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Chapter 40 – “Is it okay to stay here tonight”

“Miss, this is a steamed pork rib in soy sauce that Mr.

Shi ordered for you.”

Before Chen Ruoyu could answer, she was interrupted by the server serving the food.

Shi Ran looked at the pork ribs in front of her and said “thank you” to the server, skipping the topic.

This was the first time Shi Ran had not received an answer, and she was inexplicably relieved.

She also didn’t know why she asked Chen Ruoyu this ambiguous question.

She shouldn’t care about it.

They were not just friends.

They were sisters of the artillery company and comrades-in-arms.

Helping her, it was okay to do this…

Shi Ran thought so and moved her gaze from the ribs to Chen Ruoyu’s face.

She was talking to the server who came just now, and the beam of light above her head hit her side face, gently transitioning the cold lines on her face, making people think of that unbridled night a few days ago.

Those cold eyes were filled with mist, and she hooked her neck with the arms on the side of the table.

The burning fragrance poured on her heart, making people want to give everything to her.

Shi Ran felt as if something buried deep in her wild heart was just about to move, and under the action of this thing, the silent and depleted land split into deep cracks in all directions, stretching for a long time, pushing her desire, wanting to get closer to Chen Ruoyu, was not limited to the sisters of the artillery company.

But her heart was screaming and warning.

The red light was flashing, so she didn’t cross the line.

Shi Ran had to admit that when she was with Chen Ruoyu, it was a rare comfort for her over the years.

But should she restrain her mentality so that she didn’t even have to be friends in the end

Shi Ran knew she had an impulsive temperament and would often ask out-of-bounds questions just like before.

It was the first time that she wanted to carefully maintain her relationship with Chen Ruoyu.

She was best at making a relationship go bad.

But this time, she didn’t want to screw it up again.

After the two of them finished their meal, they went to buy the most important things for their trip.

Shi Ran sat in the car and looked at the dozen different boxes placed at her feet, feeling a little dizzy.

The store clerk said that the hype, Chen Ruoyu, simply brought a box.

Shi Ran had only one thought at the time.

She also wanted to be rich.

Because the return trip was not rush hour, the car quickly stopped downstairs at Shi Ran’s house.

Out of courtesy, Shi Ran unfastened her seat belt and asked, “Would you like to go up and take a seat”

Chen Ruoyu was not polite.

She said, “Okay,” then got out of the car and took out what Shi Ran had put in the back seat.

Shi Ran stood aside and watched, smiling, feeling a little happy in her heart.

This was not the first time Shi Ran had brought someone to her apartment, but it was the first time she had brought a sober person to her apartment.

although it was the same person both times.

Shi Ran took out two pairs of slippers from the shoe cabinet with a smile, turned to look at the person who walked in, and asked, “Little rabbit or little tiger”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t like the light pink color of the rabbit slippers very much.


Shi Ran did the opposite, but at Chen Ruoyu’s feet, and said, “Then the rabbit.”

The sunlight projected from the huge floor-to-ceiling windows behind Shi Ran’s face, which made Shi Ran’s face full of wickedness.

But this wicked heart still had a bit of a fox’s cunning, and a pair of jewel-like eyes were black and bright, which made people not want to care about it.

Chen Ruoyu just listened to Shi Ran’s words silently and put on those fluffy bunny slippers that didn’t quite fit her personality.

After changing the slippers, Shi Ran walked to the living room with her things and asked, “Watching TV Or watching a movie”

As she said that, she took the things that Chen Ruoyu helped her with and handed over the remote control to her: “You can choose.”

“Okay.” Chen Ruoyu looked at the enthusiastic host and nodded, then sat down on the small sofa.

Because it was Chen Ruoyu, Shi Ran did not treat her as a guest at all.

The clothes she bought needed to be hung up in time, so she went into the cloakroom and put the clothes away.

The sound of the TV in the living room was no longer monotonous.

Chen Ruoyu’s voice came from downstairs, saying incomplete lines and singing incomplete tunes, which created lively popularity in this originally lonely home.

Shi Ran hung up her clothes and was amused by the thought that flashed through her mind.

She could not have imagined that the popularity of her family was brought about by Chen Ruoyu, the most unpopular person.

After Shi Ran finished finishing her clothes, she saw Chen Ruoyu sitting on the sofa, watching TV expressionlessly.

She secretly took out her mobile phone and took a picture of the scene upstairs, and then went downstairs naturally, and said, “Why don’t you eat strawberries It’s what I washed this morning, not the decorations.”

Shi Ran pulled the strawberry bowl from the coffee table, held it, and sat beside Chen Ruoyu, taking one bite at a time: “You know, the best thing to eat this season is strawberries, small or big.”

As soon as the voice fell, the unique tone of science and education documentaries came on the TV, and the background sound was introducing how foxes hunt.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the fox plunging into the snowdrift on the screen and turned her gaze to the person sitting beside her.

The bright red strawberries were hung with clear water droplets, and they were brought to the mouth and bitten by the teeth.

The bright red juice gently rubs against the lips.

Shi Ran eats strawberries without restraint.

Seeing that a small bowl of strawberries was about to end, she remembered that Chen Ruoyu was sitting next to her, so she embarrassedly held the bowl and gestured to her, “Do you want to eat”

Chen Ruoyu looked at it and picked the smallest one: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Shi Ran said and found that Chen Ruoyu chose the science and education channel.

She looked at the successfully hunted fox on the screen and looked at Chen Ruoyu with interest: “Director Chen didn’t study games but started studying animals”

“I’m more interested.” Chen Ruoyu replied indifferently, took a bite of the strawberry tip in her hand, and felt that it was not as sweet as Shi Ran’s hand.

Shi Ran thought that was a strange hobby, as strange as her gold master father.

Years ago, she had been drawing foxes for the gold master’s father, and now she no longer wanted to see foxes.

Shi Ran held the few strawberries left and opened a new topic: “Do you usually play games”

“Play.” Chen Ruoyu replied simply.

“What are you playing” Shi Ran was curious.

“A lot, and a lot.”

Shi Ran nodded thoughtfully.

“That’s what you producers are like, right Dabble widely and capture accurately.”


“Then why did you want to make games in the first place” Shi Ran was even more curious.


“Interested” Shi Ran tilted her head, remembered what Chen Ruoyu looked like in high school, and complained, “Did you think you were an internet addict girl in high school You probably haven’t ever been to an internet cafe once, have you”

However, Chen Ruoyu gave a surprising answer to Shi Ran: “I’ve been there.”

“Have you been” Shi Ran didn’t believe it.

“Once.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly, but the memory in her mind was slowly recalled.

She still remembered that she accidentally bumped into Shi Ran going to the Internet cafe when she was out of high school.

She didn’t know what happened to her.

Playing what

“Whenever did you feel that the place was not suitable for you when you went there and left immediately”

Shi Ran’s voice pulled Chen Ruoyu out of the memory recall.

Chen Ruoyu calmly recovered and replied lightly: “It’s not suitable.

Indeed, I left immediately.”

“Why” Shi Ran asked.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t answer and reached out to take a strawberry from Shi Ran’s strawberry bowl.

Just as she followed Shi Ran in, she was stopped by the owner of the Internet cafe.

She looked like a student in her school uniform, and she was blasted out before she could cheat.

But Shi Ran didn’t give her this chance.

She reached out and clasped Chen Ruoyu’s wrist, which had already got the strawberry, and said, “No, if you don’t answer me, I won’t let you eat it.”

Chen Ruoyu didn’t want to answer, so she looked at Shi Ran like this, lowered her head at a moment she didn’t expect and took a bite of the strawberry in her hand against her finger holding the bowl.

The fragrance that was pulled close all landed on Shi Ran’s nose along the top of Chen Ruoyu’s pitch-black skull, and the cold profile was just like this, sticking to Shi Ran’s chest, even though the clothes Shi Ran could feel Chen Ruoyu’s warmth and hot breath.

Shi Ran’s body froze involuntarily, and the culprit turned her face toward her like that.

Her eyes were as cold and aloof as always, and the sun fell on them with a somewhat provocative taste.

The huge strawberry that was controlled by Shi Ran had already been bitten in half, and Chen Ruoyu’s lips were also stained with a little light pink strawberry juice.

It was more of a temptation than a provocation.

The fruity aroma of strawberries reverberated on Shi Ran’s tongue, making it easy for her to imagine the current taste on Chen Ruoyu’s lips.

In the next second, the shadows of the light hitting the wall came together.

Shi Ran held Chen Ruoyu’s wrist, leaned over, and kissed it.

It was as if everything was smooth sailing, and two people in such a relationship should have done it at this stage, but Shi Ran heard the inexplicable throbbing in her heart and the kiss she used to cover up this complicated emotion.

There was a restrained and relieved voice on the TV, and the fox tracked by the camera finally caught the prey that could be her feast for today.

Shi Ran hugged Chen Ruoyu’s waist like this, crushed the strawberries, and reverberated in the mouths of the two of them.

The sourness contained a large amount of sweetness, which was an addictive taste.

After a full meal, the fox on the TV sat down in the snow covered with dead branches and tidied up her hair.

Shi Ran felt that both of them were a little deprived of oxygen, so she also let go of Chen Ruoyu, who was under her control.

After breathing heavily, Shi Ran noticed that the phone on the table was on.

She wanted to reach out to check the news but was pulled back onto the sofa by a force.

Chen Ruoyu clasped her wrist, and the two looked at each other on the small sofa, like an oriole and a mantis.

The opposite light made Shi Ran unable to see Chen Ruoyu’s expression, but she knew what she wanted to do.

Shi Ran just let Chen Ruoyu’s shadow cover herself and wrapped her around her waist indulgently.

Chen Ruoyu’s kiss was as delicate as if she was tasting the most delicious strawberry.

Shi Ran was addicted, feeling that the body Chen Ruoyu was pressing under her was about to melt away.

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Ruoyu’s lips peeled from Shi Ran’s.

She looked at Shi Ran with gentle eyes and asked, softly in her ear, “Is it okay to stay here tonight”


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