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Chapter 36 – “Shh, the kitchen is no better than the room.

I didn’t soundproof it.”

Bright orange lights brighten the minimalist style of the small kitchen, and the warm air that had not been turned on makes the room reverberate with cold air.

The water sitting on the gas stove was boiling, and the hot air formed a thin layer of mist on the glass, blurring the figures of the two people who were reflected in the glass on both sides.

Shi Ran couldn’t understand the meaning of Chen Ruoyu’s words.

She extended an olive branch to herself, testing her meaning, but Shi Ran was unwilling to throw the olive branch back.

She had already tasted the sweetness twice, and the temptation to eat the marrow and know the taste had tormented her from the first night, whether it was kissing or going to bed.

Her body and brain were clamoring not to let her miss this opportunity.

Shi Ran’s arm supported the cabinet on one side, and the other hand wrapped around Chen Ruoyu’s waist, which was some distance away from her, and then kissed as if agreeing.

She gently rubbed Chen Ruoyu’s lips against the air-conditioned lips in the room; her scalp felt faint and numb.

Then Shi Ran took advantage of the emptiness and pried into her lips and teeth, stirring her calm mind like water, boiling like water on the same side.

Chen Ruoyu still had a string in her heart.

She couldn’t help reaching out and turning off the gas stove beside her.

Seeing this, Shi Ran separated from her slightly, and asked vaguely, “What will I eat after you turn off the fire”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she thought the kiss was about to end here, so she forced her shaky calm, raised her hand, and tried to turn on the gas stove again.

But Shi Ran was just a vicious fox.

Seeing Chen Ruoyu stretch out her hand, she also stretched out her hand and clasped her hand in her palm, preventing her from moving.

Chen Ruoyu’s breathing and heartbeat were about to calm down, and Shi Ran’s kiss came up again.

She knew that Shi Ran had found what she wanted to eat.

Small pieces fell on Chen Ruoyu’s neck, kissed against the throbbing arteries and danced on her sensitive nerves.

Her mind collapsed and disintegrated again.

Shi Ran could always tease her just right, or because it was Shi Ran, she became extra easy to tease.

The dead branches made a rustling sound in the winter night, and Chen Ruoyu leaked a little sound from her throat:”… Well.”

Shi Ran raised her eyes to see that the person leaning on her arms was still as cold as before, but her pupils were already filled with water mist stained with heat.

And the one who made her become what she was was herself.

Blood surged to the top of Shi Ran’s head.

It was she who pitied her, and she was also the one who was bad-hearted.

She gently blew a breath in Chen Ruoyu’s ear like this, and reminded her deliberately, “Shh, the kitchen is no better than the room.

I didn’t soundproof it.

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, she immediately choked in her throat where she wanted to make a sound.

The light fell on the cold face full of forbearance, and the ends of the eyes and the tip of the nose were dyed with a dark red that was extremely restrained, making people look a little pity and unbearable, and a little like this delicate flower.

The urge to crumble.

Shi Ran didn’t kiss Chen Ruoyu again, but picked her up by her hair when she wasn’t ready.

Chen Ruoyu was amazed for a while, and the men around Shi Ran’s clothes subconsciously tightened a little, like a panicked deer.

Shi Ran noticed the rare uneasiness in her arms, kissed her, and warned, “Hold me tight.”

Chen Ruoyu felt she was once again enveloped by the smell of Shi Ran and saw that Shi Ran’s drooping eyelashes were written seriously.

Her kiss was as gentle as she was comforting herself.

Chen Ruoyu’s heartbeat lost its rhythm a bit.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, she catered to her and became more and more presumptuous.

The moonlight caught Chen Ruoyu’s misty vision through the window on one side.

She knew that what she was doing was incorrect, but she still wanted to continue.

She wanted to be possessed by Shi Ran; she wanted to possess Shi Ran; she wanted Shi Ran to be her own.

Even in this ambiguous way.

In the end, neither of the two of them had eaten the snack in the middle of the night, but they all ate it in another sense.

The night became less quiet.

The sun peeped a golden dotted line on the low mountain in the distance.

Shi Ran hugged Chen Ruoyu like this, snuggled up, and fell asleep again.

On the first day of the new year, Shi Ran slept until almost noon.

If it wasn’t for the sound of a child in the next yard being thrown and bursting, she would have been able to sleep until the sun was out.

The two tossings last night made people feel a little tired when they woke up.

Shi Ran didn’t want to get up.

Chen Ruoyu hadn’t woken up yet.

Her innocent face turned towards Shi Ran as she lay on the bed quietly.

Shi Ran quietly looked at her while leaning on her arm.

Shi Ran felt that her current mood was just different from the strangeness of the first time and the trance of the second time.

Last night, the relationship was not announced, and they made a contract in action.

Now, besides classmates, superiors, and subordinates, the two of them have an additional sister relationship with the artillery company.

Shi Ran felt a little miraculous, but also some indescribable joy.

She felt that everything she had experienced yesterday was extraordinarily divided.

The faint pain of the wound on her forehead reminded her of the unhappiness at home, and Chen Ruoyu, who was sleeping in the warm sunshine in front of her, reminded her of her addiction last night.

She still remembered the way Chen Ruoyu pushed the reeds away and walked towards her, and she still remembered the tears in her eyes because of her.

She was like a person who was free from the world.

When she thinks of her in her heart, she immediately appears in front of her.

Shi Ran thought so, and a dark and round mole appeared in her sight.

The mole that she was not sure about actually existed in Chen Ruoyu’s left eye.

Delicate skin was pure white and clean in the sun, but only this little black with a bit of style was independent of white and clean.

Shi Ran just stared at this special little mole as if she was looking at a secret that even Chen Ruoyu might not know.

Suddenly, the little mole disappeared from Shi Ran’s sight, and a pair of cold black pupils broke in instead.

The hazy and gentle temperament suddenly faded away because of these eyes, replaced by the coldness that this person rarely dares to approach.

Shi Ran, who was accustomed to Chen Ruoyu always waking up so quietly, gave her a bright smile under her gaze, and said hello: “Good morning, Director Chen.

How does it feel to spend the night with people “

Chen Ruoyu didn’t seem to wake up completely.

She paused for two seconds before answering, “It’s okay.”

“Is it okay” Shi Ran frowned.

Her competitive spirit made her unable to accept Chen Ruoyu’s somewhat stubborn reply: “What is the point of dissatisfaction”

“I’m going to buy finger cots in the future.” Chen Ruoyu spoke to Shi Ran in a calm tone and finally didn’t forget to throw a piece of candy of approval for this somewhat naïve little fox, “The nails are very good, keep it up.”

The candy was thrown over, and Shi Ran enjoyed it.

She nodded and agreed.

“Then we’ll make an appointment to buy it after we go back.

Do you know where it’s sold”

Chen Ruoyu made a sound of “um” as if she was a little tired.

She closed her eyes again and asked, “What time is it”

Shi Ran knew that Chen Ruoyu had been tormented by herself last night, so she took the mobile phone from the bedside thoughtfully and said, “It’s almost noon.”

Chen Ruoyu exhaled slowly after hearing this and said, “I can’t sleep for so long in the future.”

Without the chaos of the blessings of the night, Chen Ruoyu’s voice in the sun sounded restrained and abstinent, but the words she said were entangled in the most incompatible love affair with her voice.

The gray-white quilt covered the bodies of the two of them.

Shi Ran watched, and when Chen Ruoyu was defenseless, she bullied her and pressed her.

Ou Bai’s wrist was restrained by her side, and the face that haunted her last night and in her dreams appeared in Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight.

Last night, the condescending position was replaced by Shi Ran.

As if she was about to interrogate her, she supported her sore waist and asked, “You started first, so how can you blame me”

“You don’t recognize people when you put on your pants, don’t you”

Chen Ruoyu did not answer, but asked lightly, “Are your arms sore”

Shi Ran also imitated Chen Ruoyu’s appearance.

Without answering, she only asked, “Would you like to rub it for me”

“Let’s go.” Chen Ruoyu gestured as if she wanted to give Shi Ran a rub.

The noon sun made the room bright and warm, and neither of them got up but leaned on the bed.

Chen Ruoyu’s hands were not very strong, so she rubbed Shi Ran’s arm.

The pain and fatigue seemed to disappear in an instant, and she felt extremely comfortable.

Shi Ran looked at the serious looks of the people around her and said, “I didn’t expect you to do this.”

“A friend taught me.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Shi Ran was curious, “Friend Which friend Sister Zhou Yuan, or Yan Ning”

Neither did she.

Chen Ruoyu replied, “You don’t know her.”

Shi Ran didn’t know how to hear Chen Ruoyu’s answer, and felt a little disappointed.

She adjusted the pillow under her head and asked again, “Foreign”

“Yeah.” Chen Ruoyu nodded.

“You also make friends abroad.” Shi Ran thought it was strange, but after thinking about it, she didn’t think it was strange.

“Sister Zhou Yuan is also your foreign friend, right”

“Well, we are alumni.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

“So, no one has been with you for seven years.” Shi Ran asked.


Chen Ruoyu nodded.

Her eyes fell on Shi Ran’s face, as if she still had something to say.

Shi Ran waited for a while, only to see Chen Ruoyu looking away again.

‘But someone has been with me in my heart for seven years.’

Chen Ruoyu secretly added it to her heart.

After a while, the room fell silent.

Shi Ran tilted her head to look at the cloud framed by the window behind Chen Ruoyu.

It was faint and foggy, not good-looking, but because of this person, she had a distinct style.

The quilt half covered Chen Ruoyu’s body.

The flat snow on the shoulders and neck looked like the first snow of winter, but someone had fallen clear red plums on it.

The marks were not deep, but they were conspicuous.

The warmth became obvious as the arms gradually pulled away from her hands.

Chen Ruoyu felt Shi Ran’s eyes and movements, so she sat up and waited for the kiss that was about to fall.


At that moment, someone knocked on the door from the courtyard.

Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu couldn’t help but freeze for a while, and the ambiguity that had just brewed in the room immediately fled everywhere.

On New Year’s Eve, in such a yard where no one comes to live on weekdays, who else would come


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