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Chapter 52 – That was what she wanted to please.

There were many ways to please, materially and spiritually.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the thousands of styles in her sight and chose the most direct one.

Shi Ran’s hand was hooked on her neck, and her arm was wrapped around Shi Ran’s waist.

The door behind her made a slight crashing sound.

Chen Ruoyu gently pressed Shi Ran against the cool door and entered the entrance when she was not ready.

Shi Ran was a little surprised by Chen Ruoyu’s bold behavior, but she still accepted Chen Ruoyu’s kiss called “pleasant” very well.

Shi Ran’s eyebrows were entangled, and Shi Ran’s lips were entangled as well.

This was what she wanted to do.

Chen Ruoyu’s eyelashes were drooping, and her dark eyes were filled with abstinence and coldness in the dim environment, but her lips were, on the contrary, soft.

The waist and hands that embraced Shi Ran wandered around on the thin fabric, and the gentle and gentle movements caught Shi Ran’s emotions well, making her indulge in this simple kiss at her own pace.

Xu was because it was their first time kissing in an office building, and Shi Ran felt that the sensitivity of all her nerve endings had been amplified.

She hooked Chen Ruoyu’s neck like this; the tip of her tongue was numb, and her legs softened a little uncontrollably.

After a long while, Chen Ruoyu finally let go of Shi Ran.

She was panting, and her chest was rising and falling.

Shi Ran leaned on the door behind her and commented on Chen Ruoyu’s contentedly, “I have made a lot of progress.”

Chen Ruoyu was also panting lightly, but her breath was extraordinarily stable.

She still hugged Shi Ran’s waist and replied in a light voice, “You taught me.”

It was flirting.

Shi Ran listened to some inexplicable satisfaction, and frivolously placed her finger on the back of Chen Ruoyu’s neck.

With a bit of pride, she said ambiguously: “As expected of me, I taught it.”

“I am very satisfied.”

“By the way, do you think I should post on Weibo, condemn HNA Star, and then announce how I am now an apostle” Shi Ran asked serious questions, but the ambiguity had not dissipated, and there was still confusion in her words.

“Yes.” Chen Ruoyu nodded solemnly but still caressed Shi Ran’s waist, “If you are at ease, you can ask me about this matter, and I will find a lawyer for you and hold HNA Star accountable.”

Shi Ran smiled when she heard the words, and Chen Ruoyu, who was familiar with her voice, said, “I have nothing to worry about you and me.”

“I’ll leave it all to you.”

“Follow the mission.”

Chen Ruoyu replied, as if signing a contract.

She leaned over and kissed Shi Ran’s red and bloodshot lips.

There was no sweet and sour platoon in the cafeteria today, and there was still a lot of time for the two of them to kiss and hang out.

Shi Ran posted on Weibo as SaRah based on the proposal of the lawyer Chen Ruoyu helped her find.

The apology on Weibo was not too long, mainly to ask HNA Star to apologize and remove the series of cards, and the plagiarism artist needs to apologize publicly.

In the end, Shi Ran also helped the apostle in today’s last closed beta to build momentum, saying that in the past six months, she did not run away and did not draw, but took part in a new game project.

Originally, she thought that the account that did not post on Weibo for half a year would be a little deserted.

Who knew that when she forgot to turn on the do-not-disturb phone, the phone vibrated as soon as she posted on Weibo

Those familiar faces who had appeared under her Weibo appeared one after another, either condemning HNA Star or looking forward to the apostle.

Many of her fans who didn’t get the Apostle’s internal test code also came to ask her if there was any internal test code to share.

The comment area became lively and lively for a while, and many people sent words of encouragement in private messages.

Shi Ran was holding the mobile phone and watching it one by one when he suddenly felt overjoyed and moved.

It was just that her emotions didn’t last long, and the sound of “bang” was interrupted by the sound of the lunch box falling on the table.

Xiao Ba took the meal that Shi Ran brought back from the cafeteria with a look of grievance and anger: “Ah Ran, you lied to me so badly!”

If Shi Ran had a conscience about this matter, then this “shame” was for Xiao Ba.

She laughed dryly, put all the snacks she didn’t finish into Xiao Ba’s arms, and said, “You don’t have any doubts.”

Xiao Ba hugged the snacks and cried shamefully: “If I don’t doubt you, don’t tell me, don’t you have a little sense of shame when you hear me blowing SaRah rainbow farts with my mobile phone”

Shi Ran shook her head: “No.”

Who called her a wicked fox

“Ah!” Xiao Ba heard the words and became even madder.

She had already digested the news that Shi Ran was SaRah, but when she thought of the rainbow farts she blew at her in front of SaRah and the rude words that could not make it to the stage, her face flushed, and she died in the society.

Repeatedly cheat the corpse in the resurrection.

Xu Mengtian also came back.

She sent a document to Shi Ran and said: “Sister Shi Ran, this is the internal test code given to you by the technical department.

There are 20.

Just copy it to Weibo directly.”

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded and accepted the document.

Xu Mengtian looked at Little Eight, who was lying on the table with a pile of snacks, and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong with Little Eight”

Shi Ran looked at Xiao Ba with interest, but the corners of her raised mouth did not fall, and she teased: “She, she is feeling annoyed by the nasty things she said to me at the beginning.”

Xiao Ba was ashamed and directly buckled the hat on her head, pretending to escape from herself.

Xu Mengtian smiled when she heard the words and added, “But I didn’t think that Sister Shi Ran was SaRah.

I went to study ancient times at noon today, but I didn’t expect Sister Shi Ran to have such a side.

I saw Icarus.

I wondered if Sister Shi Ran was changing her style of painting, but now I know that Sister Shi Ran’s painting style should be so magnificent and varied.”

The more Xu Mengtian became, the more emotional she became, and her round eyes were full of admiration.

At this moment, Xiao Ba took the hat off her head, turned her head, and said to Xu Mengtian, “Tiantian, I envy you so much.”

Xu Mengtian was startled: “What do you envy me for, little eighth sister”

Xiao Ba: “I envy you for being able to say that, but when I saw SaRah’s paintings, I would only say’sister me’.”

“Sister me”

Before Xiao Ba’s words were finished, a gentle voice came from the left side of the three of them.

Zhou Yuan didn’t know when she was standing next to Xiao Ba’s station, looking at her with a light expression.

As we all know, a person can only die once.

But Xiao Ba experienced two deaths today.

Xiao Ba looked at Zhou Yuan’s gaze towards her and explained with a blushing face: “Ah, no.

It’s just a joke.”

“Such jokes should be avoided.” Zhou Yuan rubbed Xiao Ba’s head gently, looked at Shi Ran, and said, “Today Shi Ran gave our studio a boost.

This season the bonus is going to be soft.”

Shi Ran’s smile grew even more vital when she heard Zhou Yuan’s words: “Then I have to thank HNA Star.”

“What’s the use of just thanking HNA Star, Sister Shi Ran Treat yourself.” Xu Mengtian urged,

Xiao Ba was a person who could forget everything when she heard about a treat and said in an instant: “I think it’s better to hit the sun if you choose a day.

Why don’t you treat the guest today!”

“A treat What treat” The passing bear stopped and looked at her with bright eyes, “Does SaRah want a treat”

Shi Ran looked at the twinkling eyes of the hungry wolf, smiled helplessly, and nodded reluctantly: “Okay, for tonight’s hot pot game.

Please invite our friends from the original painting group to dinner.

By the way, I wish our apostles could publish smoothly.”

“Long live!”

“SaRah, I love you!”

“Ah Ran is the best!”

In an instant, the original painting team heard happy cheers.

Zhou Yuan looked at a passing figure and said, “Hey,” “Ah Yu, will you come to Shi Ran’s table tonight”

Shi Ran suddenly felt a lot of anticipation and nervousness when she heard this, so she followed Zhou Yuan’s line of sight and the eyes where the two met in the center of the sun.

Chen Ruoyu held the handle of the office door that was about to be pushed open, looked at the man standing in the middle of the crowd calmly, and nodded in agreement: “Okay.”

With the addition of SaRah, the Apostle’s closed beta became more popular than expected.

Because it was Friday, the whole studio was filled with a relaxed vibe that it was finally time to take a break.

As soon as it was time to get off work in the afternoon, the original painting team was all ready, clocking in, going downstairs, and boarding the car in one go.

It was rare for Chen Ruoyu to drive her car over, so Xiao Ba got the confidence from Zhou Yuan and got into Chen Ruoyu’s car.

Shi Ran noticed that her lipstick had faded a bit before leaving work, so she went to the bathroom to touch up her makeup.

When she came out, she saw Xu Mengtian open the passenger door of the familiar Maybach.

The door that she often opened in the past caught another person’s hand, which made her feel a little dazzled.

“Sister Ruoyu, I can…”

But who knew that before Xu Mengtian sat, she was grabbed by Zhou Yuan behind her

She was stunned and looked at Zhou Yuan with a puzzled face, but Zhou Yuan said to her with good reason: “Shi Ran is the leader.

She knows the way, so let her take the co-pilot safely.”

“Yes, Sister Zhou Yuan is right.” Xu Mengtian believed and followed Zhou Yuan into the back row of Chen Ruoyu’s car.

Zhou Yuan closed the car door for Xu Mengtian with satisfaction and greeted Shi Ran not far away, “Shi Ran, why don’t you get in the car soon”

Shi Ran nodded hurriedly when she heard the words and got into Chen Ruoyu’s car in three steps.

She fastened her seat belt neatly and glanced at Zhou Yuan, who was smiling gently at her in the rearview mirror.

Shi Ran had a clear illusion that she seemed to be arranged by Zhou Yuan.

Shi Ran did not lead the way.

The hot pot restaurant where the dinner was held was recommended to her by Da Xiong, who also drove the car behind her.

The hot pot restaurant where the original painting group had dinner was a famous Internet celebrity hot pot restaurant in the city of S.

Xiao Ba, who had wanted to check-in for a long time.

When the car was parked, she pulled Zhou Yuan in, and Xu Mengtian followed behind, who was still in the carriage.

Inside, Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu were left at once.

It was also interesting to note that Shi Ran and Chen Ruoyu could talk a lot when they were alone on weekdays, and flirting comes naturally.

But when they were with everyone, the two of them became like they didn’t know each other.

They sat in a row all the way and didn’t say a few words.

The afterglow of the setting sun spilled into the room through the windshield of the car, making Chen Ruoyu’s face even colder.

Shi Ran looked at the person who had been quiet all the way and joked, “Why is Sister Tian not sitting with your co-pilot, so upset”

“I’ve always been like this.” Chen Ruoyu, however, looked at Shi Ran aside.

The necklace tied to the black bottom shirt was exposed from the small suit jacket, and the silver-white ice was covered with a layer of flowing light.

It was the gift Shi Ran gave to Chen Ruoyu on her birthday.

Shi Ran didn’t know if Chen Ruoyu intended to show this necklace to herself, but she felt strangely happy just looking at it.

She seemed to realize she had the right to mess around with Chen Ruoyu, so she deliberately said, “Then, doesn’t it mean that I am sitting as your co-pilot, and you are not thrilled”

As she said that, she lowered her head to unfasten the seat belt and muttered deeply, as if she was in the play: “Oh, this person, it has been a long time, and the freshness is gone.”

But she didn’t want to.

The joking words were heard by the people beside her.

Before Shi Ran’s hand could unfasten her seat belt, she was restrained by someone.

The setting sun briefly stayed in the sky for a short while, and the world became dim as the sun went down.

Chen Ruoyu unfastened the seat belt restraining her with one hand and pressed towards Shi Ran without saying a word.

Those cold eyes burst into Shi Ran’s sight with a bit of oppressive momentum, and the cold voice wrapped in hot air sprayed on her earlobe.

Chen Ruoyu’s lips curled into a faint smile, and she asked, “Want to try it”


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