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Chapter 5 – Shi Yu can’t come.

I’ll help you move

During the two years with Song Yi, Shi Ran had always felt that Song Yi was a willful but coaxing lover.

Song Yi’s hair was soft and waxy, and she could act coquettishly and sweetly.

Every time Shi Ran fulfilled her wish, she would hand over sweet words.

Although Song Yi often gets angry with Shi Ran, Shi Ran still eats it.

She had an exquisite mind, and she knew what Shi Ran wanted best after spending so many years together, so she was the best at hanging her with these things and slapping her in the face.

It’s just that Song Yi didn’t expect that the “jujube” would be difficult to coax Shi Ran into.

When her little snow-white hands climbed onto Shi Ran’s arm, as usual, she was pulled away by Shi Ran.

Song Yi didn’t expect Shi Ran to directly reject herself like this and explained with a bit of weakness: “Shi Ran, it’s not what you think.

We came back from the sketching place this morning.

I took a lot of things.

Xiao Qu dropped by the way.

I asked her to come up for a glass of water.

Shi Ran looked at the chaos on the balcony, glanced coldly at the hand of the woman who Song Yi affectionately called “Little Qu”, and said with a smile, “Drinking water on the balcony”

Song Yi was dumbfounded, and well-brewed tears rolled in her eyes.

Seeing this, Liu Qu got up and explained to her: “I only went to the balcony because I wanted to see the flowers you planted.

Don’t misunderstand her.

Shi Ran heard the words “Oh”.

Those fox eyes were slightly raised, and the words were straightforward: “Why do you think she is so distressed”

After that, she didn’t wait for Liu Qu to answer and then said to her again: “You don’t need to explain to me.

We have broken up.

How you two get along is your business.

I just came to take my stuff.

When Song Yi heard Shi Ran say this, her face became even worse than before.

She looked at the study with the door open on one side.

The painting tools and paints were neatly placed on the desk, as well as the homework that Shi Ran had not finished painting.

Song Yi was the best at distinguishing between the pros and cons.

Shi Ran’s suitcase was directly pressed by Song Yi, who walked over and said, “Shi Ran, Xiao Qu, and I have nothing to do.

I promise I will not bring anyone to our house again.

Here, you trust me, okay “

Song Yi’s voice was sincere but weak, and her posture was much lower than usual.

It’s just that such a sudden turn for the better made Shi Ran unhappy.

There were too many sweet words and too many lies in this man’s mouth.

She was so tired and worn out that she didn’t want to guess anymore.

The sun slightly fell on Shi Ran’s face.

Her tightly pursed lips cracked, and she took a shallow breath.

She looked at her former lover like this, was calm, and said to Song Yi: “I propose to break up.

You nod in agreement, then we will stop here.

Song Yi is an adult, and she should take care of herself.

Take responsibility for what you say.

“I didn’t agree! I was an addicted sleeper.

” Song Yi still repeated her previous remarks, “You can’t take advantage of it like this.”

Hearing Song Yi say this, Shi Ran laughed and said, “Song Yi, who is taking advantage of it, you know better than me.”

Having said this, Liu Qu couldn’t hold her breath anymore.

“Shi Ran, you don’t need to insinuate yourself here.

I just cut my hand on your flowerpot when I sent Song Yi home, and she is also taking care of me for you.

This nearly identical speaking style seems to have pushed Shi Ran into an ungrateful dead end.

The sun slanted into the living room, and the smile on Shi Ran’s face did not fade away.

“I don’t understand you anymore.” Shi Ran said, “I broke up with her.

Didn’t you like Song Yi “

“Or are you just enjoying the feeling that other people’s girlfriends are like you”

The door of the house was not fully closed, and the chilly wind blowing in from the corridor made Shi Ran’s voice extraordinarily cold.

Liu Qu was stabbed in the mind, and her expression was a little sullen.

“What do you mean”

Shi Ran was half a head taller than Liu Qu, so she looked at her condescendingly, and her pure black pupils could see less than half of her emotions.

She looked at the same woman in front of her like this, and didn’t mind sharing what she saw that night with her wounds: “Is taro mashed boba milk tea delicious Is the heating in the library insufficient There is always not enough white paint.


The night she broke up with Song Yi was the longest night Shi Ran had ever spent.

She was sitting alone in a dark room, with lines of text scrolling on the shiny screen and live broadcasts of her being fingered by Song Yi and Liu Qu in real-time.

There was a thin cloud framed in the living room window.

Shi Ran watched Liu Qu’s tightly pursed red lips tugged upward slightly in mockery.

She looked at the woman in front of her who had changed and changed with a smile on her face, and her tone was calm and cruel: “Do you want me to help you recall your memories again”

Liu Qu was speechless, and the expression on Song Yi’s face collapsed: “Shi Ran, there is a misunderstanding here.

Can we talk about it”

“No need.” Shi Ran replied decisively.

Shi Ran was not the type of person who could bear the temper to spend time with each other.

She had always dared to love and hate, and she could put it down if she could.

When she liked Song Yi, she liked it vigorously, and everyone knew it.

Now that you’ve let go, let it go completely, and leave no cent for each other to turn around.

But Song Yi refused.

She had a hunch that Shi Ran would never look back after moving away this time.

And her loss would be more than just Shi Ran.

“Shi Ran, but I don’t want to break up with you yet.”

Song Yi’s voice trembled slightly as she held Shi Ran’s arm that was pulling the box.

Her almond eyes were filled with dark red, and the light hit them, making her weak.

Shi Ran’s heart suddenly surged with emotion, filled with bitterness, holding the glass.

She also saw Song Yi like this two years ago.

Song Yi failed the postgraduate entrance examination, and her family put a lot of pressure on her.

She was alone in a daze behind the school.

After Shi Ran knew about this, she ran to comfort Song Yi for one night and promised to stay with her all the time.

From that day on, their relationship developed by leaps and bounds, and it didn’t take long for Song Yi to ask Shi Ran if she wanted to be with her.

During the two years with Song Yi, Shi Ran was like a monk with few desires and a nanny in every way.

She looked at Song Yi, who lowered her stance to keep herself today, and suddenly felt that if Song Yi was with someone else last year when she was under great pressure from her family during World War II, she would be with someone else.

It didn’t matter who the people were together, Song Yi had never regarded them as her girlfriend.

But a person who could help her to the greatest extent, just like her in the past and Liu Qu in the present.

The wind from the balcony passed through the open door and swept coldly across Shi Ran’s cheeks.

She looked at Song Yi, who begged her not to leave, and asked, “Song Yi, have you thought about where I stayed after I left home that night”

Song Yi was startled.

After the tossed room became quiet, Song Yi felt the bed sink into a chaotic sleep.

She thought Shi Ran was lying down again, but the next day she saw only the giant teddy bear that Shi Ran bought her on the anniversary.

It’s ridiculous to say that, after sharing the same bed for so long, Song Yi was not familiar with Shi Ran’s taste at all, and couldn’t even tell the taste of a teddy bear from her girlfriend.

Song Yi felt guilty and hurriedly made an excuse: “I thought you would…”

It’s just that Shi Ran interrupted her before she could finish her words: “Song Yi, you don’t like me.”

Her voice was soft, but like an awl, it smashed into the hearts of the two of them, smashing the self-deceiving fetters.

“But you like me, don’t you” Song Yi was unwilling and continued to ask.

“No.” Shi Ran shook her head, as if to put an end to her years of love, and took Song Yi’s hand straight from her wrist.

The sun gradually rose to the top of the sky, and the thin cloud framed by the living room window gradually drifted away with the winter wind.

Song Yi was surprised to find that Shi Ran’s eyes, which used to be full of enthusiasm and love for her all the time, had been extinguished at some point.

“Shi Ran, I fell in love with a woman because of you.

You can’t say you don’t want me…”

Song Yi said with a weeping voice.

Just like every time she had a premonition that Shi Ran was going to leave her in the past two years, as if she was the victim with sincerity.

But the tried-and-true method failed this time.

Shi Ran looked indifferently at Song Yi crying in front of her, her red lips tightly closed, and walked directly to the balcony over her.

The noon sun made the balcony warm, but it was hard to hide the decadence under this warmth.

The broken white porcelain basin was lying on the ground in pieces, and it was no longer obvious that it used to be a circle.

Several succulent trees were broken, and their fragile and sensitive roots were basking carelessly in the incandescent sunlight.

Shi Ran’s fingers gently pinched the icy white porcelain shards, never feeling that a scene could make her feel so sad.

Looking at these succulents who were cared for by herself, she only felt that it would be good if she had been drenched in the rain on the day.

“Shi Ran…”


Song Yi wanted to say something but was interrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

Shi Ran knew that Shi Yu was here, took a breath, put down the things in her hand, and walked towards the door.

While walking, she complained nonchalantly, “I asked why you came so late.”

It’s just that the door opened, but it wasn’t Shi Yu who came.

Chen Ruoyu stood upright at the door and said to her in a light tone: “Sorry, I’m late.

Shi Yu can’t come.

I’ll help you move.


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