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Chapter 30 – “When the sun comes out, the ice turns into water.”

Shi Ran’s words changed the ending that she thought was set.

Da Xiong watched and couldn’t help clapping his hands.

“Ox, Ox.”

“Why do I feel like I’ve hit something” Xiao Ba, who witnessed the scene just now, looked at Shi Ran in disbelief, “I don’t think you are just old classmates Do you have something else to do”

Shi Ran was heartbroken when she heard it.

Her concealment from Xiao Ba was not only about the secret she had with Chen Ruoyu that night but also about the fact that she was getting closer and closer to Chen Ruoyu these days.

And the kiss between the two of them on Chen Ruoyu’s birthday.

Ambiguous things were most likely to lead to speculation.

Shi Ran pretended to close the window calmly and left a word for Xiao Ba: “Go.”

Xiao Ba also felt that her guess just now was a little impossible and said nothing else.

The main reason was that Chen Ruoyu came up.

The car that was still floating with the smell of gossip was instantly frozen and precipitated.

Everyone greeted Chen Ruoyu obediently, sat on the seats, and secretly paid attention to where their boss was going to sit, including Xiao Ba, who had always been gossipy.

It was just a coincidence that she stuffed herself in her bag and put a U-shaped pillow around her neck, and a shadow fell on top of her head.

Chen Ruoyu walked from the front of the car and stopped in the last row where Shi Ran was.


Shi Ran’s attention was attracted by Xiao Ba’s greeting.

She raised her head to pack up and looked at Chen Ruoyu.

Their eyes met.

Neither of the two said a word, but they seemed to talk to each other.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes were pitch-black, and there seemed to be some displeasure after being disturbed by the coldness.

Shi Ran was not afraid at all but had a petite little temperament, looking at this woman who looked like a queen arrogantly and arrogantly.

The two were still looking at each other, but Xiao Ba had neatly arranged her things and moved her family and mouth to the vacant seat on the other side: “Boss, you sit here, I sit there, I get motion sickness.

Gotta lean against the window.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer, just waited for Xiao Ba to leave and sat next to Shi Ran without saying a word.

Everyone seemed to have noticed that Chen Ruoyu was in a bad mood.

A strange silence reverberated in the carriage, and Shi Ran was sitting there holding her bag full of snacks, adhering to the principle that the enemy would not move and I would not move.

“Oh, just wait for me.

I’m sorry, master, we can go.” Zhou Yuan’s voice came from the front door of the car with an apology on her face.

“I just got on the phone with the hot spring, and we can see the fireworks show tonight without going out.”

“Fireworks show! I haven’t watched fireworks for a long time.”

“How long has this been banned from burning I miss it so much.”

“Sure enough, leaving my boyfriend was the right choice!”

Zhou Yuan’s words were like an unfriendly atmosphere destroyer, shattering the strange atmosphere in the carriage.

The car started in the excitement of everyone’s discussion, and the snow and holly on both sides of the road quickly retreated.

Shi Ran listened to the voices of everyone talking in the carriage but still couldn’t hold back.

Looking at Chen Ruoyu in the corner of her eye, she asked, “Why have I ruined your good deeds”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly.

Before Shi Ran could say the word “perfunctory,” she continued to explain: “I remembered I didn’t water the cactus yesterday, so I went back to the office to water it, and I ran into that person.”

I’m going to get in your car from the start.

I’m just thinking about getting her fired from HR.”

Chen Ruoyu turned to look at Shi Ran, who was sitting beside her.

Her words were cold and straightforward, with seriousness written on her expressionless face as if the warm wind blowing from her head at the moment melted all the little awkwardness in Shi Ran’s heart.

Therefore, the sullenness I saw just now was not because of myself, but of that ignorant woman.

However, Shi Ran was still a little angry just now when Chen Ruoyu looked at her with such fierce eyes.

Her mouth was tightly closed and she didn’t speak again.

At that moment, the sound of a plastic bag rubbing came from Shi Ran’s ear, and the zigzag pattern lightly ran across the back of her hand.

Chen Ruoyu stuffed what was in Shi Ran’s hand, and remembered, “Hey.”

Shi Ran lowered her head when she heard the sound.

It was the egg yolk-filled biscuits she gave her that day.

Shi Ran looked at it, held the plastic outer packaging and waved it in Chen Ruoyu’s sight, and asked with a smile, “Want to bribe me”

“No” Chen Ruoyu asked back.

When Shi Ran heard the words, she arched her nose and spread out her empty hands to signal: “Of course, not enough.”

Chen Ruoyu immediately grabbed a large handful from her pocket and put a pile of cookies in Shi Ran’s hand.

Halfway through the journey, the excitement and noise of the carriage at the beginning turned into a recharged silence.

No one noticed what kind of ambiguous drama was being played in the last row of the carriage, and Zhou Yuan just sat on the side and closed her eyes.

Xiao Ba bit the spicy dried fish and looked at Zhou Yuan strangely.

“Sister Zhou Yuan, what are you laughing at”

Zhou Yuan took off her blindfold, turned to look at Xiao Ba, and said playfully, “I think the weather is great today, and the ice has melted away.”

The voice fell, and Chen Ruoyu next door paused while holding the water glass.

And Zhou Yuan, who was only one step away from Chen Ruoyu, just saw her reaction, and then asked, “Xiao Ba, do you know what the best thing for ice is”

Xiao Ba didn’t know the deep meaning of Zhou Yuan’s words, and replied stupidly: “The sun.

Look at the sun today; the sky is getting warmer.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in approval.

“Yes, the sun.”

“When the sun comes out, the ice turns into water.”

As she said that, she leaned her head back on the back of the chair and glanced at Chen Ruoyu next door.

However, seeing this woman’s eyes were heavy, her face was full of sullen anger after being ridiculed, but there was no way to retaliate.

The car quickly took the group to the Hot Spring Villa.

Shi Ran did not live in the same room as Xiao Ba as previously assigned, but went to her and Zhou Yuan’s rooms with Chen Ruoyu.

Zhou Yuan didn’t explain the specific reason to herself, but when she walked away with Xiao Ba, she vaguely expressed that Chen Ruoyu was angry with her.

Shi Ran was extremely suspicious about this.

Chen Ruoyu’s room was the same as everyone’s reservation, and you could see everything at a glance when you entered the door.

The two enormous soft beds were covered with white sheets, and behind the door was a small hot spring courtyard with hot steam.

“It’s not my illusion.

Why do I feel that I’m getting warmer and warmer after coming here” Shi Ran said while fanning the wind while holding the room’s travel brochure.

“The temperature near the warm area is indeed higher than other places.” Chen Ruoyu explained.

“I see.” Shi Ran nodded, and while speaking, she took off the red coat on her body.

After the conversation ended, the room fell silent.

The two of them packed their things in the room like this, and the two people moved in two lines, but they did not bump into each other in a tacit agreement.

After a long while, Shi Ran sat on her bed sorting the clothes she brought and remembered Zhou Yuan’s initiative to change rooms.

She turned her head thoughtfully to look at Chen Ruoyu, who was still packing her things, and mumbled, “Chen Ruoyu.”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the sound, she immediately stopped the movements in her hand and looked up at Shi Ran.

Shi Ran licked her lips lightly and said slowly, “I think.

Someone in our studio wants to develop an office romance.”

Shi Ran said it seriously, and in her dark pupils was written a certainty that seemed to understand everything.

Chen Ruoyu looked at her like this.

Her calm and indifferent heart shook violently for the first time.

Could it be that this change of room was too deliberate

Or was it too obvious that she was too nice to her when she was on the road just now

Or when she heard her let her in the car, her smile was seen by her

She thought she had done a good job of covering up, but she didn’t want to have so many flaws in just one day.

She was not a very good hunter.

It was just rare that Chen Ruoyu had such a guilty conscience but was still shot by Shi Ran.

This cunning little fox in the past was now extraordinarily slow.

Looking at Chen Ruoyu, she vowed to say: “I think Sister Zhou Yuan has something to do with Xiao Ba!”

“Look at the room.

Change this time.

I bet last time that her relationship with Xiao Ba was very close! Does Sister Zhou Yuan like Xiao Ba”

Shi Ran stretched her fingers and counted carefully, and Chen Ruoyu relaxed her hand on the edge of the fold.

She continued to pack her things and replied lightly, “I don’t know.”

“I knew you would say that.” Shi Ran put down the folded clothes in her hand, dissatisfied, looked at the necklace she gave to Chen Ruoyu around her neck, and complained, “Ice cubes.”

Just hearing the person in front of her say that she had ice cubes, Chen Ruoyu, who had never tolerated the offense, smiled.

She was indeed not a superb hunter.

But this little fox just looks smart.

Shi Ran had fewer things than Chen Ruoyu, and she cleaned up faster than she had.

She looked at the things she had put away, picked up the toiletries she brought with satisfaction, and said to Chen Ruoyu, “I want to take a bath.

When I came up, I was sweating badly, and the hot springs wouldn’t be fragrant later.

It smells good.

Do you want to use the bathroom now”

“No.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

“Okay, then I’ll go in.” Shi Ran said and walked into the bathroom with her things in her arms.

The sun approaching noon cast the brightest sunlight in the winter into the room, and with the lights in the bathroom, Shi Ran’s undressed figure was projected on the frosted glass, which was a smooth line like a shallow mountain.

Compared to the feeling that I only measured with my fingers under the hazy night, this overly lucid candor was even more heart-warming.

Chen Ruoyu just raised her head and glanced.

Her eyes stagnated for a moment.



The sound of running water opened at the same time as the phone call sounded, pulling Chen Ruoyu out of the dazed chaos.

She took out her mobile phone from her pocket but found that the screen of her mobile phone was black, and the phone that was placed on the bed by Shi Ran not far away was beating a series of numbers.

The caller was an unfamiliar number, not marked with a name, and there was no sign that it was an advertising promotion.

It was simply marked as a local number in the city of S.

Chen Ruoyu was worried about some important call from Shi Ran, so she answered it for her, “Hello, hello.”

But she didn’t want the person on the other end to call out her name with only these three words: “Ah Yu Why is Shi Ran’s cell phone here with you”

It was Song Yi.


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