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Chapter 45 – The dictator shrouded Shi Ran in her shadow

The news that the new intern was a child of Mr.

Xu’s relatives quickly spread to the entire original painting group, adding a little stimulation to the boring life of returning to work.

Everyone became a little excited and looked at the office.

Finally, the elevator that went up stopped at the floor where Final was, and Zhou Yuan walked out of the elevator with a young girl.

At first glance, this person looked like a little girl who was just graduating from college.

Her hot, slightly curly hair was combed into a high ponytail on top of her head, and her youthful vigor was enviable.

“Let me introduce you. This is a new intern from our original painting group, Xu Mengtian.” Zhou Yuan said.

Xu Mengtian also bowed politely to the seniors of the original painting group and introduced herself politely and well-behaved: “Hello everyone, my name is Xu Mengtian.

Please take care of everyone for this internship.”

“She’s a little beautiful.” Xiao Ba held her chin and looked at the two people who came in.

“But our Ah Yuan is still beautiful.”

Shi Ran looked at the person who had just followed her and called Sister Zhou Yuan and said with a playful “tsk”: “What about Sister Zhou Yuan just now, and now it’s ‘our home’”

“Hmph, my girlfriend is, of course, our family.” The eyes of the colleagues all focused on the new girl, and the little eight became more daring, and she arched her nose and replied: “I have a partner to warm the bed.

Do you have one”

Shi Ran was choked.

She had it too, but she couldn’t say it.


Shi Ran just wanted to say something but was interrupted by Zhou Yuan’s voice: “Sweet, there is a vacant seat here.

You can sit here.

Shi Ran and Xiao Ba are both from the group next door.

Dude, study hard with them here.”

Xu Mengtian nodded to Zhou Yuan with a very positive attitude and said, “Sister Zhou Yuan, I know, I won’t cause trouble for the two seniors.”

Zhou Yuan was very relieved to see Xu Mengtian, patted her on the shoulder, and then said to the other colleagues who were looking over her: “Okay, let’s all work.

There is a group meeting in the afternoon, so don’t let the chain fall.”

Zhou Yuan’s voice sounded gentle, but it was powerful.

As soon as the voice fell, everyone immediately raised the spirit of the twelve points and sped up the repair of the remaining work from years ago.

“Hello, two seniors.

I’m Xu Mengtian.” Xu Mengtian spoke.

The little girl looked brave, and her voice was a little nervous.

Shi Ran smiled at her, shook her trembling hand, and responded, “Hello, I’m Shi Ran.”

Xiao Ba also followed behind and waved to her.

“I’m Xiao Ba.”

The friendliness of the two eased Xu Mengtian’s nervousness, and she spoke to the two in a clear voice: “I heard that the two seniors came from the crisis experiment, and I admire them very much! Teacher Xiao Ba, your master Yan, I like it!”

When Xiao Ba heard the word “teacher” following her name, she felt a little embarrassed and shy.

She touched her head and looked at Shi Ran: “Where am I a teacher I’m still far from a proper teacher.”

Xu Mengtian was like a fledgling rabbit.

She looked at Shi Ran next to her and excitedly confessed to her: “Mr.

Shi Ran, I also like the skin of the goddess you drew, but I don’t.

My favorite is your clumsy puppet! My clumsy puppet is in the top ten in the entire server!”

Shi Ran was a little surprised.

“Thank you for your liking, but very few people like clumsy puppets because the intensity is not high, and there are few opportunities to play.”

Xu Mengtian, however, clasped her hands together as if she had gathered a lot of courage, and expressed her opinion to Shi Ran: “I think the design of the clumsy doll is very interesting, but the joints fell out due to practice. The cracks in the cracks particularly poke me, which makes me feel that diligently can make up for the poor.”

I’m not a very talented person, so I’m more or less empathetic, and I yearn to be a painter like Teacher Shi Ran.” Xu Mengtian smiled embarrassedly after speaking.

Shi Ran felt relieved as he looked at this person who was the polar opposite of Song Yi: “Actually, it’s very good for you to realize this.

Well, if you practice well, you will design good characters.

The most important thing in the original painting of characters is ingenuity.”

Xu Mengtian listened as her eyes sparkled.

“Yes! I also believe that I can do it!”

“Tiantian likes Ah Ran very much.”

A long sigh came from the corner of the corridor near the original painting group.

Zhou Yuan stood in the corridor leading to Chen Ruoyu’s office and looked at the corner of the original painting group, and Chen Ruoyu was standing beside her.

The bright lights in the corridor fell on Chen Ruoyu’s body, and the warm yellow color could not dispel the coldness in her eyes.

She glanced at Zhou Yuan’s playful look at her like this, turned around, and pushed the door back to the office without saying a word.

“Tsk, this potent smell doesn’t need to be killed.”

The ridicule in Zhou Yuan’s words was even stronger.

As soon as she looked away from Chen Ruoyu, who had disappeared, she noticed Xiao Ba, who was looking at her.

No one noticed.

She smiled sweetly at Xiao Ba.

The four eyes were full of the love and sweetness of the young couple.

At noon, Xiao Ba decisively abandoned Shi Ran, her partner who had been with her all the time, and turned into Zhou Yuan’s arms.

Shi Ran watched the little traitor who sneaked away from the workstation to find Zhou Yuan and was dissatisfied.

“Sister Shi Ran, are you going to eat” After a morning of getting along, Xu Mengtian and Shi Ran got closer to each other, and her address for Shi Ran and Xiao Ba changed from “teacher” to “sister”.

Shi Ran didn’t have any opinions.

Anyway, everyone eats it.

Although Xu Mengtian was a relative of Boss Xu, she was not at all different from Sun Nian.

She didn’t have a fox-like attitude.

Shi Ran had a very high initial impression of her: “Okay, let’s go.

I heard that there is a sweet and sour platoon today.

Go to the evening.

But it’s gone.”

When Xu Mengtian first arrived, she asked curiously, “Are sweet and sour pork ribs delicious I heard that our company’s cafeteria is very delicious.

Is it true “

Shi Ran looked at Xu Mengtian’s sparkling eyes again and smiled.

“You know, if it wasn’t for this cafeteria, I would have resigned earlier.”

Xu Mengtian was so excited by Shi Ran’s description that she took her arm and walked to the elevator.

“Sister Shi Ran, let’s go quickly.

There will be no good food if it’s too late.”

Xu Mengtian’s footsteps were fast as if she had shown the university’s strength to rob the cafeteria.

Under her leadership, Shi Ran went to the cafeteria earlier than usual.

Sure enough, five years old was a roadblock.

The self here was tired enough, and the children over there were still excitedly looking at the menus in each window ahead.

“Sister Shi Ran, which window is the sweet and sour row in” Xu Mengtian


“Sweet and sour platoon should be the third from the bottom.” Shi Ran said, “This place won’t be sold out soon.”

Xu Mengtian reassured her: “That’s great.

I must try the food recommended by Sister Shi Ran today.”

Shi Ran was very pleased by what Xu Mengtian said and looked at her wagging ponytail with a smile: “You child, has anyone told you to have a sweet mouth”

“Really” Xu Mengtian nodded.

“Who” Shi Ran was a little curious.

“My sister.” Xu Mengtian said, her eyes twinkling: “My sister often says that I am very talkative, and my mouth is sweet and easy to use.”

Xu Mengtian was standing in front of Shi Ran, talking nonstop about her and her sister, when Shi Ran felt the warmth sink into her palm.

Shi Ran’s heart sank suddenly, and her whole body tensed up.

She was very familiar with this feeling.

She raised her head and looked beside her, and as expected, she saw Chen Ruoyu gaze at her.

This person seemed to have come to see what new dishes were in the cafeteria today.

She stood outside the line and looked in, then stood side by side with Shi Ran across a railing as if nothing had happened.

The heavy coat concealed the two people’s hands very well, and no one could notice the hidden ambiguity between the two people.

Shi Ran didn’t expect Chen Ruoyu to be so bold.

Looking at the noisy canteen hall, she wanted to pull out her hand.

But Chen Ruoyu refused to obey, clasping Shi Ran’s hand like this, letting her tap the back of her hand with her index finger.

She just stared at Shi Ran without saying a word, her dark eyes showing the cold of winter, calmly reflecting her thoughts.

There wasn’t much expression on this person’s face, and the louder the surroundings, the more serious she became.

It was just that, under this seriousness, Shi Ran seemed to have seen some other emotions, but she couldn’t understand or believe it.

Are you angry

Angry with yourself

But what did you do to make her unhappy

And since she was unhappy, why did she come over and hold her hand so boldly

Many question marks popped up in Shi Ran’s small head, and at this moment, the team in front of her eyes took a step forward and Xu Mengtian’s ponytail that had just stopped shaking also swayed.

Shi Ran knew that this was a sign that Xu Mengtian was going to turn back.

She was so nervous that she hurriedly tapped the back of Chen Ruoyu’s hand and silently motioned for her to let go.

Shi Ran’s eyes had the color of someone begging for mercy for the first time.

Chen Ruoyu watched, and then she silently let go of Shi Ran’s hand one second before Xu Mengtian turned around.

“Sister Shi Ran, I also saw Sixi Balls.

This cafeteria is great.” Xu Mengtian said excitedly, not noticing the unnaturalness that had just disappeared on Shi Ran’s face.

“Yeah.” Shi Ran responded, a little absent-minded.

Her eyes were looking for Chen Ruoyu unnaturally, but she found that the people who should have been by her side had long since disappeared from the crowd.

It was as if she had come to her side specifically to re-mind or confirm something.

The beating heart, which was still beating just now, had calmed down.

Only the hand that Chen Ruoyu had just held was left, and there was still warm evidence that she had stayed here.

Shi Ran just clasped her hand like this, not wanting to let the warmth drain away too quickly.

After the meal, Xu Mengtian actively looked for a seat.

She stopped in front of a seat that the cafeteria aunt had just cleaned up, and said, “Sister Shi Ran, let’s sit here.”

Shi Ran didn’t have any requirements for the position, and nodded, “Okay.”

The two sat down facing each other, and Xu Mengtian took out a handkerchief from her pocket and put it between them.

“Sister Shi Ran will use it later.”

Shi Ran nodded and commented, “I feel you don’t recognize the child.”

Xu Mengtian laughed twice, “Because I always feel that Sister Shi Ran looks a bit like my sister, so I am naturally closer to Sister Shi Ran.”

Shi Ran was a little surprised.

She felt her face was not so popular.

“Is it such a coincidence”

Xu Mengtian looked at Shi Ran and thought for a while, then said, “It’s not a coincidence, but at first glance, the eyes look similar.”

“It’s here.”

Shi Ran’s eyes closed, and Xu Mengtian stood up, wanting to touch Shi Ran’s eye.

It was that a dinner plate was placed in the space on Shi Ran’s left.

“Sorry, do you mind sharing the table”

Chen Ruoyu stood beside Shi Ran expressionlessly, interrupting Xu Mengtian’s movements.

The man’s mouth said sorry, but there was no regret on her face at all.

The straight posture blocked the light that fell on the table from one side, and the dictator shrouded Shi Ran in her shadow.


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