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Chapter 43 – Chen Ruoyu kissed Shi Ran fiercely.

The lights in the corridor flickered in the doorway, and Shi Ran looked at Song Yi and felt that these four words were specially designed for her.

Shi Ran’s impatience was obvious.

It differed completely from the way she looked at her when they were together before.

Song Yi felt a little unspeakable loss in her heart, but she still spoke softly to Shi Ran according to her original plan: “Shi Ran, I know what Zhang Ran said just now is too much.

She is usually very impulsive.

Here I am.

I apologize to you for her.”

Shi Ran listened to the apparent shirking of responsibility and just gave a faint “Oh.”

Such a lukewarm attitude made Song Yi feel a big difference.

She didn’t understand what Shi Ran meant and asked in a soft voice, “Then Shi Ran, have you forgiven me”

When Shi Ran heard the words, she immediately made a confused expression: “Didn’t you apologize to Zhang Ran What did I forgive you for”

Song Yi was stunned for a moment, obviously surprised by Shi Ran’s reaction.

She smiled reluctantly and spoke purposefully: “You are logically rigorous now, just like Ah Yu.”

As Song Yi said, she led the topic to the purpose of her trip: “Shi Ran, I found that you and Ah Yu have been very close recently.

Didn’t you deal with it before Will she still be because of you You threw out the love letter I gave to her and hated you.

Didn’t you realize it”

When Shi Ran heard Song Yi’s words, she couldn’t help frowning.

But not because of her speculation, but because of the person who said it.

She didn’t expect that Song Yi’s rhetoric for her family that she heard from Chen Ruoyu would be used by herself today.

Song Yi was exquisite in all aspects, but this time it was too subjective and would be misunderstood.

She thought that Shi Ran’s frown was because what she had just said had shaken Chen Ruoyu, so she continued: “Shi Ran, you know that Ah Yu differs from me.

Although we grew up together, she is a person.

I’ve been a little lonely since I was a child, and it’s confusing.”

The childhood memories were quickly recalled in Song Yi’s mind.

She picked up the key points and described them to Shi Ran: “Did you know When we were children, we flew a kite, and she fell directly into it to pick it up without freezing it.

When I went to rescue her, I cried when I got up, but she didn’t even shed a single tear.

Later, she was also admitted to the university.

No matter how her family persuaded her, she insisted on going abroad.

She was ill, but she still went her own way.”

Song Yi made a slightly distressed expression and concluded, “Maybe she has some cold blood in her temperament.”

Shi Ran listened and touched the candy Chen Ruoyu had just given her in her pocket.

-In the past, every time she was in a bad mood, she would give herself this one, as if she was carefully comforting a child.

Shi Ran still remembered that when she gave Chen Ruoyu this candy for the first time, she was worried that she would be angry.

Some people were just cold-blooded on the surface, but they were gentle in their bones.

Some people seem harmless to humans and animals, but in fact, they are the most inverting black and white.

Shi Ran could endure Song Yi’s entanglement for a while, but when it affected others, Shi Ran didn’t want to endure it.

She looked at Song Yi, standing in front of her like this, and asked blankly, “So, what are you trying to express by telling me this”

Song Yi’s hand in her pocket tightened.

Shi Ran’s reaction was completely unexpected.

She didn’t expect that the person who was most easily bewitched by her words in the past would not believe in herself this time.

Song Yi was a little reluctant and added: “I just want to remind you not to get too close to her because you don’t know what she’s thinking.

She’s far from anyone.

Maybe this is also very suitable for being a businessman.

Don’t they say that successful businessmen are always the most ruthless”

Shi Ran thought Song Yi’s crooked reasoning was interesting, so she deliberately cooperated with her and gave a little reaction.


Song Yi nodded.

“Actually, to tell you the truth, when I was a child, I also wanted Ah Yu to have the emotions of ordinary people like us, so I was with her every day, painting with her, flying kites with her, I was for her, okay, but she just doesn’t get close to me.”

Shi Ran chuckled lightly, feeling that this person’s ability to make things up was not very good.

If she hadn’t known Chen Ruoyu before, I’m afraid she would have really been deceived by her.

She raised her eyes a little, looked at the person who wanted to smear others, and said coldly: “What you said is for her good, and to make her have normal emotions is to deliberately let her go to the ice to pick up kites.”

Song Yi’s heart skipped a beat.

This secret, which should have been frozen in the pond twenty years ago, had been brought up again, and it was still someone she couldn’t control now.

Song Yi was a little flustered: “Did she tell you”

Shi Ran slightly adjusted the bag on her arm, and calmly took Song Yi’s reaction into her eyes.

Some people had been fishing in troubled waters since childhood, trying to replace Pearl.

It’s just that Shi Ran didn’t confess to Chen Ruoyu and instead replied lazily, “I guessed it.

How did I guess right”

Song Yi breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the words, straightened her long hair around her ears, and said, “… How could I do such a thing”

Song Yi still didn’t forget to put some light on her face as usual and made a hard-hearted look: “Shi Ran, I know I lied to you before, but not now.

I said it’s all true.

Now I’m thinking of you, and it’s all for your good.”


There was a contemptuous voice in the quiet space, and Shi Ran’s laughter was especially mocking.

She never felt that Song Yi’s words could be so hypocritical.

She said bluntly, “No need.

You and I have already returned from the bridge to the bridge, and you should tell Zhang Ran and the others for my good.

I like it more than Chen Ruoyu, and I can’t afford your words.”

Song Yi was stunned, and Shi Ran didn’t want to listen to her here any longer.

She said, “Have you finished speaking Can you let me go”

The words fell, and the apricot-round eyes in Shi Ran’s line of sight turned red as expected.

Some tears were hanging on the curled false eyelashes.

Song Yi asked pitifully, “Shi Ran, do you still believe me”

She folded her hands together and rubbed the plaster on her wrists with a bit of grievance.

Shi Ran knew what Song Yi was doing, and her heart was as cold and calm as a stone.

“Song Yi, it’s no use stopping me here.

I won’t look back.”

She looked at the red wrist rubbed by Song Yi so indifferently and pointed out: “You should know that I help you paint because you are opportunistic, and the price you pay for staying up all night to pay for evil is not you now.

Used to sell me miserable bargaining chips.”

Song Yi refused to give up and spoke with a vibrato: “But Shi Ran, I’m exhausted.

It’s because Chen Ruoyu went abroad that I became the only hope for the Chen family and the Song family in the painting world.

The pressure of this was pushed on me.

I was exhausted and tired, but I still had to hold on, because…”

“Then give up.

Is it difficult to admit that you are mediocre”

Just before she could finish speaking, Shi Ran interrupted her.

Shi Ran’s voice had no emotion.

Song Yi had never felt that she could say such harsh words.

For the first time, her eyes, which were good at acting, trembled uncontrollably.

“You can’t do it.” Shi Ran looked at the person in front of her who had never been willing to face this matter, and lifted the cloth that had been in front of her eyes for her, “You said that all your pressure comes from Chen Ruoyu’s willfulness is your vanity, right”

“Song Yi, you are not the only one in the Chen family at all.

Chen Ruoyu, you are the only blood relative in the Chen family.

I hope you understand this and make yourself less jealous and stressful.”

“You are still down-to-earth in the future.

You know better than me that no one will hold an untalented painter accountable.

Instead of cheating and getting banned, it is better to honestly start from scratch.”

After that, Shi Ran walked straight from Song Yi’s side.

The sound of high-heeled shoes knocked on Song Yi’s ears one after another.

She was like the emperor who was directly pierced by a child who had no clothes at all.

Her eyes were full of fear and disbelief.

Suddenly, the sound of high-heeled shoes belonging to Shi Ran stopped, and Song Yi’s remaining hope that Shi Ran would return to her place ignited again.

Only this time, the fire completely burned out her hope.

The light fell from the top of Shi Ran’s head in a cold white, and what Song Yi saw was the expression in her dark pupils that was almost the same as Chen Ruoyu’s coldness.

Shi Ran didn’t know why, but her heart was full of indignation that Chen Ruoyu felt was not worth it.

She looked back at her former lover and said, with a bit of warning, “You can’t take away Chen Ruoyu’s things.”

When the words fell, Shi Ran gradually moved away from Song Yi’s sight.

Song Yi seemed to realize that there was something she didn’t have time to cherish, and she pressed the button of death notification.

Tears fell from her eyes at once, filled with pain from her heart.

The white smoke slowly rose into the air in the cold air, and the slender smoke dyed the crimson lipstick and burned silently.

Shi Ran didn’t go back to the party but went out through the back door, crouched under a huge poplar tree, and smoked a cigarette in silence.

I heard Song Yi say a lot just now, and I also told Song Yi a lot, and my heart was a little confused now.

Shi Ran put the cigarette to her lips and took a sip.

The smoke she exhaled filled her eyes.

She had never felt that she could not see Song Yi as clearly as she did today, and she had never seen her as clearly as she did today.

This person’s hostility towards Chen Ruoyu had exceeded Shi Ran’s expectations.

Memories of the past flashed through Shi Ran’s mind and were erased.

Seven years of love have been ruined today.

Shi Ran felt a warm shadow fall from her left line of sight, and the scent of Chen Ruoyu appeared silently here.

Shi Ran raised her head abruptly and saw Chen Ruoyu copying her coat pocket.

Before she asked how she knew she was here, the man squatted down with her expressionless face.

“Is it cold” Chen Ruoyu asked.

Shi Ran shook her head: “It’s not cold.”

She exhaled and said to Chen Ruoyu coldly, “I remember a sentence I saw before.”

“What” Chen Ruoyu asked cooperatively.

“When you think the entire world is blocking you, then it’s the world that is saving you.” Shi Ran said and laughed.

Chen Ruoyu hooked her lower lip as she listened.

She looked at the fine cigarette between Shi Ran’s fingers and asked, “When did you learn to smoke”

“This world is blocking my second year.” Shi Ran replied, lightly lighting the ashes of the cigarette butt as if the past was also lit away.

Then Shi Ran took another deep breath as if relieved and turned the cigarette towards Chen Ruoyu: “Want to try it”

“Okay.” Chen Ruoyu replied in a light voice, reaching out to hold Shi Ran’s wrist holding the cigarette.

Shi Ran’s heart continuously sends warmth to Shi Ran in winter, causing her to lose her mind for a brief moment.

At this moment, Chen Ruoyu’s lips were not printed on the cigarette stained with lipstick but leaned straight towards Shi Ran.

The wind blew suddenly from a distance, and the dry branches made a crumbling sound.

Chen Ruoyu kissed Shi Ran fiercely.


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