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Chapter 35 – “Shi Ran, do you know that if the same thing happens again and again, it will happen again”

The house Shi Ran said did not refer to her house in the High-tech Zone, but the house her grandmother left to her after her death.

The city’s prohibition couldn’t control the countryside.

In the dark and quiet night in the city, it was bright and colorful.

The beginning of the new year was approaching, and many people who couldn’t hold back had already lit fireworks.

The sky outside the window flickered brightly and dimly in the constantly rising fireworks, and Chen Ruoyu’s cheeks also flickered in Shi Ran’s line of sight.

The shadows of the two of them overlapped and were reflected on the wall by the light of the fireworks.

The smell of alcohol made them both a little drunk, and the kiss was natural.

The initiative had now fallen into Chen Ruoyu’s hands compared to Shi Ran’s dominance just now.

She was deliberately suppressing her own rhythm, like the prelude to the beginning of a long play, and she kissed Shi Ran in small and heavy ways, like rubbing the delicate roses in her hands without pitying her already.

Suddenly, Shi Ran was bitten by Chen Ruoyu, and the hand that was wrapped around her waist was rubbed without pity: “Intentionally”

Chen Ruoyu laughed.

A bunch of huge fireworks rose into the air, and all the starlight fell on the window on the side of Shi Ran’s line of sight in an instant, and Chen Ruoyu was in this sea of stars.

Light and shadow did not hesitate to describe her beautiful figure, and every stroke was like a gift from God to mortals.

She stared at Shi Ran condescendingly like this.

Her cold eyes were slightly bent, and she said to Shi Ran with a bit of demagogic charm: “I want you to remember me.”

The house that had just been cleaned on the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month still smelled of the fragrance that Shi Ran often used, and the smell of Chen Ruoyu just blended into the smell that made Shi Ran feel relaxed, like a piece of perfume.

A rare paradise to find.

Chen Ruoyu hadn’t realized that her current words undoubtedly added another fire to Shi Ran’s original temptation.

She had no defense against Shi Ran, so when Shi Ran pulled her towards her, she had no defense at all, and she was easily dragged onto the bed by her body.

The rising aroma enveloped her, all of Shi Ran’s smell.

The whole family, including herself, was full of Shi Ran’s taste.

The expected storm didn’t come.

Shi Ran still hugged Chen Ruoyu’s slender waist, separated her from her, and watched her calmly.

After a moment, she leaned down, searched for her peach, turned her kiss onto her neck, and gently sniffed with the tip of her nose against her neck.

“I wanted to say it a long time ago.

You smell good.

” Shi Ran stroked Chen Ruoyu’s hair and whispered in her ear.

“Do you like it” Chen Ruoyu asked while looking at the person lying on her body.

Shi Ran bit her ear with a chuckle and replied, with a bit of drunkenness, “I really like it.”

I couldn’t tell whether it was a burst of electric current caused by the pain of the bite or this overly blunt admission, which instantly wiped out a fiery spark in the already dry winter.

Chen Ruoyu’s misty eyes became completely hot.

Blood rushed to her brain, and all the absurdity became no longer absurd.

The host on the TV said “Happy New Year” in unison, and the initially uneasy sky was suddenly covered with fireworks.

Chen Ruoyu raised her fair neck uncontrollably.

The dark pupils reflected the lights that overlapped side by side outside the window, brilliantly and madly.

Her pupils, covered with a layer of mist, shone brightly.

The voice that had been restrained still sounded at this moment and was integrated into this piece of madness from the night sky.

After midnight, the entire village re-entered tranquility.

Only the red firecracker skins piled on the ground and the fireworks that smelled of medicine were still guarding the smell of the new year.

The hazy moonlight from outside the window fell into the house through the glass.

The house had been remodeled by Shi Ran, and the heating was fully turned on.

Two people were able to sleep well because the room was warm.

In a trance, a pair of eyes opened into the dark.

Shi Ran didn’t dream, but was conscious but suddenly woke up.

The surroundings were quiet, and Shi Ran was enveloped in warmth and rare tranquility.

Shi Ran straightened her body slightly, and her heart settled down with the silence of the night.

For a moment, a gentle sense of breathing fell on Shi Ran’s face, which was especially obvious in this environment that was almost deprived of sight.

Only then did Shi Ran realize she was being embraced by Chen Ruoyu, and she turned her head slightly to look at Chen Ruoyu, who was asleep.

Some things are dependent on alcohol, but they also dare to be tossed with confidence.

But when she woke up, she didn’t dare face it with shame.

Shi Ran never thought that she and Chen Ruoyu would have a second chance.

The dark environment always makes people’s memories come alive.

Shi Ran thought it was not very accurate if it was said that this time was the second spring breeze.

Before she and Chen Ruoyu lay on the same bed for the second time, they had already kissed on the snowy riverside viewing platform, and the second spring breeze was almost brought forward in the guest room of the Hot Springs Villa.

Shi Ran bit her bruised, bloodshot lips gently.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu in her sleep like this and remembered the first morning when she was lying on the bed and secretly looking at Chen Ruoyu.

The light in the room was dim, but it was difficult to hide the appearance of Chen Ruoyu, who had been worshiped like a goddess since high school.

Compared with her publicity, Chen Ruoyu’s appearance was more introverted and cold.

She was the type with outstanding skin and bones.

Even if she wears this original face without makeup, she could go out and kill the crowd in seconds.

The person who thinks that she was “her mother’s face”.

Shi Ran liked that kind of appearance very much, and many of her paintings were full of such cool beauties.

Black hair and thin lips, a good figure, and a white gauze draped in a solitary beauty that made people want to approach and possess her.

Before meeting Chen Ruoyu, Shi Ran never imagined that one day she could spend a good night with such a beauty…

Shi Ran thought of that, and Shi Ran felt a slight heat on her cheeks.

The touch of the fingers passing over the warm skin re-condensed in her palm, with the pulse of her fingertips beating little by little.

“Wake up hungry”

It was that a crisp voice, which had eliminated the ambiguity, rang in Shi Ran’s ears.

Chen Ruoyu opened her eyes again under Shi Ran’s gaze for the first time and looked at the man who had been staring at her for a long time with a light expression.

Shi Ran’s heart trembled as she did last time, but she quickly turned around under the cover of darkness.

She patted her arm and asked, in a somewhat casual and lazy tone, “Then do you want to cook for me”

“What do you want to eat” Chen Ruoyu then asked.

Shi Ran was a little surprised, but her empty stomach was starving after her reminder, so she thought about it.

It was just that the recipes in her heart had not been screened out, and Chen Ruoyu’s voice sounded like: “I can only make noodles.”

Shi Ran reasonably suspected that Chen Ruoyu was revenge for hurting her just now.

She was helpless: “Then eat noodles.

There should only be noodles in the kitchen.

I just bought them this month.”

Shi Ran sat up by herself.

After all, this was her home, and Chen Ruoyu was still a guest, so there was no reason for the guest to get food for the host.

However, Chen Ruoyu’s movements were much faster than Shi Ran’s.

After saying “OK,” she put on her clothes neatly and got out of bed.

It was amazing to say that Chen Ruoyu could find such an old house with a kitchen outside.

When Shi Ran got dressed and walked to the Westinghouse kitchen, Chen Ruoyu had already turned on the gas stove and sat on the water.

“How do you know this is the kitchen” Shi Ran wondered.

However, Chen Ruoyu raised her eyes to look at Shi Ran and asked, “You shouldn’t ask me, how do I know the location of your house”

Shi Ran was stunned.

What happened just now was exceptionally smooth.

She came over in Chen Ruoyu’s car, and the sound of fireworks broke her sanity, and she would still think about it there.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu and thought, “It’s not Shi Yu.

He doesn’t know I’m back here… Have you installed GPS on my phone”

“As you said, you also have a secret base.” Chen Ruoyu said lightly, “Because you treasure your grandma’s bracelet, I infer that your secret base should be related to your grandma, so I asked Shi Yu about your grandma.

The address of your home.

When I saw Shi Yu’s Porsche parked in front of this home, I knew I had found you.”

The surroundings were quiet, and the moonlight passed through the courtyard and landed in the small kitchen with a blue-orange tree.

The words “I found you” also lightly fell on Shi Ran’s heart.

Chen Ruoyu’s voice was not as loud as usual, but it made people feel warm.

To be cared about, to be found, and to be treated sincerely.

Shi Ran hid in the reeds just because she didn’t want people to disturb her, but she was used to being alone, but she thought of Chen Ruoyu and she appeared after the thought flashed herself.

Shi Ran leaned against the table and hid her serious expectations in a joking tone: “Are you so concerned about all your friends”

“You are the first,” Chen Ruoyu said.

After a pause, she looked at the pot that was about to boil, and added: “Other friends, I haven’t experienced it.”

Shi Ran was dissatisfied: “You mean to dislike me for being troublesome”

“It’s not too much trouble.” Chen Ruoyu denied it.

Shi Ran smiled with satisfaction and her mouth became active: “Yeah, if I’m bothering you, I’ll send myself to your mouth after the incident.

Is it still a good deal”

The water in the pot was densely lined with bubbles, and the heat that was waiting to be released was also steaming.

Until Shi Ran’s voice fell for a long time, Chen Ruoyu didn’t speak again, just stared at one bubble and watched it roll with another bubble to form one.

Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to answer her, but she didn’t want to let go of this silent Chen Ruoyu, so she asked, “Regret joining me”


“Did you regret the last time” Shi Ran asked, leaning against the wall.


Chen Ruoyu’s tone did not differ from Cai Cai’s, but it added a sense of distance.

Shi Ran turned her head slightly to look at Chen Ruoyu blatantly and found that she couldn’t see half of her emotions.


Or do you hate this self who speaks out of proportion

Shi Ran found she was a little uncertain about Chen Ruoyu’s attitude and felt a little uneasy in her heart.

The water in the pot was completely boiled and the small bubbles gathered at the bottom rolled into large bubbles, disturbing the calm water surface.

Chen Ruoyu seemed to be about to pick up the noodles on the shelf behind Shi Ran, but she reached out and pinched Shi Ran’s chin in her hand.

The piece of skin that was pinched by Chen Ruoyu was pressed with a faint pink color, and the two people who had kept a distance just now leaned against each other again.

The position that Shi Ran chose was terrible.

There was a wall behind her, and there was no way to retreat.

The person who had been teasing with words recklessly just now was controlled by Chen Ruoyu, like a fox who was forced to be obedient.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the nervousness and disobedience in Shi Ran’s eyes, and the pair of cool legs pressed against her.

Shi Ran got up in a hurry just now.

She put on a sweater, wrapped her down jacket, and came out.

The soft wool skirt was just so close to her delicate skin.

The close distance allowed the two of them to exchange warm and moist breaths with each other.

Shi Ran’s usual tone asked, “Shi Ran, do you know that if the same thing happens again and again, it will happen again”


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