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Chapter 49 – You are selling yourself to be a wife.

Shi Ran’s face sank as she watched HNA Star’s official blog reveal the card face.

She could tell at a glance that it was a copy of her Weibo large early painting collection because this time Icarus’s card painting needed this magnificent style of freeing herself, so she did not deliberately restrain it this time.

They collided in such a situation.

“What exactly is this” Xiao Ba frowned.

Shi Ran opened the best-looking picture that was deliberately placed in the lower right corner and asked, “Whose style are you looking at in the composition of this picture”

Xiao Ba zoomed out and zoomed in on the picture, and after looking at it carefully for a while, she finally said a name, “SaRah…”

Shi Ran nodded and looked at Xiao Ba with sharp eyes.

The aperture shone on her face and landed in Chen Ruoyu’s office not far away.

Zhou Yuan also just got the news and was talking to her about it in the office.

Two people stood in two places and spoke to the person in front of them in unison: “Can you do a dish”

The orange game’s HNA star had enough momentum to go online, and under the hustle and bustle was an upcoming storm that they did not expect.

With not much time to explain to Da Xiong and the others, Shi Ran took Xiao Ba to make dishes under the stunned faces of the crowd.

Shi Ran had always been very good at running her own Weibo account, and it had not been set up for nearly half a year.

Shi Ran stole SaRah’s original Weibo, and Xiao Ba began with SaRah’s original Weibo.’t know if Shi Ran got the temperament of the person on the other side.

She went against the torrent of time to find out, and she would follow HNA Star.

The cards just released correspond to all of her earliest works.

Indeed, as time passes, people’s memories of past events fade or even become forgotten.

Shi Ran thought that with memories like this, Zhang Ran and the others must also think that paintings must be the same.

Find pictures, stack pictures to make a disk…

Later, Xu Mengtian and Da Xiong also applied to join Thor’s Hammer team and helped Shi Ran set up the game.

There were indeed many people and great strength, and it took only two hours to wait for their series of tasks to be completed.

Shi Ran edited the integrated picture and text on a trumpet borrowed by Da Xiong and was about to send it, but heard Nina exclaim: “What’s the matter, HNA Star is five hot!”

“What, what” Xiao Ba turned on the phone with an ugly expression and then smiled gloomily.

“Hahahaha, retribution is not good, plagiarism was discovered so quickly Sweet, you can be fast!”

“Little Eighth Sister, Sister Shi Ran hasn’t posted on Weibo yet, and I haven’t bought a hot search yet.” Xu Mengtian was stunned.

“But this disk… it looks like us.” Xiao Ba stated and displayed the Weibo with the hashtag # haihangxingplagiarism to a few people.

Indeed, this plate was the same as what Shi Ran and Xiao Ba did.

Several people looked at each other, all a little stunned.

“To be honest, I can’t even buy Hot Five.

It will cost tens of thousands if you stay on it for a while.” Xu Mengtian said, and looked at Shi Ran and Xiao Ba curiously, “What is this SaRah sacred”

“This is an artist that Shi Ran and I like very much.

We only met because of SaRah.

Although my wife’s production is low, every picture is super beautiful.

I have never seen an artist who can paint ink style and impasto.

The integration is so good.” Xiao Ba explained excitedly, but turned her expression down again, “Unfortunately, my wife has not been very active in the last year, and I didn’t even post on Weibo today or at the end of last year, so I will soon follow them.

My wife has withdrawn from the circle.”

Shi Ran felt a little guilty when she heard what Xiao Ba said.

It was not that she quit the circle; it was that Sanyuan was too busy.

Although she drew a lot of private drawings for the gold master’s father, the gold master’s father had already agreed with her not to show the private drawings, which made it seem that she did not draw anymore.

Hearing this, Xu Mengtian also showed a pity expression and said, “It would be a pity if I didn’t paint such a beautiful painting.”

Then she looked at the disk made on the computer and added, “But even though you said you both like it, Sister Shi Ran, I think Sister Shi Ran is more familiar with SaRah’s paintings, just like her own paintings.”

Shi Ran smiled, feeling even more guilty.

She had always kept work and life separate, and SaRah was where she let herself go.

Xu Mengtian made a mistake, and she didn’t want to lose her horse in this way.

At that moment, Zhou Yuan came out of Chen Ruoyu’s office.

She looked at the colleagues who had gathered together and reminded them: “Okay, everyone, don’t be distracted by HNA Star.

When watching each other’s jokes, you should also take precautions, work step by step, and prepare for the public beta in a few months.”

Xu Mengtian approached Zhou Yuan curiously, holding up the hot search on her mobile phone, and said, “Sister Zhou Yuan, did our studio buy this hot search”

“How could it be” Zhou Yuan denied it.

“We don’t have so much money to buy the right home, but we don’t have so much time to search for the right one.

And this is the front row of hot searches, and it’s less than 100,000.

“Sister Zhou Yuan, why don’t we add more firewood to this situation” Xu Mengtian asked again, her eyes still eager to try.

Zhou Yuan smiled when she heard the words, “Actually, we also helped them to fuel the flames.

Our company still has a public relations team, and Ah Yu has already contacted me just now.”

Da Xiong gave a thumbs up and said, “As expected of the boss, both yin and yang can take action.”

“Speaking of which, I don’t know who is so rich.

The fifth most popular search, it can’t be SaRah herself, right”

“Impossible, my wife is so Buddha.”

Hearing the speculations of the people beside her on this hot search, Shi Ran picked up the mobile phone on the table.

She had a choice in her heart, but she didn’t know if it was her.

The warm sunlight fell on the floor where Final was located, making the cactus extraordinarily green.

Chen Ruoyu was sitting at the desk typing on the keyboard when she saw the phone vibrating in her hand.

SaRah: “Are you there”

Shi Ran was not sure whether the person who bought the hot search was her father, Icarus, and was a little nervous while holding the phone.

It was just that her nervousness didn’t last long, and was soon interrupted by the vibration in her palm.

Icarus: “Yes.”

Shi Ran immediately sat up straight and cautiously probed: “Have you seen the hot search”

“I see.” Icarus replied, paused for a while, and then sent a sentence: “Is the location not conspicuous enough”

Shi Ran looked at the words of her rich and powerful father, and there was a hint of excitement in the surprise and surprise: “You bought it”

Icarus admitted, “Yes.”

Then she reminded me: “You haven’t answered my question yet.”

The sentences were crisp and clear, with a bit of an ice-cold feel.

Shi Ran looked at the chat box between her and Icarus and somehow met Chen Ruoyu in high school.

Her speech was also short and succinct, and there was no trace of emotion in her cold eyes.

The chat box was quiet for a while.

Seeing that Shi Ran had not answered for a long time, Icarus asked again: “Not conspicuous enough”

Shi Ran regained her senses, and she hurriedly replied: “It’s alright.

Didn’t you say that the first few hot searches are expensive It’s all the hot five.

That’s ok.”

Then Shi Ran pondered again and said, with an extraordinarily polite thank you, “This is going to cost you money.

I’m embarrassed.”

Icarus was still indifferent and replied lightly: “No, please ask an acquaintance.”

It was as if she was doing it all just effortlessly.

But it seems to be the case.

She and Xiao Ba and the others made a plan for two hours, but they made a plan within those two hours and bought the hot search and marketing accounts.

Can this be achieved by human power

No, it was the power of money!

Shi Ran thought to herself that she didn’t understand the world of the boss, and realized that she owed Icarus a big favor this time, and said to her with great gratitude, “I really can’t repay my kindness today, so let’s do it.

I’ll give you a free painting in the future! Guaranteed to be on call and draw anything.”

And after this sentence was sent, Shi Ran finally glimpsed the interestingness of the person on the opposite side.

I saw the dialog box was silent for a while, and a few seconds later, Icarus slowly sent a message that did not match her usual cold personality: “You are selling yourself to be a wife.”

Shi Ran didn’t know if the illusion that I created just now had dissipated, but Shi Ran made up the words of Icarus in Chen Ruoyu’s voice.

The crisp voice passed over her earlobe, making her itch.

Shi Ran suddenly felt something boiling come to her brain, causing her face to turn red.

Her hand holding the phone was trembling inexplicably, and she typed a word wrong three times, and it was difficult to deny even three times: “No, I didn’t.”

“Don’t make such a joke, big guy.”

When the words fell, Icarus skipped this episode and resumed her seriousness: “Have you made a game”

Shi Ran felt Icarus’ words were interrogative, but Shi Ran felt she was affirming.

Seeing that the disk was not sent out on her computer, she replied, “Yes.”

“I originally made a plate with a few friends, and I was thinking of posting it when I saw you were one step ahead.”

Icarus: “Give it to me.

The effect of sending it yourself is not very good.”

Shi Ran said, “Then let me pick out the ones you didn’t post.

We have repeated several of them.”

Icarus: “Okay.”

The conversation came to an end.

Shi Ran neatly sent the prepared disk to Icarus, and then heard Xiao Ba muttering resentfully at the workstation: “I don’t know if this happened today.

Can I do it I can’t stand listening to one of my wife’s Weibo updates.

It’s okay to scold people.

I want to see her continue to share her work.”

Shi Ran listened, thinking inwardly about whether she should say something on Weibo.

Should you condemn “Orange Games” or chastise Zhang Ran and the others

This time, it was a good reincarnation, right

Shi Ran was uttering words on the phone, feeling a little confused, and she was not satisfied after two or three sentences.

The overhead light fell on the cigarette case placed under the shelf, and the plastic film reflected a dazzling light in Shi Ran’s line of sight.

There was a desire to smoke in her mouth.

She raised her hand, took out the cigarette, and slipped up to the rooftop while not being noticed.

There was no one on the rooftop, and the warm sunlight fell directly on people without the barrier of glass, so the people who were sunbathing were very comfortable.

Shi Ran lit a cigarette, and when she looked at her phone again, #haihangxingplagiarism had risen to the top three positions, juxtaposed with the advertising space they paid for, which looked extremely ironic.

Shi Ran sipped her cigarette, opened the topic square, and saw that the top one was the second piece of information she had sorted out for Icarus—this time, the poster of HNA Star was directly stacked.Early work by the artist SaRah.

She didn’t know if HNA Star gave up resistance, or could not resist at all.

SaRah’s fans and passers-by have captured the official blog.

Clicking on the comment area was to let them know they could not pretend to be dead and respond quickly.

Otherwise, they would be called shameless.

The plagiarism was done without leakage, and the wife’s works from ancient times were deliberately selected, which was really like the Internet had no memory.

There were also resentful players from the previous game who came to appeal to everyone not to play this company’s game and run too fast.

It was more lively than New Year’s Eve.

Shi Ran looked to put the cigarette to her lips again, but suddenly a hand stretched out in her line of sight and took the cigarette straight away from her hand.

Shi Ran was dissatisfied, and just as she was about to turn her head, she saw Chen Ruoyu standing beside her with a straight body, staring at her with cold eyes.

This person did not know when she came up to the rooftop and was reminded, in a faint voice, “Smoke less.”


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