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Chapter 50 – “I can take more advantage of you.”

Today was a rare sunny day.

The sun was shining brightly on Chen Ruoyu, making Shi Ran feel a little too dazzling.

She just looked at the cigarette she was holding in Chen Ruoyu’s hand, without going over to the fox, narrowed her eyes slightly, and joked: “Why has the artillery company’s system become so intimate now, that even the health of teammates is important.”

Chen Ruoyu listened to Shi Ran’s gag-like words, but did not answer, but looked at her calmly.

The cigarette was still smeared with some lipstick on Shi Ran’s lips, and it was just pinched between the index finger and thumb to burn silently, which seemed a little pity.

Shi Ran felt so, so she simply leaned over and probed Chen Ruoyu.

This person refuses to return the cigarette to herself, so she would take the initiative to find it.

The slightly cool fingertips pressed against the warm lips, obviously just smoking, but it seemed like a kiss.

Shi Ran didn’t restrain Chen Ruoyu’s wrist, and her hand stopped at this moment.

The sun reflected the two shadows on the empty ground as if the forbidden person was feeding her cigarettes in person.

Shi Ran’s long hair was slanted on one shoulder, the thick eyelashes were slightly instigated, and every stroke was instigated in Chen Ruoyu’s heart.

She didn’t know how long it took before the lips that touched the pulp of the finger were left under the watchful eye of the owner of the finger.

The pale white smoke slowly spit out from Shi Ran’s slightly parted lips.

She just leaned against the railing.

Her eyes were half down, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised.

The wind fluttered her long hair, and the bright smile at Chen Ruoyu in her eyes seemed to be stubbornly declaring her victory.

I want to kiss her.

Chen Ruoyu’s heart was beating frantically, and wanton thoughts were clamoring in her mind.

She exhaled lightly, pressed the thought into her heart, and narrated in a calm tone: “You rarely smoke.”

“Yeah.” Shi Ran nodded and spoke to Chen Ruoyu in a vague tone: “I suspect that the person who painted the plagiarized posters and cards was Song Yi.

She didn’t know that I was SaRah.”

Chen Ruoyu was a little surprised: “You didn’t tell her”

Shi Ran shook her head and looked far away.

“It’s also quite sarcastic to say that I liked her for so long, but I haven’t opened the door to her for a long time.

I didn’t know that the artist she copied was me.”

Chen Ruoyu’s eyes changed when she heard Shi Ran say this.

The surprise came and went quickly, and quickly turned them into a selfish delight that was not easily detected.

The secret she thought Shi Ran would share with Song Yi was now hers alone.

“She’s not worthy.” Chen Ruoyu said.

Shi Ran listened but was a little dissatisfied: “Why are you not surprised to know that I am SaRah”

“Surprised.” Chen Ruoyu replied cooperatively, but her voice sounded flat.

Shi Ran felt that if there was an acting course in high school, Chen Ruoyu would be the last.

With her acting skills, even blind people who couldn’t see couldn’t be deceived.

Shi Ran thought like this, then bargained and said, “Since Director Chen took such a big advantage of me, can you give me the cigarettes back”

Chen Ruoyu did not nod.

She took out her pocket, took out the candy, and put it in Shi Ran’s palm.

Shi Ran understood what Chen Ruoyu meant, but she didn’t follow it, and she put her hand on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder: “If you don’t smoke, your mouth is empty and you can’t hold it down.”

The distance between the two suddenly narrowed, and the warm breath in Shi Ran’s voice all fell on Chen Ruoyu’s face.

The sun hangs high above the dome, and the lip that had just kissed the pulp of her finger was made full and soft by the sunlight, and the dark red color was as delicious as a cherry.

Still want to kiss her.

Shi Ran saw the jade white hand in her sight let go of the cigarette it was holding, and the thin white cigarette rod fell to the ground along with the falling ash.

The silver-white toe touched her feet the second after the smoke fell, and the red sparks annihilated under the slender heel.

The blue smoke slowly soared into the air, and finally dissipated with the blowing wind.

Chen Ruoyu grabbed Shi Ran’s wrist, pressed her against the railing, and said, “I can take more advantage of you.”

Her voice was low and magnetic, Shi Ran’s ears were soft and itchy, and the hand holding the candy tightened.

There were a few people on the rooftop, but that didn’t mean no one would come up.

The ambiguity between the two could be discovered at any time, and this possibility magnified Shi Ran’s nerves.

She had a little expectation, hoping that Chen Ruoyu would be so presumptuous with herself.

The sun shone brightly in this open space, and the two overlapping shadows leaned tightly against each other.

Chen Ruoyu’s hand brushed Shi Ran’s soft waist and leaned down slowly and tenderly.

That morning, she decided to wait until the evening, or forget it.

Chen Ruoyu’s kiss was not impatient; she poked in from the corner of Shi Ran’s lips slowly, slowly stirring her nerves, hooking her to indulge and fall with her.

The sun may be a little hard to watch, and a few thin clouds were pulled in front of her eyes.

And the gloomy orange game office was in chaos.

The studio in charge of HNA Star was in a mess, and the public relations hot search could not be suppressed.

The main planner, Zhang Ran, who had just been promoted to the main planner, was scolded by the producer and the main beauty.

“Zhang Ran, this person is the studio you recommended! How could such a big mistake go wrong “

“Yeah! She dares to do such a bold thing; it’s plagiarism! Do you know how much damage her plagiarism has brought to our studio This character’s set of cards can’t be used! The day after tomorrow, the public beta will be released.

What do you want us to do “

“This is the top student you recommended The outstanding painters who are taught by everyone She came to us because she couldn’t continue to paint with fine brushwork.

“Zhang Ran, you caused this matter.

You are responsible for handling it.

If you can’t handle it well, just wait and leave!”

In the end, the producer pushed everything directly onto Zhang Ran.

Zhang Ran pushed open the door and came out looking very bad.

Isn’t she wrong

She recommended Song Yi.

How could she expect that she would be bold enough to stack pictures directly

Even if Song Yi had stacked the pictures, the art team was not alone in passing the manuscript, and the team leader and the main beauty had to read them one by one.

So many people turned a blind eye to the passage, and in the end, when something went wrong, they put all the blame on themselves, Song Yi’s recommender.

Everyone in the office was looking at her as she came out of the producer’s office.

Zhang Ran was now dumb and eating Huang Lian.

She finally climbed to the position of the main planner this year.

Thinking so, she called Song Yi.

But when the phone was picked up, the person on the other end suffered more than me, and a sobbing voice came faintly from the other end: “Zhang Ran, have you been scolded by the leader”

“Well.” Zhang Ran nodded, her voice muffled.

Song Yi immediately heard Zhang Ran’s emotions and hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

In the beginning, she followed Shi Ran’s advice and tried different routes, so she asked Zhang Ran to come to their studio to draw outsourced illustrations.

It was only later that the draft came and the contract was signed, but because she had imprisoned herself in fine brushwork for a long time and relied on Shi Ran for a long time, she became only able to copy and had little ability to innovate.

It was a mess for more than half a month.

Song Yi was going crazy in those days, until that day, she accidentally noticed a painter named SaRah, whose various paintings echoed the positioning of this game and Song Yi’s aesthetics, which made Song Yi feel even more Surprisingly, this person had not posted on Weibo for more than half a year.

She thought that this person had quit the circle and quit, so she found her old work from a long time ago.

Later, Song Yi became more courageous.

She simply stacked the pictures, changed the background, and used SaRah’s paintings as her work.

“…I’m just too tired.

The teacher is anxious to rush homework, and the studio keeps urging.

I have to take this shortcut.

Zhang Ran, trust me.

I didn’t do it on purpose.

It is good.”

Song Yi cried as if she had had such a hard time.

Zhang Ran was angry, but she still tolerated Song Yi, who grew up with her, and comforted her helplessly: “Don’t cry first, for now, the only solution is to talk to SaRah for cooperation.”

“Do you want me to help” Song Yi asked.

“I’ll go first.” Zhang Ran said, “You’ll have to come too when the time comes.”

Seeing that Zhang Ran was going to take the lead, Song Yi nodded quickly, with a very good attitude: “Well, when you communicate well, I will talk to SaRah.

You can rest assured.”

Zhang Ran listened to Song Yi’s words, said “you have a good rest,” and hung up her phone.

The wind at the entrance of the corridor chilled people’s hearts.

Zhang Ran looked at Song Yi’s name on the screen and sighed with an obscure gaze.

Shi Ran got off the rooftop later than Chen Ruoyu.

Her lipstick was all smeared by this person’s kiss, and it was only after the lipstick was refilled.

But what she didn’t expect was that when she opened the door again and walked into the art group, she heard the voice of a dispute coming from the original painting group not far away.

“I said at the beginning that she was unreliable; that is, we were abroad all these years, and we didn’t know these big guys in China, and we were deceived by her.” A woman snorted arrogantly.

Xiao Ba was angry and replied to her: “What did you say Why are you lying I watched A Ran draw it stroke by stroke, and I have never seen her more than in SaRah’s painting.

Pass! “

She asked again: “Then how do you explain that her style and composition are so similar to SaRah’s”

“Isn’t it okay to study Sister Shi Ran and Sister Eight both like SaRah.

Can’t you just learn her painting skills” Xu Mengtian retorted.

The woman sneered when she heard the words, “Do you think this is learning Learning is for her use; she is directly imitating it.”

Xiao Ba scolded: “Imitation is not plagiarism.

What nonsense are you talking about here”

“Imitating too much is plagiarism!”

The woman’s voice was outrageously high, and several bystanders were also a little shaken by her.

She had long disliked Shi Ran.

She entered the final earlier than Shi Ran, and she was also responsible for Icarus.

But who knew that Shi Ran came in, and Icarus fell on Shi Ran’s head Every time she looked at Shi Ran, her eyes were red and blood was about to drip.

This time, she managed to spot the similarity between Shi Ran’s and SaRah’s painting styles, but she had to make a fuss about it.

Shi Ran stood at the door and witnessed all this.

She looked coldly at the woman who thought she was standing on the moral high ground, patted Xiao Ba on the shoulder, and said, “I don’t know how I painted according to my style.

How could it be plagiarized”

The woman sneered: “You You are a copy of SaRah.

That is plagiarism.”

“What if I am SaRah” Shi Ran asked in a calm tone.

The woman didn’t believe it: “What are you kidding”

Shi Ran twitched the corners of her mouth.

She expected that this person would not believe her, so she turned on her mobile phone and switched to the Weibo account, and showed her, “Hey.”

SaRah’s Weibo account appeared in everyone’s sight, and the expressions on everyone’s faces became different.

The shaken people quickly turned their backs on the battlefield.

Da Xiong and Xu Mengtian were full of surprises.

Xiao Ba who had blown countless SaRah rainbow farts at Shi Ran turned into a petrified boy.

And the woman was a dead duck: “You… you are imitating it! Where did you go just now Did you go to imitate the number”

“My God, the fake account can be so real.

Can you teach me how to do it You don’t believe what you say about co-authoring.” Xu Mengtian retorted, “You just want Shi Ran”

Before Xu Mengtian could finish speaking, Shi Ran interrupted her.

She looked at the woman in front of her with a smile like this and said in an unclear tone: “Sweet, she is right, this is not enough to prove that I am me.”

When the words fell, Shi Ran typed the words “I’m still alive” in front of the woman and sent them out.

Almost at the same second, the mobile phone in Xiao Ba’s pocket vibrated immediately.

—This was the special attention reminder she set for SaRah on Weibo.

“Ah Ran, you are SaRah!” Xiao Ba was stunned with the phone in her hands, and she couldn’t believe it was written all over her face.

The woman’s face also became extremely ugly at this time.

SaRah was also her special concern because her phone vibrates too.

She never imagined that the object of her arrogance and justice here was the painter she had always loved.

Shi Ran didn’t miss a second of watching the change in the expression on the woman’s face and felt that the process of her changing from high-spirited to speechless was extremely interesting.

Just before she could say anything to the woman, a strange phone call came in from the secondary card she used exclusively for business cooperation.

Shi Ran frowned and wanted to pass the phone away, but as if thinking of something, she picked up the phone: “Hello.”

Zhang Ran didn’t expect to get through to SaRah’s phone and naturally didn’t hear that the voice on the phone belonged to Shi Ran, so she said respectfully: “Hello, Mr.

SaRah.” I’m sorry for bothering you in such a presumptuous way.

I am in charge of the planning of HNA Star by Orange Games.

You must have seen the things on Weibo.

Do you have time now Our company would like to talk to you about this incident.

“Forgot to introduce myself, Zhang Ran.”

Shi Ran couldn’t help licking her lips when she heard Zhang Ran’s low-level attitude.

Looking at the bright sunlight outside the window, she narrowed her eyes slightly, her red lips parted slightly, and said something that was enough to make Zhang Ran’s heart stop: “Zhang Ran, long time no see.”

When the voice fell, Zhang Ran froze.

This time, she finally heard the voice of the person on the other side of the microphone and got an answer that she couldn’t stand at all.

SaRah was Shi Ran.


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