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Chapter 44 – If only I could keep her by my side forever

The cold wind blew over Shi Ran’s cheeks with the unrelenting coolness of winter, and her hair, which was rolled into a ball at random, swayed under the restraint.

There was still a mouthful of unexplained smoke in her mouth, and the bitter taste reverberated in her mouth with the sudden intrusion of the invaders, but it also made her palms warm.

Shi Ran was a little surprised.

She never expected that Chen Ruoyu would suddenly make such a move, and the cigarette between her fingers was rubbed into a deep wrinkle.

Chen Ruoyu kissed slowly and kissed her lips together for a while before she gently sucked in and probed in.

It was like an elegant, noble lady who was slowly unraveling her Christmas present.

The nerves on the tip of the tongue were gently pulled, and even every nerve in Shi Ran’s body was numbed, and the reluctant legs also softened.

Shi Ran couldn’t hold it any longer than Chen Ruoyu for the first time, so she moved her body, attempting to find a more comfortable position.

At that moment, Chen Ruoyu’s hand stroked Shi Ran’s neck just right.

The cool fingers sank into the broken hair at Shi Ran’s neck, helping her to support her weak body and bringing her closer to her arms.

The wind had quieted down, and the afternoon sun, with the warmth of spring, fell on this inaccessible place, and it would be indulgent and grand.

“He Miao, have you found Chen Ruoyu”

Suddenly, an unfamiliar call appeared near the back door with a name that was very familiar to both of them.

Shi Ran’s nerves, which were still indulging in indulgence, immediately tightened, and there was nowhere to hide in the open space.

Miaomiao, who came to look for someone, didn’t seem to be very distracted.

Before Shi Ran saw her, she heard her voice: “Not here.”

“Where else can we go It’s time to take pictures.

” The woman’s voice sounded bewildered, and she muttered, “And Shi Ran, I don’t know where she went.”

“I do not know.”

He Miaomiao replied, her voice getting farther and farther along with her footsteps…

This was the end of the heartwarming episode.

Shi Ran wanted to stand up and breathe a sigh of relief but was caught by a force.

——Even though the episode just now existed, Chen Ruoyu’s hand that was tightly clasping her wrist still never let go.

The smoke that fell to the ground because of being involved burned silently on the ground and the red sparks were swallowed up by the thick long shadow cast by the old poplar tree under the sun.

The sun hides the two of them under the shadow of the tree-like stealing bells.

Shi Ran sneaks up to Chen Ruoyu’s lips, gently asks and kisses her twice, and smiles stubbornly, “Are you saying we are too bold Already.”

Chen Ruoyu lowered her eyes and looked at Shi Ran in her line of sight, looking at the smile she would only show to herself.

She couldn’t help touching her chin.

Shi Ran’s chin was fleshy, and the pointed chin bone was wrapped in a layer of cool and delicate skin, which was easy to touch.

like a fox.

Chen Ruoyu thought about it and then gave Shi Ran an “um.”

It’s admitted.

Shi Ran listened and then asked, “Then why did you want to kiss me just now”

Shi Ran’s head lifted slightly because her chin was still rubbing against Chen Ruoyu’s hand.

She looked at Chen Ruoyu like this.

Her raised eyes were perverse and willful as if she would not let Chen Ruoyu go without an answer.

However, Chen Ruoyu hadn’t spoken yet.

Her dark pupils were like a pool of clear pool water under her gaze, reflecting her thoughts calmly.

A figure was reflected in the corridor outside the bathroom.

Chen Ruoyu watched Song Yi go out after Shi Ran.

She originally wanted to go to the rescue but was accidentally saved by the person she wanted to save.

She heard Shi Ran’s conversation with Song Yi from beginning to end.

She heard everything from the person slandering her to Shi Ran’s reply to her.

Thinking so, Chen Ruoyu pulled Shi Ran’s wrist, which she was holding, and slowly took her into her arms.

Shi Ran, who was used to going straight, had no idea what to do.

Her twinkling, sly eyes blinked unnaturally, and a hand hanging by her side didn’t know where to put it for a while.

She stammered, “What, what Don’t think you’re holding me.

I don’t want to know why.”

Chen Ruoyu gave a soft “um” and put her chin on Shi Ran’s shoulder even more.

In this way, she felt that Shi Ran was staying by her side, and she said to her, “It’s a little cold.”

The woman said it was cold, but the breath she exhaled was hot.

Shi Ran’s ears were hotter than any of their kisses.

She had never imagined that a hug would cause her to have such a reaction.

Chen Ruoyu leaned on her shoulders and hugged herself like a soft white cat.

And Shi Ran likes cats.

She had to say something soft-hearted and arrogant: “Then let you hug for a while.”

After all, the hand that didn’t know what was wrong also slowly landed on Chen Ruoyu’s back, learning to embrace her waist gently, silently sending her more warmth.

There was no winter vacation for social animals.

Shi Ran looked at a few children in the mall near her home who had come early and waited for the mall to open, and got on the bus with envy.

The first day of work was also the day with the most gossip.

Big Bear still remembered the episode of going to the hot spring last time and excitedly shared the first-hand news with everyone in the fish group: “Great news! Xiao Mei from the modeling team has been fired!”

“What What!! Who drove her Boss”

“Word Mom, when did it happen that there was no wind at all”

“Am I not the voice of your wind”

Shi Ran rarely participates in gossip chats and belongs to the Buddhist family that secretly dives and eats melons.

Holding her phone, she looked at the words “Xiao Mei was fired” and leaned back in the chair with satisfaction, the corners of her lips raised obviously.

When Xiao Ba returned to the workstation, she saw Shi Ran’s satisfied look and asked, “Have you eaten the melon”

Shi Ran nodded and motioned for Xiao Ba to look at the phone.

And Xiao Ba had already seen the phone, obviously not interested in this matter, but pretended to be mysterious and said to Shi Ran: “I have another gossip here.

Do you listen”

There was no reason not to eat the melon that was fed to her mouth.

Shi Ran sat up straight and nodded.

Xiao Ba leaned into Shi Ran’s ear and whispered, “Our original painting team has recruited another intern.”

Shi Ran was surprised: “How did you know”

“I just know.” Xiao Ba was proud, “I also know that she is a child of Mr.

Xu’s relatives.

She came to our original painting for an internship.

I didn’t plan to stay for a long time, just to experience and experience life.”

Shi Ran felt that Xiao Ba was a little different today.

She had never been so ahead of others in eating melons on weekdays, and she didn’t act excited at all, as if she had known it for a long time and had lost her freshness.

Not right, very wrong.

Shi Ran thought so and narrowed her eyes slightly to examine Xiao Ba, who was sitting in front of her.

Suddenly, Shi Ran noticed that there was an extra ring on Xiao Ba’s hand.

The shape was very much in line with her usual style of dressing, but the gems inlaid on it were not affordable for her moonlight clan.

Shi Ran took Xiao Ba’s hand and said, “Who is in our studio”

“You read the script ahead of time, right” Xiao Ba was completely self-advocate and was directly exposed in one sentence.

But she didn’t want to hide it from Shi Ran at first, so she pulled the chair under her buttocks, got close to Shi Ran’s ear, and said carefully, “Sister Zhou Yuan.”

In an instant, Shi Ran’s eyes widened.

Seeing her surprised expression, Xiao Ba quickly added, “Don’t tell anyone else.”It’s not in either of our best interests to make it public right now.

Shi Ran frowned.

She knew the pain of a relationship that couldn’t be made public.

She pulled Xiao Ba aside and asked, “Do you think it’s hard to make it public, or is it her”

“I know Ah Ran’s concerns, but you also know that many office romances choose not to be made public.” Xiao Ba said, “And I don’t want to make it public.

I’m still a little afraid of everyone…”

Shi Ran had been with Xiao Ba for over three years, and she knew Xiao Ba’s temperament.

This little eight-year-old was only herself.

She was more like a rabbit, with a frightening physique.

Although Shi Ran was a little dissatisfied with Xiao Ba’s decision, she still nodded and said, “But don’t wrong yourself, you know”

Xiao Ba nodded, took Shi Ran’s arm, and said, “Shi Ran, you’re the best.

I knew you wouldn’t be angry with me.”

Shi Ran listened with a “hum,” put her hands on her chest, and said, “If you want me not to be angry, tell me how you two got together.”

Xiao Ba talked about other people’s gossip in a good way, and she was a little shy when she came to herself.

She touched her neck, and after thinking for a while, she said, “I had a toothache during the Chinese New Year, and no one at home would accompany me to have my tooth pulled, so she went with me.

Then I had my tooth pulled, and the pain was unbearable.

So, she ran halfway across the street to buy me ice cream.

I said I couldn’t pay it back, and she said that I should pay myself back to her as a girlfriend.”

Shi Ran listened to Xiao Ba’s description and complained like a friend: “Xiao Ba, Xiao Ba, you are lucky to be a painter.

If you plan to Copywrite, you will be laid off for your poor ability to describe stories.”

“Aran!” Xiao Ba was already blushing and was even more embarrassed by Shi Ran’s ridicule.

Shi Ran stopped teasing her, and went sips curiously: “Then tell me, how did you fall in love with her I don’t think the two of you usually have a lot of interactions.

This time, Xiao Ba didn’t think about it and said directly, “Because I will feel extra comfortable staying with her.”

“I enjoy being with her, and I like that she always notices some of my little things, and then I fall in love with her unconsciously.”

“Shi Ran, do you know When I was with Sister Zhou Yuan, it was the happiest and most comfortable time in the past 20 years.

I think this may be true love, they say…”

Xiao Ba talked as if she had opened a chat box, and her admiration for Zhou Yuan became endless.

Shi Ran’s thoughts gradually drifted away with these words, and she suddenly remembered the days when she was with Chen Ruoyu during the New Year’s holiday.

Also, very comfortable and comfortable.

But being together was, of course, comfortable, and no one would choose a person who does not understand each other as a bed partner.

Shi Ran thought that if they separated in the future, Chen Ruoyu might also be so gentle to others, even her actual girlfriend.

To herself, Shi Ran was a little unwilling, and a paranoid thought flashed in her mind.

And passed.

—If only I could keep her by my side forever.


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