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Chapter 48 – Your second cup of coffee

The light in the small loft was soft, and the bustling city night view was outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Shi Ran sat at the dining table attached to the island, looked at the face Chen Ruoyu placed in front of her, and sighed, “You know how to cook.”

“I can only cook noodles.” Chen Ruoyu said lightly, and sat opposite Shi Ran with her portion of noodles, “The chicken soup was stewed by the aunt at home and sent.”

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows: “Last year, too”

“En.” Chen Ruoyu nodded.

Shi Ran felt everything become reasonable, pursed her lower lip, and was a little disgusted: “I’ll just say, how can you cook It’s a shame that I was still complimenting your craftsmanship so well.

The voice fell, and Shi Ran saw a hand sticking out of her sight.

Without saying a word, Chen Ruoyu was about to take away the bowl of noodles in front of her.

Shi Ran knew that she had said something wrong, and upon seeing this, she immediately held the noodle she was about to take away from Chen Ruoyu like an old hen protecting a chick, and said, “But your noodles are well cooked! The taste of the chicken soup has been boiled in, which is especially worthy of praise! “

Chen Ruoyu said nothing, just looked at the person in front of her who was watching her with a smile.

Those black, clear eyes were written with an apology to please, and the curved fox’s eyes were a little swollen because they had just woken up.

Chen Ruoyu wasn’t angry either, just bluffing Shiran.

She stared at the smiling eyes for a while, then let go.

Shi Ran hurriedly pulled her precious chicken noodle soup in front of her.

After she had been tempted by the food for so long, she couldn’t help but lower her head and take a mouthful of noodles.

The aroma of chicken soup still reverberates in the mouth, and the empty stomach was satisfied.

Shi Ran held it in front of her and said to Chen Ruoyu, “Your auntie’s craftsmanship is great.

I haven’t had such delicious chicken noodle soup for a long time.”

Seeing that Shi Ran liked it, Chen Ruoyu said to her, “There is leftover chicken soup.

I have packed it in a crisper and put it in the refrigerator for you.

You can drink it when you get home from work these next few nights.”

Shi Ran was surprised: “So sweet”

“Yeah.” Chen Ruoyu replied lightly.

Shi Ran was wrong: “Chen Ruoyu, does your aunt still work part-time”

Chen Ruoyu looked up at Shi Ran and said nothing.

Aunt Yan did the job of distributing the chicken soup, but she was the one who asked Aunt Yan to do it.

The lights above the two of them lit up the small space, and Shi Ran saw Chen Ruoyu’s expressionless expression, thinking she was thinking seriously, and smiled twice with crooked eyes: “I said you took it seriously.

I’m just kidding.”

Shi Ran sank again, and the other party explained what she said at the beginning: “Actually, I was teasing you at the beginning.

I didn’t mean to dislike you, not at all.

Someone can tell me I’m quite content with eating.”

Shi Ran said that she was very sincere, and this sincerity made Chen Ruoyu feel a little distressed.

She regretted coming back so late.

Strangely, Chen Ruoyu stretched out her hand and pinned the long strand of hair hanging on the side of Shi Ran’s face behind her ear, and asked in a light voice, “Does your stomach still hurt”

Shi Ran’s ears were brushed with the dampness of steam, and smooth trimmed nails gently stroked the long hair behind the ears.

Shi Ran could hear her hair being swayed by her fingernails, and the temperature of her ears was astonishingly hot.

She was a little uncomfortable with the kindness that others gave her, so she shook her head shyly and replied, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Protect yourself.” Chen Ruoyu urged, her voice gently drifting into Shi Ran’s ears.

She said it seriously, and there seemed to be other meanings in her cold eyes.

Shi Ran couldn’t tell the difference, but she still took this sentence to heart and nodded: “I will.”

Years later, the Final Studio had entered a more busy state.

There were a few members of the team, and one person couldn’t wait to split it into two people.

Not only did the project not flow away, but it was put on the agenda earlier.

After a meeting, the game project codenamed “S3L2” in YT Games was officially named “Apostle.”

The breath of spring urged the withered trees of winter to grow lush leaves, and the world was full of life.

The weather on April Fool’s Day was exceptionally good.

The sun seemed to know that the last closed beta test of “The Apostle” was about to start today.

She received the beautiful sunshine.

The green light at the intersection turned into a red light just after Shi Ran stopped.

Although it was unfortunate, it did not affect her good mood for the day.

The original painting didn’t work overtime yesterday.

She rarely got a good night’s sleep, and everything became pleasing to the eye.

After waiting for a round of traffic lights, Shi Ran walked to the basement of the company building and saw a familiar person walking out of the coffee shop downstairs from a distance.

It was Chen Ruoyu.

“Qiao.” Shi Ran greeted me.

“Yeah.” Chen Ruoyu nodded in response.

Although it was said that two people would keep a certain distance at work, in fact, Shi Ran still gets some blatant convenience.

The lobby of YT was full of colleagues who were busy coming to work.

Shi Ran swiped the card twice and put Chen Ruoyu and herself in one after another, then followed her to the private elevator on the other side.

The silver-white elevator door slowly closed, and as the upward arrow flickered on one side, Shi Ran’s serious appearance also collapsed.

She leaned against the wall on one side and said to Chen Ruoyu cheaply: “Fortunately, I met you this morning, otherwise it would be tiring to squeeze into the elevator.”

Chen Ruoyu did not respond to Shi Ran’s words, but handed her the coffee in her hand: “Here.”

Shi Ran looked at it, and did not take the coffee that Chen Ruoyu handed her, but looked at her other hand holding the coffee, and said, “How did you know you would meet me this morning, or your second cup of coffee Was it for another sister”

Chen Ruoyu felt that Shi Ran’s remarks were interesting and repeated as if smacking: “Sister”

Shi Ran raised her eyebrows, raised her eyes, and asked, “Why, who called my sister in the underground parking lot that day”

Her hair fell over her shoulders as she held her head up, revealing the black choker around her neck.

The lights in the elevator were champagne gold with a bit of warm color, which fell on Shi Ran’s crimson lips, showing a kind of flamboyant and eye-catching sexiness.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes that were still in the still water suddenly heated.

She wanted to kiss this person here.

The elevator was a little quiet, except for the faint sound of the machine running at a constant speed.

Seeing that the person opposite her had not replied to her for a long time, Shi Ran was a little dissatisfied: “Why don’t you remember it after so long”

Chen Ruoyu was startled for a second.

She looked at the numbers that were about to approach the studio floor, pressed the impulse in her heart, and explained to Shi Ran calmly, “You were standing across the road.”

“So that’s what happened.” Shi Ran’s trust in Chen Ruoyu came easily, and after hearing her explanation, she took the coffee from her hand, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

In three words, the elevator stopped at the floor where the studio was located.

The silver door slowly opened in front of the two of them.

Shi Ran stepped out of the elevator first, took Chen Ruoyu’s coffee, said to her “then I’ll go first,” and hurriedly walked towards the check-in place like a fox.

Chen Ruoyu watched Shi Ran leave and walked out of the elevator unhurriedly.

She shook the coffee in her hand and thought silently in her heart: let’s go tonight.

After successfully punching the card, Shi Ran walked briskly into the art group.

Before she could take out her mobile phone and call the water group, she heard someone talking.

“It’s an April Fool’s joke.”

“I hope so, but the game launched over there is going to be against us.”

“We officially announced today that we will not delete the internal test.

She will show the internal test card today.

This is intentional.”

It’s just to grab a market share.

It’s leprosy crawling on the feet, not biting people.”

Shi Ran was a little confused, but she also felt the low pressure of the state-of-the-art team.

The cheerful atmosphere when she got off work yesterday was gone.

She sat back at the station with a confused look, tugged on Xiao Ba’s sleeve, and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter The closed test that started today is not smooth “

“No.” Xiao Ba shook her head and explained helplessly: “It’s the Orange Games.

Their family has also launched a card game this year, and it has already warmed up on Weibo today.”

“Is that a public beta” Shi Ran asked again.

“No, but it’s already decided.

The public beta will be officially launched on the 4th of this month.

Isn’t it already warming up” Xu Mengtian poked the hot search on Weibo, and said contemptuously, “I made a fortune last year.

I have spare money to buy hot searches in advance, and I still have three days in advance.”

“This is typical upstart behavior.” Xiao Ba complained, and shared with Xu Mengtian: “Hey, you know, I heard that this time the one in charge of this game is the one who crushed our next-door development studio last year.”

Xu Mengtian nodded: “Yeah, Artin from the planning side also said that the oranges released the cards today because of the rumors from our YT side, and you know, they are still reintegrating the two projects.”

“Damn, are they trying to push us to become addicted”

“Listen to the date they set the server to start.

It’s April 4th.

I think it should die earlier.”

Shi Ran couldn’t help frowning when she heard Xiao Ba and Xu Mengtian’s rants.

The hand holding the coffee tightened, but she still remembered that she and Chen Ruoyu had an “old classmate” in the orange game.

I’m afraid this time it was not just Orange Games that wanted to crush their YT.

There was likely another layer of unknown personal grievances that had been entangled with private goods.

The clock at 9:29 became 9:30 on time, and the Weibo of Orange Games was released on time.

In the low pressure of the entire art group, Big Bear walked over, holding her phone as if she was facing a big enemy, her heavy body shaking with the whole ground: “Ah Ran, come and have a look.”

Hearing the words, Xiao Ba immediately leaned in to look.

The moment she opened the picture, her eyes widened.

She pointed to the extraordinarily magnificent and sacred painting style on the screen and couldn’t help scolding: “Damn it, why are the character cards they revealed so similar to Ah Ran’s Icarus series”


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