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Chapter 41 – “color-wise and dizzy”

Chen Ruoyu’s question was not answered.

Instead, Shi Ran hooked her neck and pressed down a kiss.

All kinds of goods have entered.

Was there any reason not to try

Although it was the beginning of spring, the sky was still short, like a rabbit’s tail, and it shrinks back after pulling it.

The setting sun set off the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year and covered the entire house with a layer of reddish-orange.

Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu just cuddled on the small sofa, and the light from the window just framed them together.

The fragrant shoulders leaked from the side, the sideburns overlapped, and the satin fabric was held under the body by the slender legs without pity.

From a distance, it looked like a beautiful Western painting.

A group of travelers lurked under the supple satin, and the shadows on the wall undulated slightly, depicting their downward trajectory.

Just when they were about to reach the end, Shi Ran, who was manipulating the group of travelers, stopped.

The purchased items were placed upstairs.

Shi Ran still remembered the three chapters that Chen Ruoyu made for herself and kissed her auricle: “Go upstairs.”

Chen Ruoyu hummed a fiery “um” from her nose after hearing this.

This person was baked by Shi Ran’s body early, but she still sat up from the sofa with her body half-supported.

Shi Ran was a little surprised by Chen Ruoyu’s self-control and bit her earlobe with great interest as if tasting a handful of full pomegranates as if she was not in a hurry at all.

Chen Ruoyu was teased by Shi Ran’s move and was about to lose control, so she asked reluctantly, “Don’t go”

“Go.” Shi Ran replied.

She looked at the person sitting in front of her like this, put her hands on her shoulders, shook her head lightly, and pushed aside the messy hair in front of her, deliberately saying badly: “Hold me.”

I saw the fox-like eyes wink like silk, and the slightly raised eyeliner hooked up with the messy hair was full of amorous feelings.

The center of Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight was Shi Ran’s crystal and slightly swollen lips as she kissed.

At the sunset, when the day was ending, Chen Ruoyu finally knew what the words “color-wise and dizzy” actually meant, and she more deeply understood that she had no power to resist any of Shi Ran’s temperaments.

Shi Ran was still looking forward to how Chen Ruoyu would answer her, but she felt her body vacated, and when she came back to it, she was already slapped by Chen Ruoyu in the position she had just wrapped around her neck.

This little fox, who likes to give people a problem, blinks her eyes unnaturally under the light.

The frightening feeling was quickly appeased by the temperature of Chen Ruoyu’s body, and Shi Ran’s eyes soon only had the mischievousness of a fox.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu walking toward the stairs like this and commented, “Are you still strong”

“It’s more than enough to hug you.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly and kissed Shi Ran extraordinarily.

The sky was getting dark, and it was time to get off work.

On the fifth day of the fifth week, many companies have already finished their holidays.

The road outside the window was full of traffic, and all the people were tired.

In this dim room, there was freedom for two people.

Shi Ran was holding Chen Ruoyu’s little face that had already been stained with affection, and lowered her head and leaned over to kiss the corner of her lips.

Then the end of the eye, the tip of the brow, the forehead, Fu Er stayed on the lips for a while, then turned and kissed down.

Shi Ran felt that this man’s waist was really thin, but not the kind that lacked strength; otherwise, it would not have been possible to support her and hold her all the way just now.

She loves Chen Ruoyu’s waist miserably, hooking her like a life-threatening one.

Shi Ran traced and played with the waist like this, but an idea suddenly flashed in her mind.

—If she and Chen Ruoyu broke up in the future, where would she find such a waist

An inexplicable possessiveness burst out in Shi Ran’s heart as if someone wanted to rob Chen Ruoyu from her.

The lingering tenderness was interspersed with the sudden violence.

Chen Ruoyu’s thin white neck couldn’t bear it any longer.

It rose in the wind and rain.

Her slightly opened lips wanted to make a sound, but she bit lightly and kept restraining.

Shi Ran saw Chen Ruoyu’s reaction clearly and reminded her intentionally, “The sound insulation here is better than the home over there.”

Chen Ruoyu’s breath became heavier when she heard the words.

Besides the gradually blurred mist, her stony face was also mixed with some other emotions.

Her biting lips tightened a bit as if she was deliberately reluctant to admit anything, but the arm around Shi Ran’s neck tightened.

The sound of the shower in the bathroom started and stopped.

After it stopped, it sounded again.

The warm steam gathered in the small space.

Shi Ran pushed the door open and brought out a lot of white mist.

It was completely dark, and the light in the room fell softly on Chen Ruoyu.

She had already cleaned up neatly against the soft pillow by Shi Ran’s bed and looked at her phone.

Shi Ran had just thrown their dirty clothes into the dirty laundry basket.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t bring a change of clothes, so she was wearing Shi Ran’s clothes just like last time at Grandma Shi Ran’s house.

But this time differed from last time.

Chen Ruoyu did not put on her down jacket outside.

The basic white T-shirt hung loosely on her body, and the long hair that had just been dried fell casually on her shoulders.

The room, including Chen Ruoyu, was full of Shi Ran’s scent.

Fox documentaries on TV have been replaced by wolves, with female voices telling them how animals use scent to identify their mates.

Shi Ran just looked at Chen Ruoyu like this.

The feeling that was just suppressed was just around the corner and showed signs of resurgence.

It was just that Shi Ran knew that the two of them were out of control today, so she suppressed this desire and wiped her hair while pretending to be calm while sitting on the edge of the bed.

“What are you looking at”

“Group news.” Chen Ruoyu replied, motioning for Shi Ran to also look at the phone.

When Shi Ran picked up the phone, she saw that the high school class group had once again called all the members.

It was the news that Shi Ran wanted to look at the phone but was interrupted by Chen Ruoyu when she was backhanded on the sofa.

As the monitor, Wang Nian held a class reunion in the group, just like every year during the Chinese New Year.

There had been waves of nostalgia recently, and the classmates’ feelings were usually maintained well.

Just when everyone yearned for a dinner party, Song Yi jumped in: “The theme of our class party this year is to reunite with old friends.”

Someone asked, “Why did Xiaoyi say that”

Zhang Ran pretended to be a passerby and threw a bomb into the group lightly: “I heard that Chen Ruoyu came back at the end of last year, but it’s not just a reunion of old friends.”

“That’s true.” Chen Ruoyu went abroad for our high school graduation party. Maybe it’s rare for our class to get together this time.”

“What are you dreaming about It’s been seven years since you graduated, so why is Qi not over Didn’t Xiao Wang go abroad this year”

“I heard foreign countries are not as good as domestic ones recently, and the gold content in China has also been discounted.”

“Look at the market situation.

No one will come back and some will go out.”

“The market is not good, otherwise, it would not have been seven or eight years since she returned to China this year.

I thought she had to settle abroad.”

“I don’t know how she studied at the beginning, and she can get along well wherever she goes.”

“That is.”

Chen Ruoyu, who chatted 99 and finally satisfied everyone’s curiosity, was the center of the gossip.

“I haven’t seen each other for so many years, but I think about Ruoyu a bit.”

Immediately afterward, Aite’s avatar showed Chen Ruoyu, who was online: “Come or not, old classmates miss you a lot.”

“Yes, yes, you didn’t come to the graduation dinner at the beginning, so you have to make up for it this year.”

Shi Ran looked at the chat records in the group chatting with Chen Ruoyu while she was with Chen Ruoyu and frowned slightly.

“Why do I think they are bad comes Especially Zhang Ran.

What nonsense are you talking about here Why are people not allowed to return to the arms of their motherland and build their motherland Is she talking”

Chen Ruoyu listened to Shi Ran’s grievances against her and gave a light “um.”

Even Shi Ran could smell this unfriendly smell, so why couldn’t she notice it

It was just that, apart from Zhang Ran and Wang Nianyin, Chen Ruoyu also noticed Song Yi, who disappeared after speaking in the group with a rhythm at the beginning.

She turned to look at Shi Ran beside her thoughtfully and asked, “Are you going to go on the weekend”

She didn’t know what it was.

Maybe it was just to see Chen Ruoyu hit the faces of these people who joined in the fun.

Maybe it was because they were afraid that if they chose to ignore them according to Chen Ruoyu’s temperament, they would suffer a loss.

Shi Ran nodded, “Come with you.

Hey, the local food that Wang Nianyin chose is not bad.”

When Chen Ruoyu heard the words, an imperceptible smile flashed in her eyes.

Then she raised her hand and tapped the screen lightly, and everyone in the group was eagerly looking forward to sending a message: “Okay.”

The weather was not bad on the day of the party.

There were a few clouds in the sky, which could not hide the bright sunshine.

Shi Ran didn’t go with Chen Ruoyu, but she also arrived about 20 minutes earlier.

Wang Nianyin chose an old-fashioned Chinese-style restaurant in S city, entered the lobby, and reported the name of the party, and the server led the elevator to the third floor.

The floor in the corridor was soft, and Shi Ran was a little uncomfortable walking on high heels, but soon the server pushed open the door of the private room for her.

What caught her eye was a large single room, and the huge round table felt like it could accommodate twenty or thirty people.

It was still early, and there were few people present, and the chatter stopped abruptly because of Shi Ran’s arrival.

Wang Nian, who was chatting with people just now, saw Shi Ran coming, so she hurriedly walked up to her and said kindly, “Shi Ran is here.

Come and be here.”

Shi Ran knew who Wang Nianyin was from, and at a glance, she could see whose bag was on the other chair next to the seat Wang Nianyin was referring to.

She bought it with Song Yi last year.

Could she forget it

Shi Ran was unmoved and swept across the entire table with an unfriendly face.

The light in the private room was unfamiliar and cold, and it fell into Shi Ran’s eyes to guide her to accurately see Chen Ruoyu, who was sitting opposite Song Yi’s chair.

There was still no expression on her face, and she poured a cup of tea coldly.

Even though this tea was just an ordinary thing given by the hotel, it makes people feel that the tea smell was especially strong in her hands.

Shi Ran felt safe in this strange environment because it was the only place quiet in this bustling scene.

The sound of high-heeled shoes suddenly sounded in the quiet box, and Shi Ran walked toward Chen Ruoyu with her bag.

The people present thought that the relationship between Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu still existed in the second-hand love letter sent by the third year of high school, thinking that they still did not deal with it.

The purple shirt skirt radiated a coquettish light under the light, and Shi Ran’s slender and well-proportioned legs swayed under the boots.

Her makeup today was brighter than usual, as she was the most oppressive flower among thousands of flowers.

Those who didn’t know it thought that this person was here to spoil the scene today.

After a few steps, Shi Ran walked to Chen Ruoyu’s side.

She supported the back of the chair Chen Ruoyu was leaning against under everyone’s attention and clicked on the empty seat on her right with the bag: “Is there anyone”

Hearing this, Chen Ruoyu looked slightly sideways at the woman behind her, who exuded a faint scent of roses, and the eyes of the people watching the excitement also showed excitement.

Everyone here had planned to sit next to Chen Ruoyu, but every one of them touched the ashes when they went to her side.

They didn’t believe that Shi Ran, who was the worst with Chen Ruoyu, could succeed, and they also expected Shi Ran to act like a demon after Chen Ruoyu’s rejection.

Just none.

Chen Ruoyu took off her bag on the chair under the watchful eyes of others and gave a different answer from anyone else just now: “No.”


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