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Chapter 54 – Then she kissed her recklessly, as a punishment for this person who made her anxious all night.

The moonlight was faintly trapped in the space where the two stood opposite each other, and the night wind became less cold.

Shi Ran looked at the suitcase in Chen Ruoyu’s hand and thought that she had had great unpleasantness with the family as she expected.

I wanted to say something of concern, but I didn’t know what to say.

Shi Ran had no choice but to copy her pockets and joked casually, “Why, are you kicked out by the family”

Chen Ruoyu shook her head: “The water pipe in the room without me burst and flooded the house.

Now it has to be redecorated and no one can live in it.”

When Shi Ran heard the answer that was the opposite of what she expected, her expression was blank: “Huh”

“I have not occupied my room for over seven years, and the water pipes are a little old.” Chen Ruoyu explained it again.

Shi Ran still couldn’t believe it: “That’s a bit too exaggerated.”

However, Chen Ruoyu’s voice was extraordinarily flat: “It’s exaggerated, but it’s reasonable.”

“How” Shi Ran asked.

“My aunt once told me about this problem, but I didn’t choose to renovate because I thought I would move out later.”

Shi Ran seemed to have caught Chen Ruoyu’s rare omission, raised her eyebrows, and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to be negligent.”

Chen Ruoyu was silent.

She was not negligent but calculated.

Anything she thought was important, she put in a waterproof case.

She hurried back just because there was a precious item left in her room.

Even if she was 100% sure, she was still worried that something might go wrong.

But Chen Ruoyu hadn’t figured out how to tell the person in front of her with the calculations in her heart.

She had always acted cautiously, and she would not have acted rashly if she had not had complete confidence.

Also, there was a fox standing opposite.

Chen Ruoyu hid her ulterior motives and repeated the question that Shi Ran did not answer earlier: “So can you let me stay at your house for a while”

“Okay.” Shi Ran nodded.

Her alcohol slowly evaporated in her brain, which made her words bolder: “It’s not that we haven’t slept in a bed before.”

After that, Shi Ran took Chen Ruoyu to swipe her card into the apartment building.

There were few people in the elevator, and it reflected the shadows of these two people in the empty elevator.

Shi Ran pressed down on the floor where she lived and looked down at the small suitcase beside Chen Ruoyu, a little disgusted: “Just… such a thing”

“It’s just the necessities for tonight.” Chen Ruoyu replied.

Shi Ran turned her head slowly and asked, “Is it because I didn’t want you today, so I didn’t bring it”

Just as Chen Ruoyu was about to deny it, she heard Shi Ran’s self-questioning voice in her ear: “Why am I being so careful”

Shi Ran didn’t know if it was the slow rise of the drunkenness or because that person appeared by her side and let people off guard, but the drunkenness suppressed by the cool wind blowing all the way burned more and more intensely on Shi Ran’s face.

She took out the small bag she was carrying today, as if to prove that she was not so careful, and slapped the key inside into Chen Ruoyu’s palm, “Hey, it’s yours.”

The cold key was stuck to Chen Ruoyu’s palm, and the little fox’s head on the pendant gave her a bite.

Chen Ruoyu looked at the little orange-yellow fox that Shi Ran put into her hand, which symbolized her, and nodded in confusion, “Okay.”

The upward sign was flickering, and Shi Ran picked up her pocket and looked up at the numbers that were gradually approaching her house.

She pretended not to care and whispered, “But since it’s just a leak in the room after you answered the phone just now.

What are you doing with such a nervous expression “

Maybe the last trace of the reason was still controlling her.

Shi Ran’s words turned into a sigh just as she was about to reach the key point.

She rubbed the slightly bulging little face with a layer of wine red, with grievance written on it.

Chen Ruoyu saw it clearly and asked, “What’s the harm”

The elevator was brightly lit, and the mirror facing the elevator door doubled the size of the small space.

Shi Ran realized that Chen Ruoyu had heard her muttering just now and replied with flickering eyes: “It’s so bad that Sister Zhou Yuan has been worried about you all night.”

Shi Ran was drunk.

Her consciousness drifted between sobriety and vagueness, and she couldn’t even be at the cunning she was best at on weekdays.

Chen Ruoyu listened to these inaccurate words.

Of course, she didn’t believe it and asked in a light voice, “What about you”

“Me” Shi Ran leaned against the wall and thought for a while, then said arrogantly, “Of course, I should eat and drink.

You smell, Xiao Ba and I have been drinking a lot.

A drunk person did not know the distance, and the delicate and small tip of the nose fell very close to Chen Ruoyu’s line of sight.

The warm breath and the smell of alcohol all fell on Chen Ruoyu’s face without reservation, and Shi Ran’s enlarged facial features were full of alcohol-stained amorous feelings.

Chen Ruoyu knew that Shi Ran drank a little.

For her, alcohol, like cigarettes in her pocket, was a cover-up that she wanted to hide.

She concealed her worry about not being named when she was at the dinner party just now.

Shi Ran’s eyes were filled with mist as four eyes met.

She felt that her brain was a little unable to think, and she just followed the suffocation in her heart to crusade against the person in front of her: “Chen Ruoyu, you little conscience.”

Chen Ruoyu reached out and embraced Shi Ran’s swaying body and said to her, “Wrong.”

Shi Ran originally didn’t want the person she called a little conscience to hold her, but she was a little unsteady, so she simply wrapped her arms around her neck, looked up at her, and asked interrogatively, “Then you say, where did you go wrong”

“If I encounter anything in the future, I will explain it to you.” Chen Ruoyu replied seriously.

Shi Ran listened and arrogantly hummed, “If anyone wants to hear you explain, I don’t care about you.

I don’t care at all.”

It was just that this person was speaking cruel words, but her eyes turned red before anyone else’s.

Maybe the worry at the banquet just now was just a false alarm, and Shi Ran, who was drunk, suddenly felt aggrieved: “Why should I care about you Do you know I didn’t eat a single bite of such a large plate of mutton! I also gave the last brown sugar glutinous rice cake to Xiao Ba by Sister Zhou Yuan! There is also glutinous rice flour, potato chips, shrimp slippery, duck blood… “

Shi Ran leaned on Chen Ruoyu’s shoulder, counted her huge losses tonight, and said willfully and savagely: “Chen Ruoyu, pay me for all this.

Do you know that”

Chen Ruoyu listened to this person’s drunken nonsense, and a brown-red word rolled into her lonely heart.

The flavors of plum and brown sugar intertwined in the transparent glass balls, covering the depleted land as the sugar beads rolled.

Chen Ruoyu finally got a glimpse of hero status in Shi Ran’s heart on this drunken night.

Even if she didn’t speak or show up on weekdays, she had already occupied one-third of an acre in her heart.

Chen Ruoyu thought so and nodded to Shi Ran.

Her voice was softer than ever: “I will pay you.

I will pay you.”

Those soft fingertips picked up the messy long hair on the side of her face and brushed the earlobe to drop a fiery electric current.

Shi Ran felt the tenderness given by Chen Ruoyu, which made her heart beat faster at the moment, and she pressed Chen Ruoyu’s head down like a tent.

Make her bow her head, crusade her.

Then she kissed her recklessly, as a punishment for this person who made her anxious all night.

The next day, the sky was covered with a thick layer of clouds, and the color of the entire city was as deep as if something submerged it in water.

The light rain in the early morning thinly smeared the ground, as if to wash away the chaos of the night.

Shi Ran woke up, rubbing her forehead.

She seemed to have had a chaotic dream last night.

It was not a nightmare; it should have been some kind of sweet dream, but the scene was constantly changing, and her head was still dizzy.

People who had just woken up were always the most sensitive to smells.

Shi Ran found that there was another person in the house.

The cool and elegant taste of Chen Ruoyu.

Shi Ran was sober and dazed, and when she looked down, she saw the hickey on her shoulder.

The touch of light pink, faint but impossible to ignore, reminded her vaguely of the chaos she had experienced last night.

Kisses were messy too.

It was in this place that she wrapped one hand around Chen Ruoyu’s wrist and tied her hand above her head, the person’s hot breath all around her ears.

“… Shi Ran.”

She shouted her name, her voice a little out of the usual cold and maddening.

The white neck was raised high in the moonlight outside the window, and a few bright red plum blossoms were blooming in the snow-white.


Shi Ran thought about the headache, closed her eyes, raised her sour arms, and rubbed her little head.

She still remembered that Chen Ruoyu’s room was soaked in water, so she came to rent it at her own house, but she didn’t remember what happened afterward.

What did you tell Chen Ruoyu

What did Chen Ruoyu tell herself again

How did they roll together

Shi Ran felt that the several kinds of wine she drank from the hot pot restaurant yesterday were impure, so she scolded the fake wine in her heart.

It was just that this emotion hadn’t lasted long, and her temples throbbed like a counterattack as if they were against it.


Life was difficult.

The little fox sighed.

Shi Ran’s stomach protested after she didn’t eat well last night and did physical labor all night.

Shi Ran had no choice but to take out an oversized T-shirt from the closet and put it on, then stepped on her slippers and went downstairs to forage.

Chen Ruoyu didn’t prepare breakfast in the kitchen like the previous two times.

The person who said she wanted to borrow the room was gone.

It puzzled Shi Ran when she noticed that there was a sticky note under the meat on the dining table.

—Go home to carry things.

The meal was on the table.

Shi Ran looked at the note and said, “You’re smart.”

With that, she walked towards the kitchen by the door.

A thermos box that did not belong to her home suddenly appeared in her sight.

Shi Ran had the illusion that she was unpacking the blind box.

She opened the lid of the thermal insulation box in anticipation.

A long protest.

Shi Ran hurriedly raised her hand and took out a pair of chopsticks and carefully took out a soup dumpling from it.

The skin of the steamed buns was falling off, and the soup was impermeable to light.

When you take a bite, it is full of satisfaction in the taste buds.


Just when Shi Ran was having an endless aftertaste, there were two crisp knocks on the door in her ears.

She thought it was Chen Ruoyu’s return, and said, “Didn’t I give you the key” She put down her chopsticks and went to open the door for her.

However, when Shi Ran opened the door, there was an urge to close it again.

It was not Chen Ruoyu standing outside the door, but Song Yi.


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