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Chapter 33 – But the stars were also afraid of falling.

Shi Ran looked at the message Shi Yu sent him and immediately called her: “What’s the matter Did you tell him that”

“It’s not what I said, sister.” Shi Yu shouted, “I was passing by the study just now, and I heard Lao Shi talking to our mother, overheard, and said that I will talk to you when you come back.”

Shi Yu said, and then asked cautiously: “Sister, will you come back then”

The lights along the way flashed from Shi Ran’s eyes one by one, illuminating her looming disappointment.

She licked her lower lip and asked, “Do you want me to go back”

Shi Yu hesitated for a moment, and said, “I don’t want you to go back.

We can meet anytime, but now you’re going to quarrel with Lao Shi if you can’t make it home.

I don’t want you to have such a bad year.”

Shi Yu’s words were like a little warm light in the winter, which warmed Shi Ran’s cold heart.

She smiled and said contentedly, “Okay, your sister, I am thrilled with your words.

My mother made me a squirrel mandarin fish.

I have to go back and eat it again.

Taxis are also very expensive.

The driver of this taxi was not too talkative.

All the way, the car was quiet.

The lights in the carriage were flickering and darkening, like a harbinger of the coming storm.

When Shi Ran arrived home, Shi Yu was already squatting at the door waiting.

The boy happily put the phone in his pocket and greeted her: “Sister, you’re here.”

“Come on.” Shi Ran replied, looking at the clothes on Shi Yu’s body and complaining: “What clothes are you wearing this new year, mourning clothes”

Shi Yu pursed his lips in dissatisfaction, opened the door for Shi Ran, and said, “What, this is a trendy brand.

I collaborated with Ah Shan.

Do you understand the trend”

Shi Ran looked at Shi Yu’s body so that she couldn’t draw such an ugly pattern, and laughed and complained, “This trend is really ugly.”

The two of them exchanged glances at each other and saw Shi Haijun, who heard the wind, standing on the platform on the second floor.

He looked down at his daughter, who he hadn’t seen in nearly two years, and called out, “Shi Ran, come to the study.”

Shi Yu was a little worried and pulled Shi Ran’s wrist.


Shi Ran, adhering to the method of the soldiers coming to cover the water and the soil, patted Shi Yu’s hand, “Don’t worry.”

After that, she took the elevator and walked toward Shi Haijun’s study.

This family had not returned for two years, but it was becoming more and more luxurious and rich.

Shi Haijun, like every nouveau riche, started showing off his wealth and success without seeing much of the world.

The whole family was like an exhibition hall, which made people feel extremely stiff.

Shi Ran remained polite, knocked on the door, and walked into Shi Haijun’s study.

The entire study was even more exaggerated than in the past.

There was no elegance and elegance that she wanted to make, and there was only so-called lavishness piled up by large pieces of mahogany.

Shi Ran didn’t like it, so she lowered her eyes and said to the man sitting behind the mahogany table, “Dad, are you looking for me”

Shi Haijun looked at his well-dressed daughter, didn’t beat around the bush, came up, and said, “You broke up”

“Who told you” Shi Ran asked rhetorically.

Two words have already summed up the two people’s incomparable atmosphere.

Shi Haijun ignored Shi Ran’s question and asked, “Don’t care who told me, since you have broken up, go on a date with the son of the Wu family and then discuss marriage.”

Shi Ran endured for a while, but frowned, “Why”

“Because I am your father, because I am now for your good!” Shi Haijun said oppressively.

“For my good” Shi Ran pulled the corner of her lower lip and smiled at the man sitting opposite her, who had no fatherly love for her at all.

This man valued profit over justice, men over women, and would do anything to achieve his goals.

Although she only lived under the same roof as Shi Haijun for a year, she was the person in the family who could understand him the most.

Shi Ran didn’t want to show mercy to him, and asked frankly in this room with only the two of them, “Are you doing it for my good, or your company”

Shi Haijun didn’t expect that he would be pierced by Shi Ran’s mask of hypocrisy as soon as he came up, and asked angrily, “Then you don’t want to be because of me, or because you still like women”

“I’ve seen no one’s daughter with a woman.

You had to be with that little girl named Song at the beginning, after chasing her for seven years.

Didn’t you break up! Such a shameful act Is it the matter”

Shi Haijun’s words pierced directly into Shi Ran’s heart and pierced her beautiful fantasy about today’s home.

She looked at the stubborn and stubborn man in front of her like this and reminded: “Shame, Dad, now is the age of same-sex marriage.

I don’t think this is a shameful thing!”

Shi Haijun didn’t understand, and retorted: “You still don’t feel ashamed of liking women, do you! How could I have given birth to such a wicked obstacle as you”

Shi Ran felt a dull pain in her heart.

She thought she didn’t care for a long time, but her heart still hurt.

A bit of disappointment piled up in Shi Ran’s eyes, and she asked back, “Dad, don’t you like women too”

It was this rhetorical question that made Shi Haijun suddenly violent, and his generous palm slammed down on the table, “Bastard, am I the same as you”

“I’m a man, you’re a woman! The union of men and women is only natural.

You are against the rules of ethics! You are ashamed of our ancestors, the Shi family! Do you know!”

Shi Haijun’s tone was the same as when Shi Ran quarreled with him two years ago and when Shi Ran came out of the closet six years ago.

After a long time, she still couldn’t change and was not recognized by her family.

The literal definition of “home” has created a huge sense of separation from reality.

Once again, Shi Ran’s umbilical cord that was involved with this family was pulled hard.

Shi Ran suddenly found that the emotion she once replaced with indifference was reawakened at some point, and turned into disappointment after broken expectations.

She looked at Shi Haijun, who was separated by a mahogany desk, and her voice became extremely cold: “Dad, you forgot that when my mother gave birth to me, didn’t you already say that you were ashamed of your ancestors”

“Did you want me to be a boy Since you think I should be a boy, then I should like women.”

“Dad, I don’t understand.

Since I have already obeyed your wishes, why are you still so angry” Shi Ran raised her head and smiled at Shi Haijun.

Shi Ran’s smile was full of the cuteness that a child should have, but it looked extraordinarily out of place.

Shi Ran deliberately said such words to Shi Haijun.

She was using this almost mental self-mutilation method to embed her words into Shi Haijun’s heart.

The more unacceptable she was and the more she pressed herself to turn her head, the more she would entangle these things with her concerns.

Shi Haijun looked at it like a dog whose tail had been stepped on, patted the table, and roared, “Shi Ran! You shameless bastard! Listen to what you said!”

Shi Ran immediately suppressed the smile on her face when she heard the words and asked coldly, “My next act Then what are you”

“Don’t you think that what I’m doing now is what you were talking about when I was in my mother’s womb”

When Shi Haijun heard the words, his voice suddenly became louder than before, and he pointed at Shi Ran’s nose and scolded: “I gave birth to you to support you, and you have been brought up to sin, right I have raised you for twenty years.

Just let others come.

Are you watching Lao Tzu’s jokes”

Shi Ran had already prepared for Shi Haijun to look like this, followed his words, and nodded with a smile: “Yes.”

“You caused me to be what I am now.

You are ridiculed by others, and it is your fault.”

When a person’s refusal to accept is linked to the thing about which they care the most, it frequently leads to incompetence and rage.

Shi Haijun didn’t want to listen to what Shi Ran had to say anymore, so he clenched his fists and yelled at her, “Shut up, Lao Tzu!”

Time seemed to have pressed the pause button at this moment, pressing down on the chaos in the entire room.

The crystal ornament refracted the incandescent light, drawing a bright arc in the air and attacking the thin and unprepared man.

The sound of the crystal shattering was intertwined with the noisy and anxious footsteps downstairs.

Shi Ran fell to the ground, clutching her forehead, a strand of blood seeping from her fingers.

She admitted she had miscalculated, that she had forgotten that her father would use force if he could not speak.

But she didn’t regret it.

She was a fox and a hedgehog, and she had the genes of a lunatic in her bones.

If you were crazy, you would choose to duel people by stabbing others and yourself.

“What’s the matter! Why are you arguing again”

Mother Shi and Shi Yu, who heard the movement downstairs, rushed in suddenly.

Shi Yu saw Shi Ran sitting on the ground with crystal fragments scattered around her, and hurriedly helped her up: “Sister, are you alright”

Shi Ran was still a little stunned and followed Shi Yu without saying a word.

At this moment, Shi Yu’s pupils suddenly dropped: “Why is there blood, sister”

Mother Shi comforted her irritated husband, served him to eat quick-acting heart-saving pills, and looked at her injured daughter with a bit of annoyance: “Of course, are you talking back to your father again Yes, can’t you be more obedient”

Shi Ran covered her aching forehead and sneered, “Am I disobedient I’m just telling the truth.

“Ran Ran!”

It’s just that Shi Ran’s words to stimulate Shi Haijun were interrupted by Shi’s mother.

She looked at Shi Ran sullenly and said, “You have to make your father angry, right”

Shi Haijun, who was beside her, seemed to have regained his strength.

He pointed at Shi Ran and scolded: “If I knew you would be like this, I should have strangled you as soon as you were born!”

Shi Ran couldn’t bear it anymore and choked: “Then you are a murderer who deserves to be stabbed with a thousand swords!”

“You!” Shi Hai’s hands were shaking in anger.

Mother Shi hurriedly supported him and ordered Shi Ran, “Okay, of course, please apologize to your father.”

Indiscriminate, she just wanted to bow her head and calm things down.

Shi Ran still remembered that when Shi Yu University didn’t want to go abroad to make trouble with Shi Haijun, she rushed in crying to protect Shi Yu.

She was a dodder attached to a man.

In her heart, first was Shi Yu, then Shi Haijun, and then her mother’s brother and brother, and finally she was herself.

Shi Ran felt laughter in her heart.

She knew all this, but she still gave herself the right to give herself hope once.

She never imagined the phone call from the street just now that the knife her mother was stabbing at her was the hope she handed her at noon.

The disappointment in Shi Ran’s eyes had accumulated to the extreme, and she looked at Shi’s mother and Shi Haijun with deep eyes: “I shouldn’t have come back here today. I shouldn’t have expected anything from you.”

After saying that, she put aside Shi Yu’s hand to support her, and left without looking back.

Seeing this, Shi Yu wanted to chase after her, but Shi Haijun shouted, “Shi Yu, come back to me! If you dare to follow that out of this house today, try it!”

Shi Yu looked at his aloof father with anger in his eyes, but he still raised his feet and chased after Shi Ran.


Shi Ran watched Shi Yu chase her down, stopped at the door, stretched out her hand, and said, “Give me the car key.”

Shi Yu took the car keys out of his pocket and asked hesitantly, “Sister, where are you going Isn’t it New Year’s Eve”

Shi Ran raised her hand on her forehead and laughed at herself: “Can I still celebrate the New Year like this”

Shi Yu felt so uncomfortable when he heard this.

The family’s almost pedantic preference for herself and harshness toward Shi Ran were the ones she could see the most clearly, but she was also the most powerless.

She didn’t know if the years abroad made him more courageous.

He picked up the clothes at the entrance and said, “Sister, I’ll take you to the hospital.

I’ll accompany you to the New Year this year.”

Shi Ran heard what Shi Haijun shouted at Shi Yu in the study.

He didn’t expect Shi Yu to make such a choice, which warmed her heart a bit because of the coldness of this home.

But Shi Ran still didn’t choose the option that would bring trouble to Shi Yu.

She patted Shi Yu on the shoulder and tried to put a smile on her face: “It’s enough to have you go back.

It’s cold at night.

You wear so little, it’s freezing.

They should feel sorry for you again, and they want to strangle me even more.”


Shi Yu wanted to say something, but Shi Ran took his car key in one hand.

Shi Ran didn’t look back, pushed the door and walked towards the car with its headlights flashing twice, and said to Shi Yu behind her, “I’m leaving, don’t come to me.”

Tonight, the night outside the city was lonely.

There were no stars, and the moonlight was extraordinarily dim.

The night swallowed up all the light in the day and also swallowed up all the Shi Ran in Shi Yu’s sight.

The same goes for the night in the old town.

Because Chen Ruoyu returned to China this year and the family’s New Year’s Eve dinner was an enormous table, Chen Yuanshan, and Chen Shiwei both came.

The three brothers and sisters sat at the round table talking and laughing, and several juniors also talked about fashionable topics, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Except for Chen Ruoyu.

She felt uneasy in the morning and even more so in the afternoon.


At that moment, her phone vibrated on the dining table.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the names jumping on the table, quickly raised her hand to cover the screen, and got up and left the table.

Chen Yinbing noticed Chen Ruoyu’s action and looked dissatisfied.

Chen Ruoyu walked to the stairs and picked up Shi Yu’s call, and asked bluntly, “Shi Yu What’s wrong with your sister”

Shi Yu didn’t realize why Chen Ruoyu opened her mouth and guessed whether Shi Ran was in an accident, and said to her worriedly: “Sister Ruoyu, my sister had a fight with my dad and was smashed by my dad.

I’m being held at home by my dad.

Can you help me find my sister”

Listening to Shi Yu’s words, Chen Ruoyu felt that her heart was slammed.

She suppressed the anger in her heart and asked in a deep voice, “Do you know where she often goes”

“I don’t know…” Shi Yu shook her head and speculated randomly: “Maybe he’s going home; maybe he’s going to the mall, or the video game city.”

Chen Ruoyu felt that Shi Yu’s inference was unreliable, so she hung up the phone and hurried to the door.

Chen Shiwei saw Chen Ruoyu’s hurried appearance and hurriedly asked, “Ruoyu, where are you going for New Year’s Eve”

“There is something in the company that needs to be dealt with urgently.” Chen Ruoyu calmly prevaricated, put on her coat and boots in three or two, took out the keys in her pocket, and walked towards the garage.

Several people looked at the back of Chen Ruoyu leaving and sighed that this big company was difficult to do.

Chen Yinbing was sitting in the front seat.

His face was much gloomier than before.

New Year’s Eve in the remote villages in the eastern suburbs was more lively than in the city, and the lights lit in every household were wrapped in the smell of reunion.

The night wind blew over the already frozen lake, and it was all the piercing cold that was far away from the crowd.

The dry reeds were barely blown by the wind, and a vague figure could be vaguely seen on the shore.

The empty beer cans rolled with the wind a few times and hit the exposed stone buried in the mud.

Shi Ran sat alone by the lake, watching the intermittent sound of fireworks and firecrackers in the village on the other side.

She remembered she was also one of these firecrackers recently, and the little old lady was often shocked by her mischief.

But not so long ago, it was already years ago.

When she was chatting with Chen Ruoyu at the hot spring villa a few days ago, she still thought that she was a child who was not loved by others.

Yes, she was never loved by anyone…

Shi Ran sneered, raised her head, and took a sip of wine.

The fireworks set off by a family suddenly rose into the sky, and the red and yellow ones exploded into a ball.

Shi Ran didn’t know what to do and thought about Chen Ruoyu.

She wondered in her heart how wonderful it would be if this person could be by her side now…

“Shi Ran.”

A crisp voice rang out, along with the rustling of the reed poles.

Shi Ran was a little dazed, and her hand was tightening her grip on the beer can.

She couldn’t believe it, but she still looked in the voice’s direction with some hope.

The reeds swayed in the black world, and a second person appeared in the dimly lit world.

Chen Ruoyu pushed aside the reed pole and walked toward Shi Ran.

Her thin figure was abrupt in the vastness.

Eyes facing each other, silence was better than sound.

Chen Ruoyu saw that Shi Ran’s eyes were filled with tears and seemed to hide many stars.

But the stars were also afraid of falling.


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