell.

“Actually, as a player, I know that what attracts me most to the crisis experiment is the weird and terrifying world.

If the blood is also removed, it may not attract me.

” Zhou Yuan’s tone was still gentle, but her opinions were sharp.

“The game The style of painting has already been set in the early days of exploration, and now it will continue step by step, and there will be no problems.

It is best to consider innovation.

Sun Nian could hear the meaning of Zhou Yuan’s words and be momentarily dumbfounded.

She hadn’t been reminded of this by her brother, so she could just give up her anger at Shi Ran, waved her hand, and said, “That’s it.

There’s no need to change it.”

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded, a rare sigh of relief in her heart.

“I have nothing to do with you here.

Go back to work.

” Sun Lian said.

When Shi Ran heard this, she took her USB flash drive from Zhou Yuan, nodded slightly to the people in the room, and turned to leave.

It’s just that the man walked gracefully and calmly when she nodded and left, and the next second the frosted glass door was closed, it was revealed.

Shi Ran’s slender arm drew a line in the air, and a few people from the workstation not far away who were looking towards her laughed instantly.

In the busy and tense art group, Shi Ran was like a unique color.

She was in full bloom in the sun, like a poppy, bright red and burning hot.

Chen Ruoyu gently stirred the coffee with the coffee stick and looked at the back quietly until she disappeared.

The whole art team saw what happened just now.

Shi Ran was just sitting back at her desk when she was pulled by Xiao Ba to gossip: “This is the old classmate you are talking about I see they don’t deal with you so badly.

They even helped you out.

“Active” Shi Ran was puzzled by Xiao Ba’s words.

“Yea, when you clashed with Sun Nian, they just came out of the conference room, and Director Chen stopped.” A Jiu said, “Sun Shiren wanted to fight, but Director Chen glanced over, and Sun Shiren looked at her.

It’s wilted, and it looks old and cool.

“Sun Shiren has always protected her sister, and finally they can be deflated once!”

“No, I think our crisis has stabilized, and I want her sister to retire. I can go to you.

Everyone enthusiastically attacked the Sun Shiren brothers and sisters, but Shi Ran was distracted.

Did Chen Ruoyu come to relieve herself just now

How could it be

Doesn’t she hate herself

Shi Ran couldn’t help but recall meeting Chen Ruoyu at the bar yesterday.

Shi Ran didn’t go to the bar very often, and she just wanted to indulge yesterday.

But she didn’t want to meet Chen Ruoyu there either.

So she walked towards her with a vodka martini, her brown suede skirt swaying in the dazzling light.

Shi Ran couldn’t tell whether it was because she was drunk and her eyes couldn’t focus, or whether this person was so amazing that she was a little lost.

She just felt that this person was exuding a cold and aloof feeling all over her body, which was incompatible with this decadent bar, but unique and attractive.

Shi Ran didn’t know why she kissed Chen Ruoyu, but when she was a little more conscious, she had already pressed Chen Ruoyu against the wall outside the bathroom.

Chen Ruoyu had just had a drink, and there was a bit of martini sweetness on her lips.

At first, Shi Ran just took a sip.

The alcohol was spicy, but the man’s lips were soft.

It was like a pyre that was already dry to the extreme and it was out of control with a single stroke.

“Shi Ran…”

The name Chen Ruoyu was called when she was in a daze and brushed Zai Shi Ran’s ears.

She didn’t know if the room was too warm or for some other reason.

Shi Ran suddenly felt her cheeks were hot and her throat was astringent.

Looking at Xiao Ba and the others who were still discussing passionately, she secretly pulled out the cigarette case hidden in the small cabinet on the desktop, got up, and walked outside, pretending to have nothing to do.

Shi Ran smoked, but she was not addicted to smoking.

She only smokes one when her mood fluctuates.

She didn’t like to go to the company’s smoking room.

There were always some big men in it.

The smoke seemed to be stuffed into the firewood pile that had just been put out, which was very choking.

She liked to go to the rooftop terrace.

There were a few people there, and you could overlook the entire software park, which was a good place to relax.

Shi Ran always thought that this rooftop was her little world, but this time she came to the rooftop and found that there was one more person there.

The sun in winter was always bright, without excess temperature, and the incandescent light illuminated the entire world.

There was still snow left on the rooftop that had not yet melted from the first snow of the past few days.

Chen Ruoyu was standing in the middle of the small white patch.

Perhaps after hearing a hoarse voice, Chen Ruoyu, turned her head.

Before Shi Ran could withdraw her gaze, Chen Ruoyu’s gaze locked on her silently.


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